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For years there has been a rumor of the existence of a mighty warrior, named Leeroy Jenkins. A man without fear, and without a plan. All he has is his sword, which makes me believe he may be either a Keeper, a Shade or a Martial Artist.

Tales of his feats of bravery can also be interpreted as complete insanity or stupidity. Almost all my sources refused to speak to me without a clause of anonymity to protect their names because they fear that Mr. Jenkins may break down their doors and with his famous battle cry "Leeeeeroy Jeeenkins!" break vulture eggs all over their homes and slash their furniture into oblivion.

One clan citizen said "Man, we were facing Tarasque and had everything well planned when he just rushed in screaming like a maniac and we had to rush in to try and not let him ruin the raid. We all ended up in reclaim that day."

Another clanner who was also present during that event said "It was a nightmare, with Tara and all the flying lizards all over us, god it was crazy. And you know what his answer was after we demanded why he rushed in?, he said "at least I have chicken"!!! what the hell...".

An Omni-Pol officer recounted another occasion when Mr. Jenkins went berserk.

"We had a call from Borealis, the owner of the "Weapons or Die" store had called frantic saying that a Leeroy Jenkins was smashing his entire establishment into pieces screaming something about chicken and unfair prices. When we arrived the perpetrator was gone, leaving behind shattered window displays and clear marks of using some sort of a sword to unleash several millions worth of damage."

When I asked why he was not found and arrested the officer gave an interesting answer.

"Well, usually we track criminals through their DNA and use the insurance terminal system to track their movements to find and apprehend them. However Mr. Jenkins does not appear to have an insurance policy. We also did not find any records of his arrival on Rubi-Ka or if he was born here. No record on the ICC criminal database, and clan sources have no idea who he is, but are also looking for him due to similar actions against clanners. The investigation is still open, but because of the nature of the individual few officers have bothered, or dared to look for this nut."

The one person who appears to know Mr. Jenkins, was former Newland Council Trade Minister Mohammad "Jujuwalker" Clancy.

"Oh Leeroy? yeah I know him. Crazy and funny dude. If you are his friend, you're safe, most of the time. But get on his bad side, and there will be a chicken flying at you at high speed. He hates weak people, so if he thinks you're a wuss? expect a "Leeeeeroy Jeeenkins!" to come at you, or at whatever you thought was a target. A man you want to have at your side if the odds are against you, not one to have if you have a good plan of attack, he will ignore you and just start swinging wildly like a drunken leet. Trust me, I have the scar on my ass to prove it."

A man without a records anywhere of his existence, few friends it seems and plenty of people who fear his actions, his battle cry, and... his chicken.

Who is Leeroy Jenkins? where is he? is he still on Rubi-Ka? or is he now across the portals into the Shadowlands causing havoc there?

Nobody knows. Beware, if you hear "Leeeeeroy Jeeenkins!"... run for your life.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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