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A year ago RUR (Rubi-Ka Universal Robots) settled out of court with a neutral suing them over a malfunctioning DLK-2000 Vacuum Cleaner Robot. It took months for the company to recover from the 15% price drop of their shares; now a new problem arises.

The following is a leaked RUR internal memo, which has been publicly posted by an anonymous source:

Please be on the lookout for a cloud of overly aggressive cleaning nano-bots, last seen headed north from RuR HQ in the Coast of Peace region.

While attempting to find a better formula to better clean my CDS armor, I accidentally compiled a batch of nano-bots who are missing the routine to stop once their task is done.

On the bright side, the lab has never been cleaner. However, please be sure to check the lubrication on any devices you may wish to put to use, as oils and other such compounds were on the nano-bots cleaning lists.

Fortunately, the nano-bot's safety routines are still in place, and all personnel should be safe. However, any regular bots should be kept away from these cleaning bots, or they will need to be taken back to the shop for a complete re-lube.

I have contacted Knightweaver, who will attempt to stop these nano-bots with an EMP burst once they are found.

Please report any sightings of an odd, orange cloud or unusually clean areas.

I think this formula, once re-compiled correctly, has some great applications. I will upload the corrected version to the RuR mainframe for the marketing department to evaluate.


Mr. Brian "Deagnor" Locknane and Miss Joann "Knightweaver" Fahrni are Executives in RUR, senior members of the company.

What has the public worried is that this is not the first time the company's technology has gone haywire. Last year it was the DLK-2000 Vacuum Cleaner Robot that malfunctioned and hurt it's innocent owner; the model was never recalled or replaced, it remains on the market.

This year it's a cloud of cleaning nano-bots that if it's not found and stopped in time, it could practically halt anything that requires lubrication. Just imagine that most things we use daily like yalmahas, kodaiks, notum towers, city controllers, weapons, armor, whom-pahs, city defence weaponry and more could just stop working without warning!

A disastrous situation for any faction, to have a regular city or even a guild city vulnerable to attack by aliens, opposite factions or even wildlife, which under normal circumstance would be considered harmless.

Will RUR take responsibility and swift action before disaster strikes? Or will innocents once again be the ones facing the consequences of their defective technology?

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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Article written by Noticiero
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