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Actors Garth 'Partox' Lagh and Lum 'Dethuh' Journ died instantly after running through a red light and crashing into a highly volatile fuel transport in the Omni-6 District on Nova V in the Darethian System.

The driver of the transport suffered second degree burns, doctors at the local Omni-Med hospital say he is in stable condition.

Both actors were rising stars in the holo-vid industry with the roles of 'Sparky' and 'Botch' in the popular 29479 flick "Dude where is my Yalm?quot; which was the first holo-vid featuring Atroxes as lead roles in a comedy. Their second movie "Pies! Pies! Pies!" was viewed by trillions of people across the galaxy and was the most profitable movie in history.

Their story started when the holo-vid company "Holo-Vids R' Us" that was scouting Rubi-Ka in '79 for new faces to take the lead for "Dude". Hundreds of Opifex, Solitus, and Nanomages applied with no luck, until a pair of unsuspected Atroxes accidentally disrupted an audition in progress.

Director Jhonathan Lucas and Writer/Producer Steven Perez were impressed with the natural comic relief, which both Atroxes reacted to each other while trying to apologize for the accident, and were offered the roles.

It took about an hour for the duo to understand what they were being offered, and initially they declined the roles until a compromise was reach where in addition to their salary as actors, they would be guaranteed a daily serving of pie.

They quit their jobs as Bronto Burger employees and started taking some acting classes prior to the production of the movie.

A few protesters had sent grid-mails to HRU concerned that the Atroxes were being exploited and that their roles in the movie portrayed them as ignorant and dumb.

The official response from the Writer/Producer Mr. Perez at the time was, "The roles I wrote for the characters was of two clueless people who were naive and at the same time funny. Partox and Dethuh just happen to be the perfect fit to portray those roles to perfection, and they are well paid for it."

HRU was working on a sequal to 'Dude where is my Yalm?quot; titled 'Dude, where is my Bride?' in which they would reprise their roles as 'Sparky' and 'Botch' in search for their missing fiancees on their home planet of Rubi-Ka.

Mr. Perez has made a statement that "without them the sequel won't be the same, we'll be changing the roles and retitle the movie. Partox and Dethuh were great actors, and more important they were good honest atroxes with a lot of love in their hearts. They liked to make people laugh. I'll miss them."

Last night Mr. Farun Gart, the president of their fanclub was in tears when he announced over the gridfeed the passing of "the funniest guys in the universe".

HRU is colaborating with the fanclub to make funeral arrangements for the actors. At the time of this report there has been an amazing response from the public, billions want to be at the funeral and want to see their idols one last time. HRU is working with media networks to trasmit the funeral through the gridfeed to avoid a large mass of people which no planet is equipped to handle over such a short period of time.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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Article written by Noticiero
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