Articles - Investigative Report

Wednesday night, a public meeting of clan leaders in West Athen called by Commander "Caid" Nottoris, Advisor of First Light Clan, Clan Leader Jenae "Tussa" Godfray from Assembly Clan, Clan Leader Anthony "Cogs" Mcduff from Cerberus Clan and Clan Leader Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers from Whisper`s Edge Clan took place. Fellow clan leaders and their officers were invited to participate.

The following people were at the meeting besides those who called for the gathering:

Commander Windguaerd Wagner - Leader of Mercury Dragons Clan
Lyrice "Lyricia" Fuchs - Leader of First Light Clan
Adriana "Adriia" Kang - Leader of Cupid's Arrow Clan
Charissa "Maephina" Vein - Leader of Conflicted Clan
Isi "Rharia" Lust - General of Conflicted Clan
"Jainex" - General of Conflicted Clan
Angel "Sovanah" Whispering - Vassal of Unity of the Rose Clan
Giga "Bizzarro" Vehementi - General of Outcasts Clan
Dylan "Slock" Hereda - Unit Commander of Outcasts Clan
Zane "Tharkael" Conmy - Leader of Vitae Covente Clan
Lauryn "Usia" Sosnowski - Advisor of Vitae Covente Clan
Fighter "Enforcedman" King - Advisor of Evolution Clan
Frank "Towerz" Peak - General of Deathwing Clan
"Aarman" - Neutral witness

During the discussion an emergency transmission came through with the news that Tir had been bombed, in two apartment complexes near the Council of Truth building. Two more of the Bio-Disintegration bombs were collected and disarmed an hour later. A Dust Brigade sympathizer was suspect in the bombing.

Those at the meeting were suspicious that the attack was during the meeting, and the majority decided to remain and continue the discussion regarding the reformation of the Council of Truth.

The day after this meeting two bombs went off outside of Rome Green in the Rome Harbor, causing catastrophic damages to an OT outpost situated near the docks of the trade district. Sources say that the explosions sent a Lieutenant Bret Michelson to the reclaim, where he was questioned after resurrection shock had worn off.

"There was only one", he was reported to say, "I only saw one person dashing along. I don't think it was a fixer, because the bombs were built right there. He registered as an employee, we didn't bother to question him."

Lt. Michelson has been placed in confinement for negligence of his duties, his private hearing is scheduled to be held next week.

No suspects are being held to the case. Three Omni-Pol guards are dead, their names have not been disclosed. A shipment of BBI-50 "Sticky Love Rain's" have been lost, and seemingly a shipment of GGX21 Chemical Compound Kits have been seized. Omni-Pol HQ was not available for comment.

The gathering

The meeting logs (provided by Jenae "Tussa" Godfray and Giga "Bizzarro" Vehementi) were interrupted due to a bomb threat in Tir. Commander Caid and personnel from Mercury Dragons Clan went to investigate, but the suspected terrorist Carl "Lurai" Shone had escaped to the meeting point of the CoT Panel Discussion. Lurai then proceeded to shout about bomb threats, all which turned out being false.

The meeting lasted approximately 3 hours.

The following is the meeting log that has been reconstructed as best possible:

