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Mr. Nemoli, a neutral citizen living in Newland filed a suit against RUR company on the charge of negligence due to a malfunctioning robot that went haywire a few weeks ago.

A few days later the company receive a subpoena to appear in court February 15th to face the plaintiff.

RUR Lawyers managed to postpone the court date to February 28th.

RUR's legal counsel presented a copy of a contract earlier today to a presiding ICC Judge in Andromeda which shows Mr. Nemoli reneged on his right to any lawsuit when he bought the robot.

Mr. Nemoli was notified of the meeting and appeared with his own legal advisor.

After careful consideration the judge determined that the lawsuit filed by Mr. Nemoli was legal because the contract he signed was specifically referring to the robot's main features which were vacuum cleaning.

The judge said, "After looking over the contract and viewing the images and reports presented it is my judgement that the plaintiff is within his rights to see RUR in court about this case. The man bought a robot to clean his home, not to tear it or him apart. The February 28th court date stands. Good day gentlemen."

Mr. Nemoli's legal advisor and the RUR's bureaucrats meet privately and came to an agreement to settle out of court for an undisclosed amount of credits.

All charges have been dropped by the plaintiff. Since the lawsuit was filed last month RUR shares dropped a total of 15% making many shareholders nervous about the future of the company.

Will RUR be able to recover from this setback? Only time will tell.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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