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Last thursday night I was about to retire when I overheard a patron in a certain clan establishment talk about Simon Silverstone, the Leader of Sentinels Clan, currently in control of the clan City of Tir, the official capital of the clans. Of course I your smell the aroma of news in the air, so I started recording.

For legal reasons (and my personal safety) I had to compromise not to reveal the man's real last name, or 'nickname' by which he goes by. The interview has been edited to remove unrelated chat from patrons, renamed the interviewed person to Andrew, and names of places which may lead to the discovery of his true identity. I was able to take a few holo-pics of him, in armor. The holo-pics have been edited to mask the ID which the camera captured, to protect his true identity. This interview lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes.

17:11: Noticiero: You know Simon Silverstone?
17:11: Andrew: Of course..
17:11: Noticiero: I mean personally.
17:11: Andrew: We were friends together as children.
17:12: Andrew: Before he became the evil, Sentinel leader he is now.
17:13: Andrew raises his hood and removes his sunglasses.
17:14: Noticiero: So who was Mr. Silverstone as a child?
17:15: Andrew: I am sorry, I am not going to give my information to the public.. I see the jeweled earpiece in your ear, recording everything I say, and don't deny it.. He has already told me you have.
17:15: Noticiero: I'm a Reporter, I always try to seek the truth.
17:16: Andrew: Good, good for you. However, I cannot help you here.
17:16: Noticiero: And if Mr. Silverstone used to be someone else in his youth, the public would like to know about his background.
17:16: Andrew: I am not about to reveal secrets of my old friend for the media.
17:16: Noticiero: So you were close friends in your youth, interesting.
17:17: Andrew: If you want more, go to Simon himself, make sure you scan first though.
17:17: Noticiero: In your own words, the man is evil...yet you protect secrets which could weaken his grasp of Tir?
17:18: Andrew gets a disturbed look on his face, then an angry face covers it.
17:18: Andrew pulls out his Ithaca Shotgun.
17:18: Andrew stands up.
17:18: Noticiero: Um...
17:18: Andrew: I believe you need to stop pushing me Mr. Rivera.
17:18: Andrew: You know already too much,
17:18: Noticiero: Violence is not the answer..
17:19: Andrew: Don't fear me, I won't hurt you..
17:19: Andrew: As long as you stop asking questions.
17:19: Andrew: What business do you reporters have in people's lives?
17:20: Noticiero: Why are clanners so ...threatening when it comes to hard questions?
17:20: Andrew: All this shit about citizens needing to know the truth.
17:20: Andrew: You want to know what I think? I think it's all shit.
17:20: Andrew: Due to the media, wars between the three factions increase and along with hatred.
17:20: Andrew: Friends are lost.
17:20: Andrew: Families are lost.
17:20: Andrew: What else if there to lose?
17:21: Noticiero: Many innocent people have died during the wars, and both sides make claims of truth and justice. I just want to show the Galaxy the truth, so they know whom to support.
17:21: Andrew gets very angry and points his gun towards the reporter..
17:21: Noticiero: I interview people, and either they answer a question, or they do not comment, wise option ...rather than using a weapon.
17:21: Andrew gets ready to fire but a small black object twirls around his head..
17:22: Andrew listens to an invisible voice and puts his gun away.
17:22: Andrew sighs.
17:22: Andrew: I am sorry..
17:22: Noticiero: You're a dangerous man...are you related or have deals with a Mr. Diamondcut perhaps?
17:22: Andrew sees the small black object rubs against Andrew's arm and Andrew pets the object.
17:23: Noticiero: His ...acquaintances act the same way..
17:23: Noticiero: Very violent individuals.
17:23: Andrew: Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers.
17:23: Noticiero: If I knew your answers, I would not ask.
17:23: Andrew: And you could at least thanked him, he saved your life.
17:24: Andrew: I would have shot you if he didn't...
17:24: Andrew: Didn't stop me.
17:24: Noticiero: But I'm not a mind reader, so I ask like any other Reporter.
17:24: Noticiero: So you have a relation to Mr. Diamondcut?
17:25: Andrew: David Diamondcut..
17:25: Noticiero: Were you also childhood friends?
17:25: Noticiero: Are you in the payroll of the man know as 'Triple D' among the criminal underground?
17:26: Andrew: Noticero, let us go for a little walk in the park, hmm?
17:27: Noticiero: Uh ...I think I'll pass on that offer, walks with an armed man is not a good idea.
17:27: Andrew: I do it for our protection.
17:27: Andrew: Not against you.
17:27: Noticiero: Unless you guarantee my safety.
17:28: Noticiero: Can you guarantee my safety?
17:28: Andrew: I will not make promises I may not be able to keep.. but I will try my best.
17:28: Noticiero: Very well, where are we headed?
17:28: Andrew smirks.
17:28: Andrew: A stroll in the park.

At this point in time, we walked to a secluded area away from populated areas by clan citizens.

