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The neutral organization UNoC (Underground Network of Criminals) was busted in Omni-Entertainment district in Omni-1 earlier today in possession of several hundred illegally modified weapons and hacking equipment. Omni-Pol's Anti-Smuggling Unit got a tip from an anonymous source about the illegal activities of UnoC and it's members in the southern area of Omni-Ent.

A squad of Omni-Pol guards lead by Captain Sareth Guzman were briefed and began a wide search for any unusual activity. 3 suspicious individuals from UnoC were spotted and asked to get down on the ground to be searched, the neutrals responded by opening fire on the officers. More criminals came out of a hideout nearby and Captain Guzman called for additional backup. Within minutes 4 more squads had joined the firefight, which lasted for the good part of an hour.

3 omni guards suffered minor injuries, while a total of 17 neutrals were arrested and charged with possession of illegal weapons, illegal modification of weapons, resisting arrest, attempted murder of an Omni-Pol officer, possession of hacking equipment, public health code violation, due to foul stench from several of the suspects, who apparently had not bathed in quite some time. Additional charges for possession of illegal stims and counterfeit Omni-Pol uniforms, where later added to the charges.

The later charges were added, as the group apparently had been doing some shady business in the area, and had used counterfeit Omni-Pol uniforms to keep regular employees away from where they were conducting their operations.

After a few hours of interrogating the criminals, Omni-Pol issued 2 arrest warrants for Kingpin "Whitegrid" Soprano and Smuggler "Duraz" Profit who appear to the leaders of the organization. Omni-Pol also discovered that their organization has a gridsite with offers illegal services. They have not been able to find where the gridsite is hosted due to some very creative anti-trace hack that misleads any attempt to trace where the grid reference.

Later, Captain Guzman stated that "We won't allow criminals to do as they wish just because they are neutral, they are just as bad as the clanners".

After doing some research I found that the individuals which the warrants are for, were actually former subordinates of Dave 'Diamondcut' Duster who lead the original UNoC until he passed away a few years ago leading to it's fall. Both men were considered nothing more than lackeys within the original organization, and I suspect they just used the name to get a few more criminals to join them.

Will the actions of these smugglers give Omni-Pol the excuse to 'investigate' Newland? Will neutral authorities collaborate with Omni-Pol to apprehend the leaders of UnoC?

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'! ----------------- Feel free to discuss this article in this thread

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Article written by Noticiero
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