Articles - Investigative Report

Yesterday evening, in a most surprising appearance, former Council of Truth Spokesman Henry Radiman made a call to Clan Leaders for an unexpected meeting inside the former Council of Truth building in the Clan Capital of Tir. I was not able to attend in person due to clan guards not allowing members outside their faction to enter the building, however my sources from clan side provided me a recorded log of this most rare event, and a few holo pics (from a holo cam that managed to ID all present) to go along with it. My personal thanks to Miss Angel "Sovanah" Whispering from Clan Unity of the Rose, as she was my main source of information regarding this meeting in which her organization and the alliance (EndGame) she is a member of took part in this historical gathering.

The Knights of Avalon where present to support Mr. Radiman, among them Lord Beargar and Lady "Silvestia" De Marcia who apparently were representing their Lord Galahad.

Dozens of clan leaders and notable figures from older and young clans were present, eager to listen to the words of the former CoT Spokesman.


The Knights (and Lady) took their place among clan leaders and officials, some taking tactical positions for security reasons. It is unknown to me if the Sentinels or their Supreme Commander had approved the use of the building since they had taken over the Clan Capital. My sources say that not one member of Simon Silverstone's clan interfered with either the Knights or Mr. Radiman when they entered the building.


A few minutes before Mr. Radiman all eyes are forward, hoping for the best.


Mr. Radiman addressed the gathered crowd, speaking of Jobe and his proposal for the rebirth of a new Council of Truth. As he was about to explain or give the details on how the endeavor to revive the CoT would take place, some sort of vision in the form of an unexplained light from above the council chamber that appeared out of nowhere interrupted his speech.


Mr. Radiman's reaction was of awe, and apparently he recognized the source of this mysterious light. Fearing for the life of Mr. Radiman, the Knights executed an EMT (Emergency Medical Teleport) and sent him to a secure and safe location. What is even more interesting, is the aftermath. The older and more experienced Clan Leaders openly spoke to eachother and a few agreed on starting to form a Council and get as much support as possible while they await Mr. Radiman's advise on how to rebuild the Council of Truth. All this and more can be read at the recorded log below. Mr. Radiman, Lord Beargar and Lady Silvestia's words are highlighted. Be aware this is a very long and detailed log, this entire event was approximately 2 hours long. Some unnecessary language has been edited out.

Beargar: Please, come closer.
Beargar: How can you see from back there.
Beargar shouts: Please, move forward, so you can hear better.

Mastablasta: hmm in the old days the speakers spoke louder
Beargar: The building is no longer powered by the city grid.
Beargar: It is running on a generator we installed.
Beargar: So we lost certain tools.

Mastablasta: oh right. we raised it
Caid nods
Silvestia: Greetings
Cogs: Greetings noble Knights and all!
Caid: Hello my friend.
Beargar: Hail.
Silvestia: Please come and sit

Foxferal: Greeting Cogs
Lordsage: Hello, Cogs!
Keho: hello
Metaltrader: Hello Cogs
Silvestia inclines her head slightly
Cogs: Thank you, milady Silvestia
Beargar shouts: You are welcome to invite your Councils and Generals.
Beargar shouts: And others who you think must hear this.

Odeen shouts: We can get advisors here as well?
Silvestia: Greetings
Healingkitty: greetings
Silvestia: Please come and sit with the rest
Braedon: Sir Beargar, how do we get clearance for someone to join us?
Beargar: They speak with the guards out front.

Braedon nods
Sovanah curtsies respectfully to Beargar
Beargar: If we verify they are who they say, they may enter.
Beargar: Hail.

Thedeacon shouts: Thedeacon of Storm present
Sovanah: thank you m'lord
Gonzalez: heya Deac
Lenaz shouts: Ancarim Iron Legion present as well
Silvestia nods slightly
Sovanah shouts: Unity of the Rose present
Cogs shouts: Cerberus (EG) present!
Foxferal shouts: The Mockers is present
Silvestia: Please have a seat with the assembled
Lordsage shouts: Death Ryders are present!
Odeen shouts: Forsaken represented
Bravehearted shouts: Tearsun Represented.
Gonzalez shouts: Tempest is present
Metaltrader shouts: The legion of chaos present
Braedon: Sir Beargar, my advisor Kirasha is not being admitted.
Mastablasta shouts: Warrior of GSE present
Beargar: She will be permitted, the guards know of her.
Caid shouts: First Light.
Braedon: Thank you.
Braedon smiles
Beargar shouts: Beargar and Lady Silvestia of the Knights present.
Odeen: I have advisors coming as well now that I know they may join
Caid nods
Braedon shouts: Valor Eternal present!
Kirasha slips in quietly
Lordsage: Beargar, may I ask of a representative name Lordmage, be able to join us?
Beargar: Aye, if he hurries.
Beargar: I believe they wish to close up soon.

