Articles - Interview with President of Red Tape of Omni-Admin

Saturday night I was trying to get an interview with the notorious Roosevelt "Wolfe" Wright, leader of Storm Clan, however he kept replying with 'a moment', then his COMM went silent, with no further reply to my COMM messages. I'm not sure if he was actually unavailable, or if he wanted to avoid an interview which would have certainly questioned him about his people's actions, only time will tell, with an interview of course. As I made my way into the popular establishment 'Reet's Retreat' to enjoy the fireplace in one of their charming rooms, I noticed a name light up on my COMM, from my list of people I wanted to interview, and it was Mr. Charles "Kithrak" Houston, the President of Red Tape of Omni-Admin. I made contact with a COMM message, he answered and agreed to an interview. He traveled to meet at the fireplace in 'Reet's Retreat'. The interview has been edited to remove unrelated and disruptive chat from patrons. This interview lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes.

20:56: Kithrak's pet, Omni-Admin Guardian Unit: I will wait here.
20:56: Kithrak: Greetings.
20:56: Noticiero: Hello Mr. Kithrak.
20:57: Noticiero: Thank you for meeting me.
20:57: Kithrak: May I ask which publication you work for?
20:57: Noticiero: I've interviewed a few clan leaders, a neutral leader, and I believe it is time to interview a leader from one of Omni-Tek's Departments.
20:57: Noticiero: Looks like everyone asks me that question.
20:58: Noticiero: I'm a freelancer.
20:58: Kithrak's pet, Omni-Admin Guardian Unit: I will stay out of it until you need me again, master.
20:58: Kithrak's pet, Omni-Admin Guardian Unit: I will wait here.
20:58: Kithrak: I see, if your article gets published please let me know.
20:59: Noticiero: Sure.
20:59: Kithrak: I'm ready.
21:00: Noticiero: As one of the older and most experienced omni leadership figures, what do you believe is the flaw which has lead the clans to their current hold of most Notum Fields?
21:01: Kithrak: The factors are many and somewhat complicated.
21:01: Noticiero: Would you be able to simplify the factors?
21:02: Kithrak: Basically it boils down to a difference of general mentality and acceptable social behaviors.
21:02: Kithrak: The difference of general mentality concerns the differences between not the ideologies of the clans and Omni-Tek but the actual mind sets of their people.
21:03: Kithrak: Recent history has proven that the general mentality of clanners is one that favors destruction and violence.
21:04: Noticiero: So, you're stating that because of violent behavior, clanners have an advantage?
21:04: Kithrak: If you trace the news feeds carefully you'll notice that from when they first opened up Rubi-Ka for colonization to anyone interested, the clans have been the major aggressors. First to shoot, last to talk, always.
21:04: Kithrak: Please let me finish.
21:04: Noticiero nods
21:05: Kithrak: The Omni-Tek mind set for the average employee isn't one of conflict but one of a constructive existence.
21:06: Kithrak: Where clanners want to kill anyone "oppressing" them, the Omni employee simply wants to exist and live out their lives.
21:06: Kithrak: The clanners wants to destroy society, the Omni employee simply wants to prosper in it.
21:06: Kithrak: Unfortunately as the old saying goes, it really is easier to destroy than build.
21:07: Kithrak: So psychologically the clanners are better adapted to the current situation on Rubi-Ka.
21:07: Kithrak: That ends my explanation for the first factor.
21:08: Noticiero nods
21:08: Kithrak: May I continue with the explanation of the second factor?
21:08: Kithrak grins lightly
21:09: Kithrak: Pardon the wordiness of it, I have given it much thought these past months.
21:09: Noticiero: Please, go ahead.
21:09: Kithrak: The second major factor is a difference in the societies themselves.
21:10: Kithrak: Tell me Noticiero, why do we have prisons?
21:11: Noticiero: I would say for law breakers from each faction, to deal as they see fit.
21:11: Kithrak: Indeed, laws and these laws help keep the peace.
21:12: Kithrak: What would happen if there suddenly were no laws against stealing?
21:12: Kithrak: We would have rampant stealing I'm sure!
21:13: Noticiero: The markets on all sides, would crumble.
21:13: Kithrak: Therein lies the society differences.
