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Yesterday afternoon during lunch break in the Tir School of Engineering several rubikan and earth exchange students came to blows over the love relationship of 3 students.

Apparently a Mr. Kenji, one of the earth exchange students was having a relationship with a Ms. Tsakumoto who was a fellow student from Earth. It seemed like a normal boyfriend-girlfriend couple, until the older sister of Ms. Tsukamoto caught him in the arms of a Ms. Sawachika in an empty classroom.

What ensued was a chase of the cheating pair by the older sister across classrooms and corridors where many students joined in creating a large disturbance in the school.

At one point the pair was cornered and a fight between both Tsukamoto sisters, Ms. Sawachika and Mr. Kenji (who apparently was just putting his hands up in defense while the sisters were trying to slap him) started. This lead to a large brawl in which supporters of the popular sisters and those who were friends of Ms. Sawachika came to blows.

The school's faculty called on Sentinels for help to establish order since the brawl was increasing in size as students from other classrooms joined in the melee.

A dozen Sentinels in full armor arrived within minutes, once the students saw them they immediately ceased the violence.

The Principal of the school sent the 4 main culprits of the disturbance to detention and has stated that they will spend considerable time cleaning classrooms and doing community service tasks after regular scheduled class time for the next few months as their punishment.

High Commander Fisk of The Sentinels was not too thrilled when asked about the incident:

"God dammit we're not freaking babysitters! this is the second time this year that we had to send a squad of our men into the school to break up a large brawl. If they can't keep their kids under control maybe they should close down, or hire some private security. We had to pull people from areas we need patrolled!

Tir School of Engineering my ass! more like a School of Narutards!"

And with that the high commander stompped out of sight. I wonder how the school's PTA (Parents & Teachers Association) will address the violent event at their next meeting.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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