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Tonight while enjoying the fire room inside 'Reet's Retreat' I noticed a name light up on my list, it was no other than Miss Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers, Leader of Whisper's Edge Clan, a lady which I've been looking forward to interview again. The well known agent was kind enough to grant me an interview, sharing her personal experience regarding the Notum Wars, the EndGame alliance and her views on the City of Jobe and the so called 'Shadowlands'. We spoke about her clan's origin and the reasons why the founders of WE had all been former members of Clan Anarchist Syndicate that had been at odds with Commander Redruum. I had interviewed Miss Vixentrox two months ago, but my former secretary had deleted the interview from my database.

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated chat from patrons.

The interview lasted 1 hour and 32 minutes.

20:17: Vixentrox: Hello.
20:18: Noticiero: Thank you for coming Miss Vixentrox.
20:18: Vixentrox nods
20:18: Vixentrox: Let's hope today goes a bit smoother.
20:19: Vixentrox: This is Ariekel, she wanted to sit in.
20:19: Ariekel: Hi there, sorry I took so long. Got hung up on the way here.
20:19: Ariekel: Pleased to meet ya, pal. I remember last time ya interviewed Vix, I dun think we really got introduced though.
20:19: Noticiero: I see no problem with a guest in your interview.
20:20: Vixentrox: Please park yer bot off a bit.
20:20: Ariekel: Sure thing, boss.
20:21: Vixentrox: Thank you Ariekel.
20:21: Noticiero: Many things have changed since we last sat, including the misplacement of the first interview, thanks to my former secretary.
20:21: Vixentrox: Yes, quite all right.
20:21: Vixentrox: I was rather distressed then anyway.
20:23: Noticiero: I just interviewed Mr. Cogs, a fellow EndGame alliance leader.
20:23: Vixentrox nods
20:24: Vixentrox: A fine man.
20:24: Ariekel nods
20:24: Noticiero: He stated that EG does have plans to expand into what is called the 'shadowlands' when the City of Jobe opens it's doors.
20:24: Vixentrox: EG will be present there, yes.
20:25: Noticiero: How would this affect your operations on Rubi-Ka, since the dimension is far from the one we're in? answering a call for assistance from the other side, wherever you may be, may not be an easy task.
20:26: Vixentrox: I think we will have to see whether it will be difficult to go from Jobe to here and vice versa.
20:27: Vixentrox: It may not be as hard as some fear.
20:27: Vixentrox: Comm systems may reach into Jobe.
20:27: Vixentrox: And if they do, that will of course facilitate any actions.
20:28: Noticiero: EndGame has become less aggressive lately, does this mean you're preparing for a large operation into the new dimension?
20:28: Vixentrox: Endgame has never been terribly aggressive, more defensive in nature.
20:29: Vixentrox: I think planet wide, the scale of conflict has scaled down.
20:29: Vixentrox: Everyone waiting with baited breath upon the opening of Jobe.
20:29: Vixentrox: The calm before the storm as it were.
20:31: Vixentrox: Does that answer your question Noticero?
20:31: Noticiero: Omni-Tek Departments have been regaining ground here on Rubi-Ka, do you think the clans will rush into Jobe to establish Notum Bases in the new dimension to balance things?
20:32: Vixentrox: OTRK has gained some ground here so we are now at parity.
20:32: Vixentrox: I do believe there will be some titanic power struggles in Jobe.
20:33: Vixentrox: I foresee smaller clans and Omni departments getting there first plots of land here on the surface.
20:33: Vixentrox: As attention is diverted to Jobe.
20:34: Vixentrox: The opening of Jobe....will probably bring warfare back into prominence as in the early days of the Notum Wars
20:35: Noticiero: With so much violence, and the possible increase of hostilities, what do you believe ICC should do?
20:36: Vixentrox: Difficult question that.
20:36: Vixentrox: I believe the current Notum War...was fueled by the ICC
20:37: Vixentrox: They deregulated mining, then failed to do anything to protect claims on the land.
20:37: Vixentrox: It's almost as if....
20:37: Vixentrox thinks a moment
20:38: Vixentrox: Almost as if it was an attempt to wear both the Clans and OTRK out.
20:38: Noticiero: You feel the ICC has it's own agenda then?
20:38: Vixentrox: Perhaps a hidden agenda? ICC playing to another corporations fiddle?
20:38: Vixentrox: Sol Banking perhaps?