Lordsage: He is outside.
Odeen: Got 2 advisors on their way
Hratgard: Storm leader reporting. Sorry for the delay.
Odeen: Lindbeck and Anitablond
Beargar: Hail, Hratgard.
Hratgard: Hail, Beargar.
Keho: my General Sundog is outside waiting to get in Sir Beargar
Gonzalez: Beargar may blackraider come in he is outside
Beargar: They are giving entrance to guilded Clansmen.
Beargar: The Doors are now closed.
Beargar: Entrance is barred for those that are not already here.
Beargar shouts: Clansmen, I ask you come with peace, and to please respect all those present.

Mastablasta grumbles
Thedeacon will do so for the sake of Beargar
Beargar shouts: Any action that would cause dishonor, would be disrespectful to myself, the Knights, and all present.
Cogs: Cerberus comes in peace
Silvestia nods slowly her face hard
Mastablasta: honour above all
Beargar shouts: I ask for your silence in this matter, so we may hear the words.
Odeen: Please be quiet leaders
Beargar shouts: Come in as close are you can, so you may hear.
Eban: yes, Mr. Radiman.
Henry Radiman: Thank you Sir Beargar
Henry Radiman: Thank you all...
Henry Radiman: Today I stand here again, a year almost after the Council of Truth was disbanded.
Henry Radiman: A year in which we have fought not only OMNI-TEK, but also each other.
Henry Radiman: A year in which the idea of a united clan assembly was crushed under the pounding boot of the extremists and the warmongers not amongst us here today.
Henry Radiman: So you might ask yourself, why did old Henry Radiman drag his bones back to these floors?
Henry Radiman: A vision.
Henry Radiman: Not the ones that have been reported all around Rubi-ka and seem to herald the approach of a new era of prosperity or doom, depending on which one you wish to believe....
Henry Radiman: No, none of those...
Henry Radiman: But of a vision that was eradicated a year ago and through recent events was rekindled.
Henry Radiman: Our latest actions against the clans have shown the need for us to try and set our differences aside and
Henry Radiman: Yes
Henry Radiman: Before you all start again about how this is impossible, I beg you, hear me out.
Henry Radiman: JOBE...
Henry Radiman: The need to reunite is JOBE.
Henry Radiman: Why do you ask?
Henry Radiman: You have all heard the reports of the portal to the shadowlands opening.
Henry Radiman: You all know about the claims OMNI-TEK has made on them, not to mention the replies some of our brethren have given . . .
Henry Radiman: . . . regrettable, but there is no way of reversing either.
Henry Radiman: Most also know about the speech the esteemed Mr. Ross has given and the orders he issued that led to the skirmish in Broken Shores....
Henry Radiman: Who would you give the better odds, NOT just looking at numbers...OMNI who, as they claim have repossessed the Portal and will move in as one company....
Henry Radiman: or the many scattered clans all trying to carve out their little niches?
Henry Radiman: And what of Jobe itself? How will they react to us?
Henry Radiman: Therefore gentlemen, I tell you we MUST try and restart the Council of Truth and give it a second chance
Henry Radiman: for it might be our ONLY chance.
Odeen: And who should be a part of this new CoT mr Radiman?
Henry Radiman: Now. . .
Henry Radiman: Oh my god....

Cogs looks at Odeen....
Kirasha gasps
Mastablasta: !!
Eban looks around confused
Cybershead: cool
Cogs stops breathing....
Lordsage looks at pretty colors
Eban gasps
Rakhabit: !
Silvestia shivers and opens her eyes wide
Knightwulf is rather nervous about this energy focusing on his general area.
Beargar lowers his head.
Thedeacon is impressed....
Henry Radiman: Who are you? What are you doing here?
Henry Radiman: Oh my god!
Henry Radiman: Preserve me.
Henry Radiman: Its is YOU!

Healingkitty calms herself
Henry Radiman: You have returned to us from the past.
Silvestia lowers her own head in deference

Mastablasta cocks his gun
Cogs smiles...
Eban: Mr. radiman, please come this way.
Eban: Mr. Radiman i believe it imperative we evacuate now.
Beargar: Silvestia..
Beargar: Search the area.
Beargar: I want to know what that was, and how it got in.
Silvestia: Aye
Beargar shouts: Guards, check the exits.

