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This afternoon I interviewed Miss Jennifer "Lizor" McCovery, Clan Leader of Vitae Covente Clan in 'The Cup'. Our discussion was very political. The interview has been edited to remove the chat of patrons. The interview lasted 30 minutes.

13:38: Noticiero taps his microphone
13:38: Noticiero: Thank you for granting me this interview Miss Lizor.
13:39: Noticiero: What is the nature of your clan? military, social or political?
13:40: Lizor: Hmm.
13:40: Lizor: I would have to say we have a mixture of all three
13:41: Lizor: But if I had to choose one, then Social would be it, though Political plays a good part too.
13:42: Noticiero: What is your personal opinion about the military clan leaders, such as Commander Redruum and Commander Windguaerd, who appear to emulate Clan Leader Simon Silverstone in some ways.
13:43: Lizor: I am not familiar with Commander Redruum, but Commander Windguard and I have met on a number of occasions and I find his politics to be in line with most other clan organizations.
13:43: Noticiero: Ahem, Windguaerd I mean....the names of father and son confuse me still.
13:43: Lizor smiles
13:43: Lizor: Its okay, I know who you meant.
13:44: Lizor: As for a comparison between Windguaerd and Silverstone.. I'm sorry there isn't one. Windguaerd isn't a tyrant.
13:44: Noticiero: What about leaders such as Lady Ailish and Lord Szentasha?
13:45: Lizor: Szentasha and I are not exactly on speaking terms at this moment. Whether that is by her choice or mine isn't quite known yet. Ailish, I don't know on a personal level so I will keep my comments to noting that they both run a fine organization with outstanding well-balanced members.
13:46: Noticiero: Any opinion about the EndGame Alliance and the Atlantean Pact Alliance and the rumors of either a merger or possible feud between them?
13:47: Lizor: EndGame has quite a few great organizations in it. I had thought of joining them at one point but with the current trend I am finding it best to distance myself from any sort of concrete political alliance with them. As for the AP, I have only heard smatterings of reports regarding their deeds and have not given them my full attention.
13:48: Lizor: If they merge that will give the Clans a much stronger base of power then perhaps the Council of Truth had at one point. If they end up at war, I can only do what I see is best for Vitae Covente.
13:50: Noticiero: How do you feel the clans have adapted to the fact that the once respected Council of Truth not only left Tir, but abandoned all their responsibilities and practically disappeared overnight last year...not that they were that visible to begin with, but at least it existed.
13:51: Lizor: Well considering we are not only keeping Omni out of clan controlled areas but are steadily marching closer and closer to Omni-1, I feel we are doing a pretty good job despite the political blow we were dealt after the Tir Accord fell apart.
13:52: Lizor: The Council of Truth was only as strong as the clans that backed it. Those clans have now lost power and others have risen in their place.
13:53: Noticiero: Clans such as Sentinels, which now control Tir. Do you believe they are fit to hold and control the current Clan Capital?
13:53: Lizor: No.
13:54: Noticiero: Who do you believe should be in charge of Tir?
13:54: Lizor: Honestly? Clanners.
13:56: Noticiero: Sentinels are clanners, I meant ....which Clan or Clans you believe should be in charge of Tir?
13:56: Lizor: The Sentinels are in no way clanners. Their ties with Ian and Loren Warr are too well documented to place them as solid Clanners. As for which individual clan should hold Tir? None.
13:57: Lizor: Should a clan be in charge of making sure Tir is secure? Sure, but only after careful deliberation.
13:58: Lizor: Personally, I am looking forward to Lord Galahad making his triumphant return.
13:58: Noticiero: Do you think there will ever be a clan leader able to unite all the clans?
13:58: Lizor: No.
13:58: Lizor: Not all of the clans, ever.
13:58: Noticiero: Why not?
13:59: Lizor: One simple rule that Clans have always lived by, and what sets them apart from Omni scum is this.
13:59: Lizor: Make your own rules.
13:59: Lizor: Can a leader help clan organizations set aside their differences and work towards a common goal? Yes.
14:00: Lizor: But you show me the leader that can join Vitae Covente with the Dust Brigade and I'll show you a leader that will certainly have my admiration and respect.
14:01: Noticiero: So you consider Dust Brigade to be a clan even though every single clan, for the exception of Sentinels, state that they are outlaws in both sides of the conflict?
14:02: Lizor: They are the epitome of exactly what Clans are.
14:03: Noticiero: Dust Brigade has attacked Omni-1, but they have also attacked clan towns and cities, and clanners without any warning. How can they be the epitome of what clans are, when they attacked dozens of clans?
14:04: Lizor: Quite simply: They were attempting to show the weakness of the Council of Truth and they accomplished that.
14:04: Lizor: Anyone who does damage to any piece of Omni-1 gets a big checkmark in the 'Thank You ' box from me.
14:05: Noticiero: So you support Dust Brigade actions?
14:05: Lizor: No.
14:05: Lizor: But I don't' renounce them either.
14:07: Noticiero: Do you believe neutrals to be a threat to the clans?
14:08: Lizor: Interesting question. Which neutrals specifically?
14:09: Noticiero: In general I would say.
14:09: Lizor: In general, the only comment I have regarding neutrals is pick a side. Either back the clans or back omni, don't flip flop for convenience's sake.
14:10: Lizor: Now a question for you.
14:11: Lizor: Which publication do you represent?
14:11: Noticiero: I'm a freelancer.
14:11: Lizor nods
14:11: Lizor: Very well.
14:11: Noticiero: Does it bother you that Newland has now mercenaries?
14:12: Lizor: Yes. My first day on Rubi-Ka was in Newland. I miss being able to go visit my old apartment building. I hope my old landlord is still there.
14:13: Noticiero: Does it bother you that neutrals are not allowed in Tir?
14:13: Lizor: That gets back into the Sentinels again and I have already stated my stance on them.
14:15: Noticiero: Do you have any political goals for yourself?
14:15: Lizor: Of course.
14:15: Noticiero: Anything you wish to share?
14:16: Lizor: I have a spiky collar with Philip Ross' name embossed on it, waiting for him.
14:17: Noticiero: Anything you wish to say to anyone who may consider joining your clan?
14:17: Lizor smiles
14:17: Lizor: Everything I have to say to anyone who wishes to join my clan is already publicly stated on my Gridfeed.
14:18: Noticiero: Very well, thank you for your time Miss Lizor.
14:18: Noticiero taps his microphone

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