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This afternoon a bomb exploded in the "Eden" holo-cafe in the Entertainment District in Omni-1. Omni-Pol has just released part of a surveillance holo-record from outside of the building.

The video shows an Atrox leaving "Eden" seconds before the explosion. An hour after the attack a public statement was released by Omni-Pol:

At approximate 3:21 PM the establishment known as "Eden" in the Entertainment District was the target of a terrorist attack. Our surveillance shows an unidentified person, Atrox breed, with black hair, dark sunglasses and a black trenchcoat to be the suspected bomber. Witnesses have stated that the suspect shouted "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!" as he ran out of sight, the explosion took place seconds after he was gone.

A city wide search was made for this person, a few suspects were arrested and interrogated but all proved to have been elsewhere when the attack happened.

63 deaths were recorded, fortunately they were all insured and found by reclaim terminals. Damages have been estimated in the vicinity of 250 million credits. A reward of 100 million credits has been issued for providing information that will lead to the capture of this terrorist.

It is actions such as these that shows the true colors of the clans as a whole, claiming our noble corporation is oppressive and aggressive when they attack civilian buildings with innocent unarmed employees inside.

All Omni-Pol sub-divisions have been authorized to execute an incursion into Perpetual Wastelands to retaliate for this heinous crime. Any clan citizen that interferes in the operation is to be arrested or terminated if such person is a threat to the incursion. The Dust Brigade will feel the wrath of justice and the power of Omni-Pol's finest!

We will release more information when it is available.

Omni-Tek Protects

Colonel Rognor

With arrest warrants going out like party favors, this attack will certainly give the corporate law enforcement departments the excuse they've been looking for to start 'investigations' inside clan towns like they did in 29475 in Athen City. Back then it was regarding the possible association between Dust Brigade and the Council of Truth.

Some clan leaders have claimed that this attack was staged by Omni-Tek to show ICC a legit reason for their corporate armed forces to enter clan territory in force.

Would Omni-Tek go as far as staging a bombing to allow their departments to execute a massive attack? has Dust Brigade once again started bombings? how will the clans react? would they step aside and allow the omnis to go straight for the Dust Brigade camp in Perpetual Wastes? will they call a truce and assist against the terrorists? or will they repel any omni incursion into clan ground?

This situation could easily interfere with the reformation of the Council of Truth movement currently being organized by several clan leaders. With arrest warrants already being issued for most of the organizers and interested parties, the renewed activity by Dust Brigade can be used by the corporation to make new claims on the association between the terrorist organization and the clans, and the reforming of the CoT.

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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