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Last sunday afternoon, the well known and prestigious EndGame Alliance, considered to be the strongest group of allied clans held their weekly meeting as usual to address issues, share ideas and suggestions to improve the coalition...well, that is what was expected.

What happened, was a complete surprise. No, it wasn't an omni attack or a giant mantis interrupting their was much worst. Clans Whisper's Edge, The Mockers, First Light, Valor Eternal and Cupid's Arrow unanimously (and apparently planned ahead of this meeting) withdrew from the EG alliance, with little or no explanation to their other allies. Apparently once they started their individual 'farewell speech' it started a domino effect. Before the meeting came to an end, Cerberus Clan also left the alliance, but apparently this was not planned, but a reaction to the other clans leaving.

But this was not the end, that would be the following day; when Outcasts Clan withdrew also in reaction to the other clans leaving the previous day.

Clans Mercury Dragons and Exodus were the last of EG that day, but that wouldn't last long either.

My sources told me that Commander Windguaerd sought counsel from his officers and outside sources, and he tried to convince the former EG clans to reconsider, but it was too late. Unbeknownst to him, his former allies had planned to leave EG to form a new alliance, one which was exclusive and invite only...which meant, they would not allow any organization to even apply for membership, sounding like a corporate executive-level spa, where membership is given only to those who have the right connections, or the right amount of credits in Omni-1.

By monday afternoon Mercury Dragons Clan withdrew from EG as well. Exodus Clan was the last remaining EG organization, and as far as I know they were going to consult with their members if to remain in the alliance, but I don't see them carrying the old saying goes "the leet has been gutted and left to dry"...too little, too late.

Former EG leaders and officers either refused to speak to me or avoided me by saying they were 'too busy'.

Monday evening, I managed to get 3 former EG leaders, Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers Leader of Whisper's Edge Clan, Maximillian "Foxferal" Sionnach Leader of The Mockers and Commander Windguaerd Leader of Mercury Dragons Clan to explain what had taken place at the last EG meeting, and more through a private grid channel.

The following is a log of the conversation.

As per ICC Public Broadcast Regulation AF3241-17, sub-section C2 we have partially censored this log:

