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Right after the interview with Miss Lyricia another name lit up on my COMM. It was no other than Major "Nyadach" Prabel, the Leader of The Independent Rubikans, one of the oldest and most respected neutral guilds on the planet. He agreed to meet me after a meeting in which he was involved concluded, which was taking place when I contacted him. Clan leaders appear to be involved in meeting during the weekends. Not long after, he traveled to the fireplace in 'Reet's Retreat'. During the interview he confirmed reports about unexplained attacks by an established clan, which his guild was on friendly terms. He shared his frustration and confusion on how the unexpected hostilities affected a planned event meant to bring the clan and neutral community together in a game of leetball; as well as his explanation on how his guild's own rules prohibits them to attack a notum base regardless of faction. Firmly he stated his feelings about the mercenaries in Newland City, which he considered a betrayal from another neutral organization, Elite Operations; and his views on Simon Silverstone and the Sentinels.

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The interview lasted 1 hour.

19:11: Nyadach: You wouldn't believe how spooky this is.
19:11: Noticiero: Thank you for coming to meet me Mr. Nyadach.
19:12: Nyadach: No problem at all, strangely enough I was looking at your work this afternoon.
19:13: Noticiero: Ah, thank you. I try to be un bias.
19:13: Noticiero: I've been interviewing clan and omni leaders mostly, but I think neutrals need to be heard as well.
19:13: Nyadach: Its a hard challenge to keep that in reporting something always happens to effect it from time to time.
19:14: Nyadach: I read a couple of your interviews already.
19:14: Noticiero: Your organization is well respected in the neutral community, some even say it is the most powerful guild among the neutrals.
19:15: Nyadach: Hmm, I would doubt that greatly...power is a strange word, one which I would never usually associate with us.
19:16: Noticiero: There have been reports that your organization has come under attack by a Clan Axis, is there any truth to this?
19:17: Nyadach: Very true, and so far we've had no knowledge as to why.
19:17: Nyadach: Its so very baffling to us all, partially when they were relatively so close to us.
19:18: Nyadach: We are now even unable to get replies from any communication we send to them....its just a strange change in behavior from them....and such a sad one.
19:18: Noticiero: The information I got was that before the attacks, the relations between your guild and that clan was impeccable, even considered them friends.
19:19: Nyadach: Yes, only last week many of our organizations higher ranks went with some of there's, and even some of there advisors to explore the strange behavior of these cultists who have appeared all over Rubi-ka.
19:20: Nyadach: And we were in the process of organizing a Neut/Clan leetball game to try and bring Clan and Neutral closer together.
19:20: Noticiero: Ah, the Inner Sanctum which so many experienced fighters have been talking about at the cup.
19:21: Noticiero: Has that leetball project been canceled due to the hostilities?
19:21: Nyadach: Yes, its such a strange place...too think cultists like this right under everyone's noses all this time.
19:21: Nyadach: Not so much cancelled, more rearranged.
19:22: Noticiero: Has your opinions of the clans overall changed after the attacks by Clan Axis?
19:22: Nyadach: We've been seeking the assistance of other Clans to see if they have members who would be willing to come forward and take part in the event, as we still believe good relations with the Clans are obtainable.
19:23: Nyadach: No, the Clans are as split and independent as many Neutrals, and that is one of the things which has in the past caused so many problems. They are just one group of Clans I believe acting alone on there own agenda, and the rest of the Clans can not be held in the same light.
19:25: Noticiero: What is your current standing with well known clan alliances such as the EndGame alliance?
19:27: Nyadach: We don't really have much contact at all with them sadly. We have currently mostly made feelers out with various neutral sympathetic organizations, who have been introducing us to others, and we hope we can build on that feeling to go with others.
19:28: Nyadach: It is really something our ambassadors need to get more involved with, groups like Endgame.
19:30: Nyadach: I do really have to thank Twilight Night a lot for all the help they've always provided us with the Clan.
19:31: Noticiero: It has been agreed by many clans that neutral organizations have no mining rights outside Newland Desert and Borealis.
19:33: Nyadach: Sadly, many didn't believe they used to have them inside those areas either
19:34: Nyadach: But we bought our land fairly off the ICC, and placed the claim to it. If anyone wishes to buy the deeds to the place off us, we are always happy to negotiate.
19:35: Noticiero: You currently have a mining operation in Varmint Woods, considered clan territory.
19:35: Noticiero: Can you show me the documentation from ICC please?
19:36: Noticiero: From the official rules and regulations, ownership is given by land appropriation, which was the reason the Notum Wars begun. Now the ICC cannot revoke their decision, as it would unbalance the notum production.
19:37: Nyadach: The mining declaration that opened it up for anyone? they opened the area and no one else wanted well, we got it, no fights, no arguments with anyone.
