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I has recently joined the clans, and I was taking a quiet night walk in West Athen near the Miiir shop when I heard the sudden scream from the clan guards shouting "You'll regret coming here Grizzzley". Then the sounds of weapons fire filled the night. I ran toward the sounds taking cover as I moved closer. The guards kept shouting warnings but their words were drowned in the firefight.

Then just as fast as the noise had started it stopped. I thought the guards had chased away the attacker, until I got to the scene of the crime.


Three guards were laying on the ground, dead. Looking around carefully I saw one man reloading his weapon. I was able to do a quick ID scan on him, revealing his name, Milford 'Grizzzley' Vallone, a unit member of the Omni-Tek Detachment known as The Avengean Guard (TAG). Doing a quick search on the organization I discovered their official motto, "MoK will serve Omni-Tek until there are no clans to be removed.", which would explain the actions of the attacker.

The soldier looked around ready for combat; the few citizens who had been nearby either ran away or were taking cover in fear. There was no opposition for him.


He then began to run, I hoped he was withdrawing after attacking, going back to omni territory. That thought was corrected when I saw him run straight for Athen City. I followed behind him, leaving enough distance between us so that I could run or hide from him if he looked back.


Running straight into the city the guards shouted a warning and then opened fire. Commanders were fighting to defend the security of their town. The omni soldier did not speak a word, his hostile actions spoke for him. The fighting continued until once again guards were laying dead on the ground. Then the most unexpected thing happened, the soldier vanished from view where he stood. He had been gridded out, probably after succeeding in his attacks.

In less than ten minutes I had seen half a dozen guards dead, giving their lives to protect clan territory, to keep the common citizen safe from any threat. After asking the guards and some local citizens they commented that these attacks are becoming a daily routine; where omnis either alone or in teams do hit and run attacks, staying long enough to kill guards and then retreating before a larger number of defenders were dispatched to their location.

Omni-Tek claims the clans are terrorists, that they attack their innocent employees, yet here is evidence that their own people are attacking the clans in a military 'hit and run' style. Neither Athen City nor West Athen are considered a military target, civilians live and work there.

The corporation points the finger at their opponents tactics, yet their best do exactly the same thing. I haven't heard of any attacks in Omni-1 in months, so the likely hood of the attacks being in retaliation are slim. Are OT Detachments under the command to frighten and terror clan cities to weaken the morale of the clans?

It looks to me like that is their plan. Many citizens felt angry and scared that their town and their homes were no longer safe from the corporation any longer. Should the clans truly unite and strike back in force, I for see many omnis will regret their hostile actions.

Until that time, if you're walking in Athen or West Athen and you hear weapons fire, take cover and pray for the guards to eliminate whatever threat they're dealing with.

I hope that after reading this report, clan citizens take warning and are more careful in our cities and towns.

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Windguaerd
Article written by Noticiero
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