[12:01 AM]: Noticiero: Hello
[12:01 AM]: Noticiero: A moment as I invite Mr. Foxferal
[12:03 AM]: Vixentrox: Hi Foxy
[12:03 AM]: Noticiero: Thank you both.
[12:03 AM]: Foxferal: Heya, good morning
[12:03 AM]: Noticiero: I've got reports that the EG Alliance is no more, and that a select group of EG clans had agreed to leave the alliance without telling their other allies.
[12:03 AM]: Noticiero: Thus creating a feel of mistrust, that lead to all the remaining clans to leave EG.
[12:04 AM]: Vixentrox: I informed Cogs, Delta, Keho...unfortunately, Windy's comm never came on
[12:04 AM]: Vixentrox: I told them the day before that Whisper's Edge would be leaving
[12:05 AM]: Noticiero: I tried to speak with the Commander...he was not to an interview, as he pointed his weapon at me and told me to contact the head of his public relations department...which isn't answering calls either.
[12:05 AM]: Noticiero: You are the first leaders who have agreed to talk about the situation.
[12:06 AM]: Vixentrox: I wanted to give him a courtesy heads-up, but, he wasn't around
[12:06 AM]: Foxferal: I informed Cogs two days before, I were never in contact with Delta, Wind or Keho...
[12:06 AM]: Noticiero: A lot of people are shocked, and now worried that the strongest clan side alliance has broken up, probably giving omni departments encouragement to increase their attacks on clan held notum bases.
[12:08 AM]: Vixentrox: As you may know, I stepped down as Chairperson in the alliance...I agreed to resume duties but by then the die was cast. My leader council pressed me to pull out of the alliance. I no longer had the heart to stay in the alliance either so I sought a way out.
[12:08 AM]: Noticiero: Earlier today, Mort was under heavy attack by omni forces, unfortunately I could not get any information about the battles.
[12:08 AM]: Vixentrox: I had 100% of my Unit leaders and above wanting Whisper's Edge out.
[12:09 AM]: Vixentrox: Yes, I understand battles have been going on in mort for a couple of days now
[12:09 AM]: Noticiero: There are rumors that former EG clans, which considered themselves to be the 'core' of EG, agreed to form a new alliance, because they did not like the way other EG clans operated.
[12:10 AM]: Noticiero: Is there any truth to this?
[12:10 AM]: Foxferal: EG clans/ex-EG doesn't have any bases in Mort, so the alliance breaking up, have nothing to do with those attacks. Secondly, I would like to say that I was there all day yesterday and fought
[12:10 AM]: Vixentrox: In a way...but it's not entirely correct
[12:10 AM]: Noticiero: Would you like to set the record straight then Miss Vixentrox?
[12:10 AM]: Foxferal: I fought in Mort
[12:10 AM]: Vixentrox: The five Clans comprising the new alliance..
[12:11 AM]: Vixentrox: Three of them were already on the way out the door
[12:11 AM]: Vixentrox: Or close to it
[12:12 AM]: Vixentrox: We talked...and decided that if we were all leaving anyway, it made sense to invite the Clans no one had any issues with
[12:12 AM]: Noticiero: So they met secretly and planned to form a new alliance?
[12:12 AM]: Vixentrox: These five Clans got along well and none of them had animosity or reason to not stay allied
[12:13 AM]: Vixentrox: The ones that were excluded, were rejected for reason or another by at least one of the five Clans
[12:13 AM]: Noticiero: So you excluded Mercury Dragons, Exodus, Cerberus and Outcasts?
[12:13 AM]: Vixentrox: Yes
[12:14 AM]: Vixentrox: There was no point bringing in Clans we were trying to escape now is there?
[12:14 AM]: Windguaerd: I told you I don't want to talk to you!
[12:14 AM]: Windguaerd: So now bug the hell off!
[12:14 AM]: Windguaerd: Vix?
[12:14 AM]: Vixentrox: Yes Windy
[12:14 AM]: Windguaerd: What the hell are you up to Noticiero?
[12:15 AM]: Foxferal: Good morning Wind
[12:15 AM]: Noticiero: Just getting the truth Commander
[12:15 AM]: Windguaerd: Fox?
[12:15 AM]: Windguaerd: How many people are in this channel?
[12:15 AM]: Vixentrox: Don't forget we have a CoT event to tend to this weekend Windy
[12:16 AM]: Noticiero: Apparently your former allies did not like some EG clans, yours included. Thus they left their allies with little explanation, to form a new alliance, without your clan, Exodus, Cerberus and Outcasts.
[12:16 AM]: Windguaerd: [CENSORED]
[12:17 AM]: Vixentrox: I would like to address something
[12:17 AM]: Noticiero: Oh, now now Commander, first time I hear you be so angry, and here I thought you let your rifle do your talking.
[12:17 AM]: Vixentrox: If the 4 remaining Clans were such good friends, why did they not stay EG and rebuild it...stick together in their time of need?
[12:18 AM]: Windguaerd: Oh I will Mr. Rivera
[12:18 AM]: Vixentrox: They didn't though. They all went their separate ways.
[12:18 AM]: Windguaerd: What the hell does that mean Vix?
[12:18 AM]: Windguaerd: The main reason MD joined EG was the core clans, the founders, those who we liked...the others we thought would be of the same quality since they were accepted by the core EG clans.
[12:19 AM]: Vixentrox: It means, there should have still been a four Clan EG alliance that could have rebuilt and invited who they wanted.
[12:19 AM]: Noticiero: Ah, and there is my point...the 'core' EG clans, that has been mentioned in a few posts at the EG gridsite.
[12:19 AM]: Vixentrox: They didn't though. And I am not a believer in this "core clan" thing.
[12:20 AM]: Noticiero: Hey, by the time I was notified, there was only MD and another clan left in EG.
[12:20 AM]: Noticiero: And the other clan pretty much said they were leaving as well, so MD left too.
[12:21 AM]: Vixentrox: No one forced the others to leave if they were happy Mr. Noticero
[12:21 AM]: Windguaerd: That is correct, and how did you know this?
[12:21 AM]: Noticiero: I paid one of your Privates.
[12:21 AM]: Windguaerd: WHAT!
[12:21 AM]: Windguaerd: Who the hell sold you that information?
[12:22 AM]: Vixentrox: They were not happy with the company that was left...what does that tell you? I would have liked to see the four remaining Clans stay together but they did not.
[12:22 AM]: Noticiero: Sorry, but I can't reveal my sources. Now when will the new alliance be officially formed?
[12:22 AM]: Windguaerd: New alliance?
[12:23 AM]: Windguaerd: What new alliance?
[12:23 AM]: Vixentrox: It already is formed
[12:23 AM]: Windguaerd: Vix, I'm confused, what is he talking about?
