Articles - Investigative Report

Yesterday evening, in a most surprising appearance, former Council of Truth Spokesman Henry Radiman along with three Watchers entered the clan establishment known as 'The Cup' in West Athen. I was not able to attend in person due to an ongoing investigation I was deeply involved at the time, however my sources from clan side provided me a recorded log of this most rare event, and a few holo pics to go along with it.

Apparently a few clan leaders and notable figures were discussing something about the now defunct Council of Ares when Mr. Radiman and his escorts arrived at the establishment.


Among the first to see and respectfully address Mr. Radiman were Clan Leader Anthony "Cogs" Mcduff and Commander "Windguaerd" Wagner from Cerberus Clan, Clan Leader Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers from Whisper's Edge Clan, Clan Leader Hattie "Szentasha" Suitt from Unity of the Rose Clan and Denisse "Jeanette" Sandine from Valor Eternal Clan.


Not long after Mr. Radiman had arrived, Lord Beargar, one of Lord Galahad's Commander-At-Arms appeared in support of the former CoT spokesman.


Word spread like wildfire and within ten minutes 'The Cup' was filled with patrons, to the point that there was barely enough room to move and entry to the establishment had to be restricted to avoid any injuries to the crowd. Watchers Lestertr, Slankshot and Llisanna were keeping Mr. Radiman at a short but safe distance from the many citizens who were trying to touch and speak to a man which many consider a hero.


Mr. Radiman and Lord Beargar spoke with clan leaders and citizens for almost an hour. He explained why he had dissapeared, the reason why he returned, concerned about the visions many have had in the recent days. During the conversation many things were revealed as those present shared information regarding the visions and what they may mean. Unfortunally a Mr. Peter "Craftmarks" Parker from Synergy Factor Clan was quite disruptive, illogical and apparently either drunk or on stims while addressing fellow clanners. Mr. Radiman answered many questions from curious clan citizens, and firmly denied the allegations of any ties with the Dust Brigade at any given time. All this and more can be read at the recorded log below, Mr. Radiman and Lord Beargar as well as the present Watchers words are highlighted. Some extreme language has been edited out.

Windguaerd: My idea of a CoA Senate could have succeeded, had it not been for some...CAS members who spoke without any authority and misrepresented CoA and our intentions.
Vixentrox: I'm talking abou the first CoA.
Cogs: the first CoA.....
Vixentrox: well well
Henry Radiman: How lovely....
Vixentrox: Speak of the devil
Cogs: Mr. Radiman!
Llisanna: Looks Safe Sir.
Windguaerd: Me and Redruum founded the first CoA, I came up with the name, the second time Redruum convince me to restart it, I regret to have listened to him.
Henry Radiman: The devil? I assure you madam, I am no devil. How are you all?
Vixentrox: I am well Mr. Radiman
Windguaerd: Greetings Mr. Radiman.
Vixentrox: But very vexed about your long absence
Cogs: My goodness Radiman....where have you been?
Culann: Halloo Henry...been a long time since I saw you last...hope the time has seen you well.
Henry Radiman: Greetings and apologies to you all.
Vixentrox: We were just speaking of the Council of Ares
Vixentrox: and the fall of the Council of Truth
Henry Radiman: I ... since the Council disbanded I felt a heavy blow.
Schuyler: Oh my god its him
Cogs: First things first, can I get you a beer, Mr. Radiman?
Henry Radiman: Tea please my good friend.
Henry Radiman: May I sit with you?

Clare: Please do sir.
Existenze: as long as you make your guard be quiet *grins*
Vixentrox nods
Windguaerd: Feel free, you are a clanner like any of us.
Szentasha looks carefully into Henry Radiman's eyes.
Henry Radiman: Ah a good cup from the cup.
Cogs: Of course....grab a chair!
Vixentrox: The best coffee and tea on Rubi-ka
Cogs: Being as we are, some of us prefer to sit on the tables...
Henry Radiman: Perhaps the sofa...
Cogs chuckles
Henry Radiman: Or not.
Schuyler: Hi Mr. henry
Schuyler: I is schu
Henry Radiman: Hello there
Henry Radiman: Hello to you Schu
Henry Radiman: Ah, Storm.