17:29: Andrew: So. Mr. Rivera..
17:29: Andrew: How long have you been a reporter?
17:29: Noticiero: A few years, in Terra, old earth.
17:30: Andrew: You see to have just entered the media.
17:30: Andrew: I see.
17:30: Noticiero: However I was recently fired from Sol Media.
17:30: Andrew: Just transferred here then?
17:31: Noticiero: They didn't like my ....reports on discovering misuse of funds of a subsidiary company of Sol Corp.
17:31: Andrew: Large companies always try and hide the truth.
17:31: Noticiero: So they canceled my contract while I was on my way here.
17:31: Andrew: Like Omni-Tek, for example.
17:31: Noticiero: By doing so, my return ticket was revoked.
17:32: Noticiero: Therefore I got stuck here.
17:32: Noticiero: I decided to beat them at their own game.
17:32: Noticiero: They left me stranded here, without any contacts.
17:33: Noticiero: In turn I decided to try and build a name and start working hard, to seek the truth about Rubi-Ka and it's population.
17:33: Andrew: There is no truth.. about Rubi-Ka.
17:34: Noticiero: There are many Reporters who focus on Rubi-ka, but few are here, most are not even in this system.
17:34: Andrew: Everything is rolled up into one little package of a lie.
17:34: Noticiero: What do you mean by that Mr. Andrew?
17:34: Andrew: One day you will understand.
17:35: Andrew runs his hand across the table and against the walls of the house.
17:35: Noticiero: That is one of my goals, to understand Rubi-ka, the issues which citizens as yourself face every day.
17:35: Andrew: This... use to be my house.
17:36: Andrew: I was born and raised in EDITED OUT.
17:37: Noticiero: Why do you no longer live here?
17:39: Andrew: I no longer need it.
17:39: Andrew: I travel most of my life.
17:39: Andrew: And nor do I have the money to afford it.
17:40: Andrew: So I live in an apartment next to EDITED OUT, where I work.
17:40: Noticiero: You said you were born and raised here in EDITED OUT, and you were fiends with Simon Silverstone in your youth, did he lived near EDITED OUT when he was a child?
17:40: Andrew: And if I travel, I don't worry about paying for the apartment while I am gone.
17:42: Andrew: Perhaps.
17:42: Noticiero: You sounds like a solitary man, was it always that way?
17:42: Andrew: No.. not always..
17:43: Noticiero: Traders are travelers by nature, to acquire contracts and trading routes, but most have a family due to great number of people they meet.
17:44: Noticiero: Are you or were you married Mr. Andrew?
17:46: Andrew: ...No.
17:47: Andrew: However, yes, you are correct about Traders.
17:47: Andrew: It is in the Traders' nature to travel.
17:47: Andrew: It is a forever beckoning.. a call that we can never find the source of.
17:47: Noticiero: You say everything is rolled up into one little package of a lie, are the clans a lie? is their claim of fighting for freedom a cover for a possible agenda to have control of the Notum over the entire planet?
17:49: Andrew smirks.
17:50: Andrew: Ask yourself this, is there really clans? Is there notum? Is there anything?
17:50: Andrew: Or is it just an illusion..
17:51: Andrew: Does Notum exist? Do the clan exist? Is Rubi-Ka really the planet of never-ending life?
17:51: Noticiero: Notum seems real enough, as most corporations have products which require notum to run, not counting the nanoformulas which work only here in Rubi-Ka due to the Notum which is only here.
17:52: Noticiero: You still age Mr. EDITED OUT, just death is easier to avoid. But we both know, that after a certain age, the insurance terminal won't be able to clone your body, and without a body...the soul will go ...where, nobody knows of course.
17:52: Andrew: Mr. EDITED OUT please.
17:52: Andrew: Or EDITED OUT.
17:53: Andrew: EDITED OUT is an old nickname I wish to be forgotten.
17:53: Noticiero: Very well, Mr. EDITED OUT.
17:53: Noticiero: Why is that? I see your expression...what happened that has made you feel that way?
17:54: Andrew: Nothing, it's just a very old nickname from my childhood.
17:54: Noticiero: Did Silverstone, or Simon as you called him...knew you as EDITED OUT?
17:55: Andrew: Of course, after I got the nickname of course.
17:56: Noticiero: When you were younger, did you want to become a Trader? or something else?
17:56: Andrew: Of course. My entire family to the roots of Earth were traders.
17:57: Noticiero: So, what did Simon wanted to be?
17:58: Andrew: Simon was never sure what he wanted to be..
17:58: Andrew: He always changed his mind..
17:59: Noticiero: When he grew up, and became a Clan Leader, did he ever ask you to join him?
17:59: Andrew: ...
18:00: Andrew: No, but if he knew where I was, he would have.
18:00: Andrew: You see, I am never in one place long enough to be found by him.
18:01: Noticiero: To be found by him...that sounds as if you wish to avoid him.
18:01: Andrew: You could say it that way.
18:01: Noticiero: Is there hostility between you two?
18:01: Andrew: There is nothing between us.
18:01: Andrew: No friendship, no hatred.
18:02: Andrew: Nothing.
18:02: Noticiero: But, was there hostility between you two in the past?
18:02: Andrew: You could say yes in a way.
