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April 30th was a day to remember, and the details are still not clear even 10 days after the incident, but one thing is clear my readers. Omnis somehow infiltrated the Tower of Truth and attempted to plant listening devices.

How did they managed to enter pass all the big and tough sentinels you wonder?...well you can't catch what you can't see. That day Tir was covered by a mysterious fog, one of the like that has not been seen in many decades.

Even the mighty Sentinels Clan had to call upon clan leaders to send reinforcements fearing that perhaps this was a prelude of an attack on the clan capital. And it was, in a way. Even with dozens of clanners answering the call, everyone could not see more than two feet ahead in such a thick fog, and nobody was able to detect anyone which was not a clanner for some reason...even though it was obvious later on that omnis had entered Tir.

A few experienced clanners started to check all the possible targets that our enemies could go for, one of them being the Tower of Truth. The Sentinels gave their permission and allowed clan citizens to enter the building to check if any intruders may have made their way inside.

Commander 'Windguaerd' Wagner and Commander 'Caid' Nottoris, who are members of the Clerical Staff were contacted and made their way to the Tower of Truth in haste from the Shadowlands.

A few minutes before they reached the building, omnis had been spotted inside the building planting listening devices. The alarm was given to the sentinels while the only exit was blocked and the omnis were asked to surrender. In response they started to shoot at the brave clanners without warning. A fight broke out in the middle of the council chambers, the first engagement between omni and clan there since May 17 29374 when Omni-Pol arrested the assembled clan leaders partaking in their first unified clan council. They were immediately shipped off-planet for incarceration elsewhere.

Sentinel Ferrenal and Sentinel Captain Geloy entered the building, joining the fight against the intruders. Unable to arrest them, the small clan force had no other choice but to terminate the omni operatives.

Soon after the chambers were secured, Commanders Windguaerd and Caid joined the force inside; they were briefed by Captain Geloy and shown the listening devices which the intruders failed to plant.

The Clerical Staff members were assured by the sentinels that the chambers had been thoroughly scanned for any other listening devices and that all the results came up negative.

The sentinels thanked all the brave clanners with a bravery token, and took the found listening devices to be examined by their fixers.

Sentinel Captain Gelroy a few minutes after the battle was over.

Sentinel Ferrenal scans the council chambers for more listening devices.

Holo-pics provided courtesy of Mercury Dragons Clan.

After the chambers were cleared out, authorized personnel cleaned up the council chambers to remove the blood and replaced damaged furniture and restore some walls that had been blasted during the battle.

Many clanners believe the mysterious fog had to been created by the Weather Control System currently under Omni-Tek control.

The Clerical Staff thanked the sentinels as well as the defenders of the council chambers for their quick action to fight a threat against the new Council of Truth.

How did the intruders went inside the clan capital pass high security systems, sentinels who are trained to detect anything, even when a fly goes by them?

How did they enter the Tower of Truth without the guards right outside noticing or setting off the alarms inside the building?

Fog was a visual cover, but they had to been equipped with the most advanced technology to get as far as they went. Who would have such expensive trinkets?

Who else? Omni-Tek.

Omni-Tek has denied either creating the fog or sending any spies to Tir. They even claim that if there was any malfunction by their Weather Control System that caused the fog, that it would not be unusual due to it's old operating system having a few flaws which they have not been able to correct. Also they claim that some of their employees may have taken action on their own initiative, therefore acting as rogue agents without the corporation knowing about it. Their investigation (which lasted a whole hour, oh my!) showed that there was no proof besides the testimony of a group of clanners that there was any omnis inside the CoT building, and they stated the case to be closed.

How convenient that such a 'flaw' happened at the exact same time a group of their employees (rogue or not) infiltrated Tir, and then broke into the council chambers! oh yes, how much of a coincidence is that?

As much a coincidence as a Leet learning how to drive a yalmaha by saying 'noobi' all day...

And how fast did they close their 'investigation' just because only clanners saw the omni intruders, and not anyone like a neutral or another omni as a they think the council is ready to welcome outsiders into the council chambers?

Will the Council of Truth even consider allowing anyone outside our faction inside the building after this incident?

I doubt it, at least not anytime soon.

Another day of infamy for Omni-Tek, another day of freedom for the clans. Business as usual for both sides.

I can assure you my readers, if I find out more I will report!

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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