Articles - Investigative Report

Earlier this afternoon, in a most surprising appearance, former Council of Truth Spokesman Henry Radiman appeared in Athen City during a public meeting of clan leaders called by Commander "Caid" Nottoris, Advisor of First Light Clan; a former CoT operative.

I was not able to attend in person due to an ongoing investigation I was deeply involved at the time, however Mercury Dragons Clan and First Light Clan provided me a recorded log of this most rare event, and a few holo pics to go along with it. I thank both organizations for this information.

Apparently a few clan leaders and notable figures were discussing the possilibity of reforming the now defunct Council of Truth when Mr. Radiman arrived at the open meeting.


Among the first to see and respectfully address Mr. Radiman were Commander "Caid" Nottoris, Clan Leader Anthony "Cogs" Mcduff, Clan Leader Commander "Windguaerd" Wagner from Mercury Dragons Clan, Clan Leader Jenae "Tussa" Godfray from Assembly Clan, General Paz "Ariekel" Bannister from Whisper`s Edge Clan and General Giga "Bizzarro" Vehementi from Outcasts Clan.


Mr. Radiman appears in support of the gathering to listen to Clan Leaders.


Word spread like wildfire and within five minutes more Clan Leaders show up. The gathering continues with the discussion regarding the continuing fight, on the battlefield and the minds of clanners among other topics.



Mr. Radiman listens while clan leaders discuss the future of the clans, for a better way of living and how to achieve it without loosing sight of their motivation and goals; as well as the formation of a new Council. All this and more can be read at the recorded log below, Mr. Radiman's words are highlighted.

