Articles - Investigative Report

Yesterday the Council of Truth had an emergency meeting that brought three notable figures from legacy clans into the Tower of Truth. Aideen Landau, Leader of The Unionists Clan (who recently liberated 4 Holes from Omni-Tek control), Sister Elsabeth, Leader of Gaia Clan and Xeavier Humbold, Leader of New Dawn.



The main focus of the meeting was the CoT stance towards the situation in Borealis after the Omni-Tek occupation. There were a few guests which were not members of the council, among them Commander Windguaerd, Leader of MD - Special Ops who was there at the request of Lady Xaun Miyamoto, Leader of Aethyr Knights Clan to provide a stategic report about Borealis.

Strong emotions ran in the council chambers, some leaders calling for the liberation of the former neutral town, others like Simon Silverstone saying to leave the neutrals to their own fate.


The meeting lasted approximately 2 hours.

The following is the meeting log:

Tussa: Can everyone hear us? Even the ones in the back?
Carogelw: nods
Sary: nods
Windguaerd: motions to his men to guard positions
Elsabeth: nods
Zanegrey: if they can't you'll never know
Copperneedle: gestures an loud and clear
Jasper2002: I see Windguaerd brings an entourage larger than the assembled representatives *laughs"
Jasper2002: Yes, sorry for the interruption
Windguaerd: It is called a security detail, or have you forgotten the problem with the Legion that broke in?
Astera: Hello Everyone. Before we get this meeting underway, there will be some strict rules enforced today.
Astera: I know quite a few of you are emotional about the neuts but talking out of turn and not staying on topic will not be tolerated.
Astera: Clans are NOT permitted to join today so as to not swing votes. This will have to be done during a regular CoT session.
Astera: Please stay on topic and should you have any questions, please (as usual) raise your hand.
Astera: that is all. Thank you.
Tussa: nods
Astera: jen? All yours.
Carogelw: nods
Tussa: We'll start today's meeting with Mr. Landau and the Unionists.
Icata: raises a hand
Landau: nods his head.
Tussa: We expect you have a statement to make, Mr. Landau. Please, you have the floor.
Tussa: nods at Icata and jots her name down on the comment list.
Landau: sighs and stands, groaning slightly as he cricks his neck from side to side.
Landau: I have little... interest in turning this... into a speech. So I... will be as concise as... is possible on the matter. As you all... are aware by this point... I and my clan launched... a successful offensive on Omni-Tek... holdings in Four Holes. To be... completely honest, the plan... was hastily conceived.. but our forces were... victorious.
Landau: Many have questioned... my actions, and the fact... that I did not consult with this... council. To those... who wish to say that... the actions of my clan... are outside of the scope... of my authority... I remind them that I... have no love for this council... and give my presence here only... as a token of appreciation... for what it *may* accomplish.
Landau: But to look over... the deeds of recent months... this council has accomplished... very little. Save bickering... and anger... and mindless debate. And this has... bothered some... to no end. Least... of all, myself.
Landau: To those who are... concerned of the Omni-Tek... citizens still within... Four Holes. They have chosen... to stay there of their... own volition. We have offered them safe... travels, and told them... to depart. But they remain... and attempt to fight our forces. For... whatever reasoning they have.
Zanegrey: nods
Landau: Otherwise... I have no statement to give upon... the subject. Save to say... that for those who would... face me, and decry... the actions of my clan... then I say in turn... to look at your own reflection... and ask yourself... "What have I become?quot;... for what we have accomplished... is nothing less than what any member... of this council... should *strive* for on a daily basis.... but does *not*.
Landau: That is all.
Tussa: smiles
Astera: nods
Windguaerd: nods in agreement
Tussa: I want to use this opportunity to congratulate the Unionists and give my utmost repsect for the accomplishment.
Tussa: On behalf of my clan.
Carogelw: nods in agreement
Zanegrey: nods in agreement
Icata: Seconded, on behalf of mine.
Landau: bows his head deeply.
Jasper2002: agrees, and thinks that an apartment in Omni HQ would be nice *hint hint*
Sary: nods agreement
Malusz: looks around sadly
Tussa: Do any of the other legacy clan representatives have a statement?
Icata: looks at Tussa
Humbold: shakes his head
Tussa: nods
Elsabeth: Nor do I.
Copperneedle: coughs and looks at Humbold
Tussa: Very well. Ms. Hackworth, you have asked to be heard. Floor's yours.
Icata: thank you, I just have one quick question
Icata: could we perhaps get an agenda or overview for what is to be discussed at this session?
Icata: done
Tussa: nods
Tussa: Yes. Most certainly.
Tussa: There were two objects on today's agenda.
Tussa: The first one was already covered. The second one is the one everyone is waiting for, I'm guessing.
Tussa: The CoT stance towards the situation in Borealis after Omni-Tek moved in their forces.
Jasper2002: raises my hand
Tussa: If there is time, we may approach a third subject, concerning Omni-Tek's moves itself.
Tussa: So without delaying any further, we should move into the neutrals question. I know some here do not have a lot of time, so please, prepare your statements and be ready when your name is called.
Tussa: Send me a private message if you wish to comment and you'll be called.
Tussa: We'll start with Ms. Hackworth.
