Articles - Investigative Report

Last week while relaxing at 'The Cup' a late night, I decided to poll it's patrons about the new Council of Truth. I spent over two hours talking to fellow clanners, and even one neutral.

There were times when I got sidetracked by comments made by clanners, and of course my personal curiousity. Disruptive comments are edited out.

The following is a log of the poll.

As per ICC Public Broadcast Regulation AF3241-17, sub-section C2 we have partially censored this log:

01:12: Noticiero shouts: Ahem! excuse me, Miss Maephina?
01:12: Maephina: Hi there
01:13: Maephina: evening Mr. Rivera how are you?
01:13: Noticiero: Hi, are you available at this time? I'm trying to get some opinions on the new Council of Truth.
01:13: Maephina: how's the journalism business?
01:13: Maephina grins softly
01:13: Maephina: Sure I'm available
01:13: Noticiero: Good, good.
01:13: Maephina: One moment ok?
01:14: Noticiero: Sure, I'll wait down here.
01:14: Maephina: of my generals up there as well
01:14: Maephina: Mind if she hangs out?
01:14: Noticiero: She can join as well.
01:14: Maephina: ok one sec...clan mate barking
01:14: Noticiero nods
01:16: Maephina: I read your exclusive the other day
01:16: Maephina: About EG
01:16: Noticiero: Ah, yes.
01:16: Maephina: very...insightful...
01:16: Maephina smirks
01:16: Maephina: I must say it seemed more like a "Vixentrox" interview than an actual root to the truth
01:17: Maephina: Anyway
01:17: Maephina waves to Betji
01:17: Betji grins.
01:17: Maephina: Shall we begin?
01:17: Betji: Ah, the famous, and sometimes infamous Noticiero!
01:17: Noticiero: She was the former chairperson of the alliance, and she was blamed by many, so I think she felt she needed to explain in length.
01:17: Maephina nods
01:17: Maephina: Indeed
01:17: Noticiero: Famous, yes...the other comment.
01:18: Betji grins.
01:18: Betji: Do you mind if I sit in, just to listen?
01:18: Maephina: Fine by me
01:18: Noticiero: Now, Miss Maephina, you have been known to be a skeptic to say the least, toward the new Council, and the Clerical Staff, or am I mistaken?


01:19: Maephina: Indeed I am
01:19: Noticiero: So you think that perhaps the new council is just a waste of time...that they will do as bad or worst than the original one?
01:20: Maephina: not exactly
01:20: Maephina: I believe it is the duty of all self-respecting clan leadership to take part in the rebuilding
01:20: Maephina: to insure it is a fairly handled process
01:20: Maephina: and two...
01:20: Maephina: to make certain those with their own agendas do not [CENSORED] again.
01:21: Maephina smiles politely
01:21: Noticiero: Are you saying that not all clan leaders are welcomed to the new council?
01:21: Maephina: Are you serious?
01:21: Maephina: I've yet to see how the CoT has anything truly resembling an "open door policy"
01:21: Maephina: See
01:22: Maephina: every clan is welcome to put up 2 members of their clan as representatives to the CoT
01:22: Maephina: however
01:22: Maephina: it is my belief that the so called "Clerical staff"? is nothing more than a "members only club"
01:22: Maephina: and lets not forget Radiman
01:22: Noticiero: Well, I know there are a few requirements, contacting the staff...registering at the gridsite...sending representatives...well, an expected part of a process to include a clan.
01:23: Maephina nods
01:23: Noticiero: But I'm yet to see any proof that either the Clerical Staff or Mr. Radiman has refused a legitimate clan by any means, and trust me...I've done my share of digging, such a story would be quote nice to bag...for the public of course.
01:24: Maephina: Right...
01:24: Maephina: "by legitimate means" is right on the cred stick
01:24: Maephina: Let me be blunt
01:25: Noticiero: Well...they have set some basic guidelines...which I don't see as absurd or inappropriate, after all if every one-man clan joined the council...there would be no room to sit in the CoT building.
01:25: Maephina: It is my opinion, and I feel the opinion of a number of other clan leaders that the CoT rebuilding process was and is largely headed up by the leadership of the now defunct EG alliance.