[12:24 AM]: Vixentrox: First Light, The Mockers, Valor Eternal, Cupid's Arrow, and Whisper's Edge made our own alliance. Invite only.
[12:25 AM]: Vixentrox: I want to stress something.
[12:25 AM]: Noticiero: A bit tense today it looks like. Here everyone thought that EndGame was the solid rock among the clans, behind the reformation of the Council of Truth...yet behind the mask of strength, deception was brewing.
[12:25 AM]: Windguaerd: Invite only?
[12:26 AM]: Vixentrox: Whisper's Edge did not hate the people in MD, Cerebus, Exodus or Outcasts.
[12:26 AM]: Foxferal: The CoT reformation isn't an EG thing...
[12:26 AM]: Vixentrox: There are many good people in all those Clans
[12:27 AM]: Noticiero: Sounds like you're trying to excuse yourself...because obviously MD and the other clans who were left behind by your new alliance, are not going to get an invite.
[12:27 AM]: Vixentrox: That is correct. EG and CoT are not related in anyway.
[12:27 AM]: Foxferal: More guild involved in the CoT reforming then just EG/ex-EG guilds
[12:28 AM]: Vixentrox: I'll give you an example...this is Whisper's Edge viewpoint.
[12:28 AM]: Vixentrox: Exodus
[12:28 AM]: Windguaerd: I agree on that, the CoT project was not truly started by EG, it was coincidence that we were part of the EG, we are friends, I think.
[12:28 AM]: Vixentrox: My members had few or no friends in Exodus
[12:28 AM]: Noticiero: Is that doubt I hear in your voice Commander?
[12:28 AM]: Vixentrox: My members never did anything with Exodus
[12:28 AM]: Vixentrox: We rarely even SEEN members of Exodus
[12:29 AM]: Foxferal: same here...
[12:29 AM]: Vixentrox: Why would we want to invite someone who are be with us? This doesn't make the Exodus members bad people, but there was nothing in common.
[12:30 AM]: Windguaerd: Listen Vix, one of this month's agenda's for my PR Department was to plan, organize and run a social event with an EG clan, which was going to be our first big thing with the alliance. Before that takes place...everything falls apart.
[12:30 AM]: Vixentrox: This hasn't been easy on any of us.
[12:31 AM]: Windguaerd: MD had just joined EG, by majority votes, and we wanted to prove we were worthy, instead everything gets shut down, and now I hear you guys made a new alliance.
[12:31 AM]: Windguaerd: I'll be direct, is MD invited to the new alliance?
[12:31 AM]: Vixentrox: There was talk of Whisper's Edge leaving BEFORE you even joined.
[12:32 AM]: Vixentrox: Unity of the Rose leaving was the catalyste
[12:32 AM]: Noticiero: So WE was planning on leaving anyways, and which clan contacted you to start a new alliance Miss Vixentrox?
[12:33 AM]: Vixentrox: Actually, WE contacted UotR.
[12:33 AM]: Windguaerd: Noticiero, shut up for a few damn minutes will you!
[12:34 AM]: Vixentrox: UotR wasn't terribly interested in alliances by this time. Not that I blame them.
[12:34 AM]: Noticiero: I'm just doing my job Commander. Miss Vixentrox and Mr. Foxferal are very civil, why can't you?
[12:34 AM]: Windguaerd: Guys, are you done talking to this [CENSORED]?
[12:34 AM]: Vixentrox: That doesn't mean we can't be friends. UotR and WE have some of our highest point in our relations right now.
[12:34 AM]: Noticiero: This won't reflect good on you Commander, or your clan.
[12:35 AM]: Windguaerd: [CENSORED]
[12:35 AM]: Vixentrox: My members want to stay on good terms with people in other clans.
[12:35 AM]: Windguaerd: The question stands, is MD invited?
[12:36 AM]: Vixentrox: It would have to be approved by every Clan
[12:36 AM]: Vixentrox: Right now I don't think that would happen
[12:36 AM]: Noticiero: I think that means no. Since they would have discussed it before they left EG as to who would be in the new alliance.
[12:37 AM]: Windguaerd: I see...
[12:37 AM]: Windguaerd: Noticiero...
[12:37 AM]: Noticiero: Yes Commander?
[12:38 AM]: Vixentrox: There are two Clans that were left behind that WE absolutely would veto an invitation to, yours isn't one of them Windy
[12:38 AM]: Windguaerd: I've got a deal to make, I'm sure you would like to publish a Press Release before anyone else would you?
[12:39 AM]: Noticiero: You know that exclusives are like bronto burgers to me Commander, I can never have enough of them.
[12:40 AM]: Windguaerd: Contact Medjai tomorrow, we'll give you something good.
[12:40 AM]: Noticiero: Regarding the EG situation?
[12:40 AM]: Windguaerd: That, and more.
[12:41 AM]: Windguaerd: Don't get used to it [CENSORED], and I think...that I won't be answering my COMM for a few hours.
[12:42 AM]: Vixentrox: Well before you turn it off, will you be taking part in the CoT event this weekend Windy?
[12:42 AM]: Windguaerd: I can get Fox doing it Vix....but you...we didn't see eye to eye with politics....but EG was a matter of trust, you could have told me, left me a message, a grid email...something...
[12:43 AM]: Windguaerd: You mean the shirts?
[12:43 AM]: Vixentrox: Yes
[12:43 AM]: Noticiero: What shirts?
[12:43 AM]: Windguaerd: No, I will not.
[12:44 AM]: Vixentrox: Because of EG? Or because of other commitments?
[12:44 AM]: Windguaerd: I've provided more than enough ideas to the CoT, and I'll be looking for a replacement to take my place within the Clerical Staff.
[12:45 AM]: Windguaerd: I had plans for my clan, which depended on trusted allies, which we no longer have. I think that would be under 'other commitments' Vix.
[12:45 AM]: Vixentrox: a pity...oh well, you did mention it being to taxing for you currently.
[12:47 AM]: Windguaerd: [CENSORED] wanted news, now you got them. I know you are going to [CENSORED] if it means an 'exclusive'....but wait until you see what my PR Department offers, consider your health, and the fact that an agent can sneak behind you...without you knowing.
[12:49 AM]: Noticiero: I.....uh...
[12:49 AM]: Noticiero: Will keep that in mind Commander
[12:50 AM]: Noticiero: Anyone else wishes to make a comment before they leave?
[12:51 AM]: Vixentrox: Only that if members of Exodus, MD, Ceberus, or Outcasts wish to talk to me about why things happened as they did, I will explain as well as I can for my Clan
[12:51 AM]: Noticiero: Thank you Miss Vixentrox, Mr. Foxferal?
[12:52 AM]: Foxferal: No, I think we have covered it pretty much
[12:53 AM]: Noticiero: Thank you all, I will try to get more information before I publish anything.
[12:53 AM]: Noticiero: Good day to you all.
[12:53 AM]: Foxferal: Good morning

