Articles - OT policies allow officers to be paid in cake?

An ongoing investigation that has been leaked to AO-Universe has shown that at least 1 in 4 of officers of the Atlantean division of Omni-Pol are rewarded with cake. Infact, last year, their tax declaration showed that 1.4m credits were allocated to consumables under the tag, chocolate chip muffins.

AO-Universe approached Director Ciafardoni to comment on this matter,

For the general fitness for duty of our officers, Omni-Pol ensures that every officer has a healthy and nutritious diet. As a balanced diet also includes the occasional indulgence, I can not rule out that my officers never receive any cake. However, it is a totally unfounded rumour that a certain General of Omni-Pol carries a bag of cake at all times and uses it to reward good conduct.

This was an independent article from "Caitriin Court Reports"

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Khuri
Article written by Caitriin
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