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Saturday morning, I interviewed Miss Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers, Leader of Whisper's Edge Clan. Like in our previous interview, she was very outspoken and passionate. She hinted that her organization may leave the well known EndGame alliance following the steps of now former EG organization Unity of the Rose and also sharing her obvious dislike for Omni-Pol and their 'investigations' once I mentioned my interview of General "Gencop" Fahrni of Omni-Pol. Surprisingly she mentions some sort of publicity planned for next weekend regarding the new Council of Truth.

This interview lasted 25 minutes.

11:20: Noticiero: Thank you Miss Vixentrox.
11:20: Vixentrox: Hello
11:20: Noticiero: Yesterday I spoke with Lady Szentasha, leader of Unity of the Rose regarding their abrupt departure from the Endgame alliance.
11:21: Noticiero: Now I've heard rumors that Whisper's Edge is also leaving EG, is this true?
11:21: Vixentrox: Yes, they departed EG last weekend
11:22: Vixentrox: It's a distinct possibility
11:22: Noticiero: Is it related to UoR's departure?
11:22: Vixentrox: Not really...though the reasons may be similar
11:23: Noticiero: What reasons would those be if you don't mind sharing the information.
11:24: Vixentrox: Overwhelming dissatisfaction with the Alliance amongst my membership
11:24: Noticiero: You mean politically, military or financially
11:25: Vixentrox: Politically...and...personnal conflicts
11:26: Noticiero: Do you think EG's glory days are gone, is it time for a new coalition?
11:27: Vixentrox: EG will exist whether WE leaves or not
11:29: Noticiero: WE has always been active on the political field, however the revival of the Council of Truth appears to have been started by EndGame clan leaders, how will this affect your current involvement with the Clerical Staff if you leave EG?
11:29: Vixentrox: No affect unless others choose to make an issue over it
11:29: Vixentrox: Completely independent of each other
11:30: Noticiero: There were rumors that there was hostility within the Clerical Staff recently, any truth to it?
11:31: Vixentrox: I'm not at liberty to comment. I will say this though, plans are still moving forward
11:32: Noticiero: There has been concerns among the clan population, that two well known military commanders are in the Clerical Staff, which may influence militant clans to join the new CoT to increase the hostilities against OT.
11:32: Noticiero: Should people be worried?
11:33: Vixentrox: If the CoT when reformed wishes to escalate the war...then that is fine with me
11:34: Vixentrox: If the CoT chooses to pursue some other course, that is also fine
11:34: Vixentrox: At the end of the day it will be the Council actually functioning and acting
11:35: Noticiero: When will the first official CoT meeting take place?
11:36: Vixentrox: Unknown, thought there is some publicity things planned, probably next weekend
11:37: Noticiero: I recently spoke with General Gencop from Omni-Pol, and apparently the arrest warrants on the Clerical Staff and Mr. Radiman were revoked, however if any of them step on omni territory they would be arrested due to a new investigation regarding the Dust Brigade.
11:37: Noticiero: Would you like to comment on this?
11:38: Vixentrox: I'd ask them what penal colony they sent Meister to
11:39: Vixentrox: Unlike OP's allegations of wrong doing, their own leaders are corrupt
11:39: Vixentrox: They best look to their own folks who have been accused of DB affiliations
11:40: Noticiero: Is there anything you wish to tell the rubikan public at this time?
11:41: Vixentrox: Sure...if Omni-Pol has suspended investigations into the CoT personel...why was Officer Templus caught sneaking around the CoT building yesterday?
11:41: Vixentrox: Seems to me likely that Omni-pol says one thing and does another.
11:42: Noticiero: Investigations are not suspended, just the warrants from what I understood.
11:42: Vixentrox: I see...I misunderstood what you meant
11:43: Vixentrox: I'll say this then
11:44: Vixentrox: Now is an exciting time for Clan politics. The CoT WILL reform and interested leaders of Clans will be...ARE..invited to take part in this endeavor to hopefully bring some unity and legal recognition of us.
11:45: Noticiero: Thank you for your time.
11:45: Vixentrox: No problem
11:45: Vixentrox: always a pleasure

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Article written by Noticiero
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