Szentasha: What brings you to the cup?
Szentasha: After forsaking us for so long!
Schuyler: yes me is storm
Henry Radiman: I needed to visit the cities again... upon hearing of these visions, I felt my time to return to you all was evident.
Vixentrox nods at Szentasha's comments
Jeanette: but where did you go?
Vixentrox: Yes....the visons
Clare: And none too soon Mr. Radiman...
Henry Radiman: I had to go away for a time, I needed to find myself again.
Vixentrox: Several of us in this very room have had them
Nooby: Oh my god you're black
Szentasha: Oh .. like our blood being spilled all over the planet wasn't a good enough ~sign~ for you to return?
Culann: Understandable..did you find what you were looking for Henry?
Henry Radiman: As I mentioned, when the Council fell I felt as though I had let everyone of you down... all the clans.
Cogs: Mr. Radiman...
Henry Radiman: No, but I come looking for it.
Henry Radiman: Yes Cogs?

Szentasha: There were those that believed in you .. strongly .. before you left so suddenly.
Cogs: As you know, you were a beacon to many of us
Kinkstaah scoffs.
Ramzie: so Mr. Radiman, pick up any philosophies to be preached to the clan? hopefully Militant ones?
Cogs: Your sudden disappearance....
Henry Radiman: I know, my fault entirely for letting so many down.
Cogs: It left a void...and many questions
Windguaerd shouts: Let the man speak.
Windguaerd nods to Henry Radiman
Henry Radiman: But I felt that my staying would potentially harm the clans more than serve it.
Ramzie at the site Commander Beargar salutes crisply with honor
Beargar: Perhaps the questions should not be so harsh towards Mr. Radiman.
Cogs: Just some parting words....some clue to your supporters might have been wise?
Szentasha: Since then we have had to forge for ourselves. If your intent is to rally support from the clans .. I think you should look elsewhere.
Schuyler: Beargar Hello Sir Knight
Beargar: Hail, Clansmen.
Vixentrox: Ah...Sir Beargar as well
Henry Radiman: A knight?...
Beargar: Hail, Henry.

Ramzie stands at attention
Windguaerd salutes Beargar
Szentasha tries hard to restrain herself.
Henry Radiman: Does Galahad know of my return sir knight?
Szentasha: Hail noble Beargar.
Beargar: His Lordship knows of all.
Clare: I believe Mr. Radiman, you may have some supporters here.
Cogs: Clanners...I think it is time to think, assess and not make hasty judgement....perhaps Mr. Radiman will take the time to explain?
Cogs: Greetings, Sir Beargar!
Beargar: Hail to thee, Cogs.
Culann: Honestly..think a moment. We have no idea where Mr. Radiman went to..we cannot judge his actions nor the man until we know the entire set of facts pertinent to the situation. And the only way to find out such, is to let Mr. Radiman have his say. Uninterrupted.
Henry Radiman: Of course he does. Well then you should tell Sir Galahad that the gesture of sending one of his most noble to see to it that I am well... is one that shall keep him in my prayers, along with every clan.
Windguaerd: Greetings Lord Beargar, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Vixentrox miles at her friend Sir Beargar
Beargar: We too would like to hear your words.
Beargar: If you are willing to share them, that is.

Craftmarks: Henry Radiman got kicked out of the council of Tir for hiring Dust Brigade to assassinate Omni Intelligence leaders
Henry Radiman: ... I owe it you all. As I said, I have been attempting to find strength within myself to return. Certainly after the conspiracy that brought the Tir Accord to ruin.
Ramzie: General Rookie Philip "Ramzie" MaBong reporting for duty
Henry Radiman: Kicked out?...
Beargar: Craftmarks, watch your tongue.
Beargar: You know nothing of the matters you speak.
Henry Radiman: No no, Beargar it is okay. People are allowed to say what is on their minds.