I received the following Press Release from Mercury Dragons Clan this morning:

February 24, 29478 - Official Statement from Mercury Dragons Clan

It's been two years since our clan has made an Official Statement of this magnitude, and it is with great sadness that we must once again step forth to explain a difficult situation.

Last sunday February 22nd, the EndGame Alliance's weekly meeting was it's last. Within a few minutes the following clans withdrew from the alliance: First Light, The Mockers, Valor Eternal, Cupid's Arrow, Whisper's Edge and Cerberus. The first five listed had made an agreement to withdraw from EG, and form a new secret alliance with the interest of helping the Redeemed in the Shadowlands. In the previous weeks clans Unity of the Rose and Conflicted Singularity had withdrawn from the alliance.

Neither Commander Windguaerd, or any other MD officer were notified of this agreement, or plan to withdraw from EG. The remaining clans in the alliance besides ourselves were Outcasts and Exodus that sunday.

Our leader called an Emergency Command Staff monday afternoon with guests, to seek counsel regarding the decision to remain, or withdraw from EG. After an hour, our Commander reached a decision, and officially removed our organization from the EndGame Alliance. At the time we withdrew Exodus was the last remaining EG Clan, since Outcasts removed themselves earlier that day.

We hold no ill will against any former EG organization, or what remains (if any) of the alliance we were proud to be a part of, even for a short period of time.

It is our hope that former allies can remain in good relations with our military organization, and that they would call on us if they need our assistance or expertise.

Mercury Dragons Clan has no current plans to join another alliance, and rumors that we are going to reform the former Alus Alliance (a military coalition) are not true, at least at this point in time.

We wish our former official allies prosperity, and that they be treated with the same respect and honor they treat others.

General "Medjai" Suicidal
Chief of External Affairs and Public Relations
Mercury Dragons Clan - Public Relations Department

No other official comment was offered by any other former EG Clans. Without the strength of the EndGame Alliance in the north, how long will it be before omni departments and detachments take notice and target former EG clans notum bases? and with the new 'secret' alliance not being so secret anymore, and losing the trust of most of their former allies, how will this affect the morale of the many clans who considered EG the strong arm of their faction?

Some say that the new alliance was formed to help the Redeemed, but if they left other former allies out of it, does that mean they are not worthy to be at their side? or that perhaps they think they have aligned themselves with the Unredeemed?

Quite a few questions remain, but looks like few want to answer them. Those few answers are currently posted at the former EG forums, with some leaders and officers trying to explain the reasons behind the fall of the alliance. But many are disappointed or feel they have been betrayed by trusted friends and allies as it is.

There is going to be repercussions to this event, that many agree on, but what are they going to be? will the new alliance be as strong, or trustworthy as EG was? will Omni-Tek see this as another sign of weakness?

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

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Article written by Noticiero
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