23:38: Vixentrox: I know there is a few more who were planning on attending
23:39: Vixentrox: but lets go ahead and get started
23:39: Vixentrox: the logs will be made available to those who need them
23:40: Vixentrox: As most of you are aware
23:40: Vixentrox: or should be aware
23:40: Vixentrox: The CoT of the past is no more
23:41: Vixentrox: But the Council of Truth is part of being Clan
23:41: Vixentrox: the building sits in our capital city unused
23:42: Vixentrox: The other day
23:42: Vixentrox: A speech was given by these fine people next to me
23:42: Vixentrox: Radiman showed up
23:42: Vixentrox: provided some encouragement
23:43: Vixentrox: they went to the CoT building and there, received a vision from marlin
23:43: Vixentrox: Now...
23:43: Vixentrox: Some of us have been involved in politics for a long time now
23:44: Vixentrox: and different things have been tried
23:44: Vixentrox: always doomed to failures
23:44: Vixentrox: Now the time is ripe
23:44: Vixentrox: to reform the Council
23:45: Vixentrox: Radiman has offered support for this endeavor
23:45: Vixentrox: You all understand....? Radiman himself has offered to help a new Council
23:45: Maephina: So?
23:45: Vixentrox: Not just yesterday, but a couple months ago
23:45: Sovanah: I don't understand what importance he is
23:46: Maephina: He disappears for months and we're supposed to care?
23:46: Slock: A couple of months ago.. you mean he was ALIVE and I didn't know it?
23:46: Maephina: when he seemingly did not
23:46: Sovanah: If anything, we should court Sir Galahad and his knights for support than have Henry
23:46: Vixentrox: He lends a certain legitimacy to our efforts
23:46: Vixentrox: but please hold your questions
23:46: Maephina: I don't see how.
23:46: Vixentrox: and comments till we fully explain
23:47: Vixentrox: what we have been discussing
23:47: Vixentrox: The past efforts have been all failures
23:47: Vixentrox: because of bickering
23:47: Vixentrox: because of not being able to compromise
23:48: Vixentrox: because of not getting support of people like Radiman
23:48: Vixentrox: What is different this time?
23:48: Vixentrox: Why do we think there is a real shot this time?
23:49: Vixentrox: Partly the vision
23:49: Vixentrox: Partly Radiman
23:49: Vixentrox: Partly's time
23:49: Cogs: It is time!
23:49: Vixentrox: We be live that if a new Council concentrates on one or two things
23:50: Usia: Mainly all because its time we all united again
23:50: Vixentrox: instead of trying to handle every issue under the sun
23:50: Vixentrox: We think that we will need to take baby steps
23:51: Vixentrox: No more than one or two major issues worked on at a time
23:51: Vixentrox: So...
23:51: Vixentrox: I thought and conferred with my fellows in red here
23:52: Vixentrox: what would be some things any Clan leader could support
23:52: Vixentrox: The two issues I came up with
23:52: Vixentrox: is first
23:52: Vixentrox: Improving the defenses around our cities
23:52: Vixentrox: Getting more highly skilled guards and armaments
23:53: Cogs: If I may....
23:53: Usia: I agree with that one Vix, WA is not that well guarded.. Omni can just walk right in here..
23:53: Vixentrox: Cogs
23:55: Cogs: In a short time......the OT lease on notum mining of Rubi-Ka will end! It is imperative that we prepare for such a time, and stand united. It is a golden opportunity for us to get control of this our home....once and for all....and be able to live in freedom and peace!
23:55: Cogs: Thank you
23:55: Vixentrox: The second topic
23:56: Vixentrox: which I think few leaders will have any issue with
23:56: Vixentrox: is Old Athen
23:56: Vixentrox: Movements have been in the works to rebuild it
23:56: Vixentrox: it is I think a suitable subject for a reformed Council to handle
23:57: Vixentrox: If we try to handle everything at once
23:57: Vixentrox: we will fail
23:58: Vixentrox: But concentrating our efforts, will hopeful bare fruit
23:58: Vixentrox: So...we don't have answers to all the issues and questions you may have
23:58: Vixentrox: Nor will we even attempt to answer them all
23:58: Vixentrox: We can't afford to get bogged down
23:59: Vixentrox: Next....Tussa would like to speak about the uniform
23:59: Tussa smiles shyly
23:59: Tussa: Hi...I'm Jenny...
23:59: Tharkael turns to Jen.
23:59: Tussa: You see us in these red uniforms and you might wonder why...or the meaning behind them
00:00: Tussa: They are a symbol of what we want for the clans
00:00: Tussa: They are red as fire
00:00: Tussa: And that's what we and passion brought to life again
00:00: Tussa: The dormant clan spirit alive.
00:00: Tussa: They are by no means obligatory, but every person who are in support of this Council
00:01: Tussa: is welcome to get a set of inferior heated plasteel
00:01: Tussa: To show open support of the will behind this...the will of the clans to unite and work for something together
00:02: Tussa: You may also notice that we carry arms...they are also symbolic, but not obligatory either
00:02: Tussa: I carry my bow, as it is part of me and my fight for the clans
00:02: Tussa: Vix here carries her rifle, as it's part of her
00:02: Tussa: Some may carry swords, others a bugleg...others again might want to carry nothing
00:03: Tussa: You're also welcome to get two Freedom Arms 4200 pistols
00:03: Tussa: The mere name is symbol enough, don't you think?
00:04: Tussa: So....if you want to show open support, you now know how
00:05: Tussa: Note that this is pure ceremonial armor
00:05: Maephina: I still don't even know what we're here for really.
00:05: Maephina: and I have many questions and it seems this is all fine and good sounding but completely missing the point
