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A few days after the military occupation of Borealis by force from Omni-Tek, I sat down with Miss Angel "Berael" Wolf, Leader of the neutral organizaton 'Wolf Brigade'.


She spoke about the neutral community and the overall reaction to the military invasion of her hometown. The conversation will also reveal the creation of a new neutral coalition known as the Neutral Defence Initiative of which Miss Bereal is the official speaker.


The interview took place in one of the less crowded Borealis shops in the entertainment room below the trade supplies room.

Noticiero: Let us begin
Berael: ok mew
Noticiero: Miss Berael, what has been the general reaction of the neutral community regarding the occupation of Borealis by force from Omni-Tek?
Berael: There have actually been a couple reactions that I've seen, and expected considering the history of diversity of neutral thought and action.
Berael: The most overt one has been the protesting
Noticiero: Yes, I noticed the large crowd by the whom-pahs holding many protest signs.
Berael: yes mew, You also see a lot of folks attacking OT-AF and Unicorn personnel
Berael: A lot are also fleeing to Newland and Last Ditch
Berael: As I have had to do.
Noticiero: I see; the Mayor of Newland made an official protest against the corporation. Do you think it will have any effect?
Berael: I think it already has, mew. Though the effect is mostly on heartening neutrals rather than warning off Omni-Tek
Noticiero: A member of your own organization, a Mr. Lordstage is the current Foreign Affairs Minister of Newland City. Do you know his reaction to the loss of Borealis?
Berael: heh... Stage... Well Lordstage, to my understanding, has been a bit set apart from the NLCC of late. I believe he feels that they have been too quiet and not proactive enough in the months leading up to this. I would have to check back with him for sure, as he has been roaming the reaches of the Shadowlands lately.
Noticiero: There have been some rumors that some neutral organizations are planning on freeing Borealis by force, is there any truth to this?
Berael: Once again, concerning the diversity of neutral thought and action... I would have to say this is certainly the case! I haven't heard any official word yet though, and I feel that such an action would be short sighted.
Noticiero: There is also a rumor that a neutral leader contacted the Council of Truth to ask for military aid, do you have any idea if this is correct?
Berael: hmm
Noticiero: Should I take that as 'no comment'?
Berael: I'm not sure that a neutral leader asked the CoT directly for military aid, I believe Xaun was making a request of Jujuwalker to be present at the next CoT meeting.
Berael: had to give it a lil thought, mew
Noticiero: Interesting, a neutral in the Tower of Truth...with sentinels all around with orders to kill any non-clanners on sight.
Berael nods
Berael: Not the first time, but on different terms I think.
Noticiero: Simon Silverstone may not approve, but if the council allowed it, do you think the CoT would consider lending their strength to the neutrals to remove the Omni-Tek trespassers?
Berael: Times are changing, Silverstone is not the sole power in the CoT anymore, but besides that I would prefer, as neutrals, that we don't run into the arms of one of the major powers just because they haven't abused us lately.
Noticiero: Many clan leaders disagree with the Sentinels actions against neutrals who wanted to do business in Tir, however they have proven to be an effective force to protect the clan capital.
Noticiero: Some clan leaders are more than willing to help liberate Borealis, however there have been some discussion regarding the outcome. If the clans freed Borealis, a few think it should become a clan town.
Berael: Proven on what grounds? tir has been protected from everything, even its own people, whom the city was built for, will not go there anymore.
Berael: there was once a time when Tir was as busy as Athen is today or Borealis was a week ago
Berael: well mew...
Berael: This is why I say that -I- am not interested in seeing neutrals run for help to the major powers of Rubi-Ka.
Noticiero: You are correct, Tir is less populated these days because many fear the sentinels.
Berael: Without some heavy diplomacy
Noticiero: There is a clan Commander who currently believes that the Borealis takeover may be a military strategy to get a foothold on the northern territories, to stage an assault against clan lands.
Berael nods
Noticiero: Do you think this is a possibility?
Berael: I've heard that and after talking it over with some of my friends in the know and advisors, that could be a possibility for sure.
Berael: A mirrored play, like in chess
Noticiero: Ah, because of the liberation of 4 Holes you mean?
Berael: Where in order to get into a better position the two sides make almost exactly the same play. That is what I mean, yes
Berael: In reality I don't know for sure
Berael: its only speculation.
Noticiero: If the protests don't have any effect, and the neutrals united can't push out the omnis by force....what if, and this is an hypothesis...what if the clans push the omnis out, would you think then the neutrals would have the right to reclaim Borealis if they couldn't free it?
Berael: That would depend on a couple of things
Noticiero: As in?
Berael: Neutrals have had a very interesting relationship with both sides, and borealis has historically acted as a hub of trade allowing both sides to exchange goods and services freely.
Noticiero: Indeed, it was a very good place to meet peacefully.
Berael: I think it would depend on if the clans valued that history
Berael: and not just the clan leadership
Berael: The clans men at ground level
Berael: who traditionally have been the ones who have benefited from that arrangement
Berael grins
