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Yesterday in an unusual gathering, leaders and officers from all three factions met at the ICC Headquarters in Andromeda to talk about the Dust Brigade that has attacked them all.

Using an encoded and secure channel to avoid being overheard by any Dust Brigade operative all participants shared their ideas and comments regarding the threat.

The meeting lasted one hour.

Holo-pic and log provided courtesy of Mercury Dragons Clan.


The following is a log of the meeting.

As per ICC Public Broadcast Regulation AF3241-17, sub-section C2 we have partially censored this log:

23:57: Cloudstrik6: Whats going on?
23:57: Medjai: Greetings people
23:58: Fixerben: Were going to discuss the threat of the Dust Brigade and potential solutions to the problem.
23:58: Fixerben: You guys dont have to stand there like that
23:58: Fixerben: I'm not gonna shoot anyone
23:58: Fixerben: I have guards posted at Whom-Pahs and entrances..
23:59: Jadeshimmer: You never know *grins*
23:59: Fixerben: The only way in without me being alerted is through the sky.
23:59: Fixerben: I've removed my weapon as well.
23:59: Lomad: Then maybe you should post a guard on the platform above us.
23:59: Fixerben: If someone would volunteer I'd be glad to
00:00: Fixerben: But I placed my 3 volunteers at the most strategic locations I could think of.
00:00: Fixerben: So if I have a 4th they can head up there
00:00: Coszmik: I doubt that is necessary. The Dust Brigade only knows how to use the front door.
00:00: Fixerben: They are masters of surprise attacks.
00:00: Fixerben: And I wouldn't put anything beyond them.
00:00: Johaikas: I'll be guarding above
00:01: Lomad: Yes. They are prone to surprise attacks. Which is why you should arm yourself, Mr. Shady.
00:01: Fixerben: My name is Ben.
00:01: Fixerben: I am not Shady.
00:01: Lomad: The surname I have on file is 'Shady'
00:01: Kzak: Hey, all.
00:02: Medjai: Greetings Kzak
00:02: Fixerben: *cough* So anyway...
00:02: Johaikas: sky is clear
00:02: Fixerben: Ok, Just keep your eyes open.
00:02: Kzak: A moment.
00:02: Fixerben: Wisewise and Gimpenforcer are you in this channel?
00:02: Wisewise: Yes
00:03: Gimpenforcer: Yes
00:03: Fixerben: Ok, stay frosty guys, don't wanna be caught by surprise.
00:03: Shoneno: Hello all
00:03: Coszmik: May I ask why you are hiding, Ben?
00:03: Fixerben: hello Shon
00:03: Fixerben: I'm hiding?
00:03: Shoneno: He is, no, I see him right now
00:03: Coszmik: That's better.
00:04: Fixerben: Well, Its 6:05 PM, and we are all that is here, so I'll shout once more for people to join, and then we will begin.
00:05: Shoneno: kay
00:05: Jadeshimmer: *nods*
00:06: Fixerben: Alright.
00:06: Shoneno: I'ts nice for omnis and clans to meet like this.. i just wish it was under better reasons
00:06: Fixerben: Yes that's very true.
00:06: Medjai: Weren't Neutrals suppose to show some support?
00:06: Fixerben: First I'd like to thank you all for coming.
00:07: Fixerben: Umm...I don't remember seeing any Neutrals respond, but I had invited them.
00:07: Shoneno: Yeah there are no neutrals
00:07: Medjai: When the tough gets going Neutrals hide...
00:08: Kzak: The Dust Brigade is a common enemy of all three factions on this planet.
00:08: Kzak: As such, all three should stand together against it.
00:08: Fixerben: Medjai, Lets not make anti-neutral remarks, were here to cooperate.
00:08: Shoneno: MEDJAI! hate is hate
00:08: Shoneno: towards omnis or neutrals or clans ...HAtE is HAte
00:08: Shoneno: but still
00:08: Coszmik: Sounds like you have a bit of hate there, what with the yelling and all...
00:09: Lomad: We're off topic.
00:09: Shoneno: I'm just a bit high strung
00:09: Fixerben: Lets all just chill for a minute, Allow me to start.
00:09: Fixerben: Thank you all for coming along to this little meeting.
00:10: Fixerben: In the past weeks the Dust Brigade has resurfaced again.
00:10: Fixerben: This isn't the first time we've seen them rear their ugly heads in Clan or Omni territory
00:11: Fixerben: Neutral also for that matter.
00:11: Fixerben: Invite Pyromanche
[Pyromanche joins secure channel]
00:11: Wisewise: There's your neutral
00:11: Fixerben: Sorry, Had to invite Pyro
00:11: Fixerben: lets give her a sec to join
00:12: Fixerben: invite Rubel
[Rubel joins secure channel]
00:12: Fixerben: Ah good
00:12: Fixerben: Now we have people from all 3 factions here.
00:12: Fixerben: So as I was saying.
00:12: Fixerben: This isn't the first time the DB has reared their ugly hears.
00:12: Fixerben: Nor will it be the last...