00:05: Vixentrox: Mae....
00:05: Vixentrox: a new Council os forming
00:05: Maephina: Yes
00:05: Maephina: but
00:05: Maephina: the question is
00:05: Vixentrox: we want people involved
00:06: Cogs: maybe we could let miss Godfray finish her presentation?
00:06: Maephina: Who is Marlin? What vision do you refer to? why should we trust it? What proof of this vision for those of us unfor....
00:06: Maephina: so be it
00:07: Tussa: Well...I'm kinda done...
00:07: Tussa: Besides....we *all* look good in red
00:08: Tussa: Oh! Anthony!
00:08: Tussa: Your turn
00:08: Cogs: I...
00:09: Cogs: I ...nor any of us....are able to answer solidly your questions at this time....and...
00:09: Cogs: to put it this way....we are fighting to rebuild the CoT.....for various reasons
00:10: Cogs: As the situation is now, we have several issues within our own areas that needs a unified Clan assembly behind it.....look at our cities for example
00:11: Slock: I think the Tir Accord is more important than the cities, myself.
00:11: Cogs: In addition....our struggle versus the OT corporation is at a status quo...and has been so for some time....
00:11: Cogs: At the moment, our fight is ...whimsical at best, without a clear plan and strategy.....
00:12: Cogs: I mentioned earlier......the OT ICC lease is running out in 50 years.....and will be up for grabs....
00:12: Cogs: We have a shot at it.....but we need a will to be unified.....have some form of government....
00:13: Cogs: The lease will NOT be handed to us......we need to show that we can handle it......and use it well.....
00:13: Cogs: These are some of the issues.....and they need addressing
00:14: Cogs: These are some of the issues that lead us to believe that a new CoT is needed, based on all of us here today......We must unite! Stand together to prevail
00:14: Cogs: Now....I speak both long and short term here.......
00:15: Cogs: At this time....we need to pull together to work out mainly the short term goals.....and for that to happen, we are ALL needed, my friends!
00:15: Cogs: Thank you
00:15: Enforcedman raises his hand
00:15: Cogs: Mr. King?
00:16: Enforcedman: As far i know, the Sentinels don`t want a new CoT, what shall we do about them?
00:16: Enforcedman: After all they did drive most of them out
00:17: Bizzarro: ah i remember the last time that happened...omnis comin' in trying to take out silverstone
00:17: Caid: I believe... should the problem arise, the best thing to do would see if they were willing to be a part of the new Council themselves.
00:17: Enforcedman: I'm also worried about the Dust Brigade
00:18: Vixentrox: We can't let our fears stop us
00:18: Caid: Agreed.
00:18: Enforcedman: Last thing I want is a war in the cites
00:18: Vixentrox: War is already in the cities
00:18: Vixentrox: Old Athen was under siege just a couple weeks ago
00:19: Caid: That is the reason we need to increase security in the Athens areas.
00:19: Enforcedman: A more powerful war then its now, no need to lose more civil lives
00:19: Vixentrox: We don't have the answers to all the questions
00:19: Caid: Yes... Vix is right, we don't.
00:19: Vixentrox: That isn't what we are about
00:19: Caid: Sovanah, you had a question?
00:20: Cogs: But, Mr. King .....united we have a much better chance than alone!
00:20: Sovanah: Yes
00:20: Bizzarro: indeed
00:20: Sovanah: This Council...
00:20: Slock: I think some people here just want some basic explanations. Like Mae, I think, wondering who Radiman was to us. To ask that.. means she really doesn't know what happened to us in the past.
00:20: Sovanah: We have all agreed that such a thing should be looked into
00:20: Sovanah: Well you speak of OA under siege
00:20: Sovanah: You speak of rebuilding
00:21: Sovanah: If we have a CoT WILL it be rebuilt? Will new buildings stretch into the fair skyline of Old Athen
00:21: Sovanah: Will we have a place our children can run and play in safety?
00:21: Sovanah: This is very important
00:22: Sovanah: What you speak is all well and good, but unless REAL change comes, where our cities get rebuilt and our lands in our control become cleaned an less polluted...What goal do we have?
00:22: Usia: Slock its all past history if we don't learn and build on it we are doomed to the same thing again
00:23: Vixentrox: If I may a moment...
00:23: Sovanah: Symbolism is all well and good
00:23: Sovanah: But what of the starving child stealing crumbs in OA
00:26: Maephina: May I say something
00:26: Vixentrox: OK
00:27: Maephina: Firstly...I know full well who Radiman is and was and what he was to the clans before the CoT collapsed in it's original form..
00:28: Maephina: What you're suggesting may very well lead to war for us on two fronts
00:28: Maephina: with the sentinels and Omni-Tek
00:28: Maephina: And
00:29: Maephina: So far
00:29: Maephina: All I hear you say is
00:29: Maephina: "we do not have all the answers"
00:29: Maephina: But I'm telling you you'd better get them because I will not be the last to ask
00:29: Tharkael: Mae, if I may when your done.
00:29: Vixentrox: want to be part of the new Council?
00:29: Maephina: well Vix
00:29: Maephina: I wanna know
00:29: Vixentrox: Join us then and help find the answers
00:30: Lyricia: I for one know FL wants to be a part of the new Council and is willing to help out. Despite having a very unclear path ahead of us
00:30: Vixentrox: that is WHY we are here
00:30: Vixentrox: To get people interested in joining a new Council
00:30: Vixentrox: To help us build it
00:30: Caid: And to get answers to the very questions you all ask.
00:30: Cogs: Mae....voice it....what are your concerns? What makes you so skeptical?
