Articles - Investigative Report

Many rubikans from all three factions have expressed different views of the CoT, some support it without doubt while others predict it's fall. I will start this report with an interview with Ms. Tussa, who is not only a representative of Clan Assembly but a member of the CoT's Clerical Staff. She invited me into her home for the interview.

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Tussa: This way
Tussa smiles
Tussa: Please, have a seat.
Noticiero: Ah, a luxury apartment.
Tussa: Would you like some tea or coffee?
Tussa smiles
Noticiero: Tea will do
Tussa: It's nice, yes.
Tussa: Love the view
Tussa nods
Tussa: I only have kappa berry tea here. I don't spend so much time in this apartment.
Noticiero: I was lucky to acquire one as well, but I have not been there in a while.
Tussa rustles through the cabinets, finds the tea and puts a waterkettle on.
Tussa fills two mugs with boiling water, dips the teabags in and looks over her shoulder
Tussa: Sugar?
Noticiero: Yes, 2 please
Tussa dips two lumps of sugar in one cup, three in the other and carries both to the table
Tussa sets the cup down infront of him, smiling
Noticiero nods
Noticiero: Thank you
Noticiero: picks up the cup and takes a sip
Tussa: are you, Sir?
Noticiero: It has been a while since we spoke, over a year I believe.
Tussa: Yes, well over a year.
Tussa: More like...a year and a half, maybe two. I don't really remember.
Noticiero: I had left Rubi-Ka thinking I could return to the galactic mainstream of news, but realized I had become attached to Rubi-Ka, and it's atmosphere. Of course when I came back...aliens, so I decided before doing anything I should train to be less...well, vulnerable to dying in the middle of an interview or report.
Tussa nods
Tussa: Must've been plenty for you to write about when you came back. I mean...aliens!
Noticiero: You're my first interview in about a year or so.
Noticiero: Yes, however my attempts to get an interview with them...pretty much got me the same answer every time, reclaim.
Tussa nods
Tussa: As far as I know, not one of them has ever communicated with us.
Tussa: Well...communicated in a way we percieve as such, that is.
Noticiero: Violence seems to be their only way to communicate with us, even tho I still wonder why they would do that, something must have trigger that...but nevermind that.
Tussa: For all we know, they could be telling their lifestories to us every time they land.
Tussa nods and picks up her cup, looking a little jittery
Noticiero: I believe the CoT still convenes once a month, with the few legacy representatives that show up sometimes and the clan representatives who support each of them.
Tussa nods
Tussa: That's right.
Tussa sips
Noticiero: Most of the clan population agree that the current CoT is far better than the old one, with more open...communication with the people. However as open as it is...their actions are few. More than once there is heavy arguement between representatives leading to a dead end.
Tussa nods and looks at him
Noticiero: Why is it so hard for all the clans to unite, specially when they put so much effort to revive the council?
Tussa smiles faintly
Tussa: I can't possibly answer that, as each person would probably give a different answer, but I think it rounds up in our strong sense of individuality.
Tussa: Us as in the clans, I mean
Noticiero: Has the CoT ever considered a combined effort to do anything on a military scale to drive back the aliens, or even their long time enemy Omni-Tek?
Tussa: We believe so firmly that no higher authority can govern us, like the corporation, that we hold on to it, tooth and nail.
Tussa: Yes, there has been times when the CoT has stood firmly together. And even if we don't always agree, we *are* able to act under the democratic laws that governs the Council itself.
Tussa: Like most recently, when we decided to approach the new CEO of Omni-Tek, even if some of us were firmly against it.
Noticiero: Are clans who are not in the CoT considered 'rogue' organizations? or are they still under the jurisdiction of the CoT and therefore bound by it's decisions?
Tussa: No one who is not in the CoT are bound by anything.
Noticiero: I see.
Tussa: We don't call ourselves a governing body for the clans.
Tussa: We're simply a political fora, until any other trust was put in us by many other clans.
Tussa: I don't think we ever operated with the word "rogue" about non-CoT clans.
Tussa sips her tea calmly smiles at him
Noticiero: Not long ago The Sentinels lost the lead, now most clans support The Knights of Avalon, who are far more conservative. Silverstone has always been a controversial man...but the Knights themselves are known to be lead by what we call an 'Unredeemed'...a man who is beyond human.
Noticiero: Some would call enlightened being.
Noticiero: Records state...
Tussa: Don't know if Lord Galahad would like it, being called unredeemed.
Tussa winks
Tussa: Thirteen clans support The Knights, eleven support the Sentinels.
Tussa: And sixteen support others, or have not yet declared their affiliation.
Noticiero: That Mr. Galahad was on Rubi-Ka years ago, from earth....with great wealth, bought a lot of land in Avalon, built a town and a castle, formed a clan that gathered great support then the shadowlands, but this fact was not known until Jobe reopened.
Tussa nods
Noticiero: Well from every current information 'Lord Galahad' is a...Redeemed, I'm sorry, mixed up my notes.
Noticiero: The Redeemed have clearly supported the clans in the shadowlands, do you think Lord Galahad had something do to with such support?
Tussa: Perhaps. I couldn't honestly answer you, since I don't pretend to know how the redeemed think, including Lord Galahad.
Noticiero: Has the CoT ever discussed the mysterious support from the Redeemed? and the fact that omnis receive the same from the Unredeemed?
Tussa: I think it was brought up shortly after the gates opened, but I would have to check the transcripts to be sure, as that's a while back. The Knights have been tight-lipped about their involvement in the Shadowlands, but I guess they have good reasons to.
Tussa cups her hands around the mug, sipping
Noticiero finishes his tea
Noticiero: One more question Ms. Tussa
Tussa: Of course, Sir.
Noticiero: Do you still have faith in the CoT, in your heart?
Tussa tilts her head and looks up at him, setting her cup down
Tussa ponders the question a few moments, then draws her breath to reply
Noticiero 's wrist blinks
Tussa: I think that it's hard to keep faith in anything over a long period of time. Many people have problems with the simplest of trusts, not to mention politics. There have been times I honestly hate the CoT, where I've cursed every meeting, every agenda, every transscript and duty.
Noticiero: I see.
Noticiero: Thank you for your time.
Tussa: the end of the's only what you make it yourself, what you put into it that will give rewards.
Noticiero nods
Noticiero: Wise words.