21:13: Noticiero: However, due to technology to verify trades, it doesn't happen often.
21:13: Noticiero: Except of course, backpacks can't be scanned properly, so trading with backpacks, is a chance few take.
21:14: Kithrak: The clanner society allows their citizens to commit acts that would be illegal offenses in Omni-Tek.
21:14: Kithrak: So while an Omni employee that has murderous tendencies will be treated or jailed a clanner is free to do as they wish.
21:14: Noticiero: I must make a comment base on your statement.
21:14: Kithrak nods
21:16: Kithrak waits for the comment.
21:17: Noticiero: August 27, 29461. 16 years ago, peaceful protests in Tir and Omni-1 are disrupted when Omni-Tek forces fire at the crowds. Hundreds are wounded and killed, and many of the victims lack insurance. 3 days after that, the 3rd Rubikan war begins. And before the protests, Omni-Tek claiming the clans are disrupting commercial interests, moved to reclaim all occupied territories by force. This action against an agreement of peace made with the clans. In that case, who was the aggressor, the seeker of violence?
21:18: Kithrak: That history text is a bit spotty, it doesn't say if Omni forces fired at the crowds in only Omni-1, Tir, or both. If it was in Tir in either case then I'd say Omni-Tek was the aggressor.
21:18: Noticiero: You quote historical background, to support your explanation of clanners and violence, yet there is also background from your corporation.
21:19: Kithrak smiles
21:19: Kithrak: Aye, please note the events that have happened after the influx of new colonists from a year and a half ago.
21:19: Noticiero: What I quote is valid historical records, from ICC historical database and clan databases from Tir.
21:21: Kithrak: The official record you quoted was too vague to directly point blame at any party.
21:21: Kithrak: Omni-Tek had every right to exercise their law within their boundaries.
21:22: Kithrak: And we cannot be certain which city the incident occurred, only that it happened somewhere on Rubi-Ka.
21:23: Noticiero: It appears that both sides had their share of dirty deeds. However while the Council of Truth was still the official and recognized leadership of the clans, Omni-Pol and Division 9 among other departments, entered Athen and Tir several times claiming to be 'investigating' criminal cases. At that time, the Athen Accords were valid, and such treaty clearly stated that they required a CoT representative be present during investigations. No CoT representative was present during such 'investigations', yet Omni-Tek did not reprimand, or apologized to the CoT for the employees breach of the Athen Accords.
21:24: Noticiero: That happened during the years of 28475 and 29476.
21:24: Kithrak: The CoT later packed up and fled when the "official" investigations finally closed in linking the Council with funding the terrorist clan called the Dust Brigade.
21:24: Kithrak: You are right in that both sides have made mistakes.
21:25: Kithrak: In Omni-Tek the mistakes are held accountable, the clans are not. It is a double standard.
21:26: Noticiero: Mr. Meister was not held accountable for his Department actions in Athen, or the killing of clan guards during the 'investigations'.
21:26: Noticiero: I consider that, a double standard in itself.
21:26: Kithrak: The guards opened fire first, I'm sure.
21:27: Noticiero: Tell your employee do not cross the line, then when he does, look the other way.
21:27: Kithrak: Presently the clans have been doing all the crossing.
21:28: Noticiero: Clan guards were not notified of any investigation, and treated the armed Omni-Pol as hostile. I believe they had cause to open fire, it was their duty to keep the clan city secure.
21:28: Noticiero: Your CEO has stated that neutrals are Omni-Tek employees, correct?
21:28: Kithrak: Yes, and I treat all neutrals as such.
21:29: Noticiero: There are some neutral organization, which would be considered terrorist, yet they walk free, if they are employees, why do they remain free?
21:30: Kithrak: I believe that another department was tasked with bringing them to justice.
21:30: Noticiero: Like the Nanomage Liberation Front and Desert Winds.
21:31: Kithrak: I do my part, other employees do theirs. Our department are not directly responsible for criminal investigations.
21:31: Noticiero: They have walked around without any Omni-Tek official even attempting to bring them to Omni-Tek justice, if they were indeed employees, which neither neutral citizens or clan citizens do not recognize.
21:33: Noticiero: Your public record shows you were very actively against the clan, with force. Then after the fall of the CoT you used your political power to attempt and make a peace agreement with the clans after the availability of mining to the public.
