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After my investigative report on another of RUR's creation going haywire it seems the company took action.

The following is a public statement posted on the gridnet by RUR:

Cleaning Nanobots recovered.

So, with the combined efforts of several members of RuR, the rouge cleaning nanobots have been recovered.

Deagnor lead the team, comprised of himself, Chel, Cluedozer and Knightweaver. Using the 'Fresh Lemony' scent left behind by the nanobots, Chel, in wolf form, was able to track their general location. (note : do not bring lemonade or anything with lemons near Chel for a few days )

We then set up our bait.... we gave Cluedozer several pies (I've only seen McDuff go thru Pies faster) and then let him play with several, dirty, greasy bot parts we had collected. Shortly after, the cloud of nanobots arrived.

Once they were concentrated on Cluedozer (note: save video of Cluedozer trying to swat nanobots for christmas party) Knightweaver performed a low-level EMP burst which neutralized the nanobots. We then used a modified RuR Vacuum-bot to collect the nanobots, to transport them back to the lab.

Final testing showed 100% of the cleaning nanobots recovered, allowing for the self-replenishing mechanisms included in the bots.

Fortunately, I am happy to report the cleaning nanobots did not come near any human habitations, although we did encounter some extremely clean-looking leets and roller-rats along the way.

It is by sheer luck that no critical equipment to the defense of any faction was serious affected. RUR's shares have dropped a staggering 25%, leaving the company's future in a dim light.

Between their continuous product malfunctions and a marketing strategy which seems to either be run by a clown or a 10 year old boy (have you seen those billboard ads they have?) there is talk in the robotics industry that perhaps it would be best for RUR to either close it's doors or be bought out by a larger company.

A larger company may be able to straighten out it's product line and safety guidelines.

RUR's has been around since December 15, 29476 and for the first few years had a solid grip on a small corner of the market with their vacuum cleaner bots and maid/butler bots. However in recent years their line of products have been reduced and the quality and safety guidelines have obviously been either lowered or ignored.

Where will the rubikan housewives go to buy a reliable vacuum cleaner bot? or a maid/butler bot? many worried husbands are now wondering if they will have to take over the tasks the bots were created for.

For once, I'm glad that I don't have a wife.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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Article written by Noticiero
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