At this time I received an urgent message from a source regarding another story, the interview had to end abruptly. Ms. Tussa may have had more to say, however I had to cut the meeting short.

The next day I interviewed Lady Xaun, leader of Clan Aethyr Prime. Who had an interesting view on the council along with her own views of the future. Like Ms. Tussa, she invited me into her home for the interview.

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Xaun: Welcome to my humble abode
Xaun: Come on in
Noticiero: Thank you
Xaun: Please have a seat
Xaun: May I get you something to drink?
Noticiero: Hmm, nice. Similiar to Ms. Tussa's apartment.
Xaun smiles
Noticiero: No thanks, just had some tea before.
Xaun: I grow my own tea
Xaun: On my balcony
Xaun: I have a rare blend of herbs and spices I brew to my own selection of tastes
Xaun: Noticiero
Xaun: This is Vinshia
Noticiero: Bodyguard?
Vinshia: Hello
Xaun: Close friend
Noticiero: Ah
Noticiero: Nice to meet you.
Xaun: I feel no need for body guards in my home
Vinshia: Nice to me you too
Xaun: I have the type of security system that would make Alan Jacobi feel safe
Xaun giggles
Noticiero: I'm interviewing a few people, looking for comments on the current state of the Council of Truth.
Xaun: Oh my, you want me to start to rant eh?
Noticiero: You are free to do so, your house.
Xaun: Ok then ask away
Xaun: What particularly are you inquiring about
Noticiero: There are some who think the council argues more with itself than get any kind of positive results.
Xaun tries to not burst out in a laugh to rock the walls
Xaun: umm
Xaun: Is that a retorical question?
Xaun: My opinion is as follows
Noticiero: Aliens everywhere, Omni-Tek's Unicorn pretty much able to go anywhere, including clan territory, etc.
Xaun: As you may know, I am probably the single most adament and loyal Knight factionally aligned leader there is or has been for quite some time
Xaun: I believe firmly on the rights of humans
Xaun: I believe that evil comes in all factions
Noticiero nods
Xaun: I have felt that the CoT is at best.. a method endorsed by Omni Tek to keep the free thinkers of this planet at odds with each other
Xaun: Take the "factions"
Xaun: Each has merit
Xaun: Each has ideals which are good and true
Xaun: I chose to side with the Knights whole heartidly due to the amount of honor.. truth and morality they support.
Xaun: But.. the lack of action...
Xaun: The lack of real support..
Xaun: Then take the Sentinels
Xaun: They think as much as a rodent
Xaun: But are all about action
Xaun: Just scurry in and out and cause as much damage as possible to anyone who gets in the way.. OT, Neutral or Clan
Xaun: They don't really care
Xaun: Let me ask you a question..
Xaun: If you had to pick a faction as a clan leaeder..
Xaun: Which would you pick, and why?
Xaun listens as she goes to get herself a drink
Xaun opens her fridge and get out a freshly brewed cup of green tea with 3 herbs
Noticiero: Hmm
Xaun sips her tea
Noticiero: As a reporter, I cannot answer that.
Xaun: I knew you would reply as such
Xaun: Off the record
Xaun: Can you name one faction worth following?
Xaun: Truely
Xaun: Makes one of those faces
Xaun: You can't
Xaun: You know why
Xaun: They are all bickering little children
Xaun: Each has good points
Xaun: Each has points worth hating
Xaun: But tell me does Omni or Neutrals offer a better option?
Xaun: No
Xaun: I believe it is high time to start a new revolution
Xaun: The Anarch Movement
Xaun: I'ts coming
Xaun: When
Xaun: Where
Xaun: Wwho
Xaun: That's a matter of time
Noticiero: So you think the CoT will fall?
Xaun: Tell me
Xaun: Wwhat have they accomplished
Xaun: You know I am the "head" of the Ross assassination investigation
Xaun: I extracted data from the Foremans office
Xaun: Per the CoT's request
Xaun: I turned over the data for decryption and analyzation
Xaun: And guess what results I have recieved?
Noticiero: None?
Xaun: Not one mother loving word
Noticiero: How long has it been since you handed in the data?
Xaun: The information I collected clearly pointed toward the Unicorns as the culprits in the assasination plot in coohorts with Omni-Med
Xaun: I handed in the data at least 4-5 months ago
Noticiero: That is quite a long time...
Noticiero: Do you suspect a coverup?
Xaun: I have to this day recieved not one confirmation or rejection of the obviously poinent data
Xaun: I am not just a "member" of the CoT
Xaun: I have close ties all the way up
Xaun: Someone..
Xaun: Somewhere
Xaun: Is covering something up
Xaun: Someone has been bought off
