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After the investigative report I wrote about the neutrals that were found in possession of hacking equipment and several hundred illegally modified weapons in Omni-1, their leader, a Mr. Whitegrid, requested an interview to clear the name of his organization. It was late at night this past Tuesday June the 14th when I got a strange message on my COMM wrist. It was from Mr. Whitegrid asking me to meet him so he could explain what "really happened" in Omni-Ent.

I took a few minutes to consider the possible dangers of meeting a crime boss, and the benefit of another exclusive interview added to my portfolio. Of course, I had to meet him. This lead me to take an additional precaution. I called on a new agent friend of mine to be my 'shadow' in case things got out of hand somehow, after all I was about to meet a wanted man and if Omni-Pol showed up it was very likely I would be caught in the middle of a shoot-out.

The interview took place in the fireplace room in 'Reet's Retreat,' fortunately without any interruptions.

As per ICC Public Broadcast Regulation AF3241-17, sub-section C2 we have partially censored this log:

Noticiero: Let's begin shall we?
Whitegrid: Yeah sure, ask me get mah side of the story okay? 'cause all of those charges are ********
Noticiero: Sure. Could you explain what happened in Omni-Ent from your point of view?
Whitegrid: First of all the omnis fired first, they never asked my boys to get down or anything
Whitegrid: Second is that the person who hired us WAS an omni employee who wanted additional weapons that were...not quite following OT specs, so yeah they were modified. He specifically requested a private transaction away from prying eyes.
Noticiero: So you were delivering illegally modified weapons to an omni employee?
Whitegrid: Hey, engies modify weapons all the time, to Omni-Tek 'illegal' means that if their didn't make the modification it automatically becomes wrong. Maybe they're afraid that their own employees get strong weapons and turn them against 'Pol or something, hey I dunno...but the modifications were standard which can be done in neutral or clan territory without problems.
Noticiero: In other words you think the corporation is overreacting?
Whitegrid: What I'm trying to say is that we didn't do anything illegal on those weapons, we didn't turn them into perma-kill weapons or weapons of mass destruction. I'm a businessman and it is in my best interest for my clients to stay alive so they come back to hire me again.
Noticiero: Well UNoC does stand for Underground Network of Criminals...were you surprised to be treated like a criminal?
Whitegrid: I used the UNoC name to get some of my former associated from the original organization to join me. There are omni, neutral and clan organization that do the same thing as we do. Like the Mockers, they are a well known clan crime family for years. And lemme tell ya, that I know omnis have gone to them for 'services' just like they have come to meh.
Noticiero: The UNoC you mention was lead by the gangster Dave 'Diamondcut' Duster who was first exiled from Omni-Tek because he had committed a long series of crimes and supposedly bought his way out. To prevent a scandal they just kicked him out rather than embarrass themselves and bring high ranking employees who had received large sums from him to get out of jail. After he was exiled, he joined the clans and continued his crime spree which lead to his perma-death years later. Do you think now it was wise to use the same name?
Whitegrid: Uh...umm...hell, I was just trying to start a ******* venture. I had to start with a name my former associates could relate to their would join me. How was I gonna start? Underground Network of ******? come on!
Noticiero: Why even admit you're a criminal?
Whitegrid: No matter where you go, everyone is a criminal
Noticiero: How so?
Whitegrid: If you're neutral or clan...omnis automatically think you're a criminal or a terrorist or both. Clans think omni are oppressors and whatnot...doesn't that make the omnis criminals in their eyes? and both omni and clanners think we're fencesitters or mercenaries taking advantage of the war between them...wouldn't that make me a criminal on both sides?
Noticiero: You have a point Mr. Whitegrid, but why make it so obvious? wouldn't a...'crime boss' keep a low profile?
Whitegrid: Sure, when you made a name for yerself then you want to keep your head down, but when you start and nobody knows want everyone to know who you are and your business so they hire ya. I had to start somewhere
Noticiero: Alright, what about the rest of the charges?
Whitegrid: Ya mean from the bust?
Noticiero: Yes.
Whitegrid: The "hacking exquipment" they mention is the standard hacking tool sold at shops all over RK, including Omni-1. It is legal to own them, otherwise why do their shops sell them? oh and what ***** charge about not bathing was thrown in out of spite, my people are NOT dirty!