00:31: Cogs: Are we afraid of try and accomplish something together?
00:31: Maephina: What's my motivation for joining? I mean you make a good pitch on WHY I should, 'cause I'm a clanner. But as a clanner I seek my own solidarity and independence from the machinations of those that stay behind the scene. You said someone provided you with a new vision to what the future may hold for us. You say that the time is NOW to act and bring about a peaceful Rubi-Ka. But you give nothing but words. And Although they are music to my jump to them blindly makes me NO BETTER than OMNI-TEK
00:31: Bizzarro: OC supports the ideals of freedom and justice...but i would like to do some further research before committing to such a large task
00:32: Cogs: So.....a status quo is better, Mae?
00:32: Vixentrox: Then don't join the new Council......the satisfaction that you are helping your fellow Clan should be reward enough
00:32: Maephina: Excuse me?
00:32: Maephina: See
00:32: Maephina: this is my point...I ask a simple question
00:33: Maephina: I ask for proof
00:33: Maephina: you say
00:33: Vixentrox: We can't force people to take part
00:33: Maephina: "well sorry then don't bother"
00:33: Tharkael: Woah, woah, woah a moment.
00:33: Maephina: Listen
00:33: Slock: I agree. expecting progress before we've even begun is too much right now.
00:33: Maephina: I am not saying I do not wanna support the CoT
00:33: Vixentrox: Proof of what? Proof that we want to help our fellow Clan?
00:33: Maephina: I am saying starting the COT without Knowing what we're getting ourselves into ahead of time may be the blind leading the blind into suicide.
00:34: Bizzarro: well
00:34: Vixentrox: Perhaps Mae
00:34: Bizzarro: if we just sit here and do nothing
00:34: Bizzarro: nothing is going to happen
00:34: Cogs: No no....this is about US, Mae....we need to understand that.....we have also said that we are looking for help....we need all of us in on this. I do not see what there is to be afraid of.
00:34: Tharkael: Look here's what I keep on hearing and it sounds like stories of how the old Council fell.
00:35: Vixentrox: Indeed
00:35: Tharkael: the problem here is this, and quite simply the fact that we have two sides here.
00:35: Tharkael: And it's quite evident of what this is starting to become.
00:35: Lyricia: How about this guys? We haven't signed anything yet committing ourselves to this. So how about we leave the invitation open for a bit while we firm up our plans?
00:35: Tharkael: It's a are you with us or are you not... and that's is not the point here guys.
00:36: Maephina: Exactly
00:36: Tharkael: I think the entire point about all of this is being ENTIRELY missed!
00:36: Tharkael: On all sides.
00:36: Vixentrox: We can't force people to help
00:36: Vixentrox: we want your help
00:36: Vixentrox: or we wouldn't have called you here
00:36: Tharkael: Vix, but saying "fine don't join" when they don't agree or have a different opinion isn't the way to go ahead about it.
00:37: Tharkael: At the same time though
00:37: Cogs: none has said that, Zane
00:37: Tharkael: Saying no one knows what's going to happen isn't the point either
00:37: Tharkael: Hear me out Anthony I'm not attacking one person
00:37: Tharkael: I'm actually saying something else.
00:37: Tharkael: The reason I'm here is because there hasn't been a Council being started... and right now there's this bickering.
00:38: Tharkael: There's an idea that got started a few days a go, a noble one.
00:38: Tharkael: And I do like it
00:38: Maephina: So do I
00:38: Tharkael: And there are people to be given credit for it...
00:38: Tharkael: BUT!!
00:38: Tharkael: The big but here is that, this is a Council!
00:38: Tharkael: A COUNCIL!
00:38: Tharkael: Period.
00:39: Tharkael: This is a combination of a few people all over the clans, who are very different in their freedoms and expressions.
00:39: Tharkael: What I haven't heard at all
00:39: Tharkael: And from the past few days I haven't heard this is the real question I want to know.
00:39: Tharkael: and the question that I feel we all should begin to answer is.
00:40: Tharkael: If we are saying that WE the people here, all of us are starting a Council of truth here.
00:40: Tharkael: Then, what does THAT mean?
00:40: Tharkael: And you know what it means for me?
00:40: Tharkael: It means that there will be someone out there who is willing to help ANYONE
00:40: Tharkael: No matter how big, or small.
00:41: Tharkael: No matter how rich or poor.
00:41: Tharkael: No matter how known or not known.
00:41: Tharkael: The same way Omni has it's backing, the clan needs theirs.
00:41: Tharkael: REGARDLESS if people are within it or not.
00:41: Tharkael: Because like my family, the CLAN MEMBERS are my family.00:42: Enforcedman: nice speech
00:42: Cogs: Well said, Zane!
00:42: Maephina: very nicely done
00:42: Adriia: As I sit here and listen to all of the different clans speak...
00:42: Adriia: there are many things I am in accordance with as well as some things that I disagree with, but I am not here to pick at things...
00:43: Adriia: just merely to feel the ambiance of the CoT, if it were to reform once again.
00:43: Adriia: As Maephina previously stated...
00:43: Adriia: about the proof and what not...
00:43: Adriia: I agree with to certain extents.
00:44: Adriia: We as the the body "clan"...
00:44: Adriia: want to know that what we are getting ourselves into...
00:44: Adriia: has proof enough to, what is the word, go after...
00:45: Adriia: but we MUST understand...
00:45: Adriia: that doing this is taking a risk, and the risk is one...
00:45: Adriia: that all clans here...
00:45: Adriia: if truly wishing to back up the clans...