Craftmarks: You and your council fled to avoid from getting executed
Henry Radiman: It need only correcting with fact.
Cogs: I think we should shut up, and give Mr. Radiman some time to speak and explain?
Cogs shakes his head
Culann: I am in agreement with Cogs.
Vixentrox nods
Craftmarks: Can you tell us what really happened Henry Radiman?
Ramzie: disrespect should be held, especially from someone in clan Synergy Factor
Slankshot clears his throat.
Henry Radiman: It is true, some of our number had to escape death. But at that time we were already being doubted even by those who had heavily supported us.

Craftmarks: I understand the reason you fled, but may i ask a question?
Craftmarks: If it wasn't you and the old council who hired the Dust Brigade who did it?
Henry Radiman: The allegations of supporting terrorist acts is unfounded. I have yet to determine where these rumors started... and who placed them there.
Craftmarks: I would like to help you figure out who framed you Henry Radiman. if i may
Henry Radiman: Who would want the Accord to fail? Who would wish for the council to run?
Beargar: Please remember Clansmen, his Lordship also walked away from the Council.
Henry Radiman: Find those answers, and you may find those responsible.

Windbane: and walked away from us in the process
Beargar: If you believe what you say of Mr. Radiman, then the same must be true of Lord Galahad, and I will not accept that disrespect.
Micia: aye.. but he still shows his support to those loyal to him..
Henry Radiman: Would Sir Galahad return, good knight?
Windbane: a TRUE "leader" never quits. they always stick to their guns
Culann: Off the top of my head, it would be someone who wanted the clans in turmoil so they could move with their own plans. And let's face it...OT has done us no favors lately. Plus word is they march to retake the Jobe portal already.
Butwalrus: until recently we've been whipping the omnis pretty good without the council
Beargar: Lord Galahad never left the Clans.
Craftmarks: Henry Radiman I still support you but a lot of stuff happened and bad rumors started.
Beargar: We have been here for the people, and always shall be.
Nooby: However, a true leader also knows when to pull back...
Cogs: Indeed you have, Sir Beargar!
Ramzie: Mr. Radiman, the past is already set in stone and behind us, what can you tell us of the future and our soon to come military operations against the corporation?
Henry Radiman: He has done more for the clans than I have then...
Windbane: Pull back, yes abandon, no.
Beargar: There is still time to do much.
Henry Radiman: The future... our futures are always being written as we walk our paths.
Henry Radiman: I wish to walk this path with you, together. Brothers and sisters of the clans.

Craftmarks: Radiman the Clans through the ICC out of the Council after you left and now the Council is closed off. I wish you would come back to us and lead us like the old days.
Henry Radiman: These visions are what drew me out, I felt I needed to... no... it was destined for me to find out what they are and what they could mean.
Szentasha grumbles 'together? .. ha'
Ramzie: a great 20th century man once said a revolution requires land, and land requires bloodshed, as much as I wish there was a peaceful, path, there is none. OT has made this clear, i must stress to you the importance of a military campaign against the omni once again, the FINAL one.
Dariado: Mr Radiman, sir, will be expecting to see a deeper, stronger unity amongst clan members under your advisement once again? And if so, do you have any advice for us to begin reinforcing our fight for freedom?
Beargar: We too have concerns regarding these visions.
Kinkstaah: Then why don't you take your own advice, Ramzie?
Beargar: And have investigated the matters.
Beargar: Many you see before you have experienced them.

Vixentrox nods
Kinkstaah: You should know more than *others here* that the clans have been more than successful in military operations against OT.
Henry Radiman: I do not expect anything... let alone to be seen as a leader.
Henry Radiman: I merely return to you as a friend.

