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It is rare for me to write an article that does not include some sort of entertaining news, or a scandal.

After all reporters find bad news more interesting than good news, as the reader polls have shown for the past 5 years.

I arrived on August 1st of '76, stranded on Rubi-Ka because earlier that year while I was in the employ of Sol Media (a subsidiary of Sol Corporation) I had published an investigative report on corruption in another company (which was also a Sol Corp subsidiary).

Colleagues warned me that it would negatively affect my career, I ignored them firmly thinking I had done the right thing.

I was sent to Rubi-Ka under the false pretence of rewarding me for my report, the offer being the position of lead reporter. As soon as I arrived I was fired, my expense account closed and all credit revoked leaving me stranded.

Alone and without friends, I vowed to make Sol Media regret their betrayal by becoming the most famous reporter on Rubi-Ka.

Since that day, I have done seventy investigative reports and interviews with important and notable figures. I've done my best to reveal the true nature of Rubikan personalities from all factions, and report on important events and stories across the planet and the universe.

I was a neutral for the first year I was on the planet, until I decided the clans were fighting for a just cause. Also I'm hard to become friendly with, since I believe most people have an agenda when I'm being approached.

I've made my share of enemies by reporting the truth, a good number of threats, and strange relationships over the years.

It is now when I must mention one of those strange relationships. Since June of '77 one man, or shall I say Commander...wanted to choke me every time I published something about the clans which was not positive.

He has thrown me out of The Cup and Reets Retreat, threatened me with bodily harm more times than I can remember and I think was close to shooting me a few times in public.

I did what I felt was the right thing to do, publish the truth. He did what he felt was the right thing to do, protect the image of the clans at any cost.

At one point last year ('79) he blackmailed me into joining his clan and under his leadership it was almost impossible for me to get his approval to publish anything. I only published one article that year.

But then he was betrayed and the clan fell apart. I was free, yet I could see it had affected him so much that it changed him. Months went by and our relationship changed from dislike (to put it mildly) to friendship.

I still disagree with the methods he used in the past few years dealing with me, however that is water under the bridge as the ancient saying goes.

As of last month, he retired as Commander and now lives his life as a Knight in his clan. Windguaerd is his name, and even though I see him rarely these days; I value his friendship more than others because he at least has been true to himself and to me from day one.

Some of you will wonder why would someone like me publish all this. Well, because some have implied since January of this year that I was Windguaerd's puppet, that he pulled the strings and I danced to his tune.

I'm sorry to dissapoint all the Xaun supporters, but he never had the authority to change, edit or rewrite anything I did.

It was only during 29479 that he stopped me from publishing, since I would not accept any kind of editing from him in any way.

Maybe it would be best if someone would just admit she made a mistake and tell the truth. There is one thing I've learned in the years I've been on Rubi-Ka: Everyone lies.

One person lies to protect her image, another lies to protect his clan, another lies for profit, another lies to save the life of an innocent, another lies to take lives. There are many reasons to lie, some I would say are good, most are bad.

I've lied to get close to people so I can get the truth out of them. When Lady Xaun said "off the record" I acted as if I was not going to publish what she was going to tell me, I lied to her so I would get the truth from her.

So everyone lies. I lied to get the truth from her, she lied when she denied her statements.

Nobody is perfect, even the Redeemed have lied to us. Lord Galahad showed up among the clans as a human 17 years ago, but we now know he is not human, but one of the Redeemed.

He appeared to us in a deceptive way, but for a good we could accept his good intentions. Lady Xaun pledged fielty to the Knights of Avalon. Lord Galahad leads them.

It is not dishonorable to lie, if it's done for the right reason. However if you're caught in the lie, wouldn't it be best to admit it and then move on rather than keep denying the words that came out of your mouth?

I do my best to publish the truth, regardless of what faction it affects. I joined the clans because I felt they were fighting for a just cause.

However that doesn't mean that I will turn a blind eye just because you're a clanner like me.

The truth is not always kind, it can be rough, bloody and unforgiving. Sometimes it is like a ray of sunlight, refreshing and life giving.

Sure most of my articles have dirt on them, that is because it is what I do best. Who wants to read "pet leet rescued from tall tree"? everyone wants to read "this one tried to kill that one" or "this faction bombed that faction's outpost".

I think I have succeeded on my goal, to the point that a few days ago I was offered a job as News Anchor for the Interstellar Network News (subsidiary of TruSpace Networks).

At this point in time, I haven't made a decision yet. I may be able to do more good to the clan cause through ISN which is broadcasted to 150 systems across the universe than through the IRRK here at home.

Of course there is the downside of it, I will be practically in corporate territory and an easier target to silence away from Rubi-Ka and the clans where I feel safe among freedom fighters.

I'm at a crossroads, and I figured that before another reporter gets the scoop on me I would put it out myself.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'! maybe the last.

Feel free to discuss this article in this thread

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Article written by Noticiero
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