21:48: Cogs shouts: Come one come all....rally with us today! Awaken the flames doused by atrophy and fear, killed by times ever moving grind! It is time we awaken to the true cause, it is time to gather together brothers and sisters, to fight oppression once again! Remember those that died for us....for you and me! Awaken, and join in this new uprising!
21:49: Darklotiz cheers
21:49: Caid: You all remember the days when we fought with such passion that we'd fight until we could no longer move?
21:49: Caid: Do you remember Sabulum?
21:50: Cogs shouts: Remember Sabulum!
21:50: Caid: Do you remember our passion? Do you realize what we have lost?
21:50: Caid shouts: No longer!
21:50: Tussa shouts: It's time to wake up, free clanners of Rubi-Ka!
21:50: Bezreen nods
21:50: Caid: It's time to take hold of our destiny!
21:51: Caid: How many times have we sat and wished for what once was, to return? Anyone?
21:52: Ariekel looks a little confused
21:52: Cogs: Too many times....too many!
21:52: Caid: How many times have we wished that the Council were still here to even sit in their ivory tower and watch us?
21:52: Cogs: Too many times....too many!
21:52: Caid: Arie... do you realize we have no passion in our fight?
21:52: Caid: The clans have grown weak!
21:52: Tussa: Lazy!
21:53: Caid: But no more!
21:53: Cogs looks around
21:53: Caid: Radiman might hide out in his house somewhere, and the clans we sit in our bars and drink, while we get pushed back so much further in our fight for freedom...
21:53: Caid: We're losing what we once were.
21:54: Caid: Why? Why do we continue to accept the stagnancy?
21:54: Tussa: We're lulled in a sleep we can't wake up from!
21:55: Caid: Why haven't we sought out Radiman to talk about why he ran and left us high and dry?
21:55: Cogs: Carelessness.....
21:55: Cogs: Indifference!! the greatest of enemies
21:55: Caid: Why haven't we fought to reform the Council of Truth as a senate, or to reclaim the democracy that defines us?!
21:55: Caid: This changes here! Today!
21:56: Caid: Right now!
21:56: Cogs: Right now!
21:56: Tussa: Now and forever!
21:56: Darklotiz: Right Now!
21:56: Caid: WE control our destiny! WE control our lives. WE control our future!
21:56: Tussa: Caid: How many times have we sat and wished for what once was, to return? Anyone?
21:57: Dreamwarrior: too many...
21:57: Tussa: Too often!!
21:57: Cogs: Take control! Take the heart of Rubi-Ka in your hands, and let us show that we care!
21:57: Caid: Every single day.
21:57: Tussa shouts: It's time to take control! To fight back!
21:57: Caid: It's up to ~us~ to take control of this.
21:57: Caid: Not me. Not you. Us.
21:58: Caid: We are the clans, and I'll be damned if I am going to sit back and watch us fade!
21:58: Caid: How, you ask?
21:58: Tussa: This can't go on any longer! We will need to wake up! Need to fight back! Need to claim what we believe is right!
21:58: Caid: How is this possible?
21:58: Cogs shouts: It is time to rekindle the flames, the ideals....our reason and rhyme! It is time to remember those that died for many years ago, those that set us to fight for a Rubi-Ka we could love, walk without fear....with pride! It is time to awaken the Clans!
21:59: Caid: We must rally the clans, in unison, and awaken our spirits.
21:59: Caid: Our ~passion~
21:59: Caid: Does anyone remember the assault on the bridge from Omni-Tek, in Varmint Woods?
21:59: Tussa: Or the assault on Old Athen...just here...last week!
21:59: Cogs nods...slowly
21:59: Caid: Does anyone remember how many clanners that day gave up everything they were doing to fight for their homes?
21:59: Dreamwarrior: I remember the assault
22:00: Caid: How many of us spent countless hours out in Sabulum trying to cleanse it from the enemy?
22:00: Caid: We need this once more my friends, or else our destiny will never fully be realized.
22:01: Caid: Who here is willing to take a chance and live? A chance to truly revitalize the clans?
22:01: Darklotiz raises his hand
22:01: Caid: You see, it's these of us who will shape what is to come.
22:02: Ariekel: Sounds good. But I'm still waiting to hear what it is yer tryin' to sell us on here.
22:02: Caid: You haven't realized it yet?
22:02: Cogs shouts: It is time, my friends, to shake the slumber, pick up your arms, and fight the true fight, united....brothers and sisters, united under that same Clan flag, once wielded by David Marlin! Join us, rebels of Rubi-Ka....
22:02: Dreamwarrior: retaliation
22:02: Dreamwarrior: unity
22:03: Bezreen: freedom
22:03: Slinksta: and a kick ass party after!!
22:03: Dreamwarrior: 'Payback'
22:03: Dreamwarrior grins
22:03: Caid: It's time we stop sitting, and start uniting. The Council of Truth is dead you say? No, not as long as there are people who still support them.
22:03: Ariekel: I get the rhetoric. What I wanna know is what yer actually trying to get us to do here.
22:03: Caid: Who's to say the Council can not be re-created?
22:03: Tussa: Fight, Miss Ariekel
22:03: Tussa: Fight with a passion you never saw before.
22:03: Caid: Who's to say that with enough of us, we cannot actually create ~change~?
22:04: Tussa: Not by snuggling with the enemy. Not by drinking and playing card games. Not by dancing till morrow come.
22:04: Caid: Change my friends. This is what this is all about. Remember the days of old.
22:04: Tussa: But fight! Defend! Protect!
22:05: Caid: I am a former Commander for the Council of Truth. I watched them disband, and part of me was crushed. It's time to bring back that part.
22:05: Caid: In each of us, there is something we long for. Something we wish had never gone away.
22:05: Caid: Perhaps such things can return?
22:05: Slinksta: so who's gonna lead this council?
22:05: Caid: No one person needs to lead the Council of Truth, perhaps that's what went wrong before.
22:05: Cogs: Once upon a time, the clans were formed my friends, in an answer to the atrocities that our ancestors lived after day....they were being slain in mines of horror, extorted in ways unimaginable. The fight was true then, filled and fueled by ideals we have long since forgotten, in our search for materialism, and a safe existence. We are still not free, my friends...we still live in fear...our children cannot safely walk the streets. We must strike down the oppressive force, we must regain true freedom....we must one day be able to lay down our arms!
22:06: Cogs: We must one day be free!
22:06: Darklotiz: aye

Mr. Radiman appears from a nearby building.

