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These days many rubikans seem to enjoy riding their new hoverboards and hoverbikes everywhere, myself included.

It was during a mission a few days ago within the area called Inferno within the Shadowlands that a question came up as I was surfing on my hoverboard to meet the rest of the team.

How can a hoverboard work in the Shadowlands when no other vehicle can?

I decided to ask the company and I was granted an interview with a Mr. T. Hawk to answer my questions at their Newland Shop.

Noticiero: Greetings Mr. Hawk, thank you for meeting me.
Hawk: A pleasure man, always have time when it comes to hoverboarding.
Noticiero: So, how do they work in the Shadowlands?
Hawk: Magic.
Noticiero: What?
Hawk: Magic.
Noticiero: Are you serious?
Hawk: Of course not! I'm messing with you man!
Noticiero: Ooook...
Hawk: Loosen up, you look too serious. I'll tell you how it works.
Noticiero: Thanks.
Hawk: Now after some experimentation and a little help from previous JAME research we were able to figure some things out.
Noticiero: JAME?
Hawk: Yeah, the Jobe Association of Metatechnology Explorers, you know. The metas who run Jobe, the big floating city in the sky, portals to the Shadowlands and such.
Noticiero: Oh, yeah.
Hawk: Alright, as I was saying. We managed to figure out that the main problem with vehicles in the other dimension was that notum reacted differently there.
Noticiero: How so?
Hawk: Well, most professions who use nanoformulas use a small amount of notum, after all there is only so much a body and items you can carry could manage to handle. Such an amount goes undetected by the dimensional environment. A larger source of power gets drained instead to what most know as The Source.
Noticiero nods
Hawk: A vehicle needs a lot more notum power to run than a single person, not just the engine but control and safety protocol systems. That is where our competition Yalmaha hit a wall, they could not develop a vehicle that would work because they could not build a small source of power.
Noticiero: I see.
Hawk: We had the same problem, we could not build a Banshee, Spectre or Wraith because either the power source was too powerful therefore drained the moment it entered the Shadowlands, or too weak to power the vehicle which made it useless.
Hawk: Some of our engineers then turned their heads to our line of hoverboards and after several months of engineering and tweaking managed to reduce the power source to 25% which allowed hoverboards to work in the Shadowlands and still have the same speed as in their original models.
Noticiero: So why hasn't Yalmaha developed hoverboards as well?
Hawk: Heh, corporate copyright, trademark and patent infringement. Fortunately we hired the law firm of Pinnetti, Pinnetti, and Pinnetti to handle our business here on Rubi-Ka and they are the sort not to be messed with.
Noticiero: So we'll never see a hoverbike in the Shadowlands?
Hawk: Never say never dude. Nanotechnology makes breakthroughs on a regular basis, look at the battlestations for proof. Those suckers could not orbit the planet without a massive notum core to power their shielding against the alien fleet.
Noticiero: Good point, anything else you want to say to the rubikan public?
Hawk: I consider hoverboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport. So grab a board, get out there and have fun!
Noticiero: Thanks for your time Mr. Hawk.
Hawk: No problem dude, stay loose and take care.

Thus the mystery is answered, we know how the hoverboards work. Now, I wonder if I could do a 360 from the Inferno jumpoff... only one way to find out!

This is Noticiero Rivera, and this has been a Rubi-Ka Exclusive!
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Article written by Noticiero
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