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Yesterday evening, not too long before a Clan Leaders meeting called by former Council of Truth Spokesman Henry Radiman along with Lord Beargar (one of Lord Galahad's Commander-At-Arms) clan sources witnessed a suspicious encounter in Andromeda, inside the ICC Headquarters.


Here you see a member of Clan Storm with armor which is very similar to the Mercenaries currently in the neutral City of Newland speaking with a Mr. Crash "Murderyou" Concrete, an Omni-Tek employee. Checking official records, Mr. "Chandrasekar" is an applicant within his clan.


What is surprising, is that the second holo pic shows Mr. "Chandrasekar" in a different set of armor, and also...shorter. Taking a closer look at the first holo pic, it clearly showed him to be a tall Atrox in armor, but once out of it... he appears to be a Nanomage about 2 feet shorter than before. Was he using some sort of new hologram to disguise himself? If so, why hide his true self before this meeting, which looks to be quite public?

Soon after Miss "Advokado", a young bureaucrat, shows up armed and remaining nearby as if standing guard, or as a lookout. She is a unit member of Clan Tempest, the sister organization to Clan Storm. She did not speak, but kept very vigilant of the area.


Another interesting fact is that Mr. "Murderyou" was very recently in the Omni-Tek Department known as Decadence, that has over 160 registered employees which would be considered a fairly strong corporate division. Why would an omni employee who had a respected and comfortable position as Advisor within a OT Department for half a year remove himself from it, or be removed from his position just a few days before this meeting?

I found something else that did not quite make sense, Mr. "Chandrasekar" has been an applicant of Clan Storm for five months, and before that he was a member of Clan Tempest at least since november of last year.

Having been in both organizations for over ten months and remaining as an applicant looks to be some sort of Covert-Ops tactic to avoid attracting attention to this individual who is a skilled clan Agent of training level 200, at the top of his profession.

Lets see if any of this makes any sense to you my dear readers.

A clan Agent with camouflage, or holographic disguise to avoid been seen before the meeting.
An Omni-Tek Employee who was an Advisor for six months in a strong department breaking ties with it days before the meeting.
A guard or lookout for a meeting, for security purposes or to cover their tracks.
The meeting takes place a day after Henry Radiman meets Clan Leaders and citizens in West Athen.

Has Clan Storm been playing both sides of the fence? or have they infiltrated a corporate division for their own agenda?

With over 1,000 clan members in both organizations, Clans Storm and Tempest have had little to no opposition from Omni-Tek departments and divisions due to their strength and that of their allies which are several large clan organizations with one similar goal, power.

These days with the portal to the Shadowlands distracting many good people, are those considered the strongest among the clans, planning on using the same dirty tactics that Simon Silverstone and his Sentinels used to take over the Clan Capital of Tir?

Truthfully, I cannot tell. All I can do if provide the facts, the evidence and the information I've discovered to you, the public.

It's is up to you to decide if these individuals and their organizations are friends or foes; in these dangerous times, not knowing your enemy, can bring you and your loved ones a dark future.

I can assure you my readers, if I find out more I will report!

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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