Noticiero: I'm fairly certain that if the clans liberated Borealis, neutrals would be welcomed. Silverstone would be opposed by a large majority of leaders if he tried to keep neutrals out of Borealis.
Berael: If that would happen, what would be the change? Exchange Unicorns for Sentinels? One horn for two? In order for Borealis to best serve the population of Rubi-Ka is must be a neutral city under Neutral control.
Noticiero: I doubt the CoT would allow Sentinels to be in Borealis.
Noticiero: I also doubt Silverstone would even send one of his men to help the neutrals.
Berael: That's fine, I wish him well, but he has made his ignorance abundantly clear to all of Rubi-Ka
Noticiero: If the CoT helped the neutrals, it would probably be the Knights and their supporters, who currently have the stronger influence in the council.
Berael nods
Berael: Wolf Brigade actually has... good relations with The Knights
Noticiero: The Knights would be the most likely to compromise if Borealis was freed by clan forces, because of Lord Galahad's ...enlightened views of things.
Berael: Hopefully so. Though, when neutrals have attempted to take action on their own behalf in the past
Berael: and included sided help, both bickered continuously about playing favorites
Berael: Most notably when the newlanders were attempting to clear out Loren Warr and her cronies
Berael: Money from Ross, training from OT-AF, but the final push came from the Clans.
Noticiero: Yes, the omnis supported the removal of the thugs for months, but when it came to the day of action...few omnis showed up and a large clan force was what made the difference, thus leading to a controversy.
Noticiero: However you must admit, when have the clans ever taken over a neutral town, canceled a democratic election and put an administrator to run the city and ignore the neutrals living in the town as if they were nonexistent?
Berael: Never. But... When has Omni-Tek declared neutrals to be gutless and might as well be the enemy as well. So they should be shot on sight in one of the major cities of power in the world?
Berael: This can go back and forth.
Berael: The majority of neutrals want nothing more than to stay out of the whole conflict playground brawl between OT and The Clans
Berael: "The whole Playground Brawl..."
Noticiero: Perhaps, but you're caught in the middle, and right now Omni-Tek is doing the pushing and shoving right into your homes here. Borealis now belongs to the omnis until either they leave on their own, which is unlikely....or are forced out.
Berael nods
Berael: Which is why many of us are moved to take action
Noticiero: I heard you're trying to form some sort of alliance between neutral organizations, is that because of Borealis?
Berael: This has been the major catalyst for the Coalition, yes. The idea really grew out of a meeting of neutral leaders about two months ago organized by Dmom.
Berael: This incident though provided some of the impetus for some of the more fringe Organizations to come and join forces with some of the neutral Legacy groups, as well as the stronger new groups.
Noticiero: Wait a minute, Dmom...the General from Elite Operations?
Berael: Yes, President at the time.
Noticiero: Wasn't Elite Operations responsible for the entire Warr fiasco in Newland? I recall that it was them who originally hired those mercs.
Berael grins
Berael: True
Berael: We all make mistakes mew
Noticiero: That one was a pretty big mistake.
Noticiero: Who is currently leading this alliance, and does it have a name yet?
Berael: EO has been a strong supporter of the neutral community. Their actions to bring in Warr's Mercs was done in the interest of neutral security.
Berael: Doesn't mean though we wont learn from the un-intended consequences of that event though
Berael: I am currently the speaker for the Coalition, and it is called the Neutral Defense Initiative.
Noticiero: How many organizations are in NDI at this time?
Berael: There are currently 14 Organizations who have pledged support or have asked to be represented
Noticiero: Are they all from Borealis or are they also from Newland?
Berael: We have organizations from all over. Wanders Sanctuary has been in Newland for a long time.
Noticiero: Has your coalition contacted the ICC regarding Borealis?
Berael: One of our plans is to send a delegation to the ICC to speak about the problems. Especially in the light that the Peacekeepers placed in Borealis were done to prevent such incursion.
Noticiero: I noticed that there is still one ICC peacekeeper and a neutral guard by the prison. Do you have any idea why are they still in their post?
Berael: I don't, I can only speculate about that
Noticiero: Feel free to speculate, why do you think they're still here?
Berael: the possibility springs to mind that the ICC allowed Omni-Tek in, but even in such a case those guards would most likely be replaced with "more capable" OT personnel.
Noticiero: nods
Berael: I suppose its possible that the Unicorns just 'forgot' them
Berael: Stranger things have happened
Noticiero: You're right, on Rubi-Ka anything can happen.
Noticiero: Does the coalition have any plans to contact the Council of Truth?
Berael: We are planning our first meeting for some time next week, but making contact with the CoT and the OT BoD is of prime concern
Noticiero: You really think the Board of Directors will listen after sending the Unicorns here to take Borealis by force?
Berael: If they wont listen to reason than at the very least we will know that is the case.
Noticiero: I have heard that some neutrals are considering joining the clans because of the current situation, do you think such choice is wrong?
Berael: With corporation as vast as OT its hard to say if the people at the top are thinking the same as the people on the bottom
Berael: I think its short sighted
Berael: No war has ever had just two sides
Noticiero: In closing, is there anything you'd like to add, that perhaps you want the rubikan public to know?
Berael: Yes