21:33: Noticiero: How close was such agreement to success?
21:33: Kithrak arcs a brow
21:33: Kithrak: I think I got a bit confused with the wording there. Very actively against the clans, with force?
21:34: Kithrak: We're one of the last departments to favor the use of violence before the whole ICC notum mining deregulation fiasco.
21:35: Noticiero: So you deny attacking and killing clanners?
21:35: Kithrak: Only in self defense and in defense of other Omni-Tek property and personnel.
21:36: Kithrak: A person can only stand by so long and watch their life savings get wrecked by a mob of clanner terrorists.
21:37: Noticiero: You had a close relation with the omni department known as SPARTA, as part of the Omni-Tek Security Council, correct?
21:37: Kithrak: We worked together on OTSEC yes but I wouldn't say we were close.
21:37: Kithrak: Our fields of work don't exactly compliment each other.
21:38: Noticiero: Do you know why SPARTA is no longer active, they were one of the top intelligence department within the corporation.
21:38: Kithrak sighs and looks around
21:39: Kithrak: Don't quote me on this, but have you looked around? The clanners are winning, there are many of us just fighting to maintain the status quo.
21:39: Kithrak: Is it any small surprise that some of the less optimistic employees pack up and leave?
21:40: Noticiero: For a multi-trillion credit corporation, with over 100 systems under their corporate control, how did Omni-Tek lost so much ground here on Rubi-Ka?
21:40: Kithrak: Will this stay off the record?
21:41: Noticiero: This interview is on the record Mr. Kithrak. I just seek the truth, from all sides in the current conflict.
21:42: Noticiero: But I can change the names and places to protect someone's identity.
21:42: Kithrak: Then I cannot divulge information that may be used to fuel clanner propaganda.
21:43: Kithrak shakes his head
21:43: Noticiero: So, you are hiding something, which could taint the name of the corporation even further?
21:43: Kithrak: Truth can be twisted, as a reporter you should know that quite well.
21:44: Noticiero: I find it hard to believe, with the historical background, the beliefs of the clanners, neutrals and the galactic view of the conflict.
21:44: Noticiero: You did not answer a previous question.
21:45: Noticiero: How close were you to succeed in your attempt to make an agreement with the clans, for mining notum fairly.
21:45: Kithrak: And I refuse to answer it because it may bring further harm to Omni-Tek and its employees.
21:45: Kithrak: Oh that.
21:46: Kithrak: That group never got far off the ground and it wasn't my attempt, I was merely exploring options that would hopefully be beneficial to both parties involved.
21:47: Kithrak scratches his head
21:47: Kithrak: You're not referring to the diplomatic assembly are you?
21:47: Noticiero: Which military leaders from the clans do you believe to be the most dangerous to any kind of peace which could be reached?
21:49: Kithrak: Well, the by their definition the clanner military leaders favor the use of violence and terrorism to further their so called cause.
21:49: Kithrak: I mean if they wanted peace they wouldn't be a military leader, yes?
21:50: Kithrak: If I had to say the most dangerous though, it would be the Mercury Dragons, CAS for their ideology and Storm, Synergy Factor, Apocalypse for their sheer numbers.
21:50: Noticiero: Omni-Pol and Omni-AF are departments, lead by employees, and they have been quite military, does that mean they do not want peace? or is it possible they consider themselves protectors of their corporation? like military clan leaders would consider themselves protectors of the clans?
21:52: Kithrak: You must keep in mind that other departments are led by other people. Each person is entitled to their personal opinions. The two departments, Pol and AF are not warmongers. They just tend to favor the use of force more readily than the others.
21:53: Kithrak: I fail to see the similarities between the military clan leaders when all they have been doing for the past five months are attack and all we're doing are fighting to preserve our way of life.
21:53: Noticiero: If the clans offered to work with OT Departments against the Dust Brigade, do you believe departments would agree?
21:54: Kithrak: They seek our annihilation, AF and Pol only seek to protect the company and enforce our right to be here as allowed by the ICC's lease.
21:55: Kithrak: My department would and I hope the other departments will come around and realize that it is for the good for everyone in the long run.