22:06: Tussa gasps
22:06: Caid: Mister Radiman.
22:06: Cogs: Mr. Radiman!
22:06: Tussa: Mister Radiman!
22:06: Ariekel: Damn straight it is. The old CoT was a gross failure. I'd like to know how we're supposed to avoid the apathy an' sketchy dealings the old CoT was involved with.
22:06: Keho: Mr. Radiman
22:07: Dreamwarrior stands back agasp
22:07: Henry Radiman: Evening
22:07: Cogs: I have no words.....
22:07: Caid: You have arrived just on time, my old friend.
22:07: Ariekel turns and looks at Radiman, studying him carefully.
22:07: Bizzarro: Sir i've heard great things about you, nice meeting you.
22:07: Henry Radiman: Please carry on, I'm here to listen
22:07: Cogs smiles
22:07: Caid: For we here today, are the beginning of the people hoping to make change in our futures. Too long have the clans been stagnant.
22:08: Tussa: Please...have a seat...Mister Radiman...people...
22:08: Cogs: Well, Sir....then may we bid you a seat....a hard one, but nevertheless!
22:08: Caid: I, as a former Commander of the Council of Truth, cannot just give up... I can't. None of us can.
22:08: Henry Radiman: I prefer to stand, I'm not that old ... yet
22:08: Caid grins
22:08: Cogs smiles
22:08: Tussa: I as a newcomer, one who came to Rubi-Ka to fight, leaving my home planet and family behind. I cannot give up either!
22:09: Caid: Many weeks have passed now, that these ideas have not crossed our minds.
22:09: Caid: Simon does what? He picks off angry omnis taking a stroll through Tir. So? No problem. But what do the clans do? We fight a mindless battle day after day.
22:09: Cogs: As an old warrior, an old Freedom Fighter, I cannot give up either! We cannot fail those ideals of old, those flames that once burned so brightly!
22:10: Caid: We must rekindle these flames.
22:10: Tussa: At least Mr. Silverstone fights with a passion! A passion many of us has laid to waste a long time ago!
22:10: Caid: Passion is what we lack. Without passion for our hope for TRUE freedom, what are we? This isn't freedom...
22:11: Cogs: Those flames WILL be rekindled.....we are here to see that this way or the other....which is why we have rallied here today, to start on that road to freedom once small steps, but steps nonetheless!
22:11: Tussa smiles at Alex
22:11: Caid: Step by Step, we will regain what we have lost.
22:11: Caid: And it starts today.
22:12: Tussa: It is time we step up and do something. We cannot accept what is going on, no matter how insignificant it may seem. We must unite and we must fight for what is rightfully ours and this planets!
22:12: Tussa: No more sleeping!
22:12: Caid: Mister Radiman, you spoke of the want to reform the Council, back at your meeting once the gates to the Shadowlands had opened. Is this still true?
22:12: Cogs: We cannot idly sit by, and watch the clans become what our oppressors are....mindless corporate slaves....motivated by what the next batch of notum will give in the wallet. We are Clan.....we are here due to the sacrifices made by our ancestors....and we have thrown that legacy away! No more I tel you....No more!!
22:13: Henry Radiman: I see, so do you want to rekindle the war, or are you looking for lasting peace .... and yes, I will work towards reforming the Council if that is the will of clans
22:13: Caid: The Council was hope.
22:13: Tussa: The Council was unity.
22:13: Caid: Everything has dwindled since it's fall.
22:13: Ariekel: Ya still haven't answered the question. What are we going to fight for? What are we going to do that we aren't doing already? The more ya shout an' try to get us worked up an' outraged without givin' us any real serious goals or courses of action, the less comfortable I am with it.
22:13: Caid: Our friends... my friends... Gelsa... Portman.. Pendion, might no longer be around, but I'll be damned if I am going to give up.
22:13: Tussa: Isn't it obvious, Miss Ariekel?
22:14: Ariekel: No, it isn't. Enlighten us, please.
22:14: Caid: Mister Radiman, peace is always better than war, but at this rate, war is inevitable.
22:15: Caid: As we speak, the battle rages on.
22:15: Cogs: We want peace Mr. friends.....we do not want war! We want the Clans to reunite around those ideals lost in materialism and corporate mind set. We want to be a light in the eyes of our children, to once again see them walk and laugh in the streets of Old Athen.
22:15: Tussa: We must fight against the corporation that is Omni-Tek. And we must fight against the laziness that is infecting the clans. The mere thought of clans attacking other clans for the pure reason of greed! We were attacked in our home town only a week ago. Will it be accepted? Will we make no retaliation? Are we so comfortable in our homes that we feel safe from the corporation, the dust brigade? How can we achieve peace in this matter?
22:15: Caid: I miss seeing a smiling child.. a laughing parent...
22:16: Caid: It's up to us... my friends..