Icata: all right
Icata: I will merely present my opinion on the matter
Icata: every neutral guild and citizen out there is different
Icata: some of them are clan sympathizers, some lean towards omni
Icata: some are just out for profit
Icata: a great many simply want to be left alone, from what I can tell
Icata: But I promise you this:
Icata: if we do not start looking upon the neutrals as potential allies... even perhaps potential clan brethren,
Icata: Omni will eventually envelop them.
Icata: I view the Omni move on Borealis as an opportunity to garner some neutral support.
Icata: Whether or not we need their support is not a question in my mind... it is simply the right thing to do.
Icata: done
Jasper2002: !raises his hand
Tussa: nods
Tussa: I would like to ask those who are sitting furthest away from the center, where Mr. Landau sits, to move a little closer, so we don't have to shout and so that everyone can hear.
Tussa: Yes, Jasper, I've noted your wish to comment. Your name will be called.
Jasper2002: Sorry, this is to comment on the things mentioned by Icata, not my own statement
Tussa: Next up is Commander Wagner who on request of Aethyr Knights and Ms. Miyamoto will give his assessment of the Borealis issue.
Tussa: Please wait with that comment too, Jasper.
Windguaerd: Thank you Miss Tussa.
Windguaerd: Good afternoon members of the council. Today I present to you my military assessment of the situation in the former neutral town of Borealis.
Windguaerd: Let me begin by stating that even if the neutrals united and gathered all their strength their chances of retaking their town on their own is low, I calculated they have about a 15-20% chance of winning, but only a 5-10% chance of holding it afterwards.
Windguaerd: Mind you these calculation does not include any significant clan support since the neutrals have not officially asked for our help.
Windguaerd: Borealis is a perfect place from where OT can rally and deploy troops against the clans, they are much closer to OA and WA, also through the Jobe Whom-Pah they can gather a large number of forces from Rome.
Windguaerd: It was a good military strategy, if they can hold Borealis that is. I feel sympathy for the neutrals, the most valuable of their towns have been taken.
Windguaerd: However...Borealis has now become a security risk for the clans. If the neutrals can't take it back, I believe it falls to the clans to liberate it and create a new 'buffer' zone between the omnis and us there. Neutrals would be welcomed of course.
Windguaerd: The bottom line is...we cannot afford for Omni-Tek to keep a foothold on Borealis, they must be pushed out, by either the neutrals, or us.
Windguaerd: Thank you for your time, I shall remain with my security detail to listen to the word of the council on this matter.
Petaro: nods in agreement
Tussa: nods
Tussa: Next up is Jasper of Cerberus.
Jasper2002: Thank you
Jasper2002: The right thing to do given the Neutrals actions is to leave them to revel in their own design of hell. They chose to side with Omni and fight under their banner without a thought, but use that same Neutrality to defend their actions. If they wish to choose a side then they should do so, or take the natural consequences of their actions
Jasper2002: That is in response to Icata's statement
Jasper2002: Done with regard to that response
Icata: I have a response to that, if I may
Carogelw: raises hand
Humbold: raises his hand as well
Jasper2002: Please
Copperneedle: looks back at mr humbold and looses her balance
Tussa: Ms. Hackworth, if you have a direct comment to Cerberus' reply to your comment, please take this moment to do so.
Icata: thank you
Icata: Mr. Jasper, you claim that neutrals side with OT.
Icata: *some* neutrals side with OT... certainly not all of them
Icata: and I for one am not willing to condemn an entire community based on the actions of a few guilds.
Jasper2002: I would like to comment that some equals the majority of those willing to take up arms
Icata: majority or not... you seem to have already written off all neutrals.
Jasper2002: Also, if Neutrals are not willing to fight then they should e left alone, but the actions of the few sometimes determine the end for the majority. If they did not curb this rebellious and renegade action within themselves then more fool them
Icata: done
Windguaerd: sighs
Jasper2002: Not at all, and I would like to say something regarding the situation in Borealis, if I may
Tussa: nods
Tussa: Floor's still yours.
Jasper2002: I think the CoT should wait, and stay it's hand. For too long the Neutrals have held their Neutrality as a defense to both sides for their actions, even when clearly seen to be assisting the Omni in incursions into Clan territory and in attacking Clan bases. Almost without exception they have sided with Omni forces, and now that Omni in return have moved troopers into Borealis "to assist in their defense" they cry foul. Well now it is time for them to make a choice. Do they want to remain Neutral, Fight Oppression of the Omni, or stand up and be recognized for what they are, Collaborators fighting under a supposed flag of Neutrality. I think the Omni Troopers moving into is a good thing, the time is now for the Neutrals to truly decide, and that we should assist them in any decision they make. If they chose Clan, we accept them, if they stay Neutral then we will help them clear Borealis, but if they take up with the Omnis against Clan targets again then they can be damned to hell, or they can go Omni.
Humbold: goans
Humbold: Please, catch your breath young man!
Icata: well... that's starting to sound more reasonable
Jasper2002: Well, I am a Fixer and think as fast as I act. I apologize if this is too fast for you
Petaro: grins
Icata: but Jasper, consider the fact that the neutrals will not all agree on 1 course of action
Windguaerd: nods in agreement
Zanegrey: thinks clan can't agree on anything, either
Jasper2002: I am not unreasonable towards the Neutrals, however, I see their actions of past to be inline more with an Omni affiliation rather than that of a peaceful sector of the community as a whole
Jasper2002: Every single Neutral the makes a choice, even to remain Neutral is one more than they seem to have right now. The floor is theirs
Icata: nods
Tekerton: squirms uncomfortably, shows a smirk and rolls her eyes
Jasper2002: Choice is freedom, that is the only freedom any of us have, if we give that up and accept others resignation to a lack of choice then we give up the fight for freedom
Jasper2002: Done
Tussa: nods
Tussa: Thank you.
