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In the middle of the afternoon I received an urgent message from one of my contacts in Tir. He was frantically asking me to rush to Tir, claiming that two large battleships were flying over the clan capital.

Thanks to whompa technology I was there within a few minutes. I witnessed something which I thought was not possible. Indeed there was two incredibly large ships flying over the city. Neither Guards or Sentinel Commanders were moving from their positions, but I could see they were not at ease by their stance. Most clan shops closed their doors and Tir citizens ran to bomb shelters which had not been used in decades.

Clans from as far as Perpetual Wastelands prepared for the worst, dozens of yalmahas were sighted in route to the clan capital, ready to defend it.

As large numbers of clan forces were arriving through whom-pah and the southern grid access preparing for a fight, the two ships began to fly higher and move away from Tir, to the relief of clan citizens.

Within 30 minutes from my arrival, the situation had come and gone. Everyone I spoke with were certain that the ships were from Omni-Tek.

The following image is from a security camera located near the former Council of Truth building.


After consulting with a few military sources, I was able to identify the ships. The one you can see on the left side is a Terra-class Omni-Tek Frigate, used for Notum operations but also for movement of troops in combat operations. The larger ship on the right is a Mars-class Omni-Tek Warship, which has a heavy hull and a large number of ion cannons and laser turrets for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.

Omni-Tek Warships since the 3rd war had been assigned to patrol duty in and around Omni-1, Omni-Ent and Omni-Trade.

I asked a Sentinel Commander through a secure COMM channel what had happened:

"Omni-Tek tried to put a scare on us, but we turned the tables on them. Even with some clans claiming we should not be here, they all came to assist us to defend Tir without a second thought. I'm sure they did not expect such a large or swift gathering of clan forces, and decided to get going before we rightfully removed them by force. Do not forget we have Ion Cannons in Tir which are fully operational for the defense of our city. Now if you'll excuse me I got to report to my superiors."

So how could these ships travel through clan territory unnoticed and then surprise thousands of clanners living in the clan capital?

Nobody could answer that question. But several clan leaders promised to look into it. I decided to check with Omni-Admin what had happened.

It took several hours, having to speak to clerks, administrators and several bureaucrats to get an official answer. Here it is:

"Unfortunately due to a navigational system malfunction with one of our Frigates carrying Notum from our Longest Road mine, it deviated from it's usual safe route during repairs. Omni-Mining reported that the Frigate would reach the vicinity of the clan city of Tir before repairs were finished.

Omni-Admin decided to allow Omni-AF to send a Warship to escort the Frigate safely back to Omni-Tek territory. It was not our intention to scare or frighten clan citizens, we were just looking out for the interests of our company.

We knew the possibility of Sentinels Clan to use the heavy weaponry in Tir to shoot down the Frigate, and we could not take the chance of that happening. The Warship had specific orders not to open fire unless either the Frigate or the Warship itself came under fire.

We followed I.C.C. regulations regarding the safety measures of Notum operations and the transport of Notum. I.C.C. has received a full report on this matter and they have acknowledged our rights to take such measure.

There was no casualties or property lost, so all ended on a good note. We hope the clans can see we had no hostile intentions, and that the corporation was within their rights to dispatch a Warship under the circumstances.

Please forward any inquiries regarding this matter to I.C.C. as they have all the details of this situation."

Well written I'd say. But it doesn't quite convince me, how did the Frigate ended up exactly above Tir? and the Warship was at a much higher altitude than the Frigate. If it had been ordered to escort and protect the Frigate, then why did it keep such a long distance from it?

The Frigate was flying at a very low altitude. Knowing now that it has a capability to carry troops, it comes to mind that it could have been preparing to deploy shuttles with troops. From a practical point of view, the Warship had to be high in altitude to get a complete view of the city and any movement from troops the Frigate may deploy to provide cover.

This is all in theory of course. It could have been a navigational system malfunction as Omni-Admin stated, or it could have been a scare tactic which worked quite well, or it could have been a failed attempt to overtake the clan capital to demoralize the clans.

In any case, the result was the same. The citizens of Tir got a chilling scare, the clans rallied in fear to lose their capital, and Omni-Tek suffered no real negative press from any news media across the galaxy.

Another day in Rubi-Ka.

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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