Catalyste: Throughout history, the old adage still applies, kill people to teach people that killing is wrong....
Nooby: that takes balls, Radiman
Ramzie: i mean a WAR
Craftmarks: Henry Radiman I figured out who framed you.
Ramzie: i mean killing those sons of bitches where they stand.
Cogs: Mr. Radiman...I respected you once....and symbolically you still have high regards with me personally, I can of course not speak for my clan. I would however, welcome your experience and wisdom, should you wish to return to us as a friend and follower of Alyssa
Kinkstaah: If you haven't noticed, we're at war.
Kinkstaah: But then again, Synergy Factor sleeps with Legion.
Culann: Mr. Radiman..surely you have heard the news regarding Jobe? And that OT marches to secure it for OT alone?
Windbane: Negative.
Craftmarks: but he is dead now, someone permanently killed him so no information could be given and the truth not heard
Henry Radiman: Yes, I have heard this also.
Windbane: Most of us fight alongside everyone
Ramzie: Legion are as much omni-tek as are the neutrals
Henry Radiman: I still request that you keep your minds open that peace can still be reached though...
Craftmarks: The Proof is in fact there that you have been framed Henry Radiman.
Ramzie: considering other omni detachments attack their land control DAILY
Catalyste: You make a gross generalization, Ramzie
Ramzie: i hesitate to say Synergy Factor is in bed with omni
Henry Radiman: I wish to know more of these visions...
Kinkstaah: I don't.
Nooby: i smell a neutral
Ramzie: and that makes a distinction between you and me kink
Beargar: Why must the Clans bicker, you are more an enemy to one another, than Omni-Tek has ever been.
Vixentrox: Clan is Clan.....As Sir beargar has said in past meetings, it is time to unify an put the squabbles behind us. I have doubted your intentions Mr. Radiman because you seemed so distant from the people. Do you intend now to hear our concerns in a more direct manner?
Henry Radiman: I believe a path lies beyond this portal that we must travel. And these visions are a key to what could be behind it.
Cogs: The point is...we must not think of this fight as a fight against people....we must see past that, and battle the ideology governing these people....only then can we achieve peace with them!
Catalyste: No one wants us anyway, ignore me as you always have. Anyone who knows me knows I won't bother any of you...
Vixentrox: I have had the visions Mr. Radiman
Windguaerd: I agree with Lord Beargar. Unity is lacking, for a while now. We're at each others throats.
Henry Radiman: Of course. Although I did not expect to bump into you so soon.
Culann: Well...what would you have us do Mr. Radiman to assist you in this endeavor? Some of us have had them, some of us have not...but it does seem perturbing that Jobe would announce the portal and all the visions begin within short term of each other.
Metalynx nods at Vixentrox
Henry Radiman: What was said Miss....?
Henry Radiman: Or is it Mrs?

Butwalrus: he cant have conversations with all of us, let him speak
Vixentrox: The visions were given by someone claiming to be the last blood of Alyssa
Metalynx: aye...she speaks the truth...I've had them also
Craftmarks: Henry Radiman Mister Ross is who framed you in an attempt to destroy the clan leaders and structure of our community
Henry Radiman: Alyssa, and did this one have a message?
Vixentrox: they dealt with dark times ahead with I believe, the opening of the Jobe portals
Vixentrox: A second vision foretold of a battle
Vixentrox: which i believe was the one that happened a few days ago
Beargar: Please brothers and sisters, a little silence in respect.
Catalyste hugs Ramzie
Vixentrox: The "visions" targeted people
Windguaerd: That is not possible, the last blood of Alyssa was...David Marlin, and he has been gone for centuries, back on Earth.
Henry Radiman: Targeted them? In what manner?
Henry Radiman: ... Marlin you say?...

Cogs: I had them as well, Mr. Radiman
Vixentrox: People that were supposed to be able to make a difference
Vixentrox: people that may have Alyssa's blood as well
Windguaerd: Yes, David Marlin. As a military men I sort to read on historical databases, one mentioned him.
Henry Radiman: I see...
Henry Radiman: David Marlin...

