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I had the privilege of getting a one-on-one interview with Award Winning Yalmaha Corporation Designer Erik Strata, the genius behind the extremely popular air vehicles across the universe, during his short stay on Rubi-Ka last week.

Mr. Strata is the Lead Designer of Yalmaha Co. for the past five years. He's 30 years old, married with two kids and called a "genius" and "visionary" among his peers. The models made by him have won awards across hundreds of systems with record-breaking sales making Yalmaha Co. the leader in non-military air vehicles.

I'd heard that he was on Rubi-Ka by cheer luck when I overheard a conversation taking place in Reets Retreat. The opportunity was unique, so after doing some calls to the local Yalmaha dealer I managed to negotiate an interview with Mr. Strata right before his departure from our world.



Noticiero: Thank you for granting me an interview Mr. Strata, it is indeed an honor to speak with you.
Erik Strata: Please, call me Erik. No need for formalities.
Noticiero: First of all, I must ask; why are you on Rubi-Ka during these dangerous times Erik?
Erik Strata: Our Corporation recently got their hands on some Kyr'Ozch technology and since shipping it to Yalmaha Prime from here would have been too risky, I was asked to come.
Noticiero: So, you're going to develop a new vehicle with alien tech?
Erik Strata: It's something we're considering. We have begun initial testing of compatibility between Kyr'Ozch technology and our own. This will be a long process; if tests show that we can implement the alien technology in a safe way then we will move forward to consider it's applications on our vehicles if it's something that will improve performance.
Noticiero: I see. The Yalmaha 29478 series is one of the most popular air vehicles across the universe. Actually it was the only vehicle approved by the ICC for use on Rubi-Ka due to the extreme weather conditions here. What was your inspiration for that specific model?
Erik Strata: A bird.
Noticiero: A bird?
Erik Strata: Yes, back on earth there is a museum featuring extinct animals from the long winter. When some of our ancestors somehow managed to survive while most fauna and flora perished. There is a section there about birds, and one in particular caught my eye. It was called a Dove. It was small, white and the images of it were so beautiful that it touched my heart. It was then that I saw in my mind the design that I used for the model.
Noticiero: Incredible! I never heard of a Dove, do you have a holo of it?
Erik Strata: Actually, yes I do. It cost me a fortune to convince the museum to allow me to copy one of the images.
Noticiero: A bribe?
Erik Strata: I rather call it a charitable donation.
Noticiero: Ah.
Erik Strata: See what I mean, look at this baby fly.


Noticiero: Ah, looks sort of like a reet but...I can see what you meant when you said beautiful.
Erik Strata: This image has a great value to me, it is my inspiration. My muse. Of course it was a great visual aid, but when it came to the practical applications of the model I made sure it was tough enough to fly on almost any atmosphere and weather conditions. My creation was not going to go down the same path as the dove of course.
Noticiero: Even though it was released in 29475, why label it 29478?
Erik Strata: It was ahead of it's time.
Noticiero: Oh. What made you decide the addition of paint kits?
Erik Strata: That is an easy question, about three million grid-emails from young drivers. When we saw there was a demand for it, we decided to make them.
Noticiero: The new line released during the beginning of the Notum Wars back a few years is different from the original models, why did you change it?
Erik Strata: Well actually there was a good reason why we did that, as you may know part of our marketing campaign is the motto "The only vehicle tough enough to make it on Rubi-Ka". With the increase hostilities at the time, we figured we should strengthen our vehicles just in case. We then released the Adaga, Poniard and Stiletto models with paint kits. It was a hit among the executives and wealthier clientele. The 29500 series also gives a somewhat increased resistance to root programs, depending on the quality of the vehicle of course.
Noticiero: Since you began working for Yalmaha Corporation their stock has gone up 3,000%. The dozens of awards you have received as designer of the models are too many to mention, does it get any harder?
Erik Strata: Oh yeah! Listen, if it were an easy job, I'd quit. I like a challenge. For example, when these aliens showed up out of nowhere the first thing I got from the holos on the news was...a new model!
Noticiero: Personally I like the Stiletto. The new models are not to my liking.
Erik Strata: Yes, they were not the most popular as our sales report showed. The 29600 series not only has the same resistance to root programs as the 29500 series but we also added a deluxe edition auto navigation system that can be accessed by the pilot to provide an increased understanding of wilderness navigation. These vehicles required a great deal of skill to drive, which affected the number of models sold.
Noticiero: What happened to the hyped Obsidian and Dusk models?
Erik Strata: There were some bugs in the navigational system of those specific models, we had a deadline for release and decided not to put them into production.
Noticiero: Will they ever be made?
Erik Strata: It's possible, we received a large number of requests for them and some of our staff have signed a petition to our boards of directors requesting that we do not abandon those models.
Noticiero: Have they decided on that?
Erik Strata: Not yet. The board must consider the already spent investment on both models and if it would be profitable to continue with their development. I have shown support for the petition, I was one of the staff that signed it. I would like to see them on the air after all they are my designs.
Noticiero: For the past three years there is a rumour that the 29478 series can be upgraded with a black body kit, is this true?
Erik Strata: There is always a rumour about modifications and kits, which are not made by us. Sure there are a few people out there who have the qualified skills to make such modifications, however they are very professional and custom made therefore expensive to produce. We know of a handful of these mods made, which would be aproximately one in one hundred million vehicles at most. Since it doesn't affect our sales we do not mind, actually it's something I like since I modified my own Stiletto. Mine has a quadruple holo display on the windshield and a boosted sound system. The kids love it, the wife hates it. Hehe!
Noticiero: Oh, did you bring it with you?
Erik Strata: Sorry, but I left it at home. I came here on short notice just for a few days, I didn't see a need to bring it. I'm sorry to cut this short but my shuttle will be leaving in about an hour and I must be going now.
Noticiero: Thanks for the interview Erik, will you consider coming back to our planet?
Erik Strata: Well, people are friendly but I don't think my other half will be too thrilled that I came to a world under siege by huge green aliens. But you never know, have a good day Mr. Rivera.
Noticiero: Thank you, and safe travels to you Erik.


If you ever appreciated the smooth ride in your yalm, this is the man to thank. I must agree with his peers, he is a visionary and a else can one describe the beauty and strength of his designs?

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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