21:55: Noticiero: Do you think Omni-Tek will be able to reclaim the entire planet?
21:55: Kithrak shakes his head
21:56: Kithrak: Unless Ross has finally decided to make another biannual appearance saying otherwise that has never been the goal of any group that I am working with currently.
21:56: Noticiero: you see the clans winning the conflict if it continues as it has?
21:57: Kithrak: If the clans continue to employ terrorist tactics and the trend continues... lets just say the future will be uncertain.
21:59: Kithrak: Greed will be the death of us all, clans and Omni alike if you ask me.
21:59: Kithrak: The ICC has made a very bad move in de-regulating the notum mining.
22:00: Noticiero: So far, the clans during the Notum Wars have not employed terrorist tactics, they have not attacked Omni-1. They are attacking OT Notum Bases, as omni departments have attacked Clan Notum Bases, all according to the rules of war. There are sometimes some fights, but that is from both sides, and rarely, mostly to test weapons, as meaningless as it may sound.
22:01: Kithrak: You haven't seen the clans use guerrilla tactics have you? Take a potshot to trigger the alarms, wait till you respond. Finding nothing you leave then they really return in force.
22:02: Kithrak: That sounds pretty terrorizing to me.
22:02: Noticiero: That is a diversionary tactic, used by departments as well, most notable in Broken Shores a few weeks ago, attacking one base to draw clanners there, then attacking another base instead.
22:03: Noticiero: I would see that, as military tactics.
22:03: Kithrak: For a supposedly neutral reporter you're oddly un-neutral.
22:03: Noticiero: Who do you think are the most dangerous political leaders from the clans, which could hurt the corporation?
22:03: Kithrak: Political leaders?
22:03: Kithrak laughs
22:03: Noticiero: So, you think there are none?
22:04: Kithrak: I haven't seen a single clan attempt politics on a public level in over half a year now.
22:04: Kithrak: Every one of my colleagues back from the diplomatic assembly days, clan leaders for peace have since gone silent or left the planet altogether.
22:04: Noticiero: Do you still have political goals Mr. Kithrak?
22:05: Kithrak: I still have political goals, yes.
22:05: Noticiero: Would you care to share your goals, if you can.
22:06: Kithrak: Certainly, the most pressing goal at the moment is to stabilize the situation on Rubi-Ka regarding the "Notum Wars".
22:06: Noticiero nods
22:06: Kithrak: Prevent the clans from *ahem* freeing Omni-Tek citizens by killing them if you catch my drift.
22:07: Kithrak: The other longer term goal is to hopefully rework Omni-Tek into an acceptable part of Rubi-Ka once the lease expires.
22:08: Kithrak: To co-exist with the existing factions on the planet in building a better future for all.
22:08: Noticiero: Do you believe Rubi-Ka should have it's own government?
22:09: Kithrak: That really isn't my decision to make. The ICC will decide that once the lease expires whether they want to renew or deny the lease.
22:09: Kithrak: I'll say this though.
22:09: Noticiero: I was asking your personal opinion.
22:09: Kithrak: I'm willing to work with any such government if the lease isn't renewed.
22:09: Noticiero nods
22:10: Noticiero: Do you feel if the lease is not renewed, that omnis will have a place in Rubi-Ka?
22:10: Kithrak: Yes, Omni-Tek will still have a place on Rubi-Ka though to a lesser degree.
22:11: Kithrak: You do realize that Omni-Tek is still has a legal lease on this planet and that your attempts at a forced eviction isn't appreciated?
22:12: Noticiero: Do you have anything to say to employees looking for a department to join?
22:12: Kithrak: If an employee wants to join one of Omni-Tek's many fine departments I'd say pick one that suits your personality.
22:13: Kithrak: I have met people that would genuinely make good Omni-Pol or AF troopers and some would make yes, much like that Serter.

During the interview, there were several omni patrons who were disruptive, thus the following question.

22:14: Noticiero: Do all employees are this disruptive Mr. Kithrak? during interviews with clan leaders, not a clanner interfered.
22:15: Kithrak: Yeah well I just had a clanner tried to rub against me then hit me with a chair and another talking behind my back literally.
22:15: Noticiero: Well, thank you for your time Mr. Kithrak.
22:15: Kithrak: Anytime.

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