Cogs: He poses no danger....
Beargar: Perhaps not, but I would like to know how it got inside.
Sovanah looks on in awe and wonder
Cogs: He is a friend returned...
Cogs smiles
Beargar: Bustomin, move.
Beargar: Search the area.
Silvestia: We are alone
Again you hear in your head "Seek me on the other side, I have traveled far and waited long for you"

Cogs: I fear you will find he entered through means unknown to us...but means we must come to accept
Bravehearted: Raidman said, he had returned from the past. Is this (vision) something that lived a long time ago?
Mastablasta: i feel a call in me...
Mastablasta: i sense many battles on the path ahead
Beargar: I shall have to talk to Mr. Radiman.
Lenaz: Its calling us to the other side Beargar
Healingkitty: a drive to something....
Thedeacon: parlor tricks....
Silvestia nods
Silvestia: indeed Sir. Indeed

Thedeacon: A new nano. nothing more. parlor tricks to excuse Radiman's absence from Tir.
Thedeacon: trickery, deceit
Kirasha draws a shuddering breath
Cogs: Yes....he represents the spirit of the clans....I say we do not fear him, but unite in his spirit...
Mastablasta: would not be unlike Radiman.. he did it once before
Lordsage agrees with Cogs
Odeen: He has nothing to do with the clans...
Cogs: It is good to know we will have a guide on the other side, embrace his friendship, my friends!
Odeen: He comes from the shadowlands, and an upcoming struggle is what he come to warn us about
Knightwulf: Nevertheless. Deceit it may be.. The message is sound.. I, as many of us have.. Have witnessed the Shadowlands.. We have seen what has become of that once grand place... It's coming apart at the seams... ..and it may well take us with it.
Mastablasta: we know of the struggle
Beargar shouts: Knights, to Camelot.
Beargar shouts: We have much to discuss.

