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Two days ago rumors of a sighting of former Council of Truth Spokesman Henry Radiman reached me. I had my doubts since not only he had been rarely seen even in the days when the CoT was leading the clans, but also because Omni-Pol and other Omni-Tek Departments have warrants for the arrest of Mr. Radiman and other former CoT officials. A public sighting could give many OT Directors a reason to send detachments to investigate and probably search for and arrest Mr. Radiman.

After exhausting almost all my contacts on clan side, I finally managed to get not only a verbal confirmation but a visual record of the sighting!


The first to see Mr. Radiman were members of The Velvet Glove Clan. The location was the southwest side of Athen City. Annmarie "Freiyia" Hereda and Dominick "Theotus" Schuemann along with Mraid "Coldblod" Matusz tried to approach the former CoT Spokesman, he replied with a polite "Sorry friends, I can not stay and talk, so much to do and so little time to do it on" as he walked into a building which citizens had no access to.


Not long after Mr. Radiman was sighted again, this time with a Male Blade who was guiding him to a building. TVG members along with other clan citizens gathered around Mr. Radiman and respectfully asked him if he was taking a morning walk and if he was going to make a speech for the clanners soon. His answer was "Yes. Good guess, needing some air." which hinted that he had been underground for a long time, his second answer brought many smiles to those who were there, "Speech? Perhaps...".

Mr. Radiman and his guide then entered a building to which citizens had no access to. He was not seen after that time.

I contacted one of the clan High Commanders in charge of security in Athen City to try and confirm the sighting on an official level (even though the holo pics speak for themselves).

This was her answer:


"I'm sorry Mr. Rivera but I can't confirm or deny such sighting. We're too busy patrolling and keeping our eyes open on all possible entry points for any possible hostile force. These are dangerous times and our resources are limited in these Notum Wars, most clans are out defending our territory from Omni-Tek detachments out to destroy our rightful land claims and a few mercenaries who are only out to profit for themselves in this war. If indeed Mr. Radiman is in Athen City at any given time he is welcome to notify us and request a security escort, I believe we could accomodate him if given enough time to do so. Excuse me but I have to go check some IDs, good day Mr. Rivera."

Even after all the months of mystery, low morale and bad publicity from all sides (even clan leaders themselves), Mr. Radiman appears to have many clan citizens willing to trust him and prevent that any harm come to him. Is this man so charismatic and trusted that he could bring the clans back to a united front? Only time will tell. I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Khuri
Article written by Noticiero
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