Vixentrox: Cogs had them...Tharkael....
Vixentrox: and others
Henry Radiman: Were the messages any different?
Metalynx: no
Henry Radiman: Or were they repeated?
Cogs: Yes....they were different
Vixentrox: only slight variations
Vixentrox: the theme was very similar correct Cogs?
Cogs: Personal variations....if you would like the specifics, they can be given....but the theme was similar, aye
Henry Radiman: About a battle, and the portal.
Metalynx: they spoke of the coming darkness...and the "Politicians and Scientists Opening a Portal to a place that was forbidden"...or some such
Windguaerd: But Mr. Radiman, that is...well, impossible. He has been gone since 12305, thousands of years ago, this cannot be.
Henry Radiman: Was anything mentioned specifically?
Vixentrox nods at Metalynx's comment
Henry Radiman: Commander, you are correct... but then...
Vixentrox: Metalynx had them as well
Cogs: the vision mentioned the "eye" doubt referring to the portals...
Henry Radiman: So the portal is forbidden, did they say to who? Or did the message imply all on Rubi-Ka?
Ramzie: open only to omni-tek employees no doubt.
Metalynx: it seemed to hint that the portal wasn't a good thing to open
Cogs: Not forbidden....
Beargar: ....there is darkness behind the portals..
Craftmarks: The Council of Ares framed you Radiman, in an effort to derail the Council of Truth
Beargar: The likes of which you have never seen.
Micia shudders
Metalynx chuckles
Cogs: but we were warned....of what might lie in store, should we enter
Culann: Lord Beargar..have you been there already Sir?
Beargar: I cannot speak of what we know.
Henry Radiman: Perhaps we should assist against this darkness? We should show our light? What say you?

Craftmarks: The Council of Ares is who hired the Dust Brigade
Beargar: But we are preparing ourselves.
Beargar: For when this darkness is free.

Craftmarks: I'm ready to fight!
Windguaerd: That is not true, the CoA wanted to pressure the CoT into action, not to disappear or be falsely accused by the corporate dogs.
Culann: The clans have always been the light..sometimes dimmer..sometimes brighter..but we are still the light.
Cogs: I think that was the message he bore, Mr. Radiman
Cogs: We must now unite, and stand together against this!
Cogs: Find our destiny....and the true potential that lies within us
Henry Radiman: I agree. It has been my vision that all clans would stand as one in times of darkness.
Nethelus1: Unite the clans
Catalyste: And what of us? More lip service? What of the thugs in Newland and the Sentinels in Tir?
Beargar: Lord Galahad and the Knights have always believed this.
Beargar: The power is within the people.
Beargar: Not in figurehead leaders.

Cogs: Indeed!
Vixentrox nods to Catalyste
Henry Radiman: Lord Galahad and the knights are always true to their word.
Cogs: thus....the blood of Alyssa
Culann: Well..I'd have to say if OT takes the portal, we are in for some hard times...the technology is what they are after, they have already said as much.
Micia nods at Beargars words
Windguaerd: You are asking a lot Mr. Radiman, but hope is what has always brought us together, and you have been a beacon of hope many of times. I don't know about the rest here, but I shall support your ideal.
Cogs: It is in us all.....we must simply use its power!
Shadytrade: power is dangerous
Culann: I don't particularly fancy OT being able to open a portal right in the midst of us and unload Juggernauts and Slayerdroids.
Craftmarks: Lord Galahad and the knights are the ones who protected you for so long Radiman
Shadytrade: you can't just claim will consume you
Craftmarks: I'm glad that they did
Henry Radiman: Omni-Tek will not own the portal. It is the creation of the Jobe scientists. If they wish for all to explore... then all shall.
Catalyste smiles at Mister Radiman
Culann: Well Sir, I would agree with you. The clans and Jobe would agree with you.
Dariado nods.
Culann: ...but does Omni-Tek?
Henry Radiman: Some in Omni-Tek would have to Culann.
Beargar: Do you not think Omni-Tek is not doing what we are now?
Henry Radiman: Not all are dark in soul... there is light in all.
Beargar: They are simply a people in confusion, as are we.

