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After my last interview in the beginning of June; I was approached by a man who claimed to be a clerk in a shop in the City of Tir. He told me he was about to lose his job because the shop was going to close, due to the owner not being able to continue to pay a gang for 'protection fees'. Apparently the owner had confided on his employee and shared the fact that he was not the only one being pressured to pay for 'protection', other shops owners were being extorted as well. I assured anonymity to the man, thanked him for his courage to tell me about the situation and immediately started to plan on how to get to the bottom of it.

It took me two weeks to get more information from other shop employees as they were afraid to speak with me publicly and had to arrange many secret meetings in the dark alleys and streets of Tir. After some convincing I managed to learn the name of the gang of thugs who have been terrorizing small business owners all over the capital, they call themselves the "Str8 Ballerz Gang".

They are considered to be the most feared street gang in town, they are a large group of youths who race each other in their customized yalmahas. Their illegal midnight races have caused hundreds of millions in damages and two dozen deaths since their appearance in February of 29475. Their activities doesn't end at extortion, they are also involved in blackmail, kidnapping, robbery, assault & battery, possession and sale of illegal goods (including weapons, armor and stims), illegal alteration of air vehicles, running an illegal underground casino (which is moved every night) and illegal hacking of the town's grid databases.

Shop owners who refuse to pay for 'protection' are beaten up usually during closing time, and their shops vandalized. Many shops have or are considering closing down or moving to another town to avoid paying the gang's high 'protection fees'. All complaints that have been directed to the Sentinels have been ignored, which made me wonder why would they allow these criminals to continue their activities.

I discovered that since the arrival of Sentinels Clan in 29477, the gang has removed almost all other competing gangs from Tir. While undercover one night at the well known club 'Happy Rebel' a few gang members were intoxicated and bragged to me and other patrons about 'owning' the town. One of the thugs who was quite drunk whispered to me that they had a deal with Simon Silverstone to gain their support if Omni-Tek attacked the town, in exchange they would be free to do as they wished as long as it was not too visible. This shocking and unsettling revelation explained the Sentinels actions, to ignore and practically allow the gang to continue their criminal activities.

The following day, I contacted Sentinel Commander Steel through a private channel asking if they had indeed made a deal with the Str8 Ballerz Gang, and the reply was 'No Comment, now bug off neutral scum!' from him.

Sentinels Clan had taken over the security of Tir last year to guarantee the safety of clan citizens from Omni-Tek, but apparently they would look the other way when it comes to criminals in their own side.

I suspect after my attempt to get answers from the Sentinels, they may have warned the gang, or perhaps someone else did, because after that day it became extremely hard for me to acquire further information about the Str8 Ballerz's activities.

Before ending my investigation and my undercover work, I managed to find out who was the leader of this feared gang. He is a tall opifex martial artist known as 'Eight Ball' for his skill with a pool stick, in a playroom, and on the street from what I gathered.

Has Simon Silverstone chosen the lesser of two evils? the support of a strong street gang to protect Tir in case Omni-Tek attacked the capital, or is it an excuse, to keep Tir citizens distracted from his clan's murderous actions against neutrals while they worry about the criminals walking their streets?

As a neutral, I'm disgusted by their actions against neutral citizens who have done nothing against the clans, and get killed on sight by Sentinel Commanders. As a Reporter, I find it interesting that a Clan Leader would be willing to allow crime and misery to spread free in the clan Capital he has publicly vowed to protect.

Is the Sentinels Clan and the Str8 Ballerz Gang the future of Tir? without justice, lawless?

I hope that after reading this report, clan citizens reconsider any support given to the Sentinels, and that perhaps they take action against the ruthless gang terrorizing the good people of Tir.

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Article written by Noticiero
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