Tussa: Next up we have Mr. Maluszkchy from Fist of Chronos.
Malusz: I urge the Council to please consider using diplomatic channels. The Unionists' move are bad enough as is to not want to fuel the fires of war even more. In the end, peace is what we all aspire for, and violence in the case of Borealis will lead only to further violence.
Malusz: That will be all, please think it through
Xaun: raises an eye brow
Tussa: Thank you.
Tussa: Next is Fayelure of 3305 Local.
Fayelure: Traditionally, neutrality is defined as the non-participation in armed conflicts between other states or parties.
Fayelure: I believe the Interstellar law of neutrality contains the provisions that must be observed by the neutral states in times of armed conflict between other parties.
Fayelure: The provisions for the conflicting parties must be observed in the same context.
Fayelure: For the most part, these concern the right of the neutral parties to be left undisturbed during such conflicts and their obligations of impartiality and non-participation.
Fayelure: In practice such obligations do not interfere greatly with the freedom of action of neutral parties.
Fayelure: These include the obligation to defend its neutral status by the use of force if and when necessary.
Fayelure: Rubi-Ka has an armed neutrality...
Fayelure: Personally, I do not feel neutrals are neither omni supporters nor clan affiliates, they are neutrals and area asking to be left out of the larger conflict.
Fayelure: ...even if some of them do not have a clear grasp of their own neutral status...
Fayelure: The OT invasion of Borealis violates the generally understood laws of neutrality by taking armed action against neutrals in their home territory,
Fayelure: as well as interfering with the financial standing of the neutral parties who reside and do business in Borealis.
Fayelure: For example, the only Superior Bookstore on Rubi-Ka is in borealis and will be visited few clan members while Omni-Tek controls the city.
Fayelure: This is a clear infringement on neutral rights and neutral freedom of action.
Fayelure: If they need help from anyone who is not neutral, they must first show an intent to enforce their own neutrality as well, then request it specifically.
Fayelure: If Omni-Tek is forced out of Borealis, we must continue to observe their state of neutrality in that city.
Fayelure: To conclude, many of us may be outraged by the move by Omni-Tek, but our responsibilities are in observing their neutrality,
Fayelure: ...not necessarily protecting it of our own volition.
Fayelure: That is all.
Tussa: Thank you, Fayelure.
Xaun: raises her hand silently
Icata: claps
Windguaerd: ponders
Sary: nods
Tussa: Next up is Ms. Kayisa from RKA United.
Xaun: smiles and nods agreeing with Fayelure
Kayisa: Freedom!
Kayisa: It is the word we swear our lives to. It is the concept that holds us together.
Jasper2002: applauds, speech, speech
Kayisa: The Neutrals exercised their right to Freedom from both Omni and Us. How can we not respect that choice. We who value freedom so highly.
Kayisa: Now their freedom is at risk.
Kayisa: Omni has begun the first move in what will be a larger war.
Kayisa: A war with us as the targets.
Kayisa: Omni has struck at the weak point.
Kayisa: We have an opportunity.
Petaro: nods
Carogelw: perks up
Kayisa: We can gather in the neutrals into our fold. We can work for our own defense.
Kayisa: We have the initiative. We can prepare for the war to come.
Kayisa: Tell your families. Tell all who are non-combatants to take to the hills. War is inevitable. Our choice is do we fight now and gain allies? Or do we wait and stand alone.
Kayisa: Mr. Humbold has often spoken of the might of Omni.
Kayisa: Of the disaster that war would be. There is truth in what he says. But...
Petaro: Pardon me... I have to leave. *nods to the current speaker*
Kayisa: We must support the neutrals. For to not do so will weaken us. For we will lose the neutrals.
Kayisa: They will again become the confused anarchy they were before and strike at both sides.
Kayisa: Thus I ask you to set aside the past and look to our future. Our children's future.
Kayisa: Thank you.
Xaun: nods
Tekerton: nods
Kayisa: RKA cedes the floor.
Tussa: Thank you.
Tussa: I would like to remind the representatives that statements must be kept within five minutes. We have a lot of people who wish to speak
Tussa: And we don't want to sit here all night.
Icata: sadly, I need to go
Tussa: nods to Icata
Jasper2002: says I brought a sleeping bag *smiles*
Xaun: nods and waves to Icata
Icata: Sary will speak for Whisper's Edge in my absence
Tussa: nods
Tussa: Thank you.
Astera: nods to Icata
Sary: nods at Icata
Icata: nods to the council members
Tussa: Mr. Carogelw, you're up.
Carogelw: thank you for the chance to speak
Carogelw: We are in contact with several neutrals that want to fight the Omni incursion in to Borealis
Carogelw: But what they fear the most is that the Clans will move in and take Borealis and make it a clan
Carogelw: I say if we help them we must allow them to choose their own way
Carogelw: Many neutrals do not support Omni
Carogelw: Only some do
Carogelw: and they are the ones that are causing headaches for the rest of us
Carogelw: But I agree a new war is coming and we must be ready
Carogelw: WE must help the citizens of Borealis anyway we can
Carogelw: so that Omni will be weakened
Carogelw: that is all
Tussa: Mr. Humbold, you're up next.
