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In early hours of a calm Wednesday, while I was reviewing personal notes my COMM lit up with a name, the name of the nefarious Roosevelt "Wolfe" Wright, Leader of Storm Clan. After several previous attempts to an interview, and being mostly ignored I tried one more time, hoping against hope that this time, I would be acknowledged by the well known Enforcer.

To my surprise, Mr. Wolfe actually agreed to an interview, after a half an hour to wait for him to be prepared. We met in the fireplace in the well known establishment 'Reet's Retreat', where we sat and started the interview.

To my amazement, the Leader of Storm Clan openly admitted being allied with Simon Silverstone and his Sentinels, denigrating smaller organizations for their lack of power to acquire items claiming they were too dependant of his organization and recognizing a previous relationship with the Dust Brigade. Also during the interview he stated Storm Clan intends to institute a constitution of their making, through political, diplomatic or military means (which may be considered through force) for all the inhabitants of Rubi-Ka, a bold aim.

In another part of the interview, he clearly disregards any negative reputation he may have attracted and also denying any dishonorable behavior from anyone from Storm. The man is charming, and quite an intellectual, was he truthful in the interview or was he able to conceal what is behind the most powerful clan on Rubi-Ka?

You make your own conclusions.

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This interview lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes.

06:26: Noticiero: Are you ready Mr. Wolfe?
06:26: Wolfe: Sounds like you have been at it.
06:27: Wolfe: Yeah, got my coffee.
06:28: Noticiero: As the leader of the most powerful clan in the recent years, you've been under constant public outrage over actions from certain members of your organization. Correct?
06:29: Wolfe: Somewhat, but not really to the extent I would have expected from having this position.
06:30: Wolfe: I take that pretty much as a yes or no question by the way.
06:30: Wolfe: I can elaborate around it if you want some details.
06:30: Noticiero: With hundreds of warriors under your command, I would understand the difficulty to keep control of all of them for the good of you organization, yet on a regular basis the problems continue in one way or another, tainting your reputation, making your job more difficