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With the recent launch of "Rubi-Ka Times" and relaunch of the Channel42 broadcast under new management, I decided to interview someone who made CH42 possible. Miss "Dabblez" Jurik.

With so many scandals and some hilarious mishaps related with R.U.R.'s research, development and products; CH42 was their best effort for the rubikan public that didn't put someone in the hospital.

Due to a heavy work schedule Miss Jurik was only able to meet me through a gridfeed private channel for the interview.

Noticiero: Thank you for talking with me Miss Jurik.

Noticiero: I'd like to start by asking. why did R.U.R. start a broadcast almost four years ago allowing friends and enemies to talk to each other across Rubi-Ka?

Dabblez: Your are talking about Channel 42 right? Ch42 is just a CB radio frequency, it's always been there though of course with all the newer technologies around it had gone out of fashion. So I did not start or invent anything. As a radio enthusiast I built a relay tower at R.U.R. HQ and that seems to have helped get the signal further. But it's still just a handful of people who actually even know about it.

Noticiero: Records state than neither the Council of Truth, Omni-Tek Board of Directors nor the Newland Council have given official approval for the broadcast. However it looks like even ICC has turned a blind eye to the channel. Why do you think that is?

Dabblez: We'll that is the great thing of obsolete technologies. In the old days you would need a license just to operate a radio and certain frequencies would be reserved for official use. Now that there are so few of us passionate about amateur radio and so many more advanced communication technologies, no one in authority really cares.

Noticiero: What kind of equipment did R.U.R. use at their headquarters to be able to broadcast the frequency all over Rubi-Ka, even including the Outzone.

Dabblez: Our relay tower is pretty standard, built it myself from a set of very, very old blueprints. I was puzzled when I heard that the signal could be heard as far as the Shadowlands, I can only imagine there are some other radio enthusiasts in JAME who built something to relay the signal between our dimensions. This is the first time I hear it is also getting to the Outzone. How cool is that?

Noticiero: Is there any proprietary R.U.R. technology being used that we should be aware of? After all R.U.R. has a history of unfortunate accidents when it comes to development of their technology and products.

Dabblez: It's radio, the technology has existed for tens of thousands of years. It came shortly after fire and the wheel.

Noticiero: Why is R.U.R. unable to keep broadcasting and how did you find a suitable new host to continue the service?

Dabblez: Between one thing and another there is a lot of maintenance to keep it working 24/7. I just did not have the time. But I glad it found a new home with another radio enthusiast in Uragon.

Noticiero: Do you feel that Omni-Pol's involvement will make clanners and neutrals weary of using the channel fearing they may be traced and hunted down by omni officers?

Dabblez: I don't see how. Sure it is technically possible to use the radio waves to triangulate to of the source of a transmission, but there are many simple and effective ways to obscure this, more than enough to keep hidden anyone who wishes to stay hidden. Besides I don't see why everything has to be politicized. Cops can have hobbies too, right?

Noticiero: What were the original features of Channel42 and how was it improved before you handed over management to Uragon?

Dabblez: I don't think a lot has changed. Ch42 used to have a "Topic of the day", but that got somewhat stale.

Noticiero: What do you think of the upcoming changes to the channel to broadcast "Rubi-Ka Times" articles?

Dabblez: I look forward to it. The whole point of radio is sharing news.

Noticiero: In closing, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Dabblez: It is so hard to say, life is very unpredictable on this planet. For instance just a week ago a group of Yuttos bought 52% of R.U.R. shares. So effectively I now work for the yuttos. I can tell you, I did not see that coming!

There you have it, an enthusiastic omni who loves free speech. Who would have thought they existed?

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