01:26: Maephina: People say
01:26: Maephina: the EG and CoT have nothing to do with one another
01:26: Maephina: I disagree
01:26: Maephina: when you consider how the majority of those clan leaders handled their own alliance
01:26: Maephina: What room does that leave for any real faith in a CoT if their are a part of it's "clerical staff"?
01:27: Maephina: and who Legitimized this clerical staff in the first place?
01:27: Maephina: I sure didn't
01:27: Maephina: Did you?
01:27: Noticiero: If I remember correctly, your clan was a member of the EG alliance last year.
01:27: Maephina: yes....
01:27: Maephina: we were
01:28: Noticiero: And you left in good terms?
01:28: Maephina: We were a part of the alliance for oh....
01:28: Maephina checks her watch
01:28: Maephina: all of two months tops?
01:28: Maephina: No
01:28: Maephina: I'd say we did not
01:28: Maephina: We left with a bad taste in our mouths to be quite honest
01:28: Maephina smiles lightly
01:28: Noticiero: So you had an issue with the EG leaders before even the Clerical Staff was formed?
01:28: Maephina: Not exactly
01:29: Noticiero: Define 'not exactly' please.
01:29: Maephina: We were part of the EG after the staff was already fairly developed I believe. And the CoT was still going through developments
01:29: Maephina: When we joined we did so under a misguided belief that things would be.....
01:29: Maephina thinks
01:30: Noticiero: Peachy?
01:30: Maephina: hmm what's the word Jain?
01:30: Maephina: cordial
01:30: Maephina: diplomatic
01:31: Noticiero: I see, and you found EG not to be that, correct?
01:31: Maephina: In more ways than one
01:31: Maephina: Which
01:31: Maephina: by the way with which their fall was handled...
01:31: Noticiero: Now I have an interesting question...
01:31: Maephina: I think it only substantiates it
01:31: Maephina: Of course?
01:31: Noticiero: You say the Clerical Staff is a 'members only' club...
01:32: Maephina: seems like...
01:32: Noticiero: Yes after the fall of was obvious some EG leaders...were at odds with eachothers...
01:32: Maephina nods
01:33: Noticiero: The Clerical Staff has Commander Windguaerd and Mr. Cogs...both who have publicly said they felt...less than thrilled that EG ended the way it did, and that their former allies planned to leave the alliance to form a new one...without them.
01:33: Maephina nods
01:34: Maephina: Everything happens for a reason...
01:34: Maephina: It's a shame really...
01:34: Noticiero: How can you explain...that these same people, work side by side with former EG Clan Leaders they do not particularly be in the same 'club'.
01:34: Maephina: Do they?
01:35: Maephina: Have they worked side by side since the EG fell apart?
01:35: Maephina: And to what end?
01:35: Noticiero: They work together, setting their differences aside, to fulfill their role in the Clerical Staff.
01:35: Maephina: I don't see how.
01:35: Maephina shrugs
01:35: Maephina: What has the clerical staff done for me lately
01:35: Maephina: as a clanner
01:35: Maephina: ?
01:36: Noticiero: As far as I can tell, they have...the gridsite has been worked on, Press Releases issued, representatives contacted and acknowledged in both Atlantean and Rimor chambers.
01:36: Khatrinah: hi
01:36: Maephina: Right...
01:36: Maephina: Making a list...checking it twice
01:36: Maephina: naturally
01:36: Noticiero: Well, have you sent your representatives to them?
01:36: Jainex: um.......didn't Tussa do almost all of that?
01:36: Maephina smiles
01:36: Maephina: Foxferal did a lot of the new site Jain
01:36: Maephina: least so I heard
01:37: Maephina: And I am one of the reps
01:37: Maephina: as is Jainex
01:37: Noticiero: If you are, then you are part of the same council you seem to have issues with.
01:37: Maephina: and I've spoken to them off and on through the ordeal of rebuilding
01:37: Maephina: Indeed
01:37: Maephina: as I said
01:38: Maephina: it is up to any self respecting clan leadership to be a part of this to insure it is done with the best interest of all clansmen and woman in mind.
01:38: Maephina: That is why I joined
01:38: Maephina: and so far I have not liked what I've seen.
01:38: Noticiero: Very well, and as a member of the council what work have you done?