Xaun: nods
Humbold: I have two things to say, the first...
Humbold: I have an... Emm... Statement from Simon Silverstone... I will do my best to leave out the... Harsh words so to say.
Tussa: raises a brow
Humbold: This message was sent to Ruth Montezuma. Why he sent it to her, and did not say it in person, is not something i understand, but you all know him.
Xaun: wishes the entire log would be played as it was said
Windguaerd: grins
Humbold: takes out a small letter from his pocket
Carogelw: wonders what the message is
Humbold: Here goes...
Humbold: It has come to my attention, that the omni's have planted their dirty feet in Borealis. I could care less, if the bosses from omni Prime went on a shiny assed parade trough the town, as my love for the neutral lapdogs has never been lower.
Astera: stifles a chuckle
Sary: chuckles
Humbold: Their continued lack of actions against the corporate slime dogs have always been known, Even when one of their mud holes have been overrun. Why should we care now?
Humbold: The spineless rats of Borealis do not even got the guts to stand up, without the backing of us, the clans, so why should we even consider helping them?
Humbold: If they want our help, then tell them to join the clans, and start gathering omni skulls, if they are not to busy sucking up to the pony's.
Humbold: If you, want to play with the freaks of omni-tek, then do so on your own accord. I am to busy to be concerned about some whining neutrals.
Windguaerd: mumbles "Sentinel wisdom at work...yeah, that Silverstore..."
Kayisa: sighs.
Humbold: the messages includes a final paragraph, about congratulating the Unionists for show some emm... well... the male things...
Xaun: rolls her eyes
Humbold: shrugs
Humbold: I also have a statement from new Dawn
Kayisa: Balls Mr. Humbold.
Sary: giggles
Humbold: opens his mouth a bit...
Tussa: nods
Humbold: Well, i would not say such things...
Jasper2002: thinks small rolling things
Tussa: Go ahead, Mr. Humbold and thank you for relaying the message from Commander Silverstone.
Malusz: Shortsighted warmongers
Humbold: anyway, here is the New Dawn Statement
Humbold: As for New Dawn, then you all know our view towards a possible military encounter with Omni-Tek. We will not support any attacks, or military actions of any kind.
Humbold: Certain people have not given their full support, and there is also another matter, which will have to be resolved before we will even consider joining military actions.
Humbold: looks at Astera and smiles softly
Humbold: That is all.
Astera: looks behind her
Tussa: nods
Tussa: Thank you.
Aeylla: mumbles something about NLF.
Tussa: Ms. Miyamoto, you're next.
Xaun: sighs breathing in deeply.. as she prepares
Xaun: Firstly, I would like to congratulate Landau and the Unionists on their swift maneuver and lend my official support to their cause of holding 4 holes for the clans. Secondly, I would like to thank all whom have been standing up to Omni-Tek on any front be it in form of Intelligence gathering all the way to fighting against the Unicorns with me in Borealis.
Xaun: We are at a sad junction in the life of a Rubikan.. but a good one for Clan. Yet a dangerous one for all who live on this planets future. The Omni-War Machine's gears are cranking..
Xaun: They slaughter Neutrals and Clanners in the Streets of Borealis.. This has caused many to seek solace in the clans.. I have received a number of them into my own fold.
Xaun: This can only serve to swell our numbers... however.. the neutrals in my eyes are as any one of the nine dividing factional party lines we all support in this council. A 10th faction if you would.. Their views are not that different than Humbolds and New Dawns mixed with a lil Gaia and perhaps some sentinels too depending on which you speak with.
Xaun: Now that is not to say any one here or there would accept such a thing.. but it is no different to me. I have received the word from a number of Neutral orgs whom have accepted Clan friendship in the past and some who are clamoring for it now. The Wolfs Brigade lead by Berael for one.
Xaun: Neutralizers for another
Carogelw: And the kIndred
Xaun: The Independent Rubikans
Xaun: nods to Carogelw
Jasper2002: thinks I saw neutralizers attacking Clan sites not so long ago. So much for a Clan aligned guild
Xaun: I have met with the Newland City Rep and in a short brief discussion they made it perfectly clear that they seek audience with us and our representatives at the end of today's Session. I am prepared to meet with them I ask the council to decide whom else they will send to meet along with myself.
Xaun: That will be all for now. Thank you
Tekerton: nods
Tussa: Thank you.
Tussa: Ms. Croteau, you're up.
Tekerton: Thank you
Tekerton: looks around into the eyes of everyone
Tekerton: It doesn't take a think tank to realize that the positioning of OT in Borealis is a strategic nightmare for the Clans. Speaking on behalf of reputable businesses like the Mockers, I can sure tell you that it is a financial burden as well, in terms of shipping and manpower. Sure, in the end, we'll sell our goods, we'll make our money, but what of the communities, our constituencies?
Tekerton: purses her lips
Tekerton: We deign to claim that we will "Liberate" Borealis? We proclaim to do that by implementing a second occupation? Can you not see this is no better than Omni-Tek? Who do we do this for? The Clans of course, but is this the Best of all possible solutions? To risk further conflict and lose the support of the locals? To lose yet another city entirely as it is reduced to smoldering pile of rubble?
