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Earlier Saturday morning, I interviewed General "Gencop" Fahrni, General of Omni-Pol. Like in our previous interview, he was very serious and quite direct, revealing to me an EXCLUSIVE, the true reasons why his former leader was arrested and sent to Omni-Prime and how this affected his Department. He also shared with me the fact that new investigations regarding the Dust Brigade are now taking place, and that the warrants issued last year are currently revoked.

This interview lasted 45 minutes.

01:29: Noticiero: Hello
01:31: Noticiero: I believe the last time we spoke was June 7th of last year, while Mr. Meister was on leave and you were in command of Omni-Pol.
01:31: Noticiero: Many things have changed since.
01:32: Gencop: Yes they sure have.
01:33: Noticiero: The scandal of Mr. Meister selling (at the time) illegal nanoformulas, charges which he managed to dodge and keep his corporate position last year. However recently it has come to my attention that other charges were made, and he was out under 'protected custody' and shipped out of Rubi-Ka to Omni-Prime for an investigation, and removed from his Department.
01:34: Noticiero: Since then there has been no word from him, Omni-Pol's HQ or Omni-Admin on where is Mr. Meister, the charges, or what was the nature of the 'protected custody'.
01:36: Noticiero: Now Miss Katelin "Ukblizzard" Mcchristion, a former General has taken command of your Department since the arrest or Mr. Meister. Do you know what happened?
01:37: Gencop: Well the new charges where that he used a bugged nanoformula to charm the diamond Trainee mob and set it to destroy a storm tower site. Omni-Admin give suspending him for 15 day for that offense due to the illegal use of a malfunctioning nanoformula.
01:38: Gencop: During those 15 days he broke the terms of the suspention, and was arrested.
01:39: Noticiero: Well, it has been much longer than 15 days, and he has not been seen on Rubi-Ka, and the Omni-Trans records show he was in a OP Prison Ship heading back to Omni-Prime.
01:39: Noticiero: So, Mr. Meister was banished from Rubi-Ka and sent to prison for violating corporate laws?
01:39: Gencop: Yes he is gone from planet forever despite his appeals.
01:41: Noticiero: Was your Department supporting Mr. Meister or standing by the corporate rulings?
01:41: Gencop: I was given the choice to take his position but decided to have Ukblizzard do so since I have had experience doing so.
01:41: Noticiero: But, was your Department supporting Mr. Meister or standing by the corporate rulings?
01:41: Gencop: We stand behind corporate rulings
01:42: Noticiero: Did it affect your department's morale?
01:43: Gencop: Was a shock at first but Meister had trained us to run smooth when he was gone so we knew what to do to carry on.
01:45: Gencop: Despite how he departed we will look up to him for the many fine years of leadership.
01:45: Noticiero: How has his actions affected the reputation of OP and it's members?
01:47: Gencop: It seems that only the clans are complaining, they disliked him . But we have pushed on with our membership almost doubling and feel this will make us stronger.
01:50: Noticiero: Your department appeared to go dormant last year, and after the scandals from your former leader it looks as if you're restricting yourselves to Omni-Tek territory, have you stopped or concluded all the investigations which lead you into Tir and Athen last year?
01:53: Gencop: We had a time of reorganizing, and redoing our department. But now we are all set and been restarting our investigations.
01:54: Gencop: For example the link between the Council of Truth and the Dust Brigade
01:55: Gencop: We are also looking to the many Omni's killed when the Newland Militia took over, they were aided but many clanners.
01:56: Noticiero: That CoT is no more, the new one rising is different, except for Mr. Radiman being involved, and currently you have arrest warrants for the Clerical Staff and Mr. Radiman. Will those warrants be revoked to try and reach a peaceful solution, or will you enforce those warrants?
01:59: Gencop: I have put those warrants on hold pending a new investigation, Mr Radiman's involvement in anything is very troubling.
02:00: Noticiero: So in other words, currently revoked, but could be re-activated if there is evidence of the Clerical Staff of Mr. Radiman being involved with the Dust Brigade?
02:02: Gencop: If found on omni property they will be brought in for questioning, but un till I release the hold on the warrants we will not go out of Omni areas to arrest.
02:05: Noticiero: So technically revoked, but if they step into omni territory, they are automatically arrested for questions because of the new investigation, correct?
02:05: Gencop: yes sir
02:07: Noticiero: Is there anything you wish to say to the rubikan public at this time?
02:10: Gencop: Yes, one moment.
02:13: Gencop: I would like to say that Omni-Pol is stronger than ever, growing more and more every day. Despite our limited help from other department we will push ahead and continue to to protect and serve the corporation.
02:14: Noticiero: Thank you for your time General Gencop.
02:14: Gencop: My pleasure Sir. Signing out.
02:14: Noticiero: Have a good day.

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Article written by Noticiero
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