22:16: Cogs: We want the memory of our ancestors to guide us towards that peace.....we want our brothers and sisters to walk this planet, this heart of ours, as free men and women!
22:16: Ariekel: We already fight against Omni-Tek. Last week's attack on Athen was a failure, the pilot is still in clan hands. I dun even know what yer talkin' about, clans fighting clans.
22:17: Caid: Our turmoil, Ariekel.
22:17: Cogs: Ariekel....for what do we fight today?
22:17: Ariekel: An' I dunno about you Caid, but the only laughing children an' smiling parents I ever seen are in books, pictures. That hasn't changed with or without the CoT.
22:17: Caid: We only fight with each other if it's for our own benefit, perhaps?
22:17: Cogs: To retain our riches....mostly
22:17: Cogs: And to what endeavour.....
22:17: Caid: Arie, I've seen many. I used to be one of those smiling, laughing persons.
22:18: Ariekel: Must be nice bein' born off world, then.
22:18: Tussa: Power. Greed. Is this what we have become?
22:18: Caid: I was born right here.
22:18: Dreamwarrior: freedom, a home without oppression
22:18: Tussa: I promise you it is, Miss Ariekel
22:18: Cogs: Rubi-Ka is our home.....we were born into it! It does not belong to some corporation, it belongs to us...the people!
22:18: Tussa: But this is my home now. This is where I live and this is where I will die. And I don't want to see this planet in the shape she's in now!
22:19: Ariekel: It's always been about power, that hasn't changed either. OT had all the power, an' the clans took some of it from them. We can dress it up in prettier terms, but it's still power. Power to protect our friends an' families, credits to build homes an' to provide fer ourselves an' ours.
22:19: Caid: I have a daughter now. I don't want her to have to live through what I had to.
22:19: Caid: But... unless we reunite... it's inevitable.
22:19: Ariekel: We fight to defend our territory, our possessions, our homes. Our lives an' those of our clanmates. That hasn't changed, with or without the CoT.
22:20: Ariekel: Only difference is that now we're not dependent on some council to provide for us. We're not vulnerable to betrayal.
22:20: Henry Radiman: To that I agree with you Commander Nottoris
22:20: Cogs: OT has but one interest here.....bleed Rubi-Ka dry, and leave a dead planet...with no care in the world for us...the true inhabitants....In the light of those champions of Rubi-Ka that went before us, we must step up now....and reclaim that which belongs to us.....Rubi-Ka!
22:20: Henry Radiman: Unless the clans reunite, there is little hope
22:20: Tussa nods
22:20: Henry Radiman: And that little hope might be for things beside Rubi-Ka as we know it
22:20: Caid: Of course not, Arie. But what chance do we EVER have now of even opening a conversation with Omni-Tek? They don't recognize any form of government.
22:21: Caid shakes his head
22:21: Ariekel: Well, now yer confusin' me. Are we opening a conversation with Omni-Tek? Or are we reclaimin' Rubi-Ka from them? Which is it?
22:21: Ariekel: Are we talkin' about negotiation, or outright war against the corporation?
22:21: Caid: Do you honestly ever think we can win against a full scale assault against Omni-Tek?
22:21: Tussa: They see us as we are...a hoarde of gung ho people, running rampant without even the tiniest bit of guidance. We need to do something!
22:21: Caid laughs
22:22: Cogs: War against the ideology, Ari.....not the people....
22:22: Darklotiz: I agree we need to unite
22:22: Ariekel: I'm not the one talkin' about reclaimin' the planet from OT. You are. How's that gonna work without open war?
22:22: Matashari: The corporation sends agents among us to practice the age old tactic of divide to make us easy to conquer, and all they need to do that is a word here, a word there, a finger point... We need peace among ourselves and some unity of sorts that we do not show
22:22: Caid: No Arie.
22:22: Caid: I am only talking about regaining what we once had.
22:22: Ariekel: Which was?
22:22: Caid: The will. The passion. The unity of us all.
22:23: Caid: I almost lost my will completely, earlier. As many others have.
22:23: Darklotiz: Omni is one corporation. At the moment we are a bunch of ragtag rebels they see as insects.
22:23: Ariekel: Will an' passion never left. Some people just forgot where to look. An' it's not in a council, or a politician's agenda.
22:23: Caid shakes his head
22:23: Tussa: It will take Omni-Tek a mere couple of hours to launch troops from Omni Prime. We can hardly win an open war against something like that. But think about's 50-70 years until the lease runs out on Rubi-Ka. Will Omni-Tek risk losing their chance of a new lease? Will they start open, aggressive war? Or will they divide us and indulge us, help make us lazy and comfy, so we won't mind when the time comes...