Jasper2002: thinks that finance will be the last thing on the mind of anyone if this leads to all out war
Tekerton: breathes deep, lowers her voice
Jasper2002: wishes my pockets were as full as those of the Mockers
Tekerton: I say that in every neutral there is a Clanner or an Omni-Tek employee waiting to break out. If I'm right, and we proceed with a full scale assault, then we may as well buy a pile of OT weapons and armor and start handing it out to the locals. If I'm wrong, then we should observe their independence, to include their independent choice to be occupied or obliterated. To follow Any other course of action is to wear the face of Omni-Tek and sing the song of Freedom of the Clans on tainted lips.
Tekerton: The knowledge of the occupation can work to our advantage. In this way, we Know where the OT's are and where they will strike. We should protect the entry points accordingly. There can be No Excuses for allowing them to march through the Whom-Pah system without us knowing the second the first boot heel creaks. If anything, it offers us an excellent opportunity for intelligence gathering. Let's not mince words vitality is the heart of this entire conflict; we would be fools to ignore that point and fail to exploit it.
Jasper2002: thinks that handing it out involves a cost, payable to The Mockers. Ever the businessman, but never the arms dealer?
Tekerton: pauses, raises an eyebrow and surveys the room once more
Tekerton: To enter into a full scale battle for Borealis will serve us little more than a reduction in customers, citizens, and life on Rubi-ka. To do nothing signs our death warrants. We are charged with the responsibility to find another way. The words we choose, the message we send, will make a greater impact upon the citizens of Borealis than any megaweapon on any space platform.
Tekerton: Thank you all for your time, and Run Faster
Tekerton: nods
Tussa: Thank you.
Jasper2002: thinks Tekerton should take a seat and let the real world of politics continue, not the financial one
Astera: nods to Tekerton
Tussa: Mr. Trgeorge, you're next.
Trgeorge: If I understood previous speaker, he asked for no action
Xaun: raises her hand again
Tekerton: shakes her head
Trgeorge: I can't say I totally agree with that
Tekerton: Wrong
Tekerton: bites her tongue
Trgeorge: I stand corrected
Trgeorge: We all agree that Neutrals should be respected as neutral, should they wish to be that.
Trgeorge: And I think most of us doubt they will be able to force Omni Tek out by themselves and be able to hold Borealis
Trgeorge: Neutrals have potential to be either allies or enemies, views change after all
Trgeorge: So why don't we help them, if they ask for help? It might not help us, but it will surely hurt OT
Trgeorge: Of course just kicking out OT won't make neutrals allies. They know perfectly well it's in our interest too
Carogelw: nods in agreement
Trgeorge: Other things will have to change too. Maybe the sorest item on that list is this city, Tir.
Trgeorge: Silverstone made a tactical decision. Only clanners allowed, high security at gates and Whom-Pah, moving grid out as potential entry point.
Trgeorge: But that's one of reasons Neutrals are more keen to support OT. And it turned Tir into ghost town.
Trgeorge: I see Simon didn't showed here today. Neither did his pony...
Trgeorge: ...tail. He holds this city and is content with that. No wonder, he can't do anything else on his own and his grace prevents him to gather allies.
Trgeorge: On the other hand, I'm sure those of you gather here wish to act in all clanners best interest.
Kayisa: Point of order.
Trgeorge: Some call this diplomacy. Some call it stick and carrot. It doesn't matter really how we call it.
Copperneedle: raises a trembling hand
Trgeorge: This situation is opportunity for us. But since we're talking about cooperation, we need to respect other party feelings too.
Trgeorge: Which means, that if neutrals ask us, we assist them and then move out. Totally. /v If they don't ask us and fail, we have Borealis for the taking. Of course we might always consider giving it back to Neutrals all the same. Tactics and diplomacy again.
Trgeorge: And if Neutrals settle down and turn Omni...Let's take city and keep it. Plain and simple.
Trgeorge: But we need to plan the least favorite option of those three first. Even in that case we gain something.
Xaun: nods in agreement
Trgeorge: In an unlikely even of Neutrals going against OT on their own and winning, we still score. We showed Neutrals respect with not interfering, unlike OT.
Trgeorge: that would be all.
Tussa: Thank you.
Kayisa: raises her hand.
Xaun: claps emphatically
Tussa: Jasper, you have the word.
Tekerton: nods
Jasper2002: Regarding Mr Humbold and the Omni threat, is it so great?, can we not counter with our own collaborated forces The only truth regarding the Clans is our resolute goal to remove the Omni threat. If you, Mr Humbold feel that we are not up to the task then what do you propose that we should do?, Better training, better equipment or a single voice that rallies those that would fight the omni threat?
Jasper2002: Also, regarding the Neutrals, I think that my thoughts and feeling have been made clear. However, I would still call upon every Clan to assist in an attack on Clan territory by Neutral guilds
Xaun: nods
Jasper2002: They are deciding their own fate right there, and those guilds should NEVER be given a Clan acceptance
Jasper2002: Done
Tussa: nods
Humbold: Simply be ready, as i believe is was stated earlier
Humbold: smiles
Jasper2002: Be ready?, Should I bake a cake?
Tussa: Reminding everyone now that we are not taking any more speakers on the list except those already on it. We have time issues and still have the vote at the end.
Tussa: Short comment from Ms. Miyamoto.