At this point in time of the interview an omni employee going by the name Areoni suddenly and without warning opened fired on the bartender.

Omni employee attacking a neutral bartender, she in turn defends herself against a better armed opponent.

Noticiero: Oh my
Berael: This situation is not about Omni-Tek or The Clans, it is about the defense of our homes and our way of life
Berael: We are not anti-Clan or anti-Omni. We are Pro-Neutral.

After the first employee leaves, a second omni employee by the name Busata enters and finishes off what the previous omni did and kills the bartender in cold blood without provocation.

Berael: We are looking to create the organization, technology, and resources necessary to live as we have and give every neutral a chance to experience the world without prejudice or a compulsion for war
Berael: ...and maybe ensure the lives of our bartenders...
Berael grins
Noticiero: I thank you for your time Miss Berael, and I wish you good luck in your efforts to free Borealis from Omni-Tek control.

How will this new coalition deal with the omni occupying force if diplomacy fails?

With the Council of Truth making a public statement condemming the actions of the corporation but making clear they will not violate interstellar laws of neutrality by interfering will the neutrals be strong enough on their own to retake Borealis?.

How far will Omni-Tek go to keep the town they consider theirs?

There are many forces at work, in such a short period of time, and that usually spells disaster. Hopefull all will be resolved with a minimal amount of bloodshed if at all.

Be sure to stay tuned to your local gridfeed for the latest development of this story.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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