Xaun: Someone has turned
Noticiero: Within the council?
Xaun: There is no reason nor excuse for such blatant lack of results by the CoT
Xaun: Do I wish to attempt to impicate person or persons in such a situation
Xaun: No
Xaun: I know for a fact that the Clans had nothing to do with the plot
Xaun: I would have been informed
Noticiero: But you suspect someone, or some people?
Xaun: I know that someone is doing their best to keep the data from being released
Xaun: Can you imagine it
Xaun: A report is released.. Omni-tek boss Ross is assassinated by the Unicorns special operatives
Xaun: That would go over really well right?
Xaun: Someone had to be bought off
Xaun: The data I collected was clear to me
Noticiero: With evidence, something they probably would not be able to recover from.
Xaun: I turned it in and I'ts gone
Xaun: Never to be seen or heard of again
Xaun: I collected the very same evidence that is now awol
Xaun: I could go tell everyone I meet what I found
Xaun: No one would believe me
Xaun: It's not "official" enough
Noticiero: And I must correct, attempted assasination, Mr. Ross is alive, in stable condition but not able to move from his bed due to the condition of his body and the virus in it.
Xaun: It's not said by... Alan, or Simon, Or any of the other lazy ass legacy leaders whom spend 1 day on world a month if you are lucky
Xaun: You can say attempted all you want
Xaun: How do you assassinate someone with reclaim tech..
Xaun: I mean Ross hated it
Xaun: Would not let himself be copied
Xaun: Out of paranoia
Xaun: Someone replacing him with a clone
Xaun: But he was copied
Xaun: Aand everyone knows it
Xaun: Just unoffially
Xaun: Now he lies "unconscience" in a bed
Xaun: If he ever did recover
Xaun: Wwould he really be him?
Xaun: He has been out of the public eye for so long would any one know?
Noticiero: There was a rumor I did hear...that someone was planning on the reformation of the Council of Ares...overthrow the CoT and begin a new era for the clans...
Xaun: Where did you hear that?
Xaun: Oh wait
Xaun: Let me guess
Noticiero: In the Happy Rebel
Xaun: A reporters sources are a secret
Xaun: I can tell you this
Noticiero: I overheard a few people talking...
Xaun: Raises an eyebrow
Xaun: I would not print any such things.. it could endanger your life and reclaim status
Xaun: You are a clanner
Xaun: Something is amis
Xaun: Aand you don't want to be a casualty
Noticiero: Are you...confirming tha the CoA does exist?
Xaun: I truely appreciate your motivations
Xaun: No it is dead
Xaun: But something else is coming
Xaun: Something no one has ever seen or heard of in the history of this planet
Xaun: Something that makes CoA a joke in comparison
Xaun: I will only say one word
Xaun: Do not quote me on it..
Xaun: Anarch
Xaun: The final Faction
Xaun: Something no one has ever seen before.
Noticiero: That would be...impressive...the CoA had the support of the population...and it affected the CoT more than they admitted back then, the old council that is.
Xaun: So your sluething if you must
Noticiero: Some even say the CoA was the cause of the old CoT's fall.
Xaun: But do not report what I just said
Xaun: I know for a fact it was
Xaun: CoA overthrew the old CoT
Xaun: Out of I'ts ashes a new CoT was formed
Xaun: The woman I love more than life itself was a primal figure in the Coa
Noticiero: Hmm....
Noticiero: All the CoA leaders
Xaun giggles
Xaun: Leaders are pawns to those who really call the shots
Noticiero: Unless...there was more clans than the CoA openly addmited they had.
Xaun: I can not speculate on such things
Xaun: Off the record.. you know who Cathern is right?
Noticiero: I guess overall you are unhappy with the current CoT, and rather have...other things lead the clans to the a better future?
Noticiero: Vixentrox?
Xaun nods
Xaun: The one and only
Noticiero: She was against the CoA
Xaun giggles
Noticiero: At least in public
Xaun: You need to do more home work
Noticiero: Hmm...
Xaun: Be careful my friend
Xaun: You are treading on very dangerous grounds in your investigation
Xaun: I will support it
Xaun: Because I believe in it
Xaun: Bbut, it is a dangerous game you are playing
Xaun: A month maybe two from now
Xaun: Might be different
Noticiero: If you feel this way, why remain in the council you despise?
Xaun smirks
Noticiero: I from within.
Xaun: I am not working against the council
Xaun: I am just fed up with the stagnant bearocrats... no offense.. whom are quite happy with the current situation and lack any real gumption to finsih this