22:24: Cogs: Fine, Ariekel, there will be differing views on this, no doubt. And you are entitled to yours. Many will be happy to keep the fight going, on a day to day basis...with no outlook to the future. We are not satisfied with this, milady!
22:25: Ariekel: No one ever said anything about not carryin' on the fight, Cogs. Or havin' no look to the future.
22:25: Cogs: The end goal, is freedom....from fear and oppression! We can only achieve that through unity, and a common front!
22:25: Caid: Arie?
22:26: Caid: If the events in Sabulum happened this very day, would the will be the same?
22:26: Caid: No.
22:26: Ariekel: Nonsense.
22:26: Ariekel: The will would be there, an' is there. We saw that last week here in Athen.
22:26: Caid: No Arie, I fought for my very life in that battle.
22:26: Cogs: We can only achieve peace, freedom and safety for our children through a unified stance to fight the ideologies of OT....even convert their minions to our side! We need this....if we are to succeed!
22:27: Darklotiz: I'm for forming a new council. Those that aren't can do as they wish.
22:27: Cogs: And yes....we will need to go to war! On all fronts! Have no doubt!
22:27: Cogs: But mainly....on the ideological front!
22:27: Cogs: Blood will be shed....undoubtedly....
22:27: Matashari: I think we need to learn who is making the most profit off the war, clans take, OT takes, we hurt each other, so who is profiting?
22:27: Dreamwarrior: then make it omni blood!
22:28: Cogs: As it has been, in the any war to free any people, blood will be shed!
22:28: Ariekel: Maybe a new council is needed. I dunno, I'd love to hear solid an' practical goals for it. An ephemeral promise of will an' passion we supposedly lack to justify puttin' another bunch of politicians in charge of our destiny ain't enough to convince me, though.
22:28: Cogs: is that end vision that is important here.....that end goal...the light in the end of the is that which we must focus on!
22:28: Caid: Ariekel, I formed EndGame a long time ago, and I never gave up on it. I won't give up on my dreams today.
22:29: Caid clears his throat
22:29: Cogs looks at Caid...Tussa...
22:29: Bazzit squints his eyes at Henry to get a good look with his own old eyes
22:29: Cogs: And we stand united on this here today, my friends!
22:29: Dreamwarrior: If its fighting for Dreams..I'm your Man!
22:30: Cogs: The flames will be might take a week, a month, a year....5 years....but we will win in the end!
22:30: Caid nods
22:30: Caid looks around at everyone
22:30: Cogs: What we ask, is for your hearts in this.....your support!
22:31: Bazzit: So... Does he speak?
22:31: Bazzit looks around to the others gathered
22:31: Latronis: Oh my god!
22:31: Latronis taps his COMM wrist
22:31: Henry Radiman: I see that unity might still be some way in the future, but if the Council is reformed and if I am asked again to be its spokesman, I will accept
22:31: Cogs: And may I say, I'm very happy to see what I see eight hands are shaking....and, I admit, my voice is a little thick
22:32: Bazzit: Son.. you could at least wear some suitable attire *frowns*
22:32: Latronis: Sir, get the Commander to Athen, Radiman is here, lock on my location!
22:32: Cogs: Mr. Radiman....
22:32: Caid: Mister Radiman, should the Council be reformed, many of us will support you.
22:32: Tussa nods
22:32: Henry Radiman: Yes. Mr. Mcduff?
22:33: Cogs: Should you wish to join us on this, you will be more than welcome!
22:33: Bazzit raises a brow to the question
22:33: Cogs: We need you now
22:33: Henry Radiman: It is not I that will need the support, it is the Council
22:33: Tussa: As you need us.
22:33: Cogs: More than you would know!
22:33: Tussa: As we need unity
22:33: Cogs: And...we need each other
22:33: Cogs smiles at Jen....
22:33: Bazzit considers the rumors but listens
22:33: Caid: Mister Radiman, perhaps it would be better to say... some of us will do anything in our power to help the Council reform
22:34: Gimpenforcer: Agreed
22:34: Bazzit raises a hand to speak
22:34: Caid: Bazzit?
22:34: Grendelblade bows to Henry Radiman.
22:34: Henry Radiman: Remember, I was only the spokesman for the Council of Truth. If god is willing, I hope it can be reformed.
22:35: Bazzit: Yes my concern is with rumor..
22:35: Bazzit: As you may or may not know I am a privateer, self employed
22:35: Darklotiz: Cogs I'm with you but how do we intend to actually convince others and form this new council?
22:35: Henry Radiman: And as I previously stated, I will bring what I heard here today to others
22:36: Bazzit: The rumor of the Dust Brigade is affecting business.... reformation with this Gentleman is a concern on that basis
22:37: Bazzit looks to Mr. Radiman
22:37: Windguaerd: Hmm...
22:37: Cogs: Darklotiz, as I said, we will work in small steps......but we will prevail!
22:37: Caid: Windguaerd, please have a seat.
22:37: Ariekel: Would be a good start, if we're gonna talk about a return of the Council. Why did the old council leave Tir defenseless? This has still not been answered.