Foxferal: I do not feel an threat in his presence...lets follow his advice...lets seek him out as fast as we can
Cogs: Odeen....that he does, but he comes to us as perhaps more of a guide, than anything else....I have no fear
Thedeacon: and why should we assume that the disintegration of the shadowlands will affect Rubi-Ka?
Cybershead: wow
Thedeacon: I feel this may be a manipulation of the grandest sort
Cogs: Thedeacon, because the other side is an integral part of Rubi-Ka!
Odeen: Nothing to fear perhaps, except what's coming.
Kirasha: The portal has been opened. The worlds are connected.
Metaltrader: In the balance the fate of one may affect all Deacon
Knightwulf: You.. As a Meta-physicist should feel the connection even more strongly than a grid runner such as myself..
Knightwulf: ...and even *I* can feel the connection.
Cybershead: I feel a un-easy balance
Thedeacon: I feel the connection...however, shadowlands is an anomaly
Cogs: Rubi-Ka and the lands beyond are closely cannot separate them
Sovanah: It's as if it were meant to happen... Jobe scientists finding the portal
Cogs: I think we need to see past what we have here, and discover the real truth...
Metaltrader: Its all in the balance now Cogs
Odeen: Well I'm outta here..suggest you all do the same
Braedon: received a vision, yes? Did you feel anything similar today as you did then?
Thedeacon: I have been researching the substance I call novictum travels to shadowlands revolves around that
Cogs: I certainly did, was again like the return of a friend!
Cemetarygate: Perhaps your research of this substance has... effected you in somewhat, Thedeacon.
Braedon nods and grows pensive
Cogs: Last time, I felt no fear of him.....rather the opposite
Lordsage feels a warm feeling from the vision
Cogs: I have to say.....I may be naive, but I trust that spirit with my life!
Gonzalez: time will show if he is friend or foe ass long as we all work together we will do fine
Healingkitty: We have much to think about... as in the true meaning of the vision
Hratgard: Well, doesn't seem like much more to be done here.
Cogs: Indeed, Kitty
Lordsage: I am able to trust anything with me life, seeing as I'm reconstructed when i die...
Cogs smiles....
Kirasha: Reforming the Council of Truth, and seeking the Vision to preserve mankind...heavy meeting.
Olemartin humps Bravehearted , waky waky
Thedeacon: hmmmm where'd radiman go? :p
Bravehearted is wondering.. IS shadowlands another dimension is is it our past.
Cogs: Yes, heavy....but it seems to me the only viable option right now
Sovanah: I feel that Mr. Radiman's words as well as Sir Beargar's pleas are founded. I feel we MUST work as one in exploring the Shadowlands. All clans should. As for a council. I have no opinion on that as of yet to its benefits or detriments
Braedon: I wish we had a chance to hear what Radiman had in mind for reforming the Council...but, I wouldn't have missed experiencing this for anything.
Kirasha: Which one, Cogs? *rueful chuckle*
Cogs: A council....a gathering of the clans...
Kirasha: A *cooperative* council of Clans, even.
Cogs: Call it CoT if you like....
Healingkitty: That needs to be approached carefully, with open minds.
Cogs: What is imperative is unity...
Sovanah agrees with Cogs
Cogs: And we can only achieve unity through a means of a council....
Metaltrader: I have a feeling that we need more to unite or many may fall *Thinking of all who are not present*
Lordsage shouts: Here here Cogs!
Knightwulf: WHich we have gratefully enjoyed for quite some time, Cogs.. It would be quite the feat to extend the unity of an EG-type alliance even further.
Sovanah: A council appointed by vote?
Cogs: So true, Knightwulf!
Cogs: We would have to have a vote of sorts....
Lordsage: Yes, we need leaders of this... council...
Healingkitty: To include all clans... again approached carefully
Cybershead still wants knights uniform
Cogs: We are to unstructured to do it any other way
Sovanah: If a Council is to be created, what manner is it in which we choose whom will serve?
Hratgard: Euphorie are you here, are you meditating?
Foxferal: Unity...cooperation...all for the good...I don't think it would be particularly hard for all present to agree upon to work together, and then commit to this
Cogs: Good question, Sovanah....
Metaltrader: My vote would go to Cogs:)
Lordsage: Yes, we need a vote!
Healingkitty: Cooperation...a means to achieve the same goal... with also a meant to quell disagreements peacefully and in all parties best interests.
Sovanah: Well, a council by its nature is for many members, representing every clan.
Braedon: I'd still like to hear what Radiman was going to suggest for a reformation..
Cybershead: Well how do you become a member of the COF then
Cogs: I would not be a popular vote, Metaltrader....and its probably not something we could decide now anyway, I feel we would need a leader independent of the Clans...
Kirasha: I would too, Braedon.
Cogs: Yes...where did he go, I wonder?
Metaltrader: But as a council of the clans I feel you should be a rep Cogs:)
Sovanah: No, hasty decisions have always led to bad choices.
Sovanah: Even when right
Sovanah: It still must be thought through completely