Xaun: If you saw a child in the street.. about to be run over by a yalm.. would you ask.. is that a clanner or a neutral or omni?
Xaun: Or would you just do your best to save the childs life?
Noticiero: I would save the child of course.
Xaun: Then you and I are of the same view
Xaun: I chose to support the Knights of Avalon because this type of moral is echoed
Xaun: But they lack any motivation to right any injustice that is not in the Shadowlands
Xaun: I am a keeper
Xaun: I live in the Shadowlands
Xaun: But this war is done
Xaun: We have won
Xaun: We daily push farther in
Xaun: It's time for the Knights to wake up and do something
Xaun: Or else...
Noticiero: The Knights are conservative...but your views are far from it.
Xaun: I believe in a combination of all factions
Noticiero: I must say, you sound like...Silverstone.
Xaun: I believe in Gaia's salvation of the planet
Xaun: I believe that evil wears no faction
Xaun: Nor tag
Xaun: Nor clan
Xaun: Nor org
Xaun: No.. Silverstone wants to over throw omni
Xaun: Silverstone wants to kill without remorse because his family was murdered
Xaun: I..
Xaun: I hate killing
Noticiero: And what do you want Lady Xaun? save the world?
Xaun: In a matter of speaking... perhaps.. but that is a fools quest
Xaun: One I am not foolish enough to embark on
Xaun: However.. waking people up..
Xaun: Now that's fun
Xaun: I am as loyal of a clanner you will meet
Noticiero: It would depend on how you wake them up.
Noticiero: With a shout, or a gun to their heads.
Xaun: The Aethyr Alliance goes to the defense of numerous Clans
Xaun: Daily
Xaun: But yet.. we can sit in a bar and have a pleasant time dancing and enjoying life with other fellow humanoids caught in the fray
Xaun: Would you chastise me for having friends in Omni?
Xaun: Or the Neutrals?
Xaun: A sentinel
Xaun: Would
Xaun: Silverstone would have my head on a stake if he could
Xaun: Just for fraternizeing with the Enemy
Noticiero: Perhaps, but he has yet to do something that foolish, he would lose support.
Xaun: But.. let me quote something for you
Xaun: Searches through her logs and conduct codes
Xaun: "Lord Galahad may as well have Tristram on his lap and be speaking as a ventriloquist for the commitment the Knight has openly to his Lord?#8364;™s agenda." Galahad wants the Clans united as a cohesive body in order to fight off the Unredeemed and Omni-Tek threats. The inner squabbling must stop in order for everyone to see the truth and the plight of the redeemed should be come paramount.
Xaun: But the big one
Xaun: The Knights of Avalon Politics: Conservative decisionmaking. Undecided in omni/clan conflict
Xaun: Undecided
Xaun: Do you know why?
Xaun: Tell me... are all clanners good?
Xaun: Are all omni employees evil?
Noticiero: I can't say they are.
Xaun: Correct
Xaun: So when I say..
Xaun: I defend the innocent.. and vanquish the evil..
Xaun: Does that mean I protect clanners and kill omni?
Noticiero shrugs
Xaun: It means that evil is evil and good is good
Xaun: And there is a spot of evil in all good and a spot of good in all evil
Xaun: Else niether could exist
Xaun: Pure evil would destroy itself and be not a burden to anyone else
Xaun: Ggood would be so boring no one would want to be a part of it
Xaun: Hence the yin/yang
Noticiero: I think the concept would be..ying and yang, a balance of light and dark
Xaun: Exactly
Xaun: So.. Is the council working?
Xaun: No
Noticiero: So Omni-Tek is a necessary evil?
Xaun: Is it going to solve anything
Xaun: No
Xaun: Is omni going to win
Xaun: No
Xaun: Is clans going to win
Xaun: No
Xaun: Why
Xaun: Cause there is too much at stake to let anything change
Xaun: Tell me.. what old fart at the top wants to let go of their own stake... their own claim
Xaun: Be it OT, Clan, Neut
Xaun: Everyone has grown complacent
Xaun: For every tower one faction takes another is lost
Xaun: And so we go round and round
Xaun: While those at the top get richer
Xaun: Cause we sell this ore off world for bare bones prices
Xaun: It's not rare
Noticiero: In short, you have lost faith in the CoT. And are either in support or will be a part of...a coming change?
Xaun: There are more mines than people
Xaun: I am sorry.. but I am never short on words of philosophies..
Xaun: Something is coming
Xaun: What
Xaun: When
Xaun: Who
Xaun: And if
Xaun: I am involved I don't know
Xaun: But I can smell it
Noticiero: I see.
Xaun: Like a wounded animal which needs to be put down
Noticiero: Thank you for your time Lady Xaun.
Xaun: You are most welcome
Xaun: Thank you for your time