Windguaerd: raises his hand
Jasper2002: You want a plan, how about us getting the best equipment that we can to oppose a proposed threat, and gear ourselves up for all out war
Jasper2002: We are Clan and we are a hell of a lot stronger than you would believe us to be
Jasper2002: Done in response4
Humbold: Please continue Tussa
Xaun: Thank you, firstly Trgeorge spoke some very wise words today.. I also believe that the gates of Tir should be opened to Neutrals as a place of refuge. I also believe that Recruiters should be stationed at each gate, grid and Whom-Pah along with more guards.. but With standing orders to not fire on anyone not Omni unless provoked. As such I move for a vote of the Councils current stand point to this topic on Neutrals in Tir and then to act on the result of the vote accordingly
Xaun: Thank you that will be all.
Tussa: This is not the time and place for a vote over that issue, but will be put to the regular June CoT meeting.
Malusz: I don't see Silverstone agreeing to that in "his" town
Tussa: Ms. Bane, you're next.
Copperneedle: takes a breath
Xaun: mumbles to hersef... If this is his town.. then perhaps I should leave
Carogelw: wonders the same
Copperneedle: First, I must remember to get a new implant for my ear... What am I hearing?, Who are we? are we not those that fight for what it is the the neutrals enjoy?
Copperneedle: I hear some that are clearly thinking with the wrong head, and those that want to sit and see...
Jasper2002: thinks that the Neutrals should fight for Neutrality, the Clan fight for Freedom, there is a difference
Copperneedle: silverstone would love to just allow the omni to venture to tir, simply to give in the chance to flex his muscle... WE ARE CLAN. we fight for freedom and our own independent lives... that is exactly the neutrals way of life we have fought for them... or at least their ideas... do we stand back and watch that burn?
Copperneedle: is finished and sits
Tussa: Thank you.
Tussa: Sister Elsabeth, you're next.
Elsabeth: nods and stands slowly.
Elsabeth: Brothers and sisters, I will be short and to the point. Gaia cannot and will not support nor aid those who call for open warfare with Omni-Tek. For those who seek open war. Go. Throw your lives against the Omni war machine. Your children shall weep and mourn your loss as your blood stains the earth of Rubi-Ka.
Malusz: observes with respect and admiration
Jasper2002: thinks that neutral ideals and Clan ideals are different. Wanting to fight is different from willing to fight
Elsabeth: Now more than ever I ask the clans to think of Gaia's request for funding to terraform our own lands. Far away from the reach or influence of Omni-Tek. we are quickly approaching a time, I believe, when negotiations, or diplomacy will yield any favorable results. If we have not already.
Xaun: claps quietly
Elsabeth: People forget that me and my brethren once sought to fight Omni-Tek. And we tried... and we learned through bitter losses how futile the effort. I will not ask my people to lay down their lives in a war that cannot be won.
Elsabeth: The Neutrals of Rubi-Ka are welcome to join with us if they truly seek to escape the madness that seems to be creeping into the minds of Omni-tek, and my fellow brothers and sisters who seek bloodshed.
Elsabeth: pauses for breath
Elsabeth: The loss of their homes and livelihoods has shown them the reach of Omni-Tek and we will aid them if they desire to relocate and regroup. We will not aid them in open war against Omni-Tek. They have lost Borealis. They still have their lives. And what is more important than that?
Elsabeth: I also call upon all who seek to avoid destruction to join with us in our quest to terraform our own lands away from the interest of Omni-Tek.
Elsabeth: I will close by asking those who are hell bent on war to look to their children and ask themselves if they can stand to see them crushed under the heels of Omni-tek's boots. I have. And choose not to repeat the experience.
Elsabeth: scans the crowd
Elsabeth: Thank you.
Tussa: Thank you.
Xaun: sits with mixed emotions regarding the address
Copperneedle: IS the children
Tussa: Short comment from Commander Wagner.
Windguaerd: After listening to the voice of the council, I think I have come up with a reasonable military solution. Some don't care about the neutrals, while others care a great deal for them and Borealis.
Windguaerd: Intelligence gathering is fine, if it does not come at the cost of our enemy gaining a tactical upper hand. If they neutrals ally with us, they become clanners...maybe not officially, but in the eyes of the omnis. Sure this would be to our advantage, however it would appear to the neutrals we are using them for our own cause selfishly.
Jasper2002: has no children, but the future is Clan
Windguaerd: Perhaps a reasonable offer can be put forward by the council. We help liberate Borealis, and afterwards it becomes a neutral town again without any debt to the clans. This of course will mean we are going to spend time, effort and resources...but in exchange I feel neutrals will see our cause is right and a number of them may join our side in turn.
Windguaerd: Staying out of the situation may work out as well, however I don't see them strong enough to retake Borealis on their own. Which means it would remain a tactical stronghold for Omni-Tek against us, can we really afford that?
Windguaerd: By liberating the town from the corporate grasp we can raise morale on our side, display a positive image of the clans with the neutrals and remove a threat to our borders. This I think would be worth the time and expense to liberate Borealis.
Windguaerd: As far as Tir and Silverstone allowing neutrals to once again be free to trade here...unlikely. The only way I see this happening is if the Sentinels leave our capital to another Legacy clan to protect, the Knights would be the best suited for this task. The issue of course would be, how do we convince the Sentinels to leave without leading to a civil war?