00:45: Adriia: must at one point or time try a ricky situation out...
00:46: Adriia: with or without proof, with or without evidence, with or without prior knowledge...
00:46: Adriia: we, the clans, must stand together as ONE, one sole body, mind if we ever wish to get ahead and in accordance...
00:47: Adriia: the CoT is that "risk" that must be taken.
00:47: Cogs: Wise words...
00:48: Tussa: I just wanted to say that those who wish to speak may send me a message, and I'll call your name when it's your turn, so that everyone gets a chance to speak, you know.
00:48: Tussa: First up is Commander Caid...then Mr. Peak - Towerz
00:49: Caid: I know how a lot of us feel... I know what a lot of us are thinking right now. I know because I've felt the very things myself.
00:49: Caid: This is one big risk we are taking. I've put my very life at risk for this, as have many others.
00:50: Caid: The clans deserve to be whole again. Even if it takes a lot to get them to realize that it won't be easy.
00:50: Caid: Hell, it is going to be damn hard.
00:50: Caid: But,
00:50: Caid: What choice do we have? How stagnant has it become in the past year?
00:51: Caid: I am willing to put my all into this, without knowing the answers, without knowing the things that will arise from this. But the question is, without all of us together, what I do doesn't mean much more than nothing.
00:52: Caid: The Council of Truth is a hope for us, ladies and gentlemen. There will be questions we cannot answer just yet, but we do intend to try and get those answers, for us all.
00:52: Caid: There will be people who oppose this, be it omnis or clans.
00:52: Caid: But as said earlier... we need to take the risk.
00:52: Caid: For without risk, how dull does our lives become? That is all I have to say...
00:53: Tussa: Towerz...your turn. Usia is next
00:53: Tussa: However...I have one thing to mention
00:53: Tussa: There are reports that Omni-Tek personnel is on the lookout of this location. Be aware, people.
00:53: Towerz: thank you
00:53: Towerz: for now i feel a lot of good will
00:53: Towerz: but i can't stop to wonder about a few things
00:54: Towerz: these people in red have done some work so far as to establish this meeting
00:55: Towerz: and try and etch out some small idea about what the CoT should focus on
00:55: Towerz: but... have you also thought about the form this Council should take?
00:55: Towerz: have
00:55: Cogs: Mr. Peak....
00:55: Towerz: yes?
00:56: Tharkael: SHIT!!!!!!
00:56: Cogs: My friends......
00:56: Tussa taps her comlink
00:56: Cogs: I'm sorry to interrupt!!
00:56: Vixentrox: Supposedly two bombs just detonated by the CoT building
00:56: Caid: I have to go.
00:56: Cogs: I just got a report.....2 bombs have gone off in Tir...
00:56: Maephina: oh lovely
00:56: Usia: Woah..
00:56: Tharkael: Sorry to interrupt but two bombs have blown up in Tir.... trying to disrupt these meetings guys
00:56: Cogs: CoT building is compromised....
00:56: Enforcedman: Great
00:56: Cogs: Wait...
00:56: Lyricia: That's odd I haven't heard anything over leader chat
00:57: Towerz: well.... i guess i'll have to vent my thoughts at another time and place then
00:57: Tharkael: There wouldn't be we're all here.
00:57: Usia: Before everyone runs.. You all spoke of risk
00:57: Cogs: This is part of the do we respond, friends?
00:57: Tharkael: Anthony... my suggestion.
00:57: Tharkael: We're still here.
00:57: Cogs: Zane?
00:57: Usia: I think we all should take this risk now and do what we have to do
00:57: Tharkael: Lets go down there and show them... "Uhh you missed"
00:57: Usia: Fight back
00:58: Tussa: Who did this!?
00:58: Bizzarro: nothing wrong with self-defense
00:58: Tharkael: I'm getting an initial report from Omni-Mining.
00:58: Vixentrox: It may have been other Clan
00:58: Towerz: against who?? we don't know who is behind this
00:58: Cogs: True, Mr. Peak!
00:58: Windguaerd: Update report please.
00:58: Usia: I have contacts in Omni Mining
00:58: Towerz: for all we know - this can be a snare to ensure a common thought that CoT is actually needed!!
00:58: Cogs: 2 bombs, Tir....
00:59: Vixentrox: That is what the report said...
00:59: Bizzarro: lordie, lordie...
00:59: Cogs: preliminary......that is all we know at the moment...
00:59: Bizzarro scratches head
00:59: Tharkael: Look I'm going to go down and check this out.
00:59: Bizzarro head
00:59: Maephina: then we should stay here
00:59: Maephina: Could be a trap
00:59: Tharkael: yeah well...
00:59: Tharkael: Us sitting here can be also a trap
00:59: Windguaerd: My god..
00:59: Cogs: I think Cmdr. Caid is already there.....
00:59: Vixentrox: Lets not let them disrupt our meeting
00:59: Slock: Caid went, I think he'll let us know.
00:59: Vixentrox: that's what they wanted
00:59: Slock: I hope.
00:59: Cogs: I agree, Vix...let us carry on till we know
01:00: Enforcedman: I volunteer
01:00: Usia: I say We fight back.. show Omni-Tek that the CoT will live
01:00: Windguaerd: I agree, the attack can be a way to end this meeting.
01:00: Aarman: If they would bomb Tir to cause a distraction of this meeting, Omni-Tek's intel is far worse than you you could imagine.
01:00: Cogs: Yes....let us continue......
01:00: Bizzarro: what about the sentinels?
01:00: Tussa: I'll send it off to Caid
01:00: Bizzarro: they sat back and let them through?
01:00: Rharia: Might be there is a covert spy
01:00: Enforcedman: Might be a paid of clansmen
01:01: Slock eyes Aarman a little suspiciously.
01:01: Aarman: Besides, if Omni-Tek would bomb Tir at all, they would use bombs big enough to take out the whole city of Tir. This leads the conclusion that it is not any of Omni-Tek's work.
