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It's been a while since I've written a personal article, the last one was in October of 29480. Back then I was offered a job as News Anchor for the Interstellar Network News (subsidiary of TruSpace Networks).

At that point in time, I had not made a decision yet. I thought I may be able to do more good to the clan cause through ISN which is broadcasted to 150 systems across the universe than through the IRRK here at home. Rubi-Ka Times was not around then.

Of course there was a downside of it, I would be practically in corporate territory and an easier target to silence away from Rubi-Ka and the clans where I felt safe among freedom fighters.

I was at a crossroads and it took me months to decide. In the middle of 29481 I had made my choice, and left Rubi-Ka to join ISN as Lead Anchor for the "Galactic News" newscast.

Things from there became dark for me, because the next thing that I remember is waking up in the middle of Newland Desert. I was groggy and looked around to get my bearings. I was still wearing my suit which was less than pristine due to the surrounding dirt and sand. I had no idea how I'd got there.

My years of experience in journalism weren't enough to suppress the shock when I opened a COMM and to my amazement found myself back on Rubi-Ka. Months had passed since I had left the planet on my way to sign my new contract with ISN.

I struggled to remain calm, knowing my way around and within the hour I knew my exact location and decided to head to Newland City. I wasn't hungry or thirsty; no marks on my body. A mystery, and at the same time, a new story for me to investigate. Always the inquisitive journalist even then in an unexpected situation.

As I approached the city walls I saw people riding what seemed to be hoverboards and hoverbikes. I was surprised to see these new ways of travel and took note of it, to perhaps investigate the new technology.

It took me an hour to get a COMM line offworld, and less than two minutes with some solitus secretary to find out about my meeting with ISN. I had never arrived for my meeting with the company and since they never heard from me again they hired someone else. My reputation became tarnished by my absence and the attention I had worked so hard to acquire over my years of reporting was lost.

I was back on Rubi-Ka, back to square one. I was angry, I remember my own words that day.

"I'm going to find out who did this to me, and then... I'll put his face on the six o'clock gridfeed for the whole universe to see that when Noticiero is involved, the truth comes out. Another Rubi-Ka exclusive...yeah."

It is never a good thing to upset the media, at least... that is what I thought as I walked into Newland's whompah that day (July 6, 29482).

Since my return, I have written five ARKE articles. within a nine month period. I spent most of my time trying to find out how and where I had been taken captive, and who was behind it so much, that only on my spare time I would write articles.

I slowly became less of a journalist, to the point that a few weeks ago I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I had no interest in continuing my career whatsoever.

As a neutral I was unbiased and tried to cover all factions. When I joined the clans my views leaned toward the clan cause of course, but always tried to be fair even when writing about the other factions. I'm no longer able to do that. I have a deep feeling that Omni-Tek was behind my abduction to keep me from providing public support to the clans through what would have been an influential position in the galactic media. Without physically hurting me they have caused me more pain than any form of torture.

I have used my anger and unleashed it on the Kyr'Ozch invaders, to the point that earlier this month there was an ICC planet-wide announcement in which I was awarded the highest honorary rank for outstanding dedication to the defense of Rubi-Ka against the aliens.

My life as a reporter is over, saying otherwise would be a lie, to myself and anyone who reads this, my last article. I do feel a responsibility for the ARKE column and it's readers so after much thought, I called an old friend of mine whom I had worked with back during my Sol Media days.

We discussed the possibility of him traveling to Rubi-Ka and taking over the column. Because of me originally becoming stranded here and him expressing his displeasure on the supervisor who did it to me with a mean right hook the day he resigned his position there. He has been blacklisted by Sol Media while looking for employment ever since.

For years he has been unable to overcome Sol Media's shadowy influence, blocking him for any desirable position as a reporter. This made my offer more attractive since they have no such power here.

He accepted my offer to join Rubi-Ka Times as a reporter with his own column, which will remain titled "A Rubi-Ka Exclusive". I honestly tried to get him to join the clans, but he declined, wishing to remain neutral.

His reporting style is somewhat opposite to how I used to do it. Sakkar is one of the nicest guys you'd meet, confident with a warm smile. A loyal and true friend, he's a bit of a smooth talker. You may even be surprised by some of his traits. He will be publishing his first ARKE article, introducing himself in the not too distant future.

I wish things had worked out differently, but I have no regrets. I did what I loved when I had the passion for it. Now there is no room in my life for journalism, I have other priorities. I'd like to thank you all for your support over the years, and would ask you to give my friend the same chance you gave me.

Goodbye my readers, this is Noticiero Rivera, and this was my last Rubi-Ka Exclusive.

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