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Earlier Saturday morning, I interviewed Hattie "Szentasha" Suitt, Leader of Unity of the Rose Clan. She clarified her clan's decision on leaving the well known EndGame alliance as well as her personal views on the Council of Truth and Mr. Radiman.

This interview lasted 23 minutes.

01:00: Szentasha: Hi
01:00: Noticiero: Is it true that your organization, Unity of the Rose has withdrawn from the EndGame alliance?
01:01: Szentasha: Yes that's true.
01:03: Szentasha: What is your interest in that?
01:03: Noticiero: There are rumors that lead some to believe you left after Mercury Dragons Clan joined EG, in protest after you voted against them joining EG, and it seems that Whisper's Edge will be leaving EG as well, also discontent with the dragon's joining EG.
01:03: Szentasha: I'd like to tell you without reservation that MD joining EG had nothing to do with us leaving
01:04: Szentasha: We did not leave endgame out in protest we left for our own reason
01:05: Noticiero: UoR was a long standing, and well respected EG clan, why did you break ties with the alliance so abruptly?
01:06: Szentasha: I'm not sure I would characterize it as abrupt
01:07: Noticiero: As far as I've seen, EG'ers from other clans were shocked, and had no idea that your clan would leave the alliance.
01:08: Szentasha: All I can say is that it was the will of my members. We had a vote and the majority of members decided they would rather be independent
01:08: Noticiero: Will UoR join the Council of Truth?
01:09: Szentasha: We have not been involved with the council of truth. I personally don't think anything good can come of it.
01:10: Noticiero: Do you suspect corruption would lead to the new CoT's fall as it did the previous one?
01:11: Szentasha: The clan is meant to operate as independent groups. The concept behind a council is a single voice representation for the clan .. this is impractical and unviable.
01:12: Szentasha: A council would weaken us by creating a structure whereby individuals could exert pressure and influence over the clans as a whole. This should not be tolerated.
01:12: Noticiero: I see, so you think even the original CoT was never meant to succeed?
01:15: Szentasha: I had great faith in the original council and felt deeply betrayed by Radiman when he disappeared. In hind-sight it did appear to be unrealistic to expect it to unify the clans since we are so diverse and independent. I'm surprised they would try this same structure again.
01:16: Noticiero: Do you think your organization left the alliance in good terms?
01:16: Szentasha: Yes I certainly hope so. We continue to have many friends there and I hold them no ill will.
01:17: Noticiero: Would you like to say anything to the rubikan public at this time?
01:21: Szentasha: Well just to remember .. that although war and violence will continue to be part of our lives for a long time to come .. that life offers so much opportunity beyond this limited indulgence that should not be denied .. take the time to explore possibilities beyond the endless cycle of death and dying.
01:23: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss Szentasha.
01:23: Szentasha: It was nice to talk to you. Thank you for your interest.
01:23: Noticiero: Have a good day.

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Article written by Noticiero
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