01:01: Towerz: it concludes absolutely nothing!
01:01: Tussa: Oh! By the way...those of you that don't know...
01:01: Tussa: Aarman Godfray is my dad...he's on an extended visit from our home planet
01:01: Tharkael: Look just keep your ears and eyes out.
01:02: Tussa: and he's perfectly safe
01:02: Cogs: Ok...let us continue....Mr. Peak.....carry on
01:02: Towerz: ...right if i may...
01:02: Towerz: the thought occurred to me a bit earlier when Mae was speaking
01:03: Towerz: the thoughts behind this new CoT is all fine but are we sure that the whole of Clan Community is ready for this?
01:03: Towerz: and... more important..
01:04: Towerz: who gives us or you
01:04: Towerz: the right to do this?
01:04: Windguaerd: If we wait until every single person is ready for a new CoT, we'll be looking at another 200 years.
01:04: Vixentrox: or never
01:04: Towerz: are we certain that the clan community will accept these people here as 'leaders'?
01:05: Towerz: thank you
01:05: Towerz: this CoT will have some issues...
01:05: Towerz: and to solve issues there will be a need for resources and credits and.. power!
01:06: Towerz: we are looking (again) at a small group of people trying to govern a large body of people!
01:06: Towerz: Ancient history has shown us some ways of how NOT to do this...
01:07: Jainex: so far the only constructive goal I have heard is to rebuild Old question is why do we need the Ceremonial armor and the grandiose title of "The New Council of Truth" to accomplish that goal
01:07: Towerz: but scant examples of actually how to do it right
01:07: Towerz: Do we think we can??
01:07: Enforcedman: The worst case we can be looking at a new massacre
01:08: Towerz: we are not just risking ourselves our lives and our possessions - but all of what clan has fought for and achieved so far
01:09: Towerz: Mr. McDuff had a question?
01:09: Windguaerd: Alright, who here has the resources to rename the Council? make a new building in Tir and get the ICC to recognize any other name but CoT? they accepted the CoT before as the ruling body, and that is what stopped the 3rd war, we're in the middle of the 4th, how long before Omni Prime finds an excuse to send more military personnel here?
01:09: Tussa: Commander Wagner, please indicate to me that you wish to speak, so we do this in all good order.
01:09: Cogs: Mr. Peak...
01:09: Towerz: yes?
01:10: Cogs: Lets put it this way...I have no hope we can gather ALL clans...that would be utopia....but we can gather many, and endeavor to work in the best interests of ALL clans
01:11: Towerz: oh i know ... i wasn't stating it as a whole or nothing
01:11: Cogs: Secondly....none of us "clad in red" here, have any outspoken wish to be the so called "leaders" of fact, I do not thing it would be practical
01:12: Towerz: but it was u who fathered the thoughts and ideas so far, was it not?
01:12: Cogs: We are not a small group of people trying to lead the clans.....but....
01:12: Cogs: Yes, Mr. Peak...but....we are all Clan in heart....the new CoT would be for you and me alike....we would have the same vote, so to speak....
01:13: Cogs: With the ultimate goal to unite the clans in spirit, if not in opinion on all matters
01:13: Towerz: but of course - and the votes would guarantee that our common goals would be carried out
01:13: Towerz: I'm sorry - no call for sarcasm - please disregard from my last comment
01:14: Cogs: We are Clan, Mr. Peak....its in our very nature to be diverse.....but....on key issues, we are SO much stronger united, wouldn't you agree?
01:14: Cogs: What we cannot accomplish alone, we can together
01:14: Towerz: my sentiments on this are just very strongly AGAINST a centralized form of 'rule' or government
01:15: Towerz: it has failed miserably on almost all previous attempts in late and ancient history
01:15: Cogs: This is not a is a tool....a tool that we can and hopefully will use to further the clan cause
01:15: Cogs: Mr. Peak.....maybe we just need to try again....and learn....
01:15: Cogs: That is all I try.....
01:15: Enforcedman: Learn from previous mistakes
01:16: Towerz: i recall that centralized 'rule' was one of the most outspoken causes for Clan to separate from Omni rule, i think
01:16: Cogs: I live for the do we all.......I just feel that we can work for a better future together.
01:16: Towerz: yes! i agree on that
01:16: Cogs: Do you agree with the first 2 projects, Mr. Peak?
01:17: Cogs: If so....then we have something common to work for there....
01:17: Towerz: absolutely - but rebuilding Old Athens is not a job for a centralized governing body situated in Tir
01:17: Towerz: neither is the overseeing of armed defense forces here
01:18: Sovanah thinks a Council would need to not only focus on TIr, but on all CLan holding, including Home and Wine
01:18: Towerz: I'm sorry - the ideology is beautiful - the results hardly ever are
01:18: Cogs: It would be a job suited for a Council to assist in, and I frankly don't see what placement has to do with it. CoT works for all, should it come to pass
01:18: Cogs: I'll sit....
01:18: Cogs: Many wish to speak....
01:18: Towerz: I've stated my points for now - ill sit also
01:19: Towerz: thank u for your attention
01:19: Tussa: Thank you, Mr. Peak. Next speaker is Usia, followed by Maephina. Please try to keep as short as you can, so everyone can get their word in.
01:21: Usia: I don't know of I speak for my family here, but When the word Risk was used earlier. I was in agreement with it, I don't like coming to big events like this because every time I do In my head I hear the Dusters Chant.. for some reason, But I took that risk and came here.. to hear your talks about the CoT

