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Doctor Jaheed Parnazus from the Independant Studies group of the Intergalactic Nanotechnologies Institute has made a startling discovery in his research of the Reclaim Technology currently patented by Omni-Tek.

This is what he revealed earlier today:

"After two years of studying how the reclaim system works with the hope to somehow implemented it in a notum-free enviroment we have found a serious flaw in the system. As most educated people know, the process has it's limitations to begin with. With implants a humanoid is able to extend his lifespan up to triple of what it was a few centuries ago, a 200 year old man these days looks to be in his 50's, but with reclaim technology it makes a rubikan almost immortal.

Of course there is the age range, the system practically won't work with anyone who is not a fully developed adult, because a child's biological system is still in the growing stage to adulthood and does not provide a stable DNA patern to store. Those who are elderly (aproximately older thant 250 years old, if using top of the line implants) also can't use it because of natural deterioration of their body is detected by the reclaim system as an anomaly and a DNA patern stored in the reclaim system becomes corrupted over a very short period of time (sometimes in a matter of minutes).

Also the system doesn't stop aging, it just clones a person as-they-were at the time the insurance terminal scanned him. A patern is saved up a few months, but then begins to deteriorate. Most rubikans insure daily as it is has been proven (by Omni-Med official research) to guarantee 99.9999% survival rate.

This is all common knowledge. What is not openly known is that part of the reclaim system depends on an extensive database that lists every single known virus, bacteria and illness known to science. Omni-Tek shared most of the technical details of their patented technology for our studies, but declined to reveal everything, thus my collegues and myself have been trying to figure out how reclaiming works and if there was a way to modify the process to make it work outside of Rubi-Ka and it's notum rich atmosphere.

In the past two months we have deducted and are 99.89% sure that a medical database is what keeps the Rubikan population healthy. Once a person uses an insurance terminal their patern is not just stored, but scanned for anything out of the ordinary that a healthy body should not have. If, for example, a virus is detected, then the system purges the virus from the patern, creating a healthy cloned body that the a newly released 'spirit' or 'soul' (from a new corpse) recognizes as it's own upon death.

However if an unknown virus or bacteria was to infect a person, the system would not detect it and the cloned body would still be ill. This could lead to the death of the person, and maybe even an epidemic of planetary proportions.

There have been a few cases in Rubi-Ka of unexplained deaths. Omni-Med has declined to release any information as they claim the files of employees is classified information protected by the ICC Corporate Privacy Act of 28620. Neutrals authorities have not answered any of our communications; and the Council of Truth has not replied to the messages we have managed to sent to their Capital of Tir.

If a biological threat arises and it is not listed in detail at the medical database which the reclaim system uses, it will not only survive the death of it's host and continue to exist in a cloned body, but it could evolve into what would be the most hazardous type of virus...airborne.

This flaw in the system could easily turn the immortal rubikans into walking biological weapons in their own cities without their knowledge. With terrorist organizations such as 'Dust Brigade' on Rubi-Ka and the recently exposed 'Red Freedom Coalition' in Mars using biological weapons that are cheap to develop and easy to carry as well as hard to detect, this could mean a new era of terror for rubikans.

It is well known that not everyone who goes to that planet uses the orbital station to get there, smuggling of wanted criminals who seek to escape justice and illegal cargo being transported to Rubi-Ka is still active even with the recent increase in Omni-Tek security vessels patrolling the planet and the alien threat in orbit of the planet.

Those new arrivals at the orbital station get fully scanned for anomalies of any kind, before they are genetically altered to be able to survive in the notum-rich atmosphere of the planet.

What concerns me is that Omni-Tek must have known of this flaw for years, but never revealed to the public that the system is below the 99.9999% survival rate they advertise across the galaxy on a daily basis.

After our attempts to get answers from Omni-Med, we tried to reach Omni-Administration at their homeworld of Omni-Prime for an official response to our concerns. We were told through a grid message that we were abusing the trust the corporation had bestowed upon us with the information they had provided us for our research and that we would not be receiving any more information regarding the reclaim technology from Omni-Tek or it's departments.

Their decision has put a stop to our research, since we were hoping they would be forthcoming with more technical information so we could perhaps find a way to solve the problem together. We have two years of studies that has lead to this conclusion, and without anything else to contest our finding, my nanotechnology research team stands by what we have found.

I hope this information reaches the ICC and that they enforce the health and enviroment regulations by which Omni-Tek must abide. There is a possible health hazard on Rubi-Ka, and for once in a long time...I don't envy their immortality."

Neither Omni-Med or Omni-Admin could be reached for comment.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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Article written by Noticiero
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