00:13: Fixerben: Unless we do something about it.
00:13: Fixerben: The purpose of this meeting today is to see how many people are in support of the idea of this cross factional initiative, and what might be some ways this might be accomplished.
00:14: Fixerben: Hmm lots of new people getting here.
00:14: Fixerben: And my little speech is over
00:14: Fixerben: hehe
00:15: Pyromanche: wait 10 mins and start again
00:15: Jessant: Serve Omni-Tek. Remember Omni-Pol Protects.
00:15: Fixerben: invite Dmom
[Dmom joins secure channel]
00:15: Jadeshimmer: The people... or one person in particular are very difficult to track. We can kill... her... thugs but to root the entire Brigade out... I don't think it is possible for such an endeavor to succeed. And technically, we are still in a state of war.
00:15: Shoneno: Shut up. that's not going to solve anything
00:15: Solkalibur: well...does anyone have any clue as to any leads from where they operate from ...present or past?
00:16: Fixerben: Ok, Guys please just give everyone a minute to join.
00:16: Shoneno: The Outzone probably.
00:16: Fixerben: I'll restart in a couple minutes since a lot of people are late.
00:16: Kzak: It is said that the Dust Brigade has their main base somewhere in the Outzone.
00:16: Shoneno: The Outzone probably.
00:16: Wisewise: Yes, however they do have some barracks in Perpetual Wastelands as well.
00:16: Fixerben: invite Dack
[Dack joins secure channel]
00:16: Shoneno: Really?
00:16: Wisewise: Yes.
00:17: Wisewise: Three generals of the Dust Brigade are based in Perpetual Wastelands
00:17: Shoneno: Well that's just a drop in the water.
00:17: Kzak: I do suspect that their barracks there are more to lure people to attack their operatives there. So that our strengths and weaknesses can be more easily estimated.
00:17: Wisewise: There might be clues there, though.
00:17: Shoneno: Also likely
00:18: Wisewise: The Outzone is very large
00:18: Kzak: Maybe. But we know one thing: The Dust Brigade are difficult as heck to find when they don't want to be found.
00:18: Aikah: Bait them
00:18: Fixerben: *** Guard posts report, anything weird going on? ***
00:18: Destrega: They don't care about our strengths/weaknesses
00:18: Wisewise: Nothing to report here
00:18: Johaikas: Nothing odd skywise
00:18: Solkalibur: Northeast entrance far
00:18: Gimpenforcer: Tir side is clear
00:19: Fixerben: Cool, Stay sharp.
00:19: Kzak: Oh, but they do care about the weaknesses. The more they learn, the more easily they can play the factions against each other..
00:19: Fixerben: Pardon me for one second everyone, need a moment.
00:19: Shoneno: ...and they do that so well....
00:19: Kzak: Exactly, Mr Shoneno.
00:19: Shoneno: Thank you
00:20: Kzak: The Dust Brigade has been here for quite some time. They are well dug in.
00:20: Shoneno: They restarted the war after all
00:20: Kzak: And rooting them out will be a monumental task.
00:20: Destrega: Kzak you are wrong I am sorry they already know what they are doing and how that is obvious
00:20: Kzak: But where to begin? I don't know. I imagine very few do.
00:21: Kzak: I know. But this is rhetoric, Mr Destrega.
00:21: Fixerben: Alright, now that everyone is here if you could all please allow me to interrupt I'll begin the meeting.
00:21: Fixerben: Guards stay keen and away we go.
00:21: Fixerben: The Dust Brigade...
00:21: Destrega: What we all should be talking about is their possession of permakill weaponry
00:21: Fixerben: The name makes me think of one thing.
00:22: Fixerben: Death
00:22: Destrega: This technology is not common
00:22: Destrega: And is definitely not easy to posses
00:22: Wisewise: ALERT! Perimeter breach! Dust Brigade entering!
00:22: Shoneno: lower then all but the low is of omnis
00:22: Wisewise: oops
00:22: Wisewise: sorry
00:22: Fixerben: [CENSORED]
00:22: Wisewise: Nononono
00:22: Fixerben: omg...
00:22: Coszmik: Hah.
00:22: Wisewise: I hit the wrong button on my NCU
00:22: Fixerben: Wisewise
00:22: Fixerben: Everyone back down
00:22: Wisewise: Sorry
00:22: Fixerben: Just have a seat
00:23: Magan: *has a mild panic attack*
00:23: Jadeshimmer: Don't scare us like that sergeant *laughs*
00:23: Fixerben: You can imagine how I feel organizing this, and the risk it puts me at.
00:23: Shoneno: Damn....what was that
00:23: Shoneno: Ok
00:23: Fixerben: But they have committed too many atrocities for us to let them keep living here on this planet.
00:24: Fixerben: And if we don't do something, they will just come back again and again.