Healingkitty: Agreed... we need preparations and discussion within our own governing bodies before it is brought to the larger scale
Cogs: First thing, we would all have to agree on such a council ...and to unite our forces!
Cogs: Then, we could start the preparations
Sovanah is in agreement with Cogs
Cogs: I think I speak for Cerberus, in that we would commit to such a cause
Kirasha mutters about the meeting being broken up prematurely
Cybershead: Who is to lead this quest for clan
Healingkitty: we do need to approach this carefully, but I am inclined to agree with Cogs on calling a council together
Sovanah: Lets us not rush to create something. If it shall be created, it must be well thought out with clear purpose beyond the underlying reason of uniting us.
Cogs: In fact....I wouldn't be surprised if EG would stand behind it!
Metaltrader: Not premature I am sure it was exactly as planned
Braedon: You know Valor Eternal would, Cogs...but again, I really wish to hear Radiman's thoughts. I think a council supported and involving Radiman and the Knights would be much more successful.
Cogs: All these events have lead up to this, and now we MUST draw the conclusions!
Hratgard will wait for words from Radiman, before he commits to anything.
Foxferal: As president for the Mockers...I see nothing that stands in our way to form a Mocker would disagree, and give it 100% support...cuz as it looks with a present situation, this is just the kind of action we need, and we need it now
Cogs: Yes, I would like to hear Radiman finish his thoughts!
Cogs: But.....basically, its up to us!
Cogs: We are the Clans!
Cybershead: When will he appear again
Metaltrader: Agreed
Foxferal: Exactly
Sovanah: Let me ask this...
Cogs: We are able to do pull together
Metaltrader: We are not sheep waiting to be led
Cogs: Right, Metal!
Knightwulf: No.. You've tried the sheep method before.. ..and the shepard got up and left.
Sovanah: Will we need to find out what happened in the past to continue on with the future or shall it remained buried and we just strive forward?
Braedon: The other method has been tried as will take learning from a lot of mistakes to make it work this time.
Healingkitty: To forge to the future it is often wise to look at the past
Braedon chuckles as Sovanah says about the same thing
Cogs: Agreed, Braedon
Knightwulf: An ancient saying of Earth; "Those who neglect to remember the past are doomed to repeat it."
Cogs grins
Gonzalez: I will also hear radiman out before i commit to anything besides i want to know the goals of such a council.
Sovanah: Remembering it is one thing, lamenting on it is another
Healingkitty: that sounds like the beginnings of a plan there
Hratgard will have to leave. Got appointments elsewhere.
Metaltrader: Radiman May be important but I think in the end it will be up to us to decide
Cogs: Bye, Hratgard....din Harstadvaering
Gonzalez: hehe
Sovanah: Remember what Radiman said at The Cup. He does not look leadership. He wants us to govern ourselves.
Lenaz thinks that a bad idea
Cogs: The goal....wouldn't it be ultimate freedom, wouldn't it be to rejoin the soul of Rubi-Ka, and to redeem our ways?
Sovanah: I'm sure that any council we may create would have an ear in Sir Galahad
Braedon: I'm just curious about Radiman's shift in stance. He spoke before of doubt about a council and not wanting to take a hand in leading. Today, he seemed to change his tune a bit. And, even if Radiman wants to leave it to us...the Knights have been much more active lately. I'd want their support and input.
Foxferal: The first thing I we should do, is to put a few persons in positions, lets say a chairman and 2 or 4 advisor, and who can get to work with this as soon as invite and organize the representatives for the clans, and prepare to the final form of the council.
Sovanah noticed that too
Healingkitty: Like a pre-council council?
Cogs: You know what surprised me Braedon? To see him so scared of the Vision......
Metaltrader: Aye Fox
Braedon: I...wasn't sure if it was fear...or awe...or maybe shock. It was difficult to say.
Sovanah: Lets not mistake cautiousness for fear
Foxferal: Radiman stated yesterday that he had no intentions to go into any leader position in a council, and that he was merely here to support the clans
Cogs: Yes, Fox....but still he appeared to us to day with all the bravado of a leader...
Foxferal: So we gotta start to form this among ourselves
Cybershead: A vision needs to be digested and worked out before action is taken
Braedon: And, then today...said that reforming the Council of Truth was the right move. This after also saying earlier that he wasn't sure it was wise. Why the change?
Healingkitty: Need?
Cogs: Yes....I think its based on need as well
Foxferal: well, a pre-council to prepare things, wouldn't hinder Radiman to go into leader position later if he wanted, right?
Metaltrader: We are facing more unknowns now with the portal Braedon
Sovanah: I fear there is a stigma with that name, "The Council of Truth" and I feel it would be wise to avoid calling anything we may create as such.
Cogs: Perhaps the return of Radiman is just the tool we rise to this occasion, and use the strength that is inside us....
Cybershead: Council Of the Clans seams to be the right choice?