22:37: Windguaerd scans Henry Radiman
22:37: Henry Radiman: If that is a concern or a hinder, then I will not the right person to speak the Council's will
22:37: Bazzit: Any reassurance to the board members of not just my Company but those of others you can give?
22:37: Cogs greets his old friend Windguaerd
22:37: Windguaerd: Yeah, it's him.
22:38: Windguaerd: Greetings Mr. Radiman, and everyone.
22:38: Bazzit sighs but sits to hear more
22:38: Darklotiz: what about the Sentinels
22:38: Caid: The first move has been made. What comes next, is up to us all, and perhaps a bit of luck.
22:39: Vegettan: Hello Everyone
22:39: Darklotiz: I don't think they would support it or give up their hold in Tir.
22:39: Henry Radiman: Well said Commander Nottoris
22:39: Bazzit nods lazily to Veg
22:40: Tussa: Isn't it time to looks forward?
22:40: Cogs: My friends...we are not here to decide on a council or not....we are not here to judge Mr. Radiman's actions. We are here as brothers and sisters.....hopefully all with the same desires...the same end this conflict ...once and for all!
22:40: Bazzit 'hear hear Cogs words'
22:40: Darklotiz nods
22:41: Cogs: For this to happen, we need to fly the same flag....the Clan unity.....
22:41: Keho nods
22:41: Caid looks to the sky, in thought
22:41: Darklotiz: I agree
22:41: Bazzit: Yes, assurances to the community of this world is in order... There is no Council to my knowledge?
22:41: Cogs: A new council would be desirable....but not paramount to success.....
22:41: Windguaerd: I agree with Cogs, we want a free world, with our own free government, by the people, for the people, without any corporation pulling the strings.
22:41: Bazzit: Hmm
22:41: Gimpenforcer nods
22:42: Vegettan: We need to create something that works...... in the past too much has failed
22:42: Bazzit: And you expect this Gent of such repute to guide you?
22:42: Cogs: We walk with small steps....but our stride will widen.....this is a start....a beginning!
22:42: Vegettan: Cogs is right.
22:42: Ariekel: To be fair, Bazzit, Radiman's more of a distinguished observer here I think.
22:42: Bazzit: Indeed.
22:42: Tussa: It's time we wake up from our comfy sleep and actually do something about it.
22:43: Cogs: Mr. Bazzit....
22:43: Tussa: Not walk on routine and mechanism
22:43: Vegettan: I personally think we need a new leader of the Clans
22:43: Bazzit: Yes ?
22:43: Cogs decides no to comment
22:43: Tussa: This is our world and our future we're talking about
22:43: Vegettan: yes Tussa
22:43: Electronaut: but.. who?
22:43: Windguaerd: No family is perfect Bazzit, we can all guide eachother toward a free Rubi-Ka. Mr. Radiman is offering advise, he is no longer a spokesman for the CoT, neither is he a clan leader, he is a wise man, worth listening to.
22:43: Vegettan: But what about the rigid and evil Omni Corporation
22:44: Caid nods in agreement to Windguaerd
22:44: Bazzit: Hmm The future my distinguished people surly relies now on diplomacy?
22:44: Vegettan: I do not believe the Omni Corporation is done torturing us clanners
22:44: Cogs: Suffice to say, I have trust in our fellow men here....and that encompasses you all! No man is in all our hearts to forget and forgive, as we do not know the full story behind any faith here.
22:44: Ariekel: Gonna need to give us more to go on than the leaders of 3 clans tellin' us we've been lazy an' complacent an' need to wake up. Some of us have been fightin' tooth an' nail all along, an' this is the first we've heard of this "unity".
22:44: Cogs: Haven't we all failed from time to time....
22:44: Ariekel: So I can't help but be kinda skeptical.
22:44: Vegettan: I'd like to say that for many years I personally have been trying
22:44: Caid: I am no leader, Ariekel.
22:44: Tussa: And when diplomacy fails and fails again? When we end up being stabbed in the back, plastered to the grounds and moving in no direction at all?
22:44: Bazzit: Agreed Ariekel
22:45: Vegettan: Well my friends may i say something
22:45: Cogs listens to Vegettan
22:45: Windguaerd: If there was ever a need for another spokesman for the clan, I think Cogs would be my choice. Mr. Radiman never lead the clans, he spoke for us representing the Council as a whole. A new council would mean a new spokesman in my humble opinion.
22:45: Bazzit: As usual it is a question of the one who takes the step forward, but prepared to fall *sigh*
22:45: Vegettan: I would like to say that i personally feel .... that omni will never forgive and forget
22:46: Vegettan: I've been trying for many years of my life to help everyone
22:46: Vegettan: Even omnis
22:46: Henry Radiman: If that is the will of the Clans and God, I won't stand against it Commander Wagner
22:46: Henry Radiman: As you so clearly stated and as I stated before, I was only the spokesman, not any leader