Windguaerd: I do not see a clear solution to the Tir issue unfortunately.
Windguaerd: Thank you for your time council members.
Carogelw: claps at speech
Tussa: Thank you.
Xaun: smiles and applauds
Tussa: Last statement for today comes from Ms. Gorslin.
Astera: thank you.
Astera: takes a deep breath...
Astera: Since the beginning of this council, I, even as a sentinel supporter have tried to find a middle ground Astera: shakes her head
Windguaerd: motions to his security detail
Astera: Mr. Landau is right. This council, no matter what any of us have done, is far too diversified to accomplish anything. We now know that there is an impending war. You do not have to be able to read tea leaves to see it.
Astera: This council needs to unify for this. The Clans future is precarious with Unicorns so close to our beloved Athen. The old days of bickering should be struck down and all future initiative be focused on that and that alone. Neuts are of no concern. They have made their bed with Omni. If they want to join...we have applications.
Astera: If they want to be neutral, let them handle their own problems. We all live with the knowledge that any of our cities can be over-run at any time without so much as a comment from the ICC. We decided to fight against it. Let them make their own decisions.
Humbold: looks at the large Unionist leader, and it is clear he has a joke prepared, but he keeps his mouth shut
Astera: If the neuts want to support us, they will find a way. This council FOR THE CLANS can barely govern itself, we have no room for more undecided. If your clan wishes to help them, then that is entirely up to you. This Council cannot afford to worry about people that may or may not like us.
Astera: A vote on Neutrals only solidifies my statement because do you honestly think that if this council votes, I will have anything to do with the neuts? How about Jen or the rest of the pro-Sentinel Clans?
Astera: I say to hell with the vote. Leave it up to the individual Clans to decide.
Xaun: shakes her head slightly disturbed
Astera: If we SOMEHOW come up with a compromise, the neuts are obviously too weak to keep OT out. Borealis will have to be Clan Occupied and how many of them want that? We'll be back to square one.
Trgeorge: and you speak of unity?
Astera: looks at Trgeorge and chuckles.
Astera: long gone.
Kayisa: This council can not afford to drown in rhetoric and inaction. This assembly needs to form a general policy for it's members to follow. That's our job as representatives.
Astera: debate it if you want but its people like Humbold, Elsabeth and Mr. Landau that will have to put forth the troops for it.
Astera: This council tries not to interrupt another speaker...
Copperneedle: is astounded at how a sentinel in a suit would be as an omni in rome
Astera: that is all.
Tussa: Thank you, Taren.
Kayisa: I asked for the floor but you are last speaker.
Copperneedle: sighs
Tussa: However, this meeting must end with a vote, as called for in the beginning, and so I let the word to Fayelure. I will remind the representatives to keep in mind their clan's political affiliation, not their personal feelings about the matter before they vote, and also that the neutrals have not officially approached the clerical staff pleading for help.
Tussa: Faye...take it away. So to speak.
Fayelure: Vote on the CoT's stance toward the Omni-Tek invasion of Borealis
Xaun: COrrection Tussa they have..
Landau: slowly stands, letting out a deep breath.
Xaun: excuses herself
Landau: I will be... abstaining on this vote... and I must depart... for other matters... I thank you all... for the support... and hope that perhaps... this council may yet... prove to be one of action.
Tussa: nods.
Jasper2002: I would like to see option #4, let them lie in the beds they created for themselves
Xaun: nods
Tussa: And once again, congratulations, Mr. Landau.
Kayisa: waves
Tekerton: nods
Tussa: Please allow a few moments for the vote to be tallied.
Windguaerd: Thank you for your time, duty calls. Good day to all.
Astera: anyone else?
Windguaerd: motions to his security detail
Copperneedle: goes off to do as the good sister suggested "For those who seek open war. Go. Throw your lives against the Omni war machine." reclaim awaits
Astera: shakes her head
Humbold: I must depart as well, please let us know the result of the vote
Astera: goodbye Sir.
Xaun: nods
Astera: one moment while I tally the votes.
Jasper2002: And I think that Mr Humbold may provide a key, but he is busy
Carogelw: awaits the vote tally
Varija: whispers into commlink
Zanegrey: yawns
Jasper2002: It takes some to time to allocate the vote
Astera: Tie Vote: Total votes: Opt:1 - 7 Opt 2 - 7, Opt 3 - 2
Xaun: sighs
Varija: chuckles
Astera: legacy leaders will break the is my understanding of the rules (I think anyway)
Jasper2002: Ok, Tussa, has the leading vote then
Malusz: Who has decisive votes in the clerical staff?
Astera: wait a minute!
Tussa: No no...I most certainly do not.
Tussa: None of the clerical staff do
Astera: let me recount. I think someone voted that wasn't able to.
Kayisa: The Legacy leaders have left us though.
Jasper2002: Tussa, as COT leader you should do just that
Xaun: curses Landau not casting the vote he sent to her
Xaun: sighs
Malusz: I agree with that
Jasper2002: And i am afraid it looks like war or not
Tussa: Jasper, there is no such thing as a CoT leader. No one in the clerical staff holds more "power" than the other members.
Astera: two people voted that were not allowed to vote.
Xaun: nods
Tussa: See?
Tussa: It all sorts itself out.
Astera: I will post full details of this on the forums for debate.
Xaun: giggles
Kayisa: Does it break the tie?