Cogs: I feel confident we can do this, with or without Radiman....we need to
Sovanah: I feel if we do that then we will have done what Radiman wanted.
Braedon: I think another thing we should keep in mind before jumping into this...there are few of us here. The less involvement you have from the other Clans not here, the more it may cause resentment and the opposite of the unity we're striving for. I guess that's one reason I wish to see a Radiman or Galahad alongside. I don't know...I support the idea, but I don't think moving quickly is the right choice.
Cogs: I agree...
Cogs: That is one of the things we must remember from the past
Sovanah: Yes, Braedon, point well taken
Sovanah: But along side....
Sovanah: Not at the front
Sovanah: That is for us to do.
Foxferal: well, all present now have access-pass to this building at all times it seems...and just this building, is a good symbol and place for us all to gather our minds in this process
Cogs: Which is why I think an independent leader for a council would be the best!
Metaltrader: Others may not want to participate and that is their choice As I have said before too many seeking just personal power:(
Braedon: I agree with that. Personally, I'd like to have the Knights support. They're a powerful ally and have gained respect amongst the Clans with their recent efforts.
Foxferal: Its not hard...we just need some few actions, and we are on the way
Cogs: I think the Knights would support this!
Foxferal: I'm sure of that too Cogs
Cogs: Maybe....
Braedon: With the right goals, they will.
Braedon nods
Sovanah: For those who chose not to take part, we will still need to have them in our hearts and make any decisions with them in mind as well as those who participate. No clan can be left out
Braedon: It's getting other Clans to agree on the goals that will be the bugger.
Braedon smiles
Cybershead: What would our goal be...
Metaltrader: I think this is what they are waiting on to see if we are capable of doing it among ourselves
Cogs: hmm....would Beargar be an appropriate leaded of such a council?
Foxferal: I would like to see this small pre-council form here today before we leave, so we can start to get things to happen
Foxferal: I see nothing that would be a problem with that
Lordsage: I agree with Foxferal
Cybershead: Well i offer my services if needed in any way to help the cause
Metaltrader: Because if we cant what would be the use of forcing it on us
Sovanah: My services are always available to help in any way I can
Foxferal: Exactly
Cogs: The problem is...we do not speak for all....a working body would be feasible, but we need commitment from more clans
Cybershead: But this here today would be a start
Cogs: We could form a work group today...but would we have the support of others?
Sovanah: That will take some time, since each clan will need to be contacted.
Foxferal: Hence, this is just a pre-council Cogs, to prepare road for the real council to come
Metaltrader: No major decisions are without peril Cogs
Cybershead nods
Cogs: Indeed
Gonzalez: if the goals are honorable and logic Tempest will support them if they are for the good of all clans, but i also strongly feel that a council like this must have defined goals so we all know which way we are about to walk
Braedon: I agree with Cogs. So long as we don't appoint ourselves to anything other than a planning committee. To do more would be unfair and presumptuous.
Cogs: So, which clans would place themselves in commitment of this work group then?
Braedon: Valor Eternal will.
Cogs: Cerberus would
Foxferal: The Mockers will
Cybershead: Well i can only speak for myself not for the guild
Lenaz: Hmm..
Lordsage: Death Ryders, will stand by you!
Foxferal: Have all here received the access-pass to this building?
Metaltrader: One goal should be the dissemination of information to other clansmen to let them decide if they want to just blindly follow their leaders or If they want to participate in this
Kirasha: No, I didn't Fox.
Sovanah: I can agree to a workgroup
Kirasha: Leader only it seems
Cybershead: no fox
Foxferal: Okies
Keho: no i haven't
Braedon: Keho should have gotten one....
Cogs: Sovanah, would that be official?
Sovanah: Yes, that will be official. I can agree to a workgroup.
Cogs nods
Foxferal: Good, now we are getting somewhere
Foxferal smiles
Cogs: 5 clans....
Healingkitty: i can agree to a work group as well
Cogs: How about you, Metal?
Metaltrader: Aye
Metaltrader: I didn't get a pass key either
Keho: i will of course help in any way i can
Sovanah: We we are an exploratory commission self created to explore the possibility of a full council that would represent all clans?
Cogs: How about the other leaders here....any more that would agree to this group being formed?
Foxferal: The pass doesn't matter initially, we can meet at other places, and get passes in time for all when the real council forms
Cybershead: Well i am not a guild leader, But if i needed please let me know
Kirasha: Cyber, why not ask Hrat if he would be interested too?
Lordsage: Cogs, our small, guild.... will do what we can
Rakhabit: I would be interested in such a group being formed
Cybershead: Ok 1 sec