Catalyste hugs Lyricia
Culann: I would like to think so..
Lyricia hugs back
Existenze: there is also dark in all, Mr. Radiman
Vixentrox: Omni the corporation is evil...but the people are just misguided
Catalyste: But one cannot appreciate the light without the darkness, Existenze...
Culann: And I would tend to agree Lord Beargar..I think mostly, there's a race for unification on both sides..and I'm somewhat of the mind whoever finds that key first will have the upper hand for a long long time.
Rauri agrees with Vixentrox
Henry Radiman: Then continue to do so. I still have faith in peace, hope that we can reach a middle ground. And as Mrs Flowers said, it's the company... not those who are misguided within it.
Beargar: We do not believe the Visions were to prepare you against Omni-Tek.

Craftmarks: Radiman me and my forces will set out to assassinate Supreme Commander Simon Silverstone and return you as our Leader.
Cogs: Again, it is the ideology we must fight...break that, and we are home
Beargar: They have received similiar.
Catalyste sighs, still an untouchable...
Slankshot eyes Craftmarks...
Beargar: The Knights believe the Visions are to prepare you for what will come forth from the portals.
Henry Radiman: even so... could it be Marlin?.

Vixentrox: I think something is waiting on the other side of it...the visions hinted at something being locked away from the world
Kinkstaah: You might want to take that Sentinel helmet off before you say such things.
Cogs: What lies behind the portal is probably something much more potent....
Beargar: Perhaps, stranger things have happened.
Catalyste begins to cry...
Beargar: But does it truly matter the face behind the message?
Culann: Interesting. Is it as bad as people are saying? Are we, to use a old terran phrase, "opening Pandora's box" here?
Henry Radiman: I believe we are strong to ward against it if we stand together.
Beargar: Is it not the words that are more important, than the voice that speaks them?
Henry Radiman: As I know you believe that also.

Cogs: Yes...unity!
Dariado nods.
Patherson nods
Craftmarks: Radiman can you tell me Who the Angry Men of Tir were? and did they work for the old council?
Catalyste: This is a good thing, but you still have many to convince that you will stay the course this time, sir...
Beargar: Catalyste, you misunderstand.
Beargar: Mr. Radiman is not looking to lead.

Vixentrox: So what are the next steps then...we haven't much time. The portals will open soon
Beargar: He is sharing his views with you.
Beargar: He is asking you, the people to lead.

Catalyste: I assumed such
Beargar: To prepare yourselves, through unity.
Henry Radiman: I know I have yet to pay my debt to you my friends, for leaving as I did.

Vixentrox: There has been talk of a Clan Council
Catalyste: But I do not wish to lead here, I have my own people to worry about...
Schuyler: no ways storm can lead you
Vixentrox: A replacement to the Council of Truth
Craftmarks: The Angry men were ruthless, they were involved with the Council somehow. The council even rewarded them with such medals for the killings of Omni-Tek employees.
Athinia: are we going to war?
Beargar: No one person can lead the Clans, it can only be done through heart, this requires that all work together, and lead as a whole.
Cogs smiles
Vixentrox: Would the great Lords join the smaller Clans in council to lead and unite us all?
Culann: Lord Beargar..while your perspective is certainly understandable, how does the factor of the clans looking for a "Hero" to rally behind, fit in, now that we can finally speak with Mr. Radiman for the first time in a very long time indeed?
Ramzie: all the orgs must lead, not one
Henry Radiman: But Storm can join together with the others.
Cogs: That Sir Beargar, will be no small feat to accomplish!
Rauri: Until we quit bickering amongst ourselves there will be no unity.. no peace and no real leadership.
Beargar: You do not need heroes.
Beargar: Look around.