00:24: Fixerben: Now before you all were talking while I was clearing my thoughts.
00:24: Fixerben: I noticed that the DB has one huge advantage over us.
00:24: Fixerben: And its a very simple one.
00:24: Fixerben: Intelligence.
00:25: Fixerben: You all were spouting rumor.
00:25: Fixerben: And no one really knows anything about them.
00:25: Fixerben: Our first goal should be to get as much information as we can about them.
00:25: Fixerben: Without some kind of information we have nothing to go on.
00:26: Fixerben: So...
00:26: Fixerben: That being said, we need to find out a reliable source to get information about the Dust Brigade.
00:27: Fixerben: And we also need to be able to cut through the bullshit that people call rumors.
00:27: Fixerben: Facts are what we need.
00:27: Gimpenforcer: Remains of Squishue
00:27: Gimpenforcer: Urban Defense Patroller Got to him
00:28: Fixerben: Facts about them, their leaders, where they get their supplies, and maybe even more internal information.
00:28: Fixerben: Now, If I open the floor to anyone this is going to turn into a mad house. So I'm going to have it done like this.
00:29: Fixerben: I have a gridmail address.
00:29: Fixerben: Its, don't ask I'm not going to explain the name.
00:29: Fixerben: If anyone has any suggestions, or some true intel on the Dust Brigade, if they could send the information to that address I'd appreciate it.
00:30: Fixerben: Once I have the information we have gathered we will reconvene to another meeting at a later date.
00:30: Fixerben: Please include in the gridmail your name and the name of your guild.
00:31: Fixerben: As well as any information you may have about the DB, or if you know a way to get more reliable information.
00:31: Fixerben: I'm going to open the floor first to the Neutrals. If you have anything to say, or questions to ask me please speak now.
00:32: Fixerben: *** Guards report ***
00:32: Wisewise: Nothing to report at Newland.
00:32: Gimpenforcer: Clear in Tir.
00:32: Solkalibur: Nothing unusual at northeast entrance.
00:33: Johaikas: Nothing to report up here.
00:33: Fixerben: Ok, Do any Neutrals have any questions or comments?
00:33: Dack: as for Newland Guard we are here for support but we will not attack anything until the proper intel is confirmed.
00:33: Fixerben: Agreed Dack.
00:34: Dack: But my guards will be in red alert so don't worry about Newland
00:34: Fixerben: Alright, If there is nothing else from the Neutrals then I will ask the Omni representatives to speak next.
00:35: Jadeshimmer: Omni-tek and Omni-Pol's forces, that's what I can speak for, are a bit...
00:36: Jadeshimmer: limited in cooperation with the clans. But we do have a common enemy
00:36: Fixerben: Yes I understand the limitations imposed on you by your contract with Omni-Tek.
00:37: Fixerben: But I'm sure they wont mind something that will help them if your cooperating with us.
00:37: Jadeshimmer: We will wait and see how this develops. Should we indeed get the chance to deal a fatal blow to the brigade... I think we won't let the chance slip
00:37: Fixerben: Fair enough.
00:37: Fixerben: And I won't say that I speak for the Clans, so some other Clan representatives, if you have questions or comments now is the time.
00:38: Solkalibur: The lives the dust brigade has taken and disrupted is deplorable
00:39: Legaron: As representative of the Assembly we will cooperate in any way necessary to protect the clans.
00:39: Shoneno: If i can get a chat log I'll talk to my fellow tigers and we will see what we can do to give our support
00:39: Solkalibur: For too long too many have lived in fear...I'm sure I'm not the only one who would not miss a chance to end their reign of terror.
00:41: Coszmik: I guess that's a mutual, tentative agreement then...
00:41: Fixerben: Alright, Then if there is nothing else that anyone wants to say, I will end this meeting. I think we are all in agreement that something must be done, but we can not move ahead without knowing where we are going. Your intel will help me formulate some plans or a course of action, and I thank you all in advance for the great contributions that I am counting on you all to make to this effort.
00:41: Jadeshimmer: *nods*
00:41: Fixerben: Thank you everyone, And good evening

Will this meeting bring old foes together to fight a greater threat to the planet?

Only time will tell.

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

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Article written by Noticiero
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