Cogs: I'm just tapping names into my comms unit of guilds interested
Sovanah: Lordsage, size doesn't matter in this. All are welcome and encouraged to participate
Lordsage: then type Death Ryders, are at your side
Metaltrader: Mine is as well its hard to recruit at the moment but working on it
Braedon: I think you know that Whisper's Edge would be on that list, Cogs.
Braedon winks
Cogs: Indeed, Braedon
Cogs laughs
Lordsage: Indeed Sovanah
Cogs: Vix would come down hard on us if we committed them....
Cemetarygate: I would be interested in hearing Radiman further before making any such decisions at this time. That said, I will also take my leave. Safe travels to you all.
Braedon chuckles
Lenaz: I'm sure AIL will help out Cogs I just like to decide at the end of this meeting. When I know the outcome of what just happened here to Radiman
Braedon: Farewell Cemetarygate
Foxferal: Be safe Cemetarygate
Cogs: Ill put you down, Lenaz...this is not an unbreakable commitment...just gauging interest
Lenaz: good Then please note me down
Cogs: How bout you , Masta?
Metaltrader: I must go for a time as well
Cybershead: Well my leader is ingaged in outher duties, But i will pass on what you have said.
Cybershead: Good journeys fellow clan.
Kirasha: Farewell
Cogs: Be well, Cybers!
Lordsage: My friends, I must also leave, duty calls...
Sovanah: Safe journeys
Blackraider: Goodnight Cyber
Cogs: Be well, Lordsage
Foxferal: I suggest Cogs as chairman for this workgroup, until we got the show on the road, unless Cogs himself would have anything against it?
Gonzalez: i am also interested in seeing clans work together but not committing to anything now
Lordsage shouts: good bye everyone!
Gonzalez: bye
Sovanah: I have no problems seconding that motion
Cogs scratches his head
Braedon: I have no problem with that. Someone has to head it up. I'm willing to help in any way.
Kirasha chuckles
Foxferal looks at Cogs and smiles
Cogs starts to sweat....wild looking
Foxferal: I know you are both a man of consideration and action Cogs...
Cogs: Well...
Keho trusts Cogs in this matter
Cogs: I can give it a shot, if you like
Kirasha: Atta boy.
Cogs: But I'm an old fart....
Sovanah: Cogs, you have good people here to help.
Foxferal: I cant think of anyone I would trust more in this matter, you got my 100% support Cogs
Cogs: That is more than true, Sovanah!
Sovanah: Remember, Cogs.. we're only a committee and are only exploring the idea of a council.
Kirasha: We will all help you to the utmost, Cogs.
Cogs: Indeed.....thank you....makes it a bit easier to swallow
Cogs laughs
Sovanah: So rest easy, my friend. *smiles softly*
Lenaz: If the Council produce results I'm sure everyone will follow up if there are some left that don't
Cogs: Yes, and our success would depend on a united front, I think
Kirasha: Cogs - Why do I perceive our next EG meeting as being very long. *laughs*
Cogs: So, I guess our first objective would be to define our goal
Foxferal: All agree upon Cogs as the workgroup leader, do all agree?
Cogs laughs
Cogs: I hope it wont be, Kirahsa
Lenaz nods
Braedon nods
Sovanah: I agree
Keho nods
Kirasha: Heh, me either, but...
Foxferal: Anyone disagree with Cogs as leader for this workgroup?
Braedon: I think initially, our goal needs to be a unifying voice for the Clans. As we learn more about this vision....and, what awaits us in Shadowlands...our goals may become more clear.
Foxferal: Good, none disagreed
Cogs: True..
Cogs: So, to modify, we need to gather support first and foremost, and seek knowledge
Foxferal nods in agreement with Braedon
Braedon nods to Cogs
Foxferal: So, the list over the workgroup complete?
Cogs: Ok, support as first order of business then....and how to gather it
Cogs: Yes, Fox...
Cogs: So far, we have 10 guilds having agreed to be a part of this
Lenaz: For those that don't know this ghost that showed up here. Cold you tell us what you know Cogs?
Cogs: Well, his origin is as far as I know not really known...but his words indicate that..
Cogs: ..he has a connection to the earliest of our history, David Marlin, he speaks of the blood of Alyssa that he hails from
Cogs: My my belief
Sovanah: Yes, let us speak of what we know.
Cogs: His message is one of warning, he forewarns of the opening of the portal
Cogs: he also says something about running to the hills....but that we cannot run forever, and must face our destiny
Cogs: this might be open to interpretation
Lenaz: true.
Sovanah: You mean metaphorically speaking?
Cogs: Yes
Sovanah nods in agreement.
Cogs: Call me crazy....but I think he indeed is a spirit...a manifest of the true spirit of the clans
Cogs: Able to travel time and space
Cogs: And is now here to guide us, based upon the true ideals of those champions that went before us
Lenaz: If so I'm getting more and more interested in what he is telling Radiman at the moment
Sovanah: Perhaps, though his appearance at a time when the Jobe Scientists have created a portal is a little bit more than coincidence, would you not agree?
Cogs: I would totally agree...
Sovanah: Lmasot like he trawled through it to send us these messages?
Foxferal: I have been a witness of this vision as well, even if I haven't spoke much about it...and I agree with Cogs, I feel we got a trustworthy guide and help in this person