Catalyste smiles at Rauri
Beargar: Everyone in this room is a hero.
Beargar: We are not short of those.

Ramzie: incase, sir.
Aento: I believe every government on old earth, that tried to do that had failed.. bottom line is we need one leader
Cogs: Unity has always been a problem with the clans, but if there ever was a time to pull together, that time is now!
Szentasha smiles widely at Beargar
Henry Radiman: Ramzie, it is a kind gesture. But I do not wish to wield weapons my friend.
Beargar: You all survive and thrive in a time were chaos reigns free.
Beargar: That alone is heroic.

Windguaerd: Mr. Radiman, I know nanotechnology allowed the Solitus and then the new breeds to have a long lifespan here on Rubi-Ka, but David Marlin back in the twelve millennium had no such technology, how could he have survived seventeen thousand, one hundred and seventy two years? how possible is that?
Kinkstaah: Travel at the speed of light, or near it.
Henry Radiman: I ... can not answer that Commander Windguaerd.
Kinkstaah: Simple astrophysics.
Dariado: But without a head, the chicken will flap around aimlessly until it dies a slow, uncomfortable death. I, for one, believe that we need some sort of organizational head to help us focused on the tasks at hand.
Windguaerd sighs
Craftmarks: He used time travel through the dimensional portal to the shadowlands
Metalynx: we have done well enough so far....
Craftmarks: That's how he survived
Cogs: Windguaerd....I think you have to go past what we think we know to explain the visions....
Cogs: Open our minds, so to speak
Windguaerd: He freed the Solitus from the Omega, if he survived after all this time, could the Omega have done the same? they were tyrants, and if given a chance, would enslave us all.
Athinia: will some one answer me please i would like to know if we are going to war??? if so i am at your disposal
Cogs: The vision was a messenger...perhaps sent thru a rift....perhaps a true spirit, but a messenger no less!
Windguaerd: So much to...understand...
Vixentrox: We have been at war Athinia
Dariado: But metalynx, as we squander in our own groups, trying to pull together as best we can, we're losing inches, maybe even feet, to omni-tek's technological advances. We need something that will HELP us pull together. We need a replacement for the council of truth.
Catalyste: Finish the battle amongst yourselves first...
Londino: Athinia, i don't think Mr. Radiman is here to lead us to war, as Beargar said, just to share his opinions.
Henry Radiman: Oh?
Metalynx shrugs
Catalyste: You will never please everyone, but you CAN be accountable to everyone...
Catalyste: Are you mocking me, Shadytrade?
Cogs looks down
Catalyste frowns
Shadytrade: I mock no one.
Windguaerd: Would a new Council bring unity?
Ramzie: you look quiet a lot like him haha
Beargar: One thing at a time.
Cellestron: Mr. Radiman....will you be speaking to Silverstone about his continued slaughtering of neutrals and poising of the Clan name?
Catalyste smiles, timidly
Craftmarks: Radiman i must ask you a question, Do you still have your old Council Key Card pass? if so may i have it so i can continue Further investigation on who framed you. I could look for Clues.
Beargar: First we must prepare against the Darkness.
Shadytrade: uniting everyone is like saying there will never be glaciers
Culann: Mr. Radiman..does the name George McKenzie ring any bells to you Sir?
Beargar: Then perhaps a new Council will rise.
Henry Radiman: ...