The day after I interviewed Lady Xaun I was fortunate to track down Mr. Eigen, leader of Clan Valor Eternal for an interview. He was in Neuters 'r Us in Newland, in the VE Post-Holiday Blues Bash with DJ Narcotic (Gridstream Productions). We went to the bar to have a private conversation while dozens of people danced around us.

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Eigen: Greetings, welcome to the party!
Noticiero: Can we conduct the interview...a bit away from the dancers Mr. Eigen?
Eigen: Sure thing, hehe
Eigen motions to the bar
Eigen: Alright...what can I do for you?
Noticiero: I'd like to get some comments from you, regarding the Council of Truth.
Eigen: Oh, alright, what were you wondering?
Eigen taps his hand on the bar to the beat
Noticiero: What do you think about the current state of the CoT?
Eigen: State, concerning which aspect?
Eigen: Current love/hate relationships between Silverstone and Jacobi, or the participation of the Clans?
Noticiero: Let's start with the second.
Eigen: What can you say to that? Until we have every good organization with us, we're lacking.
Noticiero: Some believe that there has been a lack of unity, even animosity among clans, arguements during meetings. Is there any truth to this?
Eigen thinks to himself
Eigen: No, not more than what we deal with.
Eigen: We have Sentinels versus the world, that never changes...
Eigen: I'd be surprised to see the CoT crumble now, I think we're strong, but we need more strength for absolute decisions
Noticiero: Silverstone was set against the new council, of course until he saw the large support they had at the start from the population. Politically he had little choice, joining the CoT was just something he disliked but being out of it could have affected the support he had.
Noticiero: Do you think Silverstone is helping or hindering the CoT?
Eigen looks around nervously
Eigen: ...don't get me wrong, Silverstone does a LOT for us, he provides us the backbone to get action from the other organizations
Eigen: But his opinion is absolute in his mind, and he won't settle for less. He needs to be shown that sometiimes one just needs to relax.
Noticiero: Could it be the CoT colaborate with him rather than face a possible civil war? Silverstone had said more than once...that if someone is not with him, he is against him.
Eigen: For the time being, what he says is right, we need to defend ourselves more, Omni are hitting us deep
Eigen: We support that same thought; to stay united and hunt the omni in our OWN BACKYARD
Eigen: But I won't follow him into Omni HQ
Noticiero: Yesterday I interviewed a clan leader whose organization has a seat in the CoT, and she believes the CoT will fall, do you think that is a possiblity?
Eigen: It's always a possibility, we both know that differences of opinion can lead to the direst of circumstances.
Noticiero: Indeed.
Eigen: God knows I'm against dissolution, that'll give the OT the greatest advantage of anyone.
Eigen: I can't see anyone splitting from the one can be that stupid
Noticiero: What I find somewhat...concerning is that the strongest supporters of the council paint a beautiful picture of it, while those who have...lost faith see it as an inept group who has done little to strengthen the clans overall.
Noticiero: I overheard something in the Happy Rebel a few days ago, a rumor...perhaps you can comment on it?
Eigen: I can't paint a beautiful picture of the Council, it's hard to do that of any bureaucracy. But I will say it's the right step, unity is where we need to be. We need to stand and fight.
Eigen: Which rumor?
Noticiero: Have you heard of the secret reformation of the Council of Ares?
Eigen shakes his head
Eigen: Unfortunately not, nothing was put before us
Noticiero: The CoA formed twice, first to 'encourage' the original CoT to act, the second time to overthrow the CoT. Some say the fall of the original council could have been caused by the second CoA. Do you think there could be a third CoA coalition being formed in secret?
Eigen: I'd worry if there is.
Eigen: Though I can believe it...
Noticiero: So even though you cannot confirm the rumor, you think that it is feasable?
Eigen: Everyone relies on internal alliances to succeed..I just wouldn't want to turn half of the clans against themselves
Eigen: Yes, definately. We all rely on our own trust and alliances for help.
Eigen: I'd oppose anything under a Majority though
Noticiero: If the CoA was to emerge again, as strong or stronger than before. Do you think the council would back down to avoid a large civil war between clans?
Eigen: Silverstone won't move on his stance, whoever supports it more will get his vote
Eigen: Many radical people will follow
Eigen: I can see the CoT moving, but only if EVERYONE agreed, otherwise we'll have a large fight on our hands
Noticiero: comes the twist. Silverstone supported the CoA views when they were around...
Eigen: Yea, that won't surprise me too much
Noticiero: So if the CoA did rise, and Silverstone even just agreed with their views...the CoT would fall, no?
Eigen: We'd need more movement of clans, more than just Sentinels, they're not as big as they think they are. But yes, I think that if enough support moved, we'd have a serious problem
Noticiero: Currently the Knights of Avalon have most of the support of the Council, even tho their leader has been proven to be a being called a Redeemed, an enlightened being, some may even say divine.
Eigen nods
Eigen: His actions are deep in the Shadowlands right now
Noticiero: Do you think that it is because of that reason the Knights have gathered their current support?
Eigen: No, I think the knights are gaining support as they are the medium to most situations that arise, for the radical thought...
Eigen: We would you say...the better choice to the unobtrusive eye
Noticiero: Ah, their conservative ways appeal to you then?
Eigen: Oh, they do. Although we have one opinion that differs, and almost sides with silverstone
Eigen: We need to protect what's ours, by any means necessary, nothing is below that goal
Noticiero: I see.
Eigen: I have the opinion that no one should take what can be rightfully ours
Noticiero: Overall, what are your feelings toward the CoT?
Eigen looks around
Eigen: I love it, it's an arena that doesn't kill anyone on our side, it lets us express. It needs more action, too many words right now. But it works.
Eigen: For now, it's where I side, and it's what I will defend with my life.
Noticiero: Well, thank you for your time Mr. Eigen
Eigen: Not a problem, if you'd like, enjoy our party tonight.
Noticiero: I have other leaders to track down, thank you for the invitation.
Eigen: It's good to see another 'crat walking around free. It's not often enough we see it
Eigen: Take care.