Carogelw: who wasn't allowed to vote?
Xaun: watch it be one to one
Xaun: 1 - 6 2-6 3-3
Astera: Tally: Option 1 - 7, Option 2 - 6, Option 3 - 1
Jasper2002: Tussa, you are respected above all others here and none other have your ability, so you are the leader,
Xaun: shakes her head at Jasper
Tussa: Please state who voted who do not have a vote, please.
Astera: Windguaerd and Varija.
Malusz: She's still a Sentinel supporter and a hothead at times
Xaun: Windguaerd did not have a vote?
Malusz: grins
Tussa: glances over at Vari, lifting a brow.
Carogelw: is shocked
Aeylla: I need to take my leave now.
Varija: shrugs
Astera: Mercury Dragons disbanded and Windguaerd left Rubi Ka.
Astera: MD - Special Ops has not joined that I know of.
Kayisa: Windguaerd
Xaun: Who will be meeting with the Neutral council with me?
Xaun: Their Representatives are contacting me
Carogelw: I will
Kayisa: Didn't they join last meeting?
Jasper2002: and they brought enough troops to swing any vote
Kayisa: I'll go with you.
Astera: I wasn't aware that MD special ops joined.
Tussa: I suggest that Jasper goes with as well.
Sary: They did not. They are not in the CoT, since they think they can help the Clans better that way
Sary: At least, to my knowledge
Carogelw: Did they join?
Tussa: MD Special Ops has not joined the Council, no.
Xaun: nods
Fayelure: To remind you of the outcome, option 1 won the vote.
Malusz: Odd way to do things, but...
Kayisa: sighs.
Fayelure: That was: 1) Issue a statement of condemnation of Omni-Tek regarding the violation of neutral rights; offer NO assistance that violates the laws of neutrality.
Tussa: So...Ms. Miyamoto, Kayisa and Jasper goes to meet the Newland Council?
Xaun: which means exactly?
Xaun: I found option to be no action?
Xaun: Is that correct?
Malusz: Means we stay where we are and watch them fight a fight that is theirs without intervention
Astera: no action. no. This, however, does not mean that your clan can't do something.
Kayisa: It means we slap Omni-tek's hand, say bad puppy and sit on our hands passing gas till they come for us.
Xaun: grimaces
Malusz: We can still welcome neutrals seeking refuge
Astera: yes we can.
Xaun: nods
Fayelure: It means that we will not violate the laws of neutrality and will make a statement against Omni-Tek regarding this
Xaun: I will bring this message.
Xaun: Kayisa and Jasper let me know when you are ready.
Malusz: As Sister Elsabeth suggested though, this is a big planet, and we really ought to think about terraforming some of it for ourselves away from this pointless and puny conflict
Tussa: nods to Kayisa and Jasper.
Tussa: You should probably go with Ms. Miyamoto right away.
Fayelure: It is the best thing we can do, to respect their neutrality and let them show their intent to uphold it
Jasper2002: I am ready Xaun
Kayisa: May I just state that the ICC folded without firing a shot. Likely this means any aid you'd of hoped for from the ICC isn't going to happen.
Carogelw: does not the fat that two people voted who shouldn't have invalidate the entire vote
Tussa: I hear the neutral's feet are burning hot. Shouldn't keep them waiting.
Tussa: No, Carogelw. We simply remove the votes.
Jasper2002: Not at all, they are just idiots
Tussa: It's how it's always been done.
Astera: no, I just delete the votes. I know who did it.
Astera: their names are attached.
Carogelw: ok
Xaun: sends a comms call
Fayelure: hehe, it does not mean we cannot take action against Omni-Tek elsewhere...that is in line with our conflict and can indirectly help the neutrals without endangering our observance of neutrality
Kayisa: Miyamoto ask them if they want us to join them in Newland.
Fayelure: that is my opinion, anyway
Xaun: I already have
Xaun: Waiting on their meeting to close
Xaun: handles some internal business while she waits
Carogelw: if you do not need me then I will leave then
Astera: nice to meet you, Sir. Have a great day.
Carogelw: Good day
Xaun: Good Day Carogelw
Carogelw: and remember the only good omni is a dead omni hanging on a wall
Sary: Be safe
Tussa: Well, I'm off too.
Tussa: Remember the meeting late this month.
Malusz: Nice seing you again
Astera: same here
Sary: yawns slightly

In the end, the council decided by mayority votes to issue a statement of condemnation of Omni-Tek regarding the violation of neutral rights and offer no military support. I wonder if non-CoT clans will abide by this decision, or make a move on Borealis to either help the neutrals or try and take it and convert it into a clan town.

Both Sister Elsabeth and Xeavier Humbold had agreed to an interview, unfortunately I was not available when they had become free to meet me. I will try to get an interview with them in the near future.

I spoke with Minister Jujuwalker from the Newland City Council to get a comment from him, however he declined to speak officially at this time.

With large crowds of neutral protesting every day by the whom-pahs in Borealis and talk of neutral uprising in the streets of the omni occupied town, how long will it be before the situation becomes explosive?



What seemed like an easy target for Omni-Tek and their Unicorn Company may just become the biggest mistake of the 3rd rubikan war.

Will the neutrals survive these times of trouble in Borealis? or will Omni-Tek hold on to their newly acquired territory by any means necessary?

Only time will tell. I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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