22:46: Vegettan: I think that most of the Omnis now days are not bad people
22:47: Vegettan: there just going down the wrong path of life and looking at everything wrong
22:47: Windguaerd: If one falls Bazzit, another would be there to catch such person. That would be the purpose of a which all clanners share, you shall fall one day or another...and a clanner will be there if not in body, in spirit. No clanner stands alone.
22:47: Vegettan: I can vouch for myself Saying that I'm sick of all this bloodshed and useless fighting
22:47: Vegettan: What about all of you
22:47: Cogs clears his throat
22:47: Bazzit: Mr. Radiman can you explain the rumors that possibly there is a connection of action of the Dust Brigade and your reappearance? I know that I speak for all in that regard?
22:47: Tussa: I'm sick of the haze on many clanners eyes, Vegettan.
22:47: Tussa: That is what I am sick of.
22:47: Bazzit: Apologies for interrupting, but I would like to know
22:47: Vegettan: I'm sick of all this useless fighting
22:48: Windguaerd ponders
22:48: Vegettan: We need to make peace not war
22:48: Cogs: If I may speak bluntly.....unity within the clans have always been the problem...and a major hindrance to our beating down the oppressive forces!
22:48: Grendelblade: here here.
22:48: Caid: Peace is impossible without an official governing body in which Omni-Tek accepts as such.
22:48: Vegettan: Yes that is very true Cogs
22:48: Cogs: We are hundreds of leaders......all with a mind of their own!
22:48: Windguaerd nods at Cogs
22:48: Bazzit watches Mr Radiman's expressions trying to see any response
22:48: Cogs: We need something to pull us together!
22:48: Vegettan: hmmm
22:48: Gimpenforcer: Agreed Cogs
22:48: Henry Radiman: That you as much as suggest that there might be a connection shows how deep the disinformation is spread
22:49: Slinksta: or someone
22:49: Vegettan: I think that we should create a League
22:49: Vegettan: For all Leaders of the Clans to work as 1
22:49: Tussa: Not all believe the rumors, Mr. Radiman.
22:49: Cogs: A symbol.....Clans have ALWAYS been afraid to be lead......afraid that some say were wrested from us......we must overcome our own fears first!
22:49: Bazzit: Then please give us more information... admittedly to further provide possibly more debate...
22.49: Bazzit smiles
22:49: Vegettan: what do all of you think about this
22:49: Vegettan: Making a League of Leaders
22:49: Ariekel: Then please correct us, Mr. Radiman. You've been asked before why the CoT vanished an' left the city that was the center of clan culture defenseless, to be taken by the Sentinels. An' ya've yet to answer us.
22:50: Caid: I've overcome something I lost a year ago, by doing this. Have you all the will to overcome the fear of change?
22:50: Windguaerd: If Clan leaders can agree to be in a new Council, that alone would be a step forward to a better future for all the clans. A new Council is needed.
22:50: Vegettan: Yes that is true every leader has their own mind
22:50: Electronaut: a symbol, a cause, a unity
22:50: Cogs: When we see the same goal, my friends...the same flame in the distance....we will be able to fight towards that goal as one entity...not many branches waving in the wind!
22:50: Vegettan: but we need a league or some sort of council for all Clan leaders to work together
22:50: Vegettan: don't u all think that
22:51: Cogs: My friends! Stop!
22:51: Darklotiz: How can you think we can stand a chance when we are all separate groups acting on our own whim?
22:51: Vegettan: Cogs...
22:51: Caid: Yes, please stop.
22:51: Cogs: Stop this grilling of Mr. Radiman....and FOCUS!!
22:51: Vegettan: We need a council
22:51: Vegettan: Enough said and done
22:51: Bazzit nods about the usual banter, heard before in neutral meetings.
22:51: Caid: We do need a new council.
22:51: Windguaerd: Agreed.
22:51: Vegettan: I WILL NOT sit back and let our futures go to waste
22:51: Cogs looks down
22:51: Vegettan: WE MUST devise a council
22:51: Henry Radiman: Let me say something before you move further
22:52: Cogs: Sorry about the outburst.....but we need to look ahead now!
22:52: Vegettan: sir?
22:52: Tussa nods
22:52: Cogs listens
22:52: Matashari: I see the beginnings of a unity here, just look around you at who is here, look at what we have in common, not at what is different among us.
22:52: Gimpenforcer listens
22:52: Vegettan: be quiet my friends he needs to speak
22:52: Tussa: Please, Mister Radiman.
22:52: Vegettan listens
22:52: Henry Radiman: Ariekel, do you blame me for the CoT leaving Tir?
22:53: Henry Radiman: I am not the Council of Truth, I was it's spokesman. What the council did is in the past and can not be changed