Whitegrid: As for the uniforms...well...those were costumes from last year's Halloween party in Newland which we mistakenly took as part of the shipment to our client.
Whitegrid: The ones who had kept employees away were actual omni guards which we had 'compensated' for their service to us, we wanted privacy since that is what our client requested.
Noticiero: So you bribed omni guards?
Whitegrid: Bribe is a strong word, 'compensated' would be more accurate, I paid them to keep people away and safe away from our business transactions.
Noticiero: So who was this omni who hired you?
Whitegrid: I'm a businessman, and to keep my reputation intact I can't reveal the name of my client or nobody would ever trust me for a job again.
Whitegrid: OP just saw a chance to make neutrals look bad, we have done this sort of business in Omni-1 before and they never bothered us. It is now that they want Borealis that they looking to make us look bad!
Noticiero: Let's say that is true, it is unlikely that Omni-Pol will stop now that they have a warrant for your arrest.
Whitegrid: Well yeah, my business on that side is pretty shut down, which currently it was where most of the income was coming from.
Noticiero: So you're out of business?
Whitegrid: Almost, I do have a few clan clients who have offered to take me in.
Noticiero: You mean join the clans?
Whitegrid: Yeah, what else can I do?
Noticiero: Aren't you a member of the Neutral Defense Initiative?
Whitegrid: Yes, and I still think Borealis should be neutral again. But with a warrant on my head and Omni-Pol probably using what happened as another excuse to stay there how can I remain neutral? I think them clans are probably right to stand up to the omnis.
Noticiero: What will happen to UNoC?
Whitegrid: Duraz said if I left he'd run it.
Noticiero: Isn't there a warrant for him as well?
Whitegrid: Yeah but he refuses to not being neutral no matter what.
Noticiero: Is your decision to leave the neutrals final?
Whitegrid: More or less, ah just wanted to explain what happened.
Noticiero: Is that the only reason you're going to join the clans?
Whitegrid: Besides the trouble with 'Pol I think remaining neutral after they took Borealis is too hard for me. Hell yesterday when the aliens attack Borealis the Unicorns didn't move an inch to defend the town, neither did those fancy omni guards. A few omnis helped while every able neutral rallied to help defend it!
Whitegrid: They didn't lift a finger to protect Borealis or the Subspace Communication Array that Omni-Tek claims is there to protect. I say they are full of ***** and want to put the neutrals down and get a good place to attack the clans from.
Noticiero: I can't say I disagree with that Mr. Whitegrid, however doesn't that prove that the NDI is right and that the neutrals are able to handle their own defense? wouldn't this be proof in favor of the neutrals?
Whitegrid: I guess from that point of view, the alien attack helped our cause.
Noticiero: When will you be joining the clans?
Whitegrid: Within a few days, I need to transfer some things out of omni and neutral territory.
Noticiero: In closing, is there anything you want to say to the omnis or the neutrals?
Whitegrid: Yeah! to the neutrals, keep up the good fight and get the omnis out! and to can kiss my *** you ******** bullies! get the **** out of Borealis!
Noticiero: Umm...thank you for your time Mr. Whitegrid and see you on clan side.
Whitegrid: Thanks, cya





I didn't need my agent friend after all, which I'm glad to say. It is obvious the UNoC is a group of smugglers, that was selling items to both sides. Many groups and individuals have done this for years, with few warrants issued by any side since the customers were likely to be also people from their faction.

Now Omni-Tek is targeting neutrals who do business in their cities based on their concept of legality. Why didn't they mention in their report that those they arrested had been hired by an omni employee?

I can't say who fired first when the bust went down, but it is obvious some of the charges were made out to be more than they actually were.

How long will Omni-Tek continue harassing neutrals and continue their occupation of Borealis until they realize they have made a big mistake?

With neutrals like Mr. Whitegrid turning to clan side with a grudge against the corporation strengthen the clans further?

Only time will tell how many neutrals will join the clans in their fight for freedom or just give up and join Omni-Tek to become another mindless omni employee.

Note: Whitegrid joined the clans a few days later, and then approached an officer from my clan. He was accepted and is currently adapting to clan life.

This is Reporter 'Noticiero' Rivera, and this has been 'A Rubi-Ka Exclusive'!

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