Ms. Icata, the leader of Clan Whisper's Edge was also available for an interview, and I was fortunate to meet with her at the same gathering in Neuters r' Us. She shares her views on the Sentinels and other issues related to the Council of Truth.

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Noticiero: Thank you Miss Icata.
Icata: you're welcome
Noticiero: I'd like to know your thoughts regarding the current state of the Council of Truth.
Icata: Ah
Icata: well, let's see...
Icata: I think we have a lot of good members in the council, a lot of people very dedicated to the clan cause
Icata: They worry about the security and safety of us all
Icata: But they also want to bolster morale
Icata: It's a difficult balance to maintain... often some of the things the council does are not reported due to security concerns
Icata: But too much silence, and the clans begin to wonder if the council is doing anything at all
Noticiero: There are critics that even have a seat in the council, saying that it's doomed to fall.
Icata: I haven't seen anything so far to make me think the council will fail
Icata: Biggest complaint I have is that people can be a bit long-winded and repetitive sometimes
Icata: But that's probably just due their zeal
Noticiero: Have there been any heated arguements between representatives?
Icata: There have in the past, but nothing like that lately
Icata: Disagreements, certainly
Icata: Tell me, what organization are you conducting this interview for?
Noticiero: The Sentinels have lost the support they had before, now the Knights of Avalon have most of the clans behind them. Do you think it is because their leaders is a Redeemed, a being which many consider enlightened?
Icata: Although a more likely explanation would be that the Sentinels are, for the most part, bloodthirsty savages
Icata: Feel free to quote me on that
Icata smirks
Noticiero: So you dislike the Sentinels?
Icata: I'm sure every clan will eventually realize that they cannot hope to hold a 'moral high ground' if they participate in the actions that Sentinels condone
Noticiero: I heard a rumor that there is a secret reformation of the Council of Ares, have you heard anything of the sort?
Icata: I have not heard anything about that, no
Icata: I don't know why it would need to be secret though
Noticiero: Do you think that it is feasable for the CoA to exist?
Icata: Well, anyone can get their 3 friends and start a secret group
Icata: But without a real base of support, a number of clans in this case
Icata: There would be no power behind it
Noticiero: Indeed, however in both occasions the CoA has formed, they did so first in secret until they got a few clans and then went public and gained support.
Noticiero: Do you think there could be a third rise of the CoA?
Icata: Well, that would be up to the clans in General
Icata: As I said before, nothing I have seen thus far has made me lose faith in the current council
Icata: As for the future, well... we'll just have to see I guess
Noticiero: Has the council considered a truce with Omni-Tek to deal a heavy blow against the alien invasion?
Icata: Not really, no
Icata: The aliens are a threat of course, but I think everyone believes it to be a manageable one
Noticiero: Tir, Athen, West Athens and almost every city owned by a clan has been attacked, how can they consider it manageable?
Icata: In much the same way that Omni Tek is a threat, but manageable. When we need to fight... we fight.
Noticiero: Has the council even spoken about upgrading the old ion cannon in Tir and Athen?
Icata: The council is constantly looking at upgrades to the defenses of all our cities
Noticiero: When was the last time that was discussed?
Icata: I'm not at liberty to give details, but I can say it was quite recently
Noticiero: Classified information?
Icata: Pardon?
Noticiero: You are not at liberty to give details, so I assume it is classified?
Icata: Oh, you still haven't mentioned who you're doing this interview for, by the way...
Noticiero: I'm a freelancer.
Icata: I see
Icata: Must be exhausting...
Noticiero: But it will be published, I'm good at what I do.
Icata's comm unit beeps twice
Icata: I'm sure
Icata: Oh, if you'll excuse me, I need to take this call
Icata: I hope I was helpful?
Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss Icata.
Icata: You're quite welcome
Icata: It was very nice to meet you Noticiero

Mrs. Refixit, Leader of Clan Rising Phoenix made herself available for an interview as well in West Athen. She reveals her thoughts on the council.