22:53: Ariekel: I don't blame anyone at this point. But I won't trust blindly in the members of the old council without knowing why our city was handed over to Silverstone.
22:53: Caid: It wasn't his will to control.
22:53: Vegettan: I wish he never would of came to power
22:53: Ariekel: If we are to have a council governing the clans, we need to hold it accountable fer it's actions. An' that goes fer the individuals involved, as well as the council itself. Which has kinda been my point here.
22:53: Akiidoll nods
22:54: Vegettan: Yes but IF we have a council
22:54: Vegettan: will they listen to the people
22:54: Ariekel: The skill with which inquiries have been deflected an' the emphasis of this an' other meetings have been turned to inspiring talk an' rabble rousing makes me uneasy, to put it politely.
22:54: Cogs: More to the point, Ariekel....if you stopped looking at the past, and tried looking at what we want to do here.....we can still change this...
22:54: Henry Radiman: I have not been given the permission of the council to disclose why it was done. It was a decision made at the time, when the council was under great pressure from both Omni-Tek, the ICC and the Clans
22:54: Vegettan: Mr. Radiman may I say a word
22:55: Ariekel: I agree, Cogs. We can change this. But we have to actually do it, not talk a lot an' then repeat the mistakes of the past.
22:55: Vegettan: May i say something
22:55: Caid: We live, we learn.
22:55: Ariekel: I know you an' Caid, an' I trust yer motivations. But until I see what exactly it is ya propose to accomplish, I will remain critical of it. An' you haven't given us that.
22:56: Henry Radiman: I think I have heard enough for today. I am a humble man of god. And if I'm not wanted or needed, I will continue my own search for truth
22:56: Cogs: I think you will find Mr. Radiman and the CoT had nothing to do with the Sents taking Tir.....this discussion is simply not will not lead us will lead us into disarray again. We have a golden opportunity here....stretch out your hands, grab it, and let us begin this journey together.....United!
22:56: Caid: Arie... that's why I said this was just the first step.
22:56: Vegettan: Do all of you want the sents out of tir
22:56: Henry Radiman hands Cogs, Caid and Tussa a card
22:56: Tussa whispers: You are wanted, Mr. Radiman. You are needed. Maybe not everyone agrees. But we support you.
22:56: Henry Radiman: Thank you for what you are trying to do here today
22:56: Cogs: Thank you, Mr. Radiman!
22:57: Tussa: Thank you Sir
22:57: Caid shouts: Thank you, sir. May our paths cross again.
22:57: Bazzit wonders if he goes to the desert, wonders where that leaves his share value
22:57: Windguaerd: Cogs, he gave you the access card didn't he?
22:57: Caid: Yes, he did.
22:57: Tussa nods
22:57: Cogs: Yes
22:57: Windguaerd: Good.
22:58: Windguaerd: As I predicted.
22:58: Ariekel: Could be a start. I'll give him that much, at least.
22:58: Windguaerd grins
22:58: Slinksta: finally some action!
22:58: Cogs: friends....means nothing compared to what lies ahead! We have lots of work to do!
22:58: Cogs: Listen!
22:58: Caid: Tons of work should this succeed
22:58: Electronaut: what happens now?
22:58: Cogs: how can you help? Spread the word
22:58: Caid: Yes... spread the word, my friends.
22:58: Cogs: Talk to your guildies.....spread the word!
22:58: Slinksta: what do we say?
22:59: Slinksta: is the CoT back?
22:59: Windguaerd shouts: Spead the word of unity, a new Council is forming.
22:59: Cogs: Speak of our common cause, the need to focus on battling the OT ideologies.....speak of freedom
22:59: Bazzit: Well then Sirs and madams, I leave it with you in the hopes this will be a promising future for business enterprises.
22:59: Bazzit looks very unsure
22:59: Tussa shouts: It's time to wake up and join together. Fire and passion, purpose and control!
23:00: Slinksta shouts: YEEE HAAA! time to kick ass!
23:00: Cogs: Speak of the day when you can walk the streets without a gun across your shoulder....when Mother Rubi-Ka once again is ours to wander!
23:00: Cogs: When we live as true brothers and sisters! United!
23:00: Dreamwarrior: wake up call
23:01: Bazzit shouts: Son, are you coming?... We have business to attend to
23:01: Bazzitjr shouts: But dad, if they get excited enough, we might be able to sell some guns here
23:02: Akiidoll snickers
23:02: Cogs looks around.....exhausted
23:02: Cogs: Thanks friends....
23:02: Caid: Thank you all for coming to listen today...
23:02: Cogs: Now...we are to begin!
23:02: Dreamwarrior: i say we hit the local drinking hole
23:02: Caid: Lots of work to do...
23:02: Windguaerd shouts: A new Council shall rise from the ashes of the old one, to unite the clans, to protect our people, and to achieve our ultimate goal...a free Rubi-Ka for our families, our friends, our children, our future!
23:02: Cogs: This was just the beginning.....

After the gathering, Clan Leaders Cogs, Tussa, Windguaerd and Advisor Caid were seen entering the former Council of Truth building in Tir using the invitation given to them by Mr. Radiman. Not long after a strange light was seen to float above the building for a few minutes before it disappeared. All holo recordings from security cameras in the vicinity strangely malfunctioned and only recorded garbled and blurry images from the building. Several witnesses were alarmed, thinking that perhaps there was some sort of biological attack taking place. Sentinels guards assured clan citizens that there was no cause for alarm, but would not explain or comment on the situation except that it was being looked into at the time.

My sources from within the EndGame alliance told me that somehow EG Clan Leaders Vixentrox and Ailish had acquired the same invitations that their fellow EG Leaders had been given to enter the CoT building. Both ladies had not been present during the gathering, which makes me speculate as to how they got them.

I can assure you my readers, as I find out more I will report!

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Article written by Noticiero
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