19:37: Nyadach: It wasn't appropriated, it was more a, we got there first before anyone else.
19:37: Noticiero: Do you think the clans will allow you to keep the notum base in Varmint Woods?
19:37: Nyadach: There was never, a previous owner.
19:38: Nyadach: Our neighbors are all Clan, and the haven't ever bothered us...there is always some who wish to cause trouble but to be honest, in the large scale of things, on total number of attacks, Omni are still just ahead.
19:39: Nyadach: But I guess that it is easier for them now, since Newland is practically flying the OT banner above it these days.
19:39: Noticiero: It has been rumored your organization has favored clans during notum battles, is this true?
19:41: Nyadach: We don't favor anyone. Any battle is a waste of time for everyone concerned, ourselves and the attackers. And we do not assist in defending Clan or Omni land, since it has nothing to do with us.
19:41: Nyadach: We do not even assist in neutrals attacking anyone, since that is against what we believe in also.
19:43: Noticiero: If you lose the base, what will you do?
19:43: Nyadach: Go on without it.
19:43: Nyadach: We can't attack...its written in our laws we can't do it.
19:44: Noticiero: All other bases are taken, so you would have no choice than attack an organization to acquire one. Is this an option even if it is against your own laws?
19:44: Nyadach: Its an option that we couldn't ever use...if it goes it goes. It would be a sad day but these things happen.
19:47: Noticiero: Do you think there will ever be an end to the conflict between the clans and the corporation?
19:48: Nyadach: I really do hope so. They are, hate to say it so alike its kind of untrue. Occasionally you do get them working together such as on the first time the weeds in hallow mountain appeared. Mixed Clan, Omni and the odd neutral working together. It was fantastic too see. And really shows it can be done if there's something that unites everyone.
19:50: Noticiero: The corporation claims neutrals to be employees under their regulations, what do you think about their claim?
19:51: Nyadach: The day we're employees is the day they pay our wages, give us a pension scheme, and allow us to even buy a drink in there bars. We aren't employees and they know it as well as us. They can label us all they want but its just an excuse to get something they want.
19:53: Noticiero: What is your opinion about Warr and his mercenaries in Newland City? are they considered protectors by the neutral community?
19:55: Nyadach: Depends really. There's those who, lets just say funded them who believe they are great as its another way for them to attack the Clans without getting there fingers dirty. While most the others feel it was just a sly way to sign over the ownership of Newland to the corporation. And don't believe we'll see them go anytime soon, and if they do they'll be replaced by Omni troops not the ICC or neutral guards.
19:56: Noticiero: You speak of Elite Operations?
19:56: Nyadach: Yes.
19:57: Nyadach: Am always going at different angles to what Sumokan is with them.
19:57: Noticiero: Do you think that forming the contract with Warr was a betrayal to the neutrals overall?
19:58: Nyadach: Pretty much so, hiring Omnis to kill Clanners? how can that be a neutral act?
20:00: Noticiero: Should the mercenaries be driven out of Newland by neutrals then?
20:00: Nyadach: We've tried we can't get rid of them sadly. Offering them bribes, or by even taking pot shots at them. They wont get the hint and leave.
20:01: Noticiero: Should the clans then be allowed to take action in your city?
20:02: Nyadach: Ooh its a tough one, that. I know it would probably cause some problems but if they can get rid of Warr, please do. I have seen the Omnis deal with her/him urmm the atrox but guess its insured close by as it pops up back pretty quick.
20:03: Nyadach: But I do hope they would get rid of Silverstone as well.
20:03: Nyadach: He's just too....wierd a guy to run around with that much power.
20:04: Noticiero: The Sentinels are losing support every day by their actions in the clan capital, do you think they will ever leave Tir City?
20:06: Nyadach: I do hope they go, but they are a scary bunch. And I so wonder at what kind of mess they did do to the CoT building, or the people inside. I would like, if I was Clan to have seen Radiman back, he seemed such a well rounded guy...just like Ross. When the two of them got together more was accomplished over a game of chess than a years fighting.
20:09: Noticiero: In closing, what would you say to a neutral looking for a guild to join?
20:10: Nyadach: It would totally depend on who they are, and really where they came from. There's so many neutral guilds these days, I noticed three new ones today...but there's probably more. Its nice to see the community expanding like it is and I hope all neuts can find a home and people they are happy around, and can meet the type of activities they want to do.
20:11: Nyadach: seems a bit busy here.
20:11: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mr. Nyadach.
20:11: Nyadach: Not a problem at all.
20:11: Nyadach: And I'll look forward to following your work.
20:12: Noticiero: Thank you, it should be published within a few days.
20:12: Nyadach: I hope you have a good night I best be running off...the usual, people to find etc.
20:15: Nyadach: Nice meeting you Mr Rivera.
20:15: Nyadach: Bye.

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