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Noticiero: Hello Mrs. Refixit
Refixit: Hello Noticiero
Refixit: Nice to meet you, have heard good things about you
Refixit: Have a seat
Noticiero: I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Council of Truth.
Refixit: Well I thought it was a good idea when it was restarted
Refixit: It was at that time that we joined and for about 8 months we had two representatives there regularly
Refixit: At the time we stopped attending, it just seemed to be totally ineffectual
Noticiero: There has been a lack of true unity within the council, with occasional...arguements between representatives.
Refixit: Yes that was the feeling we had of the matter
Noticiero: Do you feel that the CoT is making progress or has the council stalled?
Refixit: I was one of the reps at the time
Refixit: At that time I felt it had totally stalled
Refixit: I seem to get a feeling of a little life coming back to it in the last few weeks
Refixit: I have not personally gone so I can only repeat what I have been hearing
Refixit: We did rejoin tho, in the hope that it will start to bring some life again
Noticiero: Some speculate that the CoT is doomed to failure due to the lack of all the clans to unite and either repel the aliens or push Omni-Tek further south.
Noticiero: Both subjects are of great concern to the clan population.
Noticiero: What are your thoughts on this?
Refixit: Well I have to agree, especially when I see leader chat filled with leaders fighting among themselves
Refixit: Today for example there seemed to be a fight among a couple of guilds about bases and changing ownership
Refixit: With this type of actions happening I don't see much unity
Refixit: It was all yelling and he said she said stuff
Refixit: I would like to see the CoT bring some unity to the guilds
Refixit: It's sad to see so many clan bases falling
Refixit: And I know omni spies are working within the clans as well
Noticiero: Do you think the Council is failing in keeping clan territory safe?
Refixit: I don't know if the CoT can do much, it seems ineffectual in stopping the forward movement of OT
Noticiero: What are the positive and negative side of the CoT in your eyes?
Refixit: Positive, it is a place to air concerns ... negative, it seems only to be a place to argue and nothing is accomplished
Noticiero: Have you heard a rumor that the CoA may rise again?
Refixit: No I havent heard that
Refixit: In fact I don't remember what CoA is ?
Noticiero: Council of Ares
Noticiero: It formed twice in the past
Refixit: Hmmm does kinda ring a bell
Noticiero: The first to 'awake' the CoT into action by pressuring the old council through military might.
Refixit: I have been on Rubi-Ka since 29475, but was not terribly politically involved
Noticiero: The second time they formed to overthrow the CoT, and some argue that it is the reason why the old council fell.
Refixit: Yes I do seem to remember that now, but i'ts been quite awhile hasnt it?
Noticiero: Yes, years.
Refixit: I was happy to see Simon Silverstone and some of the Sentinels come to WA and run some omni out a few days ago
Refixit: If this was accomplished by the CoT, then they have my thanks for that
Noticiero: Do you still support The Unionists?
Refixit: Yes
Refixit: I feel to be any force against OT we must do something positive
Refixit: And not passive
Refixit: I would love to see something done about the omni in our backyards
Refixit: It's been a regular infestation lately
Noticiero: What do you think about Silverstone? is he the bloodthristy leader many describe?
Refixit: Probably to a degree. But, he is fighting for the right side so if that's what it takes, then I back him
Noticiero: Do you think the Knight of Avalon are too conservative?
Refixit: I felt he did more in the hour or so he was here than anyone else has
Refixit: I have not seen them do anything positive, so yes I think they are
Noticiero: The Knights currently have most of the support within the Council, do you think this is a mistake from your fellow leaders?
Refixit: Frankly I feel the CoT has been too conservative