18:02: Noticiero: Anything he could remember you for?
18:03: Andrew: Do you mean hold a grudge against me?
18:03: Noticiero: Yes.
18:03: Andrew: Probably.
18:04: Noticiero: Would such grudge be able to lead to your death if he saw you?
18:04: Andrew: I wouldn't know.
18:04: Andrew: Nobody understands Simon anymore, or at all in the past.
18:05: Andrew: I barely am able to understand his reactions.
18:05: Noticiero: There are rumors that he was violent when he was younger, always training and punishing his own body to prepare for combat when he was older, is this true?
18:06: Andrew: He wasn't always like that but yes, when he got somewhat older, he did.
18:07: Noticiero: Was he social at all? I mean..he was your friend, thus he had to have some sort of charm or attraction to become his friend.
18:07: Andrew: When he was younger, yes, he couldn't shut up.
18:08: Andrew: But as he aged, he became more.. I don't know, but it looked as if he was worried by something, he was always very serious, you could not joke with him.
18:09: Noticiero: Did he have an ego?
18:10: Andrew: His ego was always impossibly strange and difficult to understand.
18:10: Andrew: I'm not sure he'd know himself.
18:10: Noticiero: Until what age were you able to be his friend, before moving on?
18:11: Andrew: I was about 15 years old.
18:11: Noticiero: Do you trade with omni and neutral citizens in your travels?
18:12: Andrew: Yes, as long as they are peaceful and trade in peace.
18:14: Noticiero: Have you ever been in a clan?
18:14: Andrew: No.
18:15: Noticiero: Traders usually join clans, to gain and expand their contacts for financial profit, why have you not joined a clan?
18:15: Andrew: I am a loner. I work for myself.
18:16: Andrew: I am very dependant on myself and myself only.
18:16: Noticiero: Do you have a family? father, mother, or sibling?
18:17: Andrew: My parents are dead and my brother is missing, presumably dead.
18:17: Andrew: So, as of right now, I am the last EDITED OUT.
18:17: Noticiero: I'm sorry to hear, was your brother missing during combat?
18:18: Andrew: Nobody knows, one day he was perfectly normal, the next day he is gone.
18:19: Noticiero: As a trader, what are your plans for the future?
18:21: Andrew: I have none. I live my life and accept things as they come.
18:21: Andrew: I am a free willed man.
18:21: Noticiero: So, you're what it's called a nomad? always moving?
18:22: Andrew: Correct.
18:23: Andrew: Of course I always come back here, to EDITED OUT, after a long time of traveling.
18:23: Noticiero: You seems like an unhappy man.
18:23: Andrew: Whatever you may think.
18:24: Noticiero: You do not think much of other people's opinions I see.
18:24: Andrew: No, why should I, I have no control of what people think of me.
18:24: Andrew: Each self is composed of two selves.
18:24: Noticiero: If asked to fight in the defense of a clan city, where you have no financial interests, would you fight regardless?
18:24: Andrew: The self that observes the self and the self that is observed by other selves.
18:26: Andrew: I don't know right now.
18:26: Andrew: Like I said.
18:26: Andrew: I accept things as they come.
18:27: Andrew: If that were to happen, I would decide then.
18:27: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mr. EDITED OUT.
18:27: Andrew: Why think of things if they may not happen?
18:27: Andrew: Your welcome Mr. Rivera.
18:27: Andrew: Oh and if you are going to make this conversation public.
18:27: Noticiero: Very few people bother to interview the common citizen, I try not to be like all reporters.
18:28: Noticiero: And it is likely no publisher will pick up this interview.
18:28: Andrew: You interviewed a normal citizen, no need to post my name.
18:28: Noticiero: But it was good to have met you.
18:28: Andrew: And if you need to post a name, you create a fake one.
18:28: Andrew: I can't have Simon reading this in the papers the next day,
18:29: Noticiero: I'm sorry Mr. EDITED OUT, but I never agreed to that.
18:29: Andrew: Then he would surely be looking for me.. to destroy me.
18:29: Andrew: He'd follow me all my life.
18:29: Andrew: Interfering.
18:29: Noticiero: I will however edit things to ...protect your location.
18:29: Andrew: Good.
18:29: Andrew: And don't use Mr. EDITED OUT, and definitely not EDITED OUT.
18:30: Andrew: He knows me by those two names far too much.
18:30: Andrew: You can us Andrew though, that is a very common name.
18:30: Noticiero: I shall try, thank you for your time.
18:30: Andrew: He won't think anything of it.. I hope
18:30: Andrew: I will escort you back to town.
18:33: Andrew: You should be safe from here on Mr. Rivera.
18:34: Noticiero: Thank you Mr. EDITED OUT.
18:34: Andrew: And remember.. keep me secret, keep me safe.
18:34: Andrew: Farewell.
18:34: Noticiero: I will try Mr. EDITED OUT.

This is the first interview of ANYONE from Simon Silverstone's past, an EXCLUSIVE brought to the public by yours truly, Reporter Extraordinaire 'Noticiero' Rivera!

More to come! Stay tuned to your local News Gridfeed!

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Article written by Noticiero
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