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Monday night, in an unexpected appearance in Tir, Henry Radiman the former Council of Truth Spokesman addressed clan citizens in front of the Tower of Truth building (commonly known as the CoT building).

I was unable to attend due to an already ongoing investigation I'm currently involved with, but reliable sources provided voice logs and holo-pics of this event.

Most of the CoT Clerical Staff, consisting of Commander 'Windguaerd' Wagner, Commander 'Caid' Nottoris and Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers was there.

Clan leaders, advisors, officers and civilians gathered as word spread through the city that Henry Radiman was about to speak.

My colleague Reporter Levinson from the 'Free Journalists of Rubi-Ka' publication was also present during the speech.


The following is the recorded log of Mr. Radiman's speech and the questions that followed it, disrupted interruptions have been edited out:

02:12: Jeanette: ssh
02:12: Maephina: uh
02:12: Jeanette: There he is...
02:12: Maephina: there he is
02:13: Fightprncs: Oh wow...
02:13: Fightprncs hushs up
02:13: Levinson: Feel free to invite your clan mates to join us here, if you see fit.
02:13: Levinson smiles
02:13: Henry Radiman: A speech, dear Reporter.
02:14: Kulara rolls her eyes
02:14: Didymus scratches his head
02:14: Vixentrox: Hello again Mr. Radiman
02:15: Henry Radiman: Miss Vixentrox.
02:15: Levinson smiles at Henry Radiman
02:15: Caid: Mister Radiman.
02:15: Fightprncs: Hello sir.
02:15: Levinson: Good evening sir.
02:15: Fightprncs smiles softly
02:15: Maephina watches
02:15: Vixentrox: It's Mrs but I'm sure my wife will forgive you.
02:15: Henry Radiman: I would like to invite you all to come down to the entrance for my speech.
02:15: Jeanette: Hihi Mr. Radiman
02:15: Fightprncs giggles softly
02:15: Levinson: A most gracious offer, sir.
02:15: Levinson: Please lead the way.
02:15: Henry Radiman: My apologizes Mrs. Vixentrox.
02:15: Fightprncs: It would be my honor sir.
02:15: Caid nods
02:16: Caid: You know, Kulara, if you got any smaller, you might be stepped on.
02:16: Maephina: heh
02:17: Henry Radiman: Everyone take a seat, and give room for all to sit comfortably.
02:17: Jeanette checks to make sure her weapons are safe and unloaded
02:17: Henry Radiman: I am sure you can all hear me well enough?
02:17: Caid: I can, yes.
02:17: Levinson starts taking pictures
02:18: Henry Radiman: Good to hear Caid.
02:18: Windguaerd: Yes Mr. Radiman, the clans hear your words.
02:18: Caid chuckles
02:18: Henry Radiman: Is everyone from the Clerical Staff here today?
02:18: Caid: Not all of us, I'm afraid.
02:18: Levinson: I believe Ms. Tussa Godfray is not, sir.
02:18: Vixentrox: Nor is Cogs
02:19: Henry Radiman: I can expect that they will hear my words from all of you then?
02:19: Vixentrox nods
02:19: Caid: Of that, I have no doubt.
02:19: Levinson nods and smiles at Henry Radiman
02:19: Maimeframe: aye
02:19: Levinson: Would you like me to include a full transcript of your speech in my report, sir?
02:20: Fixerben: Hello everyone.
02:20: Luminarist: excuse me Fixerben
02:20: Henry Radiman: Of course.
02:20: Luminarist: can you move
02:20: Luminarist: you are standing in front of me
02:20: Luminarist: thank you
02:20: Henry Radiman: Greetings my friends.
02:20: Levinson: Derklaus, please have a seat.
02:20: Henry Radiman: The time is upon us.
02:20: Henry Radiman: A time of rebirth.

02:20: Windguaerd: That is correct, we're all here, except Tussa who is tied up at this time Mr. Radiman.
02:20: Henry Radiman: A time of renewal.
02:20: Henry Radiman: A time of hope.
02:20: Henry Radiman: A time of brotherhood.
02:20: Henry Radiman: A time of peace among neighbors and a time of coming together to do that which is great and ultimately of what doing what is necessary.

02:20: Jeanette looks behind her, and smiles at Blackpetal
02:20: Windguaerd listens
02:21: Henry Radiman: In this chamber some time ago, we received a calling to reconvene a Great Council of Truth. that calling was ethereal, surreal and even strange to be certain.
02:21: Henry Radiman: However
02:21: Henry Radiman: The visage of our beloved David Marlin was unmistakable. *


02:21: Caid smiles
02:21: Blackpetal nods to Jeanette and smiles slightly.
02:21: Henry Radiman: The spirit of that great man is within all of us. His wisdom of the past and his vision for the future of a place where all men are equal and at peace should inspire and encourage all of us to undertake this great task.
02:22: Henry Radiman: It is the task of rebuilding the Council of Truth that I speak about today.
02:22: Henry Radiman: Today I renew his call to come together with renewed purpose. To come together to re-build the Council of Truth to its former glory for all Clansmen on Rubi-Ka.
02:22: Henry Radiman: The longer we delay with this task, the more Omni-Tek can take our land, kill our children and steal our lives.