Shadytrade: There will always be glaciers and there will always be war
Ramzie: we shall all meet in the place where there is no darkness
Henry Radiman: A new council is needed. I put my faith in you all.
Dariado: Would it? If we could fight the inconsistencies in ourselves, and learn to make compromises where necessary, then we can fight together as one.
Vixentrox nods
Windguaerd: You are right Lord Beargar, if darkness is upon us, then we must prepare for what is to come.
Henry Radiman: And about the CoT building, I have not had access to that place since the council fell apart.
Vixentrox: Some Clan leaders still have keys
Craftmarks: what happened to your card Radiman?
Craftmarks: did you leave it behind?
Henry Radiman: It would be beneficial to unravel this mystery of the visions, the portals and what people recognize for David Marlin.
Vixentrox: So....Mr.'ve come back, not to lead us yourself, but have come to help us form our own government and stand with us in these dark times?
Catalyste smiles at Shadytrade
Cogs: What we recognize should be his spirit....the belief in a cause, and his ability to unite!
Cogs: We must unite!
Henry Radiman: I am here to assist the clans... my family. My friends.
Beargar: As are we.

Sharazade: I seem to recall several have said we need to unite
Vixentrox reaches out her hand in friendship
Beargar: The loyalty of Lord Galahad and the Knights to the people will never die.
Catalyste sighs...
Henry Radiman: I take your hand in acceptance
Cogs: And many more need to say it, Shara
Windguaerd: As a clanner, and as an agent, I vow to help in this endeavor.
Vixentrox nods
Ramzie holds up his drink and look at Henry Radiman
Henry Radiman: Thank you for the warm welcome back.
Dariado: many of us have made a valiant attempt at uniting, generating alliances between clans. What we need now more than ever is to go beyond our alliances to all clans, and generate a better system of communication between the clans.
Henry Radiman: And i drink with you all now...
Ramzie: we shall all meet, in the place where there is no darkness!
Cogs: Then accept mine as well, Mr. Radiman....
Mohgedien: Wooo lets get smashed
Slankshot looks around..
Cogs: and let us fight together for our common future
Ramzie shouts: a toast to the return of Radiman and for the sake of every clanner here getting piss as drunk in rejoice!
Henry Radiman: Sir Knight... I wish to speak with your lord.
Jeanette: um, Mr. Radiman? before you go, I have a question..
Nethelus1 shouts: WOOOOOOOT!!!!!!
Vixentrox smiles
Beargar: I will pass on the word.
Catalyste: Mr. Radiman...I ask one favor of you...
Beargar: Lord Galahad has been quite busy as of late.
Henry Radiman: Yes?
Beargar: However I am sure he will honor old friends.
Henry Radiman: Of course

Windguaerd shouts: To Henry Radiman! and his ideals of Unity and Hope he brings to us all! and to all the clans, who shall heed this day and unite as one!
Catalyste: If you must make decisions of our fate..please ask us this not make treaties without speaking to us...we have a voice, and it is not silent, just soft
Vixentrox takes out a flask, holds it up in salute to Radiman and Beargar and drinks
Jeanette smiles
Dariado: would you mind, henry if I did the same?
Jeanette: thanks Mr Radiman
Henry Radiman: Of course not.
Catalyste: May blessings befall you and all you may know...
Cogs smiles, happy to see the turning of minds, and a happy outcome
Dariado: thank you kindly sir, it is much appreciated.
Beargar: I must take my leave, Henry.
Henry Radiman: Never a problem. I must return to my makeshift office.
Slankshot: Mr. Radiman... I hate to be out of line, but might I remind you of the time?
Beargar: I shall pass your words to his Lordship.

Catalyste hugs Vixentrox and leaves in tears
Henry Radiman: But I will see what I can do about the CoT building.
Ramzie salutes to Commander Beargar
Beargar: May your blade stay true.
Londino salutes Radiman & Beargar
Beargar: And may the blades of the Clans rise in honor.
Cogs: And lets get moving on opening Tir to the neutral community!!
Vixentrox shouts: bye Radiman...Sir Beargar
Henry Radiman: Blessing to you sir Knight
Windguaerd shakes Radiman's hands and whispers 'Welcome back sir'
Windguaerd bows to Radiman
Windguaerd bows to Lord Beargar
Ramzie: may the wind blow at your back, the rain fall lightly on your shoulders, and the path rise up to meet your feet.
Cogs shouts: Goodbye!

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

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Article written by Noticiero
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