20:39: Vixentrox: It's no secret that when OT suffers, Sol Banking profits.
20:39: Vixentrox: I do not have a degree in economics though, so, i may be completely off base here.
20:41: Noticiero: As a former Sol Media employee, a subsidiary of Sol Corp. I know if there was a way for them to take legal control of Rubi-Ka, they would.
20:41: Noticiero: However ICC has been so far not allowed any other corporation to land under any circumstances.
20:42: Vixentrox nods
20:42: Vixentrox: The lease is up soon....
20:42: Noticiero: Are you still in bad terms with Commander Redruum?
20:42: Vixentrox: Redruum...have not seen him in ages.
20:45: Noticiero: You were a former advisor for Clan Anarchist Syndicate, and a very active voice representing CAS. Would you care to share the details of why and how Whisper's Edge came to exist from CAS?
20:46: Vixentrox: Ok.
20:46: Vixentrox: I was CAS Vice-Commander, Redruum gave me that title.
20:47: Vixentrox: Commander Redruum was often absent, so I was de facto leader .
20:47: Vixentrox: He would come in spats, get his name in the paper...written by my step-sister.
20:48: Vixentrox: Then he would disappear.
20:48: Vixentrox: Many people in CAS were umm...
20:49: Vixentrox: No longer very interested in life and politics on Rubi-Ka.
20:49: Vixentrox: Only interested in personal wealth .
20:49: Vixentrox: Or advancement.
20:50: Vixentrox: Their also was developing a strong anti-neutral faction growing in CAS.
20:50: Vixentrox: Which I and others did not care for at all.
20:50: Vixentrox: So myself and several advisors formed Whisper's Edge.
20:51: Noticiero: What has become of CAS since your departure?
20:52: Vixentrox: They did OK for a while but they are completely out of politics it seems now.
20:52: Vixentrox: Arion broke off from CAS as well.
20:53: Noticiero: Lead by Nursebetti, right?
20:53: Vixentrox: At the time yes, now led by Fixerben.
20:53: Vixentrox: Fixerben used to be interested in politics and the future of the clans.
20:54: Vixentrox: but...not so much if ever now.
20:55: Vixentrox: Nursebetti retired as far as I know.
20:56: Noticiero: Arion is known to be one of the younger clans, but with more power than some older clans. How strong is Whisper's Edge currently?
20:57: Vixentrox: So many have withdrawn from political life here...depressing really.
20:57: Vixentrox: Whisper's Edge is not all that large.....
20:57: Vixentrox: We have strict requirements on recruiting.
20:58: Vixentrox: We only accept those that are interested in life here.
20:58: Vixentrox: those whose interest lies with wealth or personal advancement to the detriment of all else are not welcome.
20:59: Vixentrox: This unfortunately means most of Rubi-ka's citizens are not eligible to join, and in any case, their greed would not keep them happy in Whisper's Edge.
21:01: Noticiero: Having such strict requirements, have lead notable and old clans to disband.
21:02: Vixentrox nods
21:02: Vixentrox: When Whisper's Edge was new
21:02: Vixentrox: the requirements were much more lax
21:03: Vixentrox: I found that nothing could satisfy many peoples greed and they would just use us as a stepping stone to...other Clans
21:04: Vixentrox: There was also a huge gulf in CAS
21:04: Vixentrox: Between those that valued loot more than anything and those who did not
21:04: Vixentrox: It was a contributing factor to Whisper's Edge formation
21:05: Vixentrox looks at Noticero evenly
21:06: Vixentrox: I would rather have a novice broke person who takes an interest in life than a full azure armored person in heavy notum tank with a billion credits on my roster
21:06: Noticiero: I see you're set on what you think is right, even if it comes at the cost of strength and power.
21:06: Noticiero: Something rare within the clans.
21:06: Vixentrox: My people are unique sir
21:07: Vixentrox: They are not cookie cutter personalities who only focus on personal wealth and perceived power
21:08: Noticiero nods
21:08: Vixentrox: I do not deny my folks the chance to increase their personal wealth
21:08: Vixentrox: Or their own powers
21:09: Vixentrox: It is encouraged they do so, and that is partly why I joined the alliance
21:09: Vixentrox: So they could get some chances to get those nice things
21:10: Vixentrox: With people of at least a somewhat similar view
21:10: Noticiero: EndGame is currently the strongest alliance since the days of the now defunct Alus Alliance in 29475. There are rumors that EG is expanding further to solidify their position on Rubi-Ka and perhaps the new dimension.