02:22: Vixentrox nods
02:23: Henry Radiman: We must soon act to renew our purpose.
02:23: Henry Radiman: We must soon act to rebuild this great body for debate and governance.
02:23: Henry Radiman: We must soon act to rise up together to send a message to the company:
02:23: Henry Radiman: We shall be heard. We shall rule our own lives. We shall reap our own benefits from our own labors.

02:23: Fightprncs nods her agreement
02:23: Windguaerd nods
02:24: Maephina listens intently
02:24: Henry Radiman: We will soon act my friends. We must be patient in building the Council of Truth. Our path is clear and our purpose is noble. To quote the ancient American Earth President John .F. Kennedy, peace and freedom walk together.
02:24: Shafty stops listening
02:24: Henry Radiman: Thank you and good night.
02:24: Levinson applauds mutedly
02:24: Blackpetal frowns slightly.
02:25: Fixerben: Hmm..That was rather trite.
02:25: Levinson: Sir, if I might ask few questions before you go...
02:25: Fixerben: Thanks for your words of inspiration Mr. Radiman.
02:25: Durskt: What about the Sentinels Mr. Radiman? What about Silverstone?
02:25: Henry Radiman: Levinson, please do.


02:25: Levinson: Have you approached Mr. Silverstone about joining the Council of Truth, as Durskt asks?
02:26: Henry Radiman: Or is that a No comment?
02:26: Durskt looks concerned
02:26: Henry Radiman: I would have to hold my comments on my discussions with Mr. Silverstone.
02:26: Levinson nods
02:27: Fightprncs frowns
02:27: Fightprncs: Sir, if I may.
02:27: Levinson: Do you have a target date in mind for when you'd like to see the Council restored to its previous glory?
02:27: Henry Radiman: The Council will be restored at the right time.
02:27: Caid glances over his shoulder
02:28: Levinson nods
02:28: Henry Radiman: There is no need to set a date, but further details will become public when it is the right time.
02:28: Durskt: Sir. Omni-Tek closes in closer everyday? That "right time" cannot come soon enough
02:28: Henry Radiman: Beginning to plan is the start though.
02:28: Blackpetal: ...
02:28: Aerinyi: I had thought planning had begun some time ago.
02:28: Maephina: Speaking of Omni
02:29: Maephina points at the Yalm
02:29: Henry Radiman: Begin to collect together as one, the time will be soon.
02:29: Divineblast: my question is where have u been all this time?
02:29: Levinson: And finally, do you have any comment on the recent report once again questioning your contacts and that of your former assistants with the Dust Brigade?
02:29: Xyboc: If you want some aggressive force on these Omni powers, don't hesitate to call upon Nekrid, General of the Demolition Squad
02:29: Maimeframe: leave
02:29: Maimeframe: leave scum
02:29: Henry Radiman: There are many things that need to be attended to.
02:29: Derklaus: Mr. Radiman may i ask one question?
02:29: Divineblast: where are those guards when u need them
02:29: Henry Radiman: Thank you all for coming.

Even though Mr. Radiman appeared for a short period of time, many were happy to see him again, and his words inspired them to discuss what they can do to help in the rebuilding of the Council of Truth.

Reporter Levinson was interviewing those who heard the speech to get their comments for his publication at the 'Happy Rebel' afterwards.

Will Simon Silverstone and his Sentinels support the new Council of Truth? if so would they remain in Tir or listen to the outcry from the clan population asking them to stop attacking neutrals? if not, how would the new CoT deal with the current 'protectors' of the clan capital?

These questions alone bring much concern to clan citizens, specially those who reside in Tir City. It's going to be a bumpy ride for anyone rebuilding the CoT and it's infrastructure.

I'd like to thank the Public Relations Department from Mercury Dragons Clan for providing the voice logs and the holo-pics of this event.

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

* = David Marlin was the President of the World Council back on Earth (12127-12305) and the liberator of the Solitus from the Omega in that era. Known to be the last Omega to be alive (however that has been disputed in several historical records, other Omegas may have survived and perhaps live still). He was the last of Alyssa's Clan, a legendary group which many historians suspect was the first true clan back on Earth. His disappearance in 12305 has lead to hundreds of tales and myths among Solitus over the course of human history, most predicting his return when humanity would need him most.

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