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After gathering some information (and rumors) at 'The Cup' and 'Happy Rebel', and another unsuccessful attempt to interview the Leader of Clan Anarchist Syndicate, I was fortunate to contact Mr. Brendan "Braedon" Demesa, Leader of Valor Eternal Clan. He agreed to an interview at the fire room inside 'Reet's Retreat' to clarify certain negative rumors about the EndGame alliance. He corrected certain misconceptions about the alliance, shared some information about the alliance own regulations regarding the Notum Wars and denied any veto or blacklisting existed against any clan organization by the well known alliance. After reading this interview, I forsee many clans seeking to join the EndGame alliance, curently the strongest and most respected alliance among the clans.

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated and disruptive chat from patrons. Due to certain COMM problems, the interview took longer than expected.

The interview lasted 1 Hour, 15 minutes.

16:48: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mr. Braedon.
16:55: Noticiero: Thank you for meeting me Mr. Braedon.
16:55: Braedon: My pleasure. What can I do for you?
16:56: Braedon: And, please. Just Braedon is fine.
16:56: Noticiero: There have been some rumors about the EndGame alliance, and as one of the founding members of EG, I thought you may want to comment.
16:56: Braedon: Rumors, eh? Well, I'll shed any light where I can.
16:58: Noticiero: Thank you.
16:58: Noticiero: Was there every any animosity between EG and the now defunct Atlantean Pact alliance?
16:59: Braedon: Well, let me say this first. I was not a founding member of Endgame. The alliance dates back quite a bit farther than my involvement. I'm not aware of any animosity that has been brought up since I took over as vice-leader.
17:01: Noticiero: I meant it in the sense that VE was a founding member, not yourself specifically. Unless I'm mistaken Valor Eternal was among the first to join the EndGame alliance in 29476.
17:02: Noticiero: So there is no...bad feelings toward any former AP clan?
17:02: Braedon: That would be incorrect. Valor Eternal was created by myself and was not amongst the founding organizations for EndGame. Valor Eternal hasn't been around as long as most organizations have. We've been in EndGame for...maybe seven or eight months now?
17:03: Noticiero: Ah, then the data I received from ICC was incorrect, how nice of them to keep up with their records...
17:04: Braedon: As far as EndGame goes, I know of no bad feelings towards any Clan. There may be different philosophies, but that's why we're the alliance we are. Because we share similar views. It goes without saying that other alliances and Clans might have different beliefs.
17:04: Noticiero taps his wrist and says 'Note to self, ICC database unreliable'
17:04: Braedon: That sounds like the ICC alright.
17:04: Braedon chuckles
17:06: Noticiero: Is it true there has been a veto against certain clans to join Endgame, and in that list organizations like Clan Anarchist Syndicate are mentioned, because of their previous involvement with the now defunct Council of Ares?
17:07: Braedon: As the vice leader of EndGame, I'm aware of no such "veto list." That is not to say, however, that such clans would be approved if they submitted a request for membership. That would fall upon a vote of the respective leaders. But, no...there is no list of organizations that would not be allowed.
17:09: Noticiero: Since the fall of the AP alliance, and at least another like it, the EndGame alliance has grown, so much so that Omni-Tek Departments have sent memos to Omni-Admin warning them of a possible army being built to take over the southern regions closer to Omni-1.
17:10: Noticiero: Is EG becoming a clan army?
17:11: Braedon: I'd say that EndGame can effectively be an army, but is not formed as such. I think the Corporation would be wise to spend less time worrying over this alliance, and more time worrying about the more militant organizations. EndGame was not formed to be an aggressive alliance, and I don't intend to see that change.
17:13: Noticiero: What militant organizations are you speaking of, if you don't mind giving me more information on that subject.
17:14: Braedon: I don't see the need to do Omni intelligence for them. I'm sure they know which organizations are attacking their mining bases frequently.
17:16: Noticiero: Is it true that EG clans are not allowed to assist non-EG clans in the Notum Wars in fear of EG Notum Bases be hit in a counter strike?
17:18: Braedon: That's blatantly incorrect. EndGame organizations are completely free to defend Clan interests at any time. They are also free to assist other Clans in offensives if they so choose. This is clearly stated in our Mutual Defense Agreement.
17:19: Noticiero: So no EG clan requires the permission of the EG Council to attack an Omni-Tek base on their own or in assistance to a non-EG clan?