21:11: Vixentrox: The alliance periodically opens its door to new member Clans
21:11: Vixentrox: Interested Clans need to petition for membership
21:11: Noticiero: How many clans are currently in EG?
21:11: Vixentrox: Nine
21:13: Noticiero: Do you have any knowledge on the whereabouts of Commander Windguaerd since Mercury Dragons Clan disbanded?
21:13: Vixentrox: I heard a rumor he went Omni
21:14: Vixentrox: I am not sure about that
21:14: Vixentrox: It seems unlikely that he would do so
21:14: Vixentrox: unless he was hatching a plot
21:16: Noticiero: Apparently, from my sources his father has joined the corporation. Mr. Cogs thinks this may have been against his will. This seems to be linked to the fall of Mercury Dragons Clan, soon after the Wagner senior was registered as an Omni-Tek employee, his son's clan was disbanded.
21:16: Noticiero: And then, the Commander disappeared.
21:17: Vixentrox: I had understood he was taking the path Redruum had...never around to lead
21:17: Noticiero: He may have been targeted after bringing up Omni-Tek's Unicorn Company to the public.
21:17: Vixentrox: Perhaps he grew tired or went into hiding
21:18: Vixentrox: Maybe he is hanging out with the missing CoT?
21:19: Noticiero shrugs
21:19: Vixentrox shrugs as well
21:20: Noticiero: What is your opinion on the political environment in Rubi-Ka?
21:20: Vixentrox: Well...
21:21: Vixentrox: I feel a general sense of apathy has descended.
21:21: Vixentrox: Boss Ross has not issued an edict since about the time the CoT fled.
21:22: Vixentrox: Despite many actions and tries to get rid of the Sentinels, they remain.
21:22: Vixentrox: Lord Galahad's men battle borgs...a noble effort but a sideshow in the war.
21:23: Vixentrox: Even once vocal people like Fixerben and Kalannar have gone virtually silent.
21:23: Noticiero: Yes, I believe your clan assisted the knights a few weeks ago in Avalon with the cyborgs, a shame knights died that day.
21:24: Vixentrox: Yes, Whisper's Edge was there, along with some Roses and a few other EG member Clans.
21:28: Noticiero: Do you think the Dust Brigade will take target Jobe when it's open?
21:28: Vixentrox: Anything is possible but they have been quiet as can be lately.
21:32: Noticiero: Do you think the clans have the upper hands in the current conflict, or is Omni-Tek on top right now?
21:33: Vixentrox: In the Notum Wars?
21:33: Vixentrox: Yes, the Clans do.
21:33: Vixentrox: But let's be realistic.
21:33: Vixentrox: Omni-Tek is a HUGE power.
21:34: Vixentrox: They could wipe us out.
21:34: Vixentrox: If they could bring that power to bear.
21:34: Vixentrox: But...the ICC, and the protection of the notum prevent that.
21:35: Vixentrox: As well as the Clans hitting OTRK.
21:37: Noticiero: In closing, what would you tell a young clanner seeking a clan to join?
21:38: Vixentrox: I would tell them to do their research.
21:39: Vixentrox: Find out what the clan is about.
21:39: Vixentrox: Make sure it is fit with their personality.
21:39: Vixentrox: I would also tell them.
21:39: Vixentrox: They they can only get out what they put in.
21:40: Vixentrox: If there is a problem or things that can be done better.
21:40: Vixentrox: Bring it up.
21:41: Vixentrox: Or solve the problem on their own...don't be afraid to do a little work.
21:41: Vixentrox: Those that expect everyone else to do things for them, will only find disappointment in the end I think.
21:44: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss Vixentrox.
21:45: Vixentrox: Would you like me to hunt down your former secretary?
21:45: Vixentrox winks with a twinkle in her eye
21:46: Noticiero: No need, she was fired and locked out of all my files.
21:46: Noticiero: Good riddens.
21:46: Vixentrox: Thank you as well Noticero....
21:46: Vixentrox giggles at your words
21:46: Vixentrox: By the way.
21:47: Vixentrox: 5 September is Whisper's Edge 1 year anniversary.
21:47: Vixentrox: I do believe my events person is sponsoring a party.
21:47: Noticiero: Noted.
21:48: Vixentrox: Do drop by.
21:48: Vixentrox smiles
21:49: Vixentrox: The public party is on the 6th I believe.

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