Cogs: To me, he represents the one telling us to lay down our greed and hunger for power and materialism, and go forth to fight for the ideals that those that were thrown out of what was once one planet
Sovanah: THe only vision I have seen is what I believe we all seen, and what send Radiman scurrying out of here... the vision of Marlin before us speaking to Radiman
Lenaz: There is most probably something in Shadowlands that can tip the scale a great deal. Else Omni-Tek would never put so much resources in to it
Sovanah: Actually, speaking to all of us in our minds
Cogs: I think, we are .....
Gonzalez: well spoken Cogs
Cogs: We are the ones, and this is the time, that we must go back, and pull together what was rift asunder.....pardon my lofty wording
Sovanah: What I find interesting is that even Mr. Ross, the leader of Omni-Tek has received these visions
Cogs: I think that is what he wants us to do....
Cogs: Yes, Sovanah...and where would that lead us?
Sovanah: If Marlin felt the need to see Mr. Ross, then his message may be meant for all?
Cogs: MArlin hasn't been to see Ross...
Sovanah: Mr. Ross as admittedly rejected those visions, not taken heed to their warnings
Sovanah: OK, I stand corrected
Sovanah: I'm sorry, I was misinformed
Cogs: they are having these meta-physical visits as well, we MUST accept that we are facing powers and revelations yet unknown to us
Sovanah nods in agreement.
Cogs: Sorry, Sovanah, you are correct in that they have had visions, but not just from mr. Marlin....if that is indeed who visits us..
Sovanah: Ah, yes. Thank you, Cogs. How silly of me to assume it was he, when no one here has ever set eyes on him
Cogs: The thing is, Marlin would never visit Omni....he is our hero....the Clans hero.....
Cogs: OT would have visits from their own heroes
Sovanah nods in agreement
Foxferal: they have? I was under the impression that OT's hadn't received any visions...
Braedon: Well, Ross has...apparently.
Braedon: That, or he's losing his mind.
Cogs laughs
Cogs: You are assuming he has a mind to loose?
Cogs chuckles
Braedon chuckles
Gonzalez: i bid u all farewell and safe travels, give me a tell if ya need me
Lenaz: Farewell Gonzalez
Sovanah: Should we schedule times at which time we can ask other clan leader to meet us and discuss a council?
Sovanah: Farewell, Gonzales
Cogs: Be well, Gonzales!
Blackraider: goodnight gonzalez take care
Foxferal: Well, Radiman might might not go into leader position, but he might want to be a spokesperson for the Council when needed
Sovanah: Well.. that is not for us to decide...
Sovanah: That is something the Council (if formed) would decide
Sovanah nods in agreement.
Cogs nods
Lenaz: Me nods
Foxferal: Yup
Sovanah nods in agreement.
Keho: yep
Braedon: I don't know that there's much more to really do at this point, is there?
Sovanah: I call that we adjourn this first meeting
Cogs: Ok, then I will try to write something on our gridfeed, and we also spam leader channel with a request for support? Agreed?
Braedon: Sounds good.
Sovanah: Agreed
Blackraider: agreed
Foxferal: So, first inform the The Knights and Radiman about our plan, and see what they say, then get the show on the road?
Sovanah: Yes...... Fox...
Foxferal: It would feel nice to know that we have their support
Cogs: Indeed...
Braedon: Hopefully Radiman will make another appearance soon.
Sovanah: the Knights and Radiman should be informed about this (more so the knights) that we're exploring the possibility of a council
Cogs: Ok! Change of plan then
Sovanah: I feel any council that may form will need the support of Sir Galahad to succeed.
Cogs: First, we inform those, seeking their su0pport, then we act outwardly?
Foxferal: So Cogs...could you contact Sir Beargar and inform him? I'm sure Beargar is in close contact with Radiman, and we could call to a meeting with them and the workgroup
Sovanah: Yes
Cogs: Indeed
Cogs: I will do that!
Foxferal: Yes, its good plan, so we are sure we got them with us
Kirasha nods
Braedon: Agreed
Cogs: Then, by golly lets adjourn!
Braedon: Agreed!
Sovanah: Seconded
Cogs laughs
Sovanah giggles...
Sovanah then smiles.
Cogs: I feel good about this!!
Kirasha does too.
Sovanah bows to her friends
Braedon smiles
Sovanah: Nah i consider all of you my friends too
Braedon: Farewell Sovanah.
Cogs: Be safe and well, all....I'll contact Sir Beargar asap, and then we can move pending their approval!
Foxferal: Me you might know, I'm a pragmatic man of action, and this looks good indeed in my eyes
Braedon: Farewell all.
Foxferal smiles
Blackraider: i bid you all a fair night ..and sincerely hopes the council will prevail
Braedon: Shall we Kira?
Kirasha: Yes, we shall.
Foxferal: Farewell Sovanah
Cogs: And to you, Blackraider!
Lenaz: Stay safe Sovanah
Sovanah: Thank you. Safe journeys to you all
Male Blade: I don't understand...
Cogs smiles like a child
Lenaz: Night Black
Male Blade: I don't understand...
Cogs: Be well, Ill be off to then
Male Blade: What are you trying to say?
Male Blade: I don't understand...
Lenaz: Im staying around to look at this place. Cy all

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

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