01:38: Maephina: but I'm only one person
01:39: Maephina laughs
01:39: Noticiero: It is not a laughing matter Miss Maephina.
01:39: Maephina: What work is to be done? I'm not a "clerical staff member" so it's not as if I can go about gathering names for the lists of reps.
01:39: Maephina: And
01:39: Maephina: as a clan leader
01:39: Maephina: My CLAN is my number one priority
01:39: Maephina: So
01:40: Maephina: To answer your question Mister Rivera
01:40: Maephina: What have I done for the council?
01:40: Maephina: I've lead my clan
01:40: Maephina: that's what I've done
01:40: Maephina: I've made it something respectable
01:40: Maephina: for it's members
01:40: Noticiero: So the proposal to rebuild Old Athens is not worth of your attention, and you have no ideas to offer your fellow council members or to the Clerical Staff to strengthen the CoT?
01:40: Maephina: and they each respect me in return
01:41: Maephina: Oh of course the proposal is highly important
01:41: Maephina: And as far as offering ideas to the staff
01:42: Maephina: One must first overcome one's apprehension in giving anything to those who so blatantly disregard their was shown with the fall of EG.
01:42: Maephina: The bottom line is
01:42: Maephina: there are too many among the clerical staff that I would not trust to do my laundry.
01:42: Maephina smiles
01:42: Noticiero: Personally I've tried to dig....ehem, investigate the Clerical Staff, and the only one which I think may be dangerous is Commander Windguaerd...whom I can't talk to unless it's scheduled...or I get a bullet...well, he said so.
01:43: Maephina giggles
01:43: Maephina: So I've read
01:43: Maephina: I'll be honest with you there
01:43: Maephina: At least the Commander is honest
01:43: Noticiero: Unfortunately a true clanner, does it's own laundry.
01:43: Maephina: and forthright
01:43: Maephina: I respect that
01:43: Maephina: He doesn't take people's bull
01:43: Maephina: speaks his mind
01:44: Maephina: tells the truth as he sees it up front without a lot of fluff
01:44: Maephina: I like that
01:44: Maephina: the others......well...
01:44: Maephina: "fluff' is their middle name
01:45: Noticiero: Exactly...and how long do you think he would remain with people who are petty or have agendas to profit or benefit from the CoT?....the man is dangerous, yes...but not a fool. If he is willing to work with people he dislikes...there must be a good reason.
01:45: Noticiero: I think the rebuilding of the new council is a good reason, for him it may be.
01:45: Maephina: Oh yes
01:45: Maephina: Perhaps he sees it the same as I
01:45: Maephina: to insure those who are in it for money
01:45: Maephina: or some other agenda
01:46: Maephina: Do not take it and run away with it he must be on the inside holding the "fort"
01:46: Maephina: that is how I believe as well.
01:46: Maephina: Unfortunately
01:46: Maephina: I feel there are more of "them" then there are of "us"
01:48: Maephina: This is about the "council of truth"
01:48: Maephina: I think the first thing
01:48: Maephina: is to truly define what that "truth" is
01:48: Maephina: and right now it seems to me like they have no idea
01:48: Noticiero: Then why not work from the inside, to avoid the CoT falling once again? you said you're only one person...but at one point, before all the so called 'fluff' took place...those six people had to come together with an ideal, to reform the council...not for them, but for the clans...EG was something apart for them from what I've gathered.
01:48: Maephina: Well
01:48: Maephina: After our departure from the EG "alliance"
01:49: Noticiero: Now five of the six were EG Leader or members...
01:49: Noticiero: Tussa was never in EG.
01:49: Noticiero: As far as I know.
01:49: Maephina: I've not felt a sense of welcome among those who I was once allied and I blame that perhaps on the nature of our departure and the fact that we did leave with a bad sense in our minds.
01:49: Maephina: Tussa is a different story
01:50: Maephina: She has actually been quite responsive the few times I've had the pleasure to speak with her directly.
01:50: Noticiero: I would go as far as saying that it wasn't EG that formed the was something that they took upon themselves as clan leaders, not EG allies....but the fall of EG did affect their relationship...which may have slowed the progress of the new CoT.
01:50: Maephina: She is selfless
01:50: Maephina nods
01:51: Maephina: It was slow to begin with
01:51: Maephina: May I ask you something Mister Rivera?