(Interference by a terrorist action towards the new Council, logs are broken up after this)

01:53: Maephina: Are we?
01:53: Maephina: they too have their separatists guilds
01:53: Maephina: Look
01:53: Maephina: I am not saying you HAVE to do that
01:53: Maephina: I am saying
01:53: Maephina: some measure or step on PAR with that may be the KEY to making this happen
01:54: Caid: I understand, Maephina.
01:54: Maephina: Prove how united you are
01:54: Maephina: how united I am to this cause
01:54: Ailish: If I might add something to that?
01:54: Maephina: Jesus
01:54: Maephina: see? everyone takes things so literally

(Excluded irrelevant happenings)

01:57: Tussa: Maephina? Did you get to speak?
01:57: Maephina: yeah...
01:57: Tussa: Ok...maybe we should continue. Next up is Tharkael..if you're feeling ok, Zane?
01:57: Tussa: Then Slock.
01:57: Ailish: You were waiting on an answer to your point, Mae?
01:58: Tharkael: Yeah I am...
01:58: Tharkael: I guess I have to add in an apology for my outbursts.
01:58: Tharkael: I'm sorry for interrupting your speech Maephina.
01:58: Tharkael: But what I wanted to say was this.
01:58: Tharkael: I think this will work.
01:59: Tharkael: I think the problem we have a bit here is that we don't quite understand.... it....
01:59: Tharkael: And here's how I think we should begin.... to under...stand it...
01:59: Tharkael shakes his head a moment.
01:59: Maephina: Excuse me...
01:59: Enforcedman: Feeling Ok over there?
02:00: Tharkael: Towers... Slock... Jainex, Cogs, Tussa, and Vix... can you please stand?
02:00: Towerz: sure
02:00: Vixentrox: OK
02:00: Tharkael: Now can you all switch sides.
02:00: Towerz: I.. what??
02:01: Slock: Like that?
02:01: Tharkael: As in Tussa, Cogs, and Vix stand where Towerz, Slock and Jain are.
02:01: Tharkael: Now this is a Council..
02:01: Tharkael: Not red on one end and everyone on the other.
02:01: Tharkael: But both difference and not... on the same side...
02:02: Cogs: Did you ever doubt we were on the same side?
02:02: Tharkael: No, not at all.
02:02: Tharkael: But... as having those who started this meeting.
02:02: Tharkael: and those who been invited on different sides makes it seems like something else...
02:02: Tharkael: We're saying we are all on the same side... we should sit with those who've been here day one... and those on the previous days...
02:03: Tharkael grabs his head.