Refixit: I don't feel there is enough power excerted to help the other clans to keep territories
Refixit: The move made by Silverstone is the most positive thing I have seen in a long time
Noticiero: So you believe the council is not strengthening the clans overall but weakening them instead?
Refixit: Lets say I just don't see them strengthening the clans
Refixit: I can't say they are weakening it, but I just don't see them strengthing it
Refixit: I think they are just too passive to do much good in making the clans stronger
Noticiero: If you were to sum up the reason why the council exists, what would you say?
Refixit: So some people can stand up and sound like they want to help the clans to be stronger, when they really just want to talk and hear themselves talk
Refixit: Sorry if that sounds harsh but it was my impression
Noticiero: I see, but if that is true, why is your clan have a seat in the CoT?
Refixit: We keep hoping that someone, or a group will put forth an idea or ideal that we can all rally around and make the clans stronger
Noticiero: If such a person would appear, would you follow him or her even if it meant stepping out of the Council?
Refixit: I am willing to take a chance with CoT in hopes that they will be the ones to do so
Refixit: That would take some deliberation, I would not rush headlong into any situation, that might put my guild family, and alliance, and clans in jeopardy
Refixit: But I would be willing to listen to what he or she had to say
Refixit: And if it meant stepping out of the council for the betterment of clans, yes I would
Noticiero: There are old myths of a Mesiah leading the clans to victory, old tales from centuries of fighting. Do you give such a myth any credit?
Refixit: No, but from history, there have been leaders who have risen to do great things, as well as those who have done terrible things to people. That is why I would not blindly follow any person. I would do a lot of research and give it a lot of thought
Refixit: I would be open to hear if such a person were to try to help the clans
Noticiero: In closing, what are your hopes for the near future?
Refixit: Clans have been opressed by OT far too long
Refixit: Personally, I would love to see some stronger guards put in our cities, if we are talking things that would make our lives more calm within our homes.
Refixit: I know strengthening the clans will take much time. But, that would ultimatly be the goal I would love to see reached
Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mrs. Refixit
Refixit: Your very welcome

After meeting with five clan leaders, who each have a seat and are part of the Council of Truth I have come to realize that the council is far from the unity they advertise. Are they about to fall? From my investigation, at this point I do not think it will. However if the CoT continues on the same path there is a real chance that it will not only fall, but that it could lead to a revolution and perhaps even a civil war.

There is nothing wrong with conservative views, as long as they do not put a halt to progress. There is nothing wrong with action, as long as it doesn't lead to unnecessary death and destruction. Can there be a balance? This reporter believes that there can be, if the council focuses on uniting the clans on a military and political path for a brighter future for all.

The new council was formed over 2 years ago, which has even lead Omni-Tek to start their Board of Directors in March of last year to organize themselves better and counter any political and military actions by the Council of Truth.

How can the leaders unite, when some already predict the downfall of the council? it will certainly be a challenge for the Clerical Staff to figure out how to help the Speaker keep things together, before it is too late.

Will Lord Galahad and his Knights lead the CoT to a better position than it is now? or will their conservative ways create a negative effect?

Only time will tell.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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