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Last friday the 7th in a hot afternoon what started as a request for help, ended up in one of the longest battles between the clans and Omni-Tek in months.

A group of clan Borg Hunters in Mort were in trouble as members of their team started to die unexplainably, three survivors decided to seek help from fellow clanners in Athen City. Many joined the trio to investigate, search and rescue any survivors.

Borg Hunters Remitty, Jornarri and Hueya's only clue was the fact that their fellow hunters had instantly died when they arrived at a crash site of an Omni-Pol ship. Their scans showed that borgs had not been in the area for days, as they finished scanning, members of their group started to fall, dead.

Borg Hunter Remitty asking clanners to insure and to team up for safety.

With a force of over fifty clanners, including Commander 'Windguaerd' Wagner from Mercury Dragons Clan (also a member of the CoT Clerical Staff), Advisor Sollstice from The Independent Rubikans (neutral), Squad Commander Nukin from Vengeance of the Clans, General Escritores from Nordic Alliance Clan, Veteran Trgeorge from Cerberus Clan among others the Borg Hunters lead them to the crash site.

Traveling through Whom-pahs the large group moved through Tir, Andromeda, Newland, Newland Desert and arrived in Mort in a matter of minutes at the Hope Clan Outpost.

Everyone preparing for combat.

Borg Hunters ready to lead the group to the crash site.

After using the local insurance terminal, everyone prepared for combat just in case they came under attack. The crash site was located northwest from the outpost, in a large crater.

The sight was horrendous, dozens of omni corpses wearing Omni-Pol armor along with destroyed omni Slayerdroids, and not too far from them the bodies of the borg hunters who had mysteriously fallen.

Clanners inspect the Omni-Pol crashed ship.

Everyone had a feeling as if something was watching them through their own eyes, soon after a wet sluthering sound was detected all around, yet there was nothing visible.

The group initiated scans of the area, all came up were negative. Nothing besides the corpses and the ship was in the area. But then it happened...strange alien noises could be heard....directly into people's minds. Many voices screaming out in agony...and clanners started to scream in pain and dropped dead all around as they heard the word "DIE!" in their minds.

Everyone was looking for something, anything to fight back with no avail. Whatever was attacking them was unseen, and whatever weapon was being used, was undetected.

The burning wreckage viewed from a nearby hill.

Without a way to fight back, a tactical retreat back to the Hope Outpost was advised by Commander Windguaerd. Most clanners followed it, the rest died standing their ground.

A few minutes after arriving at the outpost, just when they thought a safe area had been reached...people started to die. The small town was being affected by whatever was attacking everyone, it had expanded beyond the crash site area. It had reached Hope.

Having no other choice, another tactical retreat was called by Commander Windguaerd, to use the Whom-pah to Newland Desert which hopefully would be a safe place. Luckily, it was.

Having great concern that what was happening in Mort could be taking place also in other clan areas, Mercury Dragons Lieutenant Gennai and Private Cotix were sent to clan cities Tir and Athen to alert the Sentinels and the Vanguards of the situation as well as check if our cities had been affected in any way by the mysterious attack.

Fortunately there were no reported incidents in either town. After a short while, whatever was killing people, stopped.

The area was officially quarantined in behalf of the Council by Commander Windguaerd, however within fifteen minutes of that order taking place Omni-Tek transport haulers landed around the crash site, with over 100 troops, including highly trained and heavily armed Omni-Pol Guards, Captains and Lieutenants. As soon as they surrounded the crashed ship, something that has not been heard of in years happened. Six Behemoth-Class Juggernauts landed, the largest military force to land in clan territory in decades.

Clan sources with a military background told that the omni force once backed up by the Juggernauts moved into a "Stormbuster" formation; created by omni tacticians a few years ago in response to Storm Clan's tactics against Omni-AF.

Clanners who were in the area tried to approach the omni force to offer assistance, it was then that without warning the omnis opened fire on the clanners investigating the area.

Omnis attack clanners once they have landed and in position.

Another tactical retreat was called by Commander Windguaerd to avoid further violence. However that changed as soon as they had reached the Hope Outpost.

The town had been occupied by force with a Behemoth-Class Juggernaut along with thirty omni troops. Outraged by the violation of a clan outpost and the death of it's guards, Commander Windguaerd gave the order to attack to remove the trespassers. Clanners from several clan cities and towns rallied, even from as far as the shadowlands, to answer the call to arms. It took almost an hour to liberate and secure the outpost.

After clearing Hope from the omni occupying force, the brave clanners prepared to head to the crash site. The risk of another omni force being deployed from the larger force at the crater to retake the clan outpost was not an acceptable situation. The omnis had to be forced out of the crater, and out of Mort.

This lead to an hour long battle, using several different tactics to break the omnis "Stormbuster" formation. First all the omni military personnel was targetted, since the Behemoth-Class Juggernauts were in position to cover their rear and unable to move fearing the risk of exposing their flank.

Using techniques to lure the omnis away from their heavy artilerry they became easy targets for the clan forces, one by one they fell to the power of the clans.

A surprise attack by omni employees failed since they were heavily outnumbered by clanners, soon after they withdrew knowing they had no chance to change the outcome.

Without ground forces to protect their left and right flanks, the Behemoth-Class Juggernauts were vulnerable to long range weapon attacks. Having no choice but to move forward to get the clanners in weapons range the Juggernauts were trapped as they became completely surrounded by dozens of clanners...unable to target them all.

In less than fifteen minutes the mightly Juggernauts were on the ground, either disabled or destroyed.

The crash site was secured by clan forces that day, and is still under quarantine. Hope remains on alert. The Sentinels were notified by the CoT Clerical Staff to also remain on alert since they have an outpost in Mort.

There is no explanation as to how people died, or who killed them before the omnis landed.

Could it be a new Omni-Tek weapon?

The corporation claims that they were only there to retrieve the bodies of a fallen Omni-Tek reconnaissance team and refused to answer any further questions either from me or other reporters.

Why would Omni-Tek bring such a large force to recover a small reconnaissance team?

I'm not the only one with that question in mind, many others suspect the corporation of trying to either hide a new weapon they're developing...or cover up the fact that there may be a new threat to the clans...after all, all this took place in clan territory.

Everyone heard the word "DIE!" before they fell. The voice appeared not to be human...could it be there is something else out there? a new threat? or did Omni-Tek had an accident while creating a new weapon and it caused their own ship to crash?

All scans of the area and holo-pics taken by the clanners are being examined by the CoT Clerical Staff. They have stated that any discovery will be shared with the Council of Truth. They have declared the crash site as "Area 52".

Holo-pics provided courtesy of Mercury Dragons Clan.

I can assure you my readers, If I find out more I will report!

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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