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After several unsuccessful attempts to get an interview with the leader of Clan Anarchist Syndicate, I decided to go back to my favorite place in Rubi-Ka, the fire room inside 'Reet's Retreat'. As I sat, thinking on who I could interview next; I noticed a few dancers on the other side of the room providing entertainment. Curious since they appeared not to be from any of the previous entertainment organizations I had met, I approached one of them, who happened to be the President of the recently formed Panty Productions. It took some charm and convincing to get Miss Maricela "Pantie" Junior to sit with me for an interview, but I think the rubikan public will be glad to know of the existence of a new entertainment company offering their services to all factions.

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated and disruptive chat from patrons.

23:33: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss Pantie.
23:33: Pantie: Sure, thanks for asking me.
23:33: Noticiero: You know who I am, would you like to introducing yourself?
23:34: Pantie: I'm Maricela "Pantie" Junior, President of Panty Productions
23:35: Noticiero: You have recently formed your entertainment company, how many employees do you have at this time?
23:36: Pantie: Yes I have at last I checked we are very small with 21 employees.
23:37: Noticiero: 21 is a very good number to start with. Since yourself and your organization are clanners, does this mean your services will be exclusive for clanners?
23:38: Pantie: No, to do that this early on would be Entertainment suicide.
23:38: Noticiero: So you will cater to all factions?
23:38: Pantie: For now, that is the idea.
23:39: Noticiero: What type of services do you have available?
23:40: Pantie: Currently we offer dance shows and will provide dancers for parties along with hosts.
23:41: Noticiero: Most entertainment companies have agreements with the clan company known as Gridstream Productions, as their DJ's are the most popular, even among Omni-Tek citizens.
23:42: Noticiero: Do you have such agreement with them?
23:42: Pantie: Since we are fairly new I have not had a chance to discuss that type of agreement with Gridstream.
23:43: Pantie: My main concentration at this point has been on recruitment
23:44: Noticiero: What was your personal reason to seek a career in the entertainment business, which in Rubi-Ka has been....more or less a backstabbing and treacherous business from all sides.
23:46: Pantie: Since coming to Rubi-Ka it has always been a goal of my to eventually strike out on my own. I have been involved with entertainment for as long as I could remember. I know it is hard but I am willing to put forth that effort. Personally I have no ill feelings to any entertainment guild. The more the merrier, show diversity.
23:47: Noticiero: Since november of last year, many entertainment organizations have folded. The reason being the unexpected Notum Wars, with loss of clientele and prospects due to perma-death, leaving the planet or...feelings of distrust against clanners.
23:48: Pantie: Yes that is true another fine reason to start one. Show Rubi-Ka there are still clanners out there that have class and taste.
23:49: Pantie: Entertainment guilds are good to ease tension during war time. Those that are willing to put forth the extra effort.
23:50: Noticiero: If for some reason, Omni-Tek won the war and asked you to join their corporation as a legitimate entertainment department, would you do it?
23:50: Pantie smiles sweetly
23:51: Pantie: Well since the war has not been decided I personally would not assume that Omni-Tek will prevail. The fight has been long and hard. So with that knowledge I have no clue what I would do at this point in time.
23:52: Noticiero: There have been some...companies who provided 'special' services to gentlemen which is an illegal 'service' here on Rubi-Ka, at least under corporate laws. Do you provide such services, or are you strictly clean entertainment?
23:54: Pantie: My organization is nothing but tasteful, if gentlemen wish to tip for what they see I do not go against it and as for the personal lives of my member I ask them to keep it just that, personal. I ask them to conduct themselves with utmost professionalism.
23:54: Noticiero nods
23:55: Noticiero: What are your goals for you company? expansion into subsidiaries? franchise?
23:56: Pantie: The main goal of my company at this point is to entertain the masses of Rubi-Ka.
23:56: Noticiero: Does your services include food catering?
23:57: Pantie: Eventually it will, but since we are not completely full of the appropriate members we do not currently offer that service.
23:58: Noticiero: Most entertainment organization have their own security for their female employees, some have hired security. Do you have either?
23:59: Pantie: Yes that is of utmost importance, the security of my dancers, so I have put into the main focus of recruitment of my own security force.
00:00: Noticiero: Have you had any problems with Omni-Pol? most entertainers from all factions sooner or later end up being...lets say 'talked to' by them.
00:01: Pantie: No, Omni-Pol has not given me any problems, or have they even talked to me.
00:01: Pantie smiles
00:03: Pantie blushes a bit
00:03: Noticiero: Where is your company currently based for clients to find you?
00:05: Pantie: Well, right now we have been here at Reet's. Mostly because I tend to circulate at the parties given by GSP.
00:05: Noticiero: Do you have a grid site at this time for prospect clients to browse?
00:06: Pantie: No, I do not, also a future goal.
00:07: Noticiero: In closing. There are rubikans looking for careers in the entertainment field. What would you like to tell them?
00:08: Pantie: The best advice I can tell them is to never give up their dreams no matter how distance or difficult it may seem.
00:08: Pantie smiles
00:09: Pantie: Also for all those clanner aspiring to enter the entertainment field they are welcome to start with Panty Productions.
00:11: Noticiero: Well, thank you for your time. I look forward to see your dancers at work. Even reporters need a break from the chaos in which we try to deliver the news.
00:12: Pantie: You are most welcome
00:12: Noticiero: Good day to you Miss Pantie.
00:12: Pantie: Same to you.

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