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This topic comes up almost every year, especially during security leaks from the BoD or the CoT meetings. It's that time again.

They spy on us and in return we spy on them. Then there is the counter-espionage from both sides, and those who "play" both sides to make double the profit.

This dance of "who can get the best intel" on each other has been performed since the 2nd world war (29374) between the clans and Omni-Tek after the formation of the Council of Truth (and the arrest of all leaders at their first meeting which started the second war).

Oh and let's not forget the gigantic propaganda machine that Omni-Tek has at it's disposal.

With commercials on the grid claiming "You never die on Rubi-Ka!" (And 'forget' to tell the insurance technology has an age limitation), "Be at the center of the universe!" (Which is now under siege by an armada of aliens), "Get to the top of your career with us on Rubi-Ka, free medical benefits!" (Once again not mentioning the dangers on Rubi-Ka or the fact their 'benefits' do not apply if you're outside OT cities/outposts/mines and if something kills you in the wild you're on your own) how can people across the universe make an educated decision?

Once a new arrival lands, the first thing most realize is the big mistake of coming here. Who wants to be on a planet under siege by huge green aliens?

Then an employee must do as he/she is told, otherwise risk not just losing their position but their lives (OT has very nice 'laws' regarding their security...they can point the finger at anyone and arrest them for any reason whatsoever).

Those who are smart enough to either remain neutral or join the clans are a bit better off, but Rubi-Ka remains a dangerous place for us as well.

Not only from the aliens, the terrorists (hello Dust Brigade and The Legion!), the mutants that roam our world (thanks to Omni-Med for releasing their failed experiments), the criminals that exist among all factions and lets not forget the harsh weather (the lovely sand storms that stops from you seen a foot in front of you).

On top of that, there are the spies. Who can you trust? Who can't you trust?

The newbie that just landed on Rubi-Ka may not be the 'confused young clanner' or 'confused young employee' he/she claims to be. Some are sent here from Omni-Prime, or are 'recycled' Omni-Pol or Omni-InternOps members with new identities trying to get intel on the clans, or they are clan sympathizers from other worlds trying to get intel on the corporation to help the clans and their security.

Both sides play dirty, after all..."All is fair in love and war" like the ancient saying goes.

We're in the middle of the 7th Rubikan war, against each other, against the aliens, against every other thing out there trying to kill us in the middle of the day, or in the darkest of nights.

The questions remain; Who can you trust? Who can't you trust?

Is the helpful guild friend that was at your side fighting the alien threat at your city trying to gently get information from you? Or is he just curious?

Is the friend you made in a team mission real or a fake, trying to get close to you and maybe those who have intelligence he could use?

The world once was black and white, us and them. Now it's full of grays and it's more confusing than ever. Can you even trust your own family?

For over 100 years these questions have been harder, and harder to answer. And in these times of trouble where everything seems to be against us, even ourselves sometimes...the answer may lie on just plain faith.

Faith that we won't be betrayed by a cousin or a brother or a friend.

Faith that we will prevail in our cause for a free and independent Rubi-Ka.

Faith in a bright future for our children. each other.

Espionage in the 30th Millennia, a hot topic every year that sometimes divides us, makes us over think and fear our own shadow.

Perhaps it is time to close our eyes, feel the breeze and just remember, we're still here.

The fight continues and life goes on. For better or for worse, trust is important among the clans...but keep your guard up.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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Article written by Noticiero
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