17:26: Braedon: No EG clan requires permission to assist other clans in an offensive. If it is an offensive solely of EG organizations, then that is a decision that must go through the council. Let's not confuse a coalition of organizations who believes there are other ways to achieve a goal than swapping mining bases with the Corporation...with one stricken by...fear. I assure you, there's no fear involved.
17:28: Noticiero: Now if the information I got is accurate, in the past few weeks Omni-Tek has turned the tide. However I notice that non-EG organizations have lost a good number of bases, while EG clans have expanded even though the clans overall have lost ground. A few months ago Storm Clan was suspected to allow Omni-Tek Departments attack a clan base, destroy it and then take our the Omni-Tek Base to take it over as their this the case now?
17:31: Braedon: First off, I don't know if I would say Omni-Tek has "turned the tide." Intel suggests they have a few more mining operations these days, yes. And, I'm not aware of EndGame expanding our mining holdings in some time. We have added organizations to our ranks that may hold a base or two, but we have not as an alliance been expanding our operations. As for the Storm rumor, I know nothing about that. I know EndGame would never participate in something of that nature.
17:33: Noticiero: EG was meant to be a political alliance in 29476, but at the end of the year it turned into a military force even before the Notum Wars had begun. What is EG's goals? to become the next 'Council of Truth'? or perhaps form a new government to organize clans in the current war?
17:36: Braedon: It's true from what I know of the Alliance's history that EndGame had political motivations at one point. I don't think that label fits us today. If you want to consider us political in that we provide a way for like-minded Clans to govern themselves, then I would agree with that. We have no designs to become the next Council of Truth. We strive to be a voice of reason and tolerance within the Clans. With the fall of the Council, any organization amongst the Clans can only be beneficial. That is what our alliance provides for its members.
17:37: Noticiero: I see. On a more positive note, EG organizations have been known to organize and run the most notable social events among the clans. No other alliance have been able to do even a fraction of events EG has done.
17:38: Noticiero: How has the war affected your social events if at all?
17:39: Braedon: That is something we're proud of and would like to do even more of. Again, with the lack of unity and government...any efforts to bring Clanners together can only help. The war hasn't hindered our efforts in this area at all, in my opinion. Sure, there have been times we've had to leave an event to aid in defense, but it's not a huge problem.
17:40: Noticiero: How many clans are currently upholding the EG tag?
17:41: Braedon: There are currently nine clans in the alliance.
17:42: Noticiero: What are the requirements for a clan to be considered to become a member of EG?
17:53: Braedon: There are no specific requirements other than a majority vote of the council. As for what each individual might consider for such a vote, that's difficult to say. I would feel comfortable saying that a similar philosophy is a key component, however.
17:55: Noticiero: How does Valor Eternal fit into EG?
17:56: Braedon: I'd say very well. It was one of the best moves our organization could have made. We were already close allies with most of the organizations in the alliance when we joined, so it was an easy fit. The assistance to our members from the other organizations has been invaluable.
17:57: Noticiero: So EG in your opinion is a positive influence among the clans?
17:57: Braedon: Most definitely.
17:57: Braedon smiles
17:58: Noticiero: What do you see in the near future for Valor Eternal and the EndGame alliance?
18:01: Braedon: Valor Eternal has grown in size a great deal. I see us stabilizing and continuing a family feel, while being a strong voice in the Clan community. As for EndGame, it will continue as an alliance of honorable clans that succeeds in providing for both its members, and the Clan community as a whole. I'm proud to be a member and the vice-leader. I see no reason that will change.
18:02: Noticiero: Anything you wish to add in closing Mr. Braedon?
18:02: Braedon: No sir. I'd just like to thank you for the opportunity to address some of the rumors floating about. I appreciate your time and your efforts.
18:05: Noticiero: I thank you for the opportunity to clarify things. I'm sure the clans will be more at ease knowing the good efforts of the EndGame alliance and their members.
18:05: Braedon: Thank you sir. Feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.
18:05: Noticiero: Very well, good day to you.
18:05: Braedon: Good day.

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