(Zane "Tharkael" Conmy morphs into a cat and disappears. Meeting continues)

02:04: Slock: Well, I knew some people liked drama in their lives...
02:04: Tussa: is next then...after him comes Rharia
02:05: Slock: Hi everybody, my name is Dylan, but everybody calls me Slock, hope you don't mind if I sit down here...
02:05: Slock: I believe in sitting down.
02:05: Slock: I heard a lot of paranoia, fear.. and I heard a lot of posturing. I like this posture.
02:06: Slock: Okay, I'm so tired of the Dust, of the fear, and of the anger.. not having a future.
02:06: Slock: The day the ICC landed, after the efforts of the last Council were torn apart by the Dust Brigade...
02:06: Slock: The day my personal hero, Radiman, disappeared. We lost so much.
02:07: Slock: I want that back. I'll follow Radiman like a puppy again to get it back.
02:07: Slock: No questions answered, no proof supplied, no security needed.
02:08: Slock: No lunatic paid attention to.
02:08: Slock: The unity thing.. don't worry about it is what I say. If we start something good, others will join.
02:09: Slock: And Silverstone.. he can hole up in Tir and think he's god for all I care.
02:09: Slock: But its important to me that we start something here.
02:09: Slock: Just like when Radiman sat down at a chess table with Ross.
02:10: Slock: That's pretty much what I wanted to say.
02:10: Caid: Thank you Slock. Rharia?
02:10: Rharia: Aye..
02:10: Tussa: Yes, Rharia is the next speaker, Then Commander Windguaerd
02:11: Slock: Sit down, Rharia.
02:11: Slock smiles.
02:11: Rharia: I for one have no love for Omni...they made me into what I am today
02:11: Cogs: Shes a Clanner....let her stand if she wishes....
02:11: Slock nods at Cogs.
02:12: Rharia: If anyone can call themselves "human"...I am not one of those
02:12: Rharia: My father developed me as a weapon with funds from an Omni corporation called HYDRA..
20:12: Tussa: ...excuse me
20:12: Caid nods to Rharia
20:13: Rharia: I spent my life running from them...until it hit me one day..
20:13: Rharia: WHY RUN??
20:13: Rharia: I don't have to fight if I feel I don't need to, but I can stand my ground and stand up for myself!
20:13: Ailish nods
20:14: Rharia: Hell...I'm more cyborg than anyone here I'd imagine! And I'm proud of it...I cannot die as easily as most...a byproduct of magic science founded by my father in Avalon
20:15: Rharia: Now I have no love for the Council either. All they seemed to do is sit around and "debate"
20:15: Vixentrox nods in agreement
20:16: Rharia: Sir Galahad finally decided to leave the Council for reasons that are beyond me but I'm glad...maybe...if the Council decides to get off their high pedestal and do something for their people...things will change
20:16: Rharia: The leaders should not forget who they stand and speak for...their people..
20:16: Caid nods agreeingly
20:16: Rharia: Because if you have no are not a leader.
20:17: Rharia: I'm here saying this because I care for my family...those I love...I do not wish everything to fall apart now
20:17: Rharia: We've worked too hard to let everything we are working for fall apart at this stage
20:18: Ailish nods
20:18: Rharia: That is all...I hope my words have brought light to the leaders present here.
20:18: Rharia smiles
20:18: Caid: They have, Rharia.
20:18: Caid: Thank you.
20:18: Vixentrox smiles softly
20:18: Ailish: Do you mind if I answer one of your points, Rharia?
20:19: Rharia: Ask away
20:19: Rharia: err...answer, I mean.
20:19: Ailish: As one who was a leader at the time of the CoT originally, contact and communication were largely absent from their vocabulary
20:21: Ailish: This was probably the largest problem with their debate... no one outside the CoT ever knew what the CoT wanted to do...
20:21: Rharia nods
20:21: Ailish: My support for this new endeavor will be withdrawn the moment that this happens again.
20:22: Ailish: That was all I wanted to point out, that we are trying to learn from the mistakes of the past
20:22: Ailish smiles
20:22: Caid: Why hell Tracer872
20:22: Cogs: I would agree...key word being NEW CoT....
20:23: Ailish: He's gone
20:23: Rharia: On that point...I would agree to that. Conflicted...My Mistress Maephina...wishes to be informed of what goes on...she's a little hot-headed but wishes to be involved, as I do.
20:23: Ailish: And next to speak is Commander Windguaerd
20:23: Caid: Thank you, Rharia.
20:24: Ailish: Windguaerd?
20:24: Caid: I think Windguaerd might have fell asleep
20:24: Ailish: Oh! Life!
20:24: Windguaerd clears his throat
20:24: Cogs: It seems Zane needs help.....I feel compelled to go assist him...
20:24: Ailish grins
20:25: Cogs: Excuse me, please
20:25: Windguaerd: Greetings everyone. Most of you know who I am, and what my family
20:25: Windguaerd: and my organization has done for the clans.
20:25: Windguaerd: I'm stand before you to clarify the proposal that is being offered to every
20:25: Windguaerd: single clan leader, without exception, among other topics.
20:25: Windguaerd: First of all, let us accept that the old CoT is no more, plain and simple.
20:25: Windguaerd: Second is the fact that ICC only recognized the name CoT as the
20:25: Windguaerd: legal representatives of the governing body of the clans.
20:25: Windguaerd: We all know the mistakes the old CoT did, now you can either keep
20:25: Windguaerd: bringing them up as a counterpoint to form a new CoT, which doesn't
20:25: Windguaerd: help us at all, or...
20:26: Rharia smiles and politely excuses herself
20:26: Windguaerd: Clan leaders can REMEMBER such mistakes, and help the new CoT
20:26: Windguaerd: avoid the pitfalls that lead to their fall.
20:26: Windguaerd: Radiman was a Spokesman, he brought unity to the CoT, but had no
20:26: Windguaerd: vote in it.
20:26: Windguaerd: Every clan leader can be in the CoT if they so choose, or they can
20:26: Windguaerd: stay outside the CoT and still be heard by the Council.
20:27: Windguaerd: We can build a better Council, all we need is clan leaders who are willing to work toward unifying the clans.
20:27: Windguaerd: Yes...we will disagree and argue at times, what family doesn't?
20:28: Windguaerd: But rather than try and fight and shout, we can always agree...on disagreeing, and move on to another agenda or topic, I think the new CoT would have more than enough to do.
20:29: Slock nods.
20:29: Windguaerd: A new CoT, united and strong could convince the ICC to rethink about the lease on Rubi-Ka, our rights as rubikans and our claims to lands and independent government.
20:30: Windguaerd: Isn't that what we all want? no corporations to tell us where we can or cannot go. They may have terraformed the world, but our ancestors built the cities, the mines, their outposts, like slaves they died...
20:30: Vixentrox nods
20:31: Windguaerd: We rose against them, and for 80 years the CoT kept the clans together, in peace and war time.
20:31: Windguaerd: I think even with their secrecy, the CoT did more good than harm.
20:32: Windguaerd: The new can avoid the mistakes you have witnessed, but without your voice...the voice of those who trust you as clan leader...we can't do it.
20:33: Windguaerd: There is a handful of us...and without other leaders to join in the effort, there just won't be a CoT.
20:33: Vixentrox nods
20:33: Caid: Nicely said, Windguaerd.
20:34: Windguaerd: As exclusive as you may claim we may be....we've stated over and over...the door is open, we reach out our hands to every clan leader, to form a stronger whole, for the clans.
20:34: Windguaerd: It's your choice to accept and start working with other clan leaders, or continue to debate and ask questions, we got no answers...because we need more leaders to form the answers.
20:35: Lurai: Squak.
20:35: Windguaerd: Thank you for your time, and may the light of freedom shine upon you all.
20:35: Lurai: Little birdy, lose his pray, lucky Zaney live today
20:35: Lurai chuckles.
20:35: Lurai: He wont be so lucky tomorrow.
20:35: Vixentrox chucks a rock at the bird
20:35: Enforcedman drools over a grilled bird standing in middle
20:35: Ailish: ok - there was one more thing, before we finish
20:35: Caid: Thank you Wind.
20:35: Caid: The link to our discussion forums is the following:
20:36: Caid: All of our meeting logs and such will be posted there.
20:36: Caid: And on that note... I would like to thank you all for attending today, and I hope you have a safe evening.
20:36: Enforcedman: Thanks
20:36: Ailish smiles
20:36: Ailish: Thanks all
20:36: Enforcedman: I just wanna say that i fully support the new CoT
20:36: Bizzarro: thanks peoples
20:36: Vixentrox: Thank you all for coming..please spread the word to fellow leaders you think will be interested

It appears that slowly but surely the movement toward the formation of a new CoT is making progress. However questions remain.

Will other clan leaders join the effort or continue to argue about the concept of a new CoT? Will Lord Galahad and his Knights of Avalon join it? what will be the reaction of Simon Silverstone and his Sentinels? will this cause more warrants to be issued to stop the movement? was the Dust Brigade behind the bombing or was it just an independent supporter doing it on his own? is *David Marlin really alive somehow?

The risk is increasing, from the corporation's obvious attempt to stop the formation of a new CoT, to the possibility of a well known terrorist organization to kill those involved to end their work wherever they may and let's not forget other clan leaders who may politically oppose a new CoT.

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

* = David Marlin was the President of the World Council back on Earth (12127-12305) and the liberator of the Solitus from the Omega in that era. Known to be the last Omega to be alive (however that has been disputed in several historical records, other Omegas may have survived and perhaps live still). He was the last of Alyssa's Clan, a legendary group which many historians suspect was the first true clan back on Earth. His dissapearance in 12305 has lead to hundreds of tales and myths among Solitus over the course of human history, most predicting his return when humanity would need him most.

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