01:51: Noticiero: But we've gone off course here...I came here with the intention to ask clan citizens their view of the new CoT as a whole...not to dig for...well...other things.
01:52: Maephina: In your investigation of this issue what have you learned about Mr. Radiman's agenda in this new Cot? And given the way he left the clans the first time around...why should any of us have faith in a single word he has to say?
01:52: Noticiero: But I have this habit of...investigating.
01:52: Noticiero: Well...I can't say for sure...but my investigation may soon go right to Mr. Radiman's face.
01:52: Maephina: He has made a few public appearances in recent memory
01:52: Maephina: I certainly hope so
01:52: Maephina: because not once
01:53: Maephina: have I heard him say why he is trying to be a ...motivating voice behind the reformation.
01:53: Maephina: and why we should trust him
01:53: Maephina: It's all words
01:53: Noticiero: I've made a request for a private interview, and so far it looks like I have a chance at it.
01:53: Maephina smiles softly
01:53: Maephina: glad to hear it
01:53: Maephina: I'll look for that interview anxiously
01:54: Maephina: And you're right
01:54: Maephina: Forgive my digression
01:54: Noticiero: I think from my interviews, you will know that I'll be dig....ehem, investigating everything I can about Mr. Radiman during the interview.
01:54: Maephina: My opinion is this then...
01:55: Maephina: the reformation is a good "idea"
01:55: Noticiero: Including his self exile, and the time he vanished in 29476
01:55: Maephina: who forms that idea and what shape it unfolds into in the end is what is important...
01:55: Maephina: At present
01:55: Maephina: with the amount of uncertainty and lack of trust between the clans that exists today...
01:56: Maephina: as well as questions about our future here
01:56: Maephina: I am left wondering what possible difference this will all make when the time comes.
01:56: Maephina: So
01:56: Maephina: I put my name on the list of those who wish to be a part of things when "things" allow me to be a part of them.
01:57: Noticiero: That sounds like something Sun Tzu would say...
01:57: Maephina: who?
01:57: Maephina smirks
01:57: Betji grins.
01:57: Noticiero: An instructor from the War Academy, in Athen Shire.
01:58: Maephina nods
01:58: Maephina: Clans must learn to unite
01:58: Maephina: or die
01:58: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss. Maephina
01:58: Maephina: there is no middle of the road here
01:58: Maephina: my pleasure
01:58: Betji: Interesting listening!
01:59: Falcontalon: I'm from the CoT, I hear there are drugs here.
01:59: Falcontalon: So please *sniff sniff* give me the drugs.
01:59: Falcontalon rubs his nose
01:59: Betji rolls her eyes.
01:59: Noticiero scans Falcontalon
01:59: Maephina glares
01:59: Falcontalon: GIMME DA DRUGS
01:59: Maephina: ...stim fiend
02:00: Maephina: crawl back in your subway
02:00: Noticiero: Nope, not a CoT ID on him.
02:00: Falcontalon: Wait, its right here
02:00: Falcontalon: Ill show you
02:00: Betji chambers a round in her weapon
02:00: Maephina: Charming
02:00: Falcontalon: AWWWW YEAH
02:00: Maephina: You see?
02:00: Noticiero: Another stim head.
02:00: Maephina gestures to Falcontalon
02:00: Maephina: this is what the Cot is trying to "save"
02:00: Maephina: ...good luck on that
02:01: Noticiero: Miss Betji what to you think of the new Council of Truth?
02:01: Betji: Yes, I heard.
02:01: Betji: Sorry... that was to Khat.
02:01: Betji: You're interested in my views, Noti?
02:01: Noticiero: Yes ma'am.
02:01: Betji: Wow....
02:01: Betji: Have a seat.
02:02: Betji gestures to the table.
02:02: Khatrinah lean her back resting against Betji
02:02: Betji: By the way, this is my friend, Khat.
02:05: Noticiero: Ehem, yes.
02:05: Khatrinah grins
02:06: Betji: OK... I introduced you to Khat here, my friend...
02:06: Noticiero: Hello Miss Khatrinah
02:06: Khatrinah: Hello
02:07: Betji: Actually, I'm in a business not dissimilar from yours, Noti, except I collect information for individual clients, rather than the general public.
02:07: Noticiero: Intelligence gathering.
02:07: Betji: Hi there, De!
02:07: Betji: Yep.
02:08: Betji: So, in any given week, I might have clan, omni, or neutral papers.
02:08: Dedojo: Hi Betji
02:08: Betji: Just talking with Noti about the CoT and it's CS (clerical staff).
02:08: Noticiero: But you are a clanner, correct Miss Betji?
02:08: Dedojo nods
02:08: Betji: At the moment.
02:08: Betji grins.
02:09: Betji: Actually, Blackpetal, leader of "The Loyal Opposition," is my ladylove, and I'm clan because of her.
02:09: Noticiero: You must have killed your share of cyborgs to wear that armor.
02:09: Betji: Actually, there is an extremely enterprising and helpful fellow who sells it for a living.
02:09: Noticiero: Blackpetal...isn't that the person who was rescued by Mercury Dragons and some other clans because he was trying to leave Omni-Tek and got arrested for it?
02:10: Khatrinah: what armor do you mean?
02:10: Dedojo: She
02:10: Betji: Blackpetal is a she.
02:10: Betji grins.
02:10: Betji: And yes, I was the leader of the group that escorted the messenger that freed her.
02:10: Betji: MDs, VE, WE, and others were involved.
02:11: Betji: OP and THM were the primary opposition.
02:11: Noticiero: Didn't have much details about the event.
02:11: Dedojo: I was unfortunately attending to a spiritual pilgrimage to old earth...
02:11: Betji: Sorry about that, I didn't have a way to get in touch with you at the time.
02:11: Optical: hiya jaine
02:11: Maephina smiles
02:11: Optical: hiya Mae
02:11: Maephina: Optical
02:12: Noticiero: But once again, I'm going off course from my intentions here...what are your views on the new Council of Truth and the Clerical Staff?
02:12: Betji: Well, I believe there are multiple levels of dreams and realities going on with the CoT.
02:12: Betji: Right now, it's still a guess which might triumph... although I tend to put my money more on realities...
02:12: Betji: But dreams can be powerful things.
02:13: Dedojo ignores his normal codes of conduct and drinks himself to excess
02:13: Betji: The big dream is, of course....
02:14: Betji: The rebuilding of Athen and the creation of a true government for all the clans.... so they have a way of negotiating as a group with Omni and ICC.
02:14: Betji: There is also the dream of fame and importance here on Rubi-Ka.
02:15: Maephina raises an eyebrow
02:15: Betji: Lots of people in leadership positions are driven by that need for recognition.
02:15: Betji: Nothing wrong with that... you just need to recognize it, understand it, and deal appropriately.
02:16: Betji: Now, the conflicting realities are something we all understand.
02:16: Betji: Lined up against those dreams are a number of big obstacles.
02:16: Betji: The potential for discord within the Clerical Staff is only one.
02:17: Betji: There's also the problem of dealing with those shadowy forces who seem to have such huge influence on Rubi-Ka affairs, and strangely, whose names are always in a greenish tinge.
02:17: Dedojo: Excuse me. But I shall make my leave.. I have never been one for politics even as close as I am to the events of which you speak
02:17: Betji nods.
02:17: Betji: Later, De!
02:18: Betji: But most of all, there is a much larger reality of trying to make the CoT actually work as a government.
02:18: Betji: You see, that's what clanners expect, in their heart of hearts.
02:18: Betji: They want the CoT to actually DO something... preferably something that makes their lives better.
02:19: Betji: But at the very least, they want the CoT doing things they can participate in.
02:19: Betji: But to date there has been no attempt to set up any governmental form where clans send members, voting occurs, etc., etc.
02:19: Betji: There's been talk and stuff, but nothing actually done.
02:20: Maephina: here here
02:20: Maephina drinks to that
02:20: Betji: This has given the impression that the CoT's clerical staff is just in it for the personal fame....
02:20: Betji: Rather than because they're trying to do something.
02:21: Betji: Now, I'm not in the clerical staff, so I have no idea what kind of greenish obstacles they're up against.
02:21: Betji: But it seems to me, they could at least start with some inclusive activities that didn't require hugely complicated changes to the world as we know it.
02:21: Betji: Start small and build seems a wise course of action.
02:22: Betji: Furthermore, by getting out there and doing something, they're taking a leadership position, which the clans desperately need.
02:22: Betji: Unfortunately, I think the clan organization model is poisoning minds a bit...
02:23: Betji: People are used to strong hierarchies, with an overall leader who has dictatorial powers.
02:23: Windguaerd frowns
02:23: Betji: Personally, I think a representative democracy might suit the clans a lot better as an overall governmental model.
02:23: Noticiero gulps
02:23: Maephina smiles and waves to Windguaerd
02:23: Noticiero: Tell me he is not behind me....
02:24: Maephina: he's not behind you
02:24: Maephina snickers
02:24: Betji: Now now, Windguaerd, I understand you don't talk to this fellow without advance notice.
02:24: Betji grins.
02:24: Betji: Is there any message I should convey to him?
02:25: Maephina: ooooh
02:25: Maephina: so exciting
02:25: Windguaerd: To not look my way unless he wants a hole between his ears...
02:25: Maephina giggles
02:25: Maephina: Such passion
02:25: Noticiero doesn't move an inch
02:25: Jainex chuckles
02:25: Betji: Well, given the gas level, that seems a bit difficult to manage.
02:25: Betji: Well, it is a definitive statement, nevertheless.
02:26: Windguaerd: Don't bet on it lady.
02:26: Betji giggles.
02:26: Betji: Hey, I'm insured.
02:26: Betji grins again.
02:26: Betji: Well, Noti, is all that ambiguous enough for you?
02:26: Noticiero: Where is he?....can I move now?
02:26: Betji: Yes, you can move.
02:26: Maephina smiles
02:26: Noticiero sighs
02:27: Noticiero: Thank god he is gone...
02:27: Betji: He's not gone... he's just out of sight.
02:27: Noticiero gulps
02:27: Betji shrugs.
02:27: Maephina: He's sneaky
02:27: Betji: Death is an everyday occurrence here.
02:28: Betji: Heck, I got killed three times earlier this evening, helping De.
02:28: Betji: Very messy deaths, too, I might add.
02:28: Betji grins.
02:29: Betji: You know, there is just one dangerous thing about rebuilding Athen....
02:29: Noticiero: Alright uh...Miss Khatrinah...your view about the council and the Clerical Staff?
02:29: Betji: Ah... over to you Khat.... you there, Khat?
02:30: Betji: I think she may have nodded off for a moment or two.
02:30: Betji: Ah... there she is.
02:30: Khatrinah: now i am
02:30: Khatrinah: hehe
02:30: Betji: Noti asked your opinion, Khat.
02:30: Windguaerd shouts: I felt you move worm! I hope you didn't look at me!
02:30: Betji rolls her eyes.
02:31: Khatrinah: to be honest.. i'm still kinda clueless
02:31: Noticiero gulps
02:31: Noticiero: Clueless about the council or the staff?


02:32: Khatrinah: this is really my first time involving into this interview
02:33: Noticiero: If you don't know enough to make an opinion, that is fine.
02:33: Khatrinah: what is it that you would really like to know?
02:34: Noticiero: This is also something the public needs to know, not everyone can make an opinion right now.
02:34: Khatrinah: my opinion in rebuilding Athen?
02:34: Noticiero: No, about the new Council of Truth, and it's Clerical Staff.
02:34: Windguaerd mumbles
02:36: Khatrinah: really kinda hard for me to say at this time....
02:36: Betji: Looks over at Khat.
02:36: Betji: Do you have any neutral friends who talk about it, Khat?
02:37: Khatrinah: i maybe the first to be honest....
02:37: Noticiero: Hmm....
02:37: Noticiero scans Khatrinah
02:37: Noticiero: Ah...I did not notice, you're a neutral.
02:37: Khatrinah: depends how deep if I'm involve...
02:38: Betji looks perplexed.
02:38: Khatrinah smile
02:39: Noticiero: My inquiries are meant for clanners only, at this time. Since it is the clanners who are the ones affected by the current reformation of the CoT more so than any other faction.
02:39: Betji: Now there you're probably mistaken, Noti.
02:39: Maephina blushes and smiles at Jainex
02:40: Betji: Rebuilding Athen could have major effects on how easily it is for neutrals and omnis to visit the clans.
02:40: Khatrinah: that is why I'm here to understand the situation....i have never been good a side taker anyway through my life
02:40: Noticiero: Corporate departments reacted by issuing warrants...that was the only reaction they had...and neutrals...hope for the Sentinels to leave Tir...but besides that, nothing directly toward the new CoT.
02:40: Betji: Right now, the Old and West Athen grid terms, and Whom-Pahs, are the major avenues that allow free trade between the clans and other political factions.
02:41: Betji: Anything that changes the Athen situation could have huge repercussions.
02:41: Betji: In addition, if CoT manages to be recognized as a de facto government, or better, Omni will go ape.


02:41: Noticiero: I didn't look at you!
02:42: Windguaerd: I know, calm down.
02:42: Windguaerd: You know besides being a Commander, I'm a member of the Clerical Staff...and I want to clarify something.
02:43: Noticiero sighs
02:43: Maephina listens
02:44: Windguaerd: My clan proposed the restoration of Old Athen years ago, and the effort has been tried by others over the years.
02:45: Windguaerd: But my reasons for the project weren't just military in nature....yes, OA is in ruins, and is a weak part of Athen City, which should have been rebuild since the 3rd war took place....but that is from the strategic point of view...there is also morale and financial issues.
02:46: Windguaerd: Walking through ruins every damn day, is depressing, lowers morale...and no respectable businessman would set shop in the middle of ruins, except some peddlers or those who don't care about location.
02:46: Maephina nods her head in in total agreement
02:47: Windguaerd: The west side of the city thrives because there are shops, who are in good shape, with green grass and fairly clean streets around them...they profit, this the city profits.
02:47: Betji whispers to Maephina, "I know of a businesswoman who's looking into the possibilities quite seriously. ... setting up business in Old Athen, as it is now."
02:48: Windguaerd: The east side is a shame, and if we could get it would make Athen a true clan city, and not just the former Omni-2 which we liberated.
02:48: Maephina whispers back Would you be that business woman?
02:48: Betji winks at Maephina.
02:49: Windguaerd: That is all I wanted to say, in behalf of my clan, and the Clerical Staff.
02:49: Maephina grins softly
02:49: Maephina winks back
02:49: Windguaerd: And I expect a copy of these interviews Mr. Rivera....
02:49: Noticiero:'t censor me!
02:50: Windguaerd: Who says that I should know my way of dealing with troublemakers Mr. Rivera....
02:50: Betji: The military has always wanted to control the press, Noti... but they never seem to manage to accomplish it.
02:50: Windguaerd taps his rifle
02:50: Betji taps her as well.
02:50: Maephina: "the Military"
02:50: Maephina snickers
02:51: Windguaerd: I just want to make sure you don't try anything [CENSORED]....
02:51: Maephina sticks her tongue out at Optical
02:51: Noticiero: I...don't know what you're referring to...
02:51: Maephina gasps
02:51: Betji: Oh ho! Sneaky journalism? This is getting VERY interesting.
02:52: Betji grins.
02:52: Maephina makes a note...*scan residence for wire taps*
02:52: Windguaerd: Yes you do, but I got no time for [CENSORED]?
02:52: Noticiero: I...I...
02:52: Windguaerd: I have a feeling this part of your 'investigation' [CENSORED]?
02:53: Noticiero gulps
02:53: Maephina: ....daaaam
02:53: Maephina: is that a bullet hole ? I swear he never pulled the trigger....
02:53: Noticiero: It is not related to
02:53: Betji giggles.
02:54: Windguaerd: Your investigation is over...
02:54: Maephina snickers
02:54: Noticiero gulps
02:54: Windguaerd: Get off your [CENSORED]....
02:54: Betji: Aw, come on, Noti, be brave, publishing [CENSORED]... it should make great copy!
02:54: Windguaerd: I'll say this only once...
02:55: Windguaerd shouts: [CENSORED]!

My investigative report was shortened due to obvious reasons, but it was also obvious that some clanners are divided in their view of the new Council of Truth.

Will the Clerical Staff succeed with such divided opinion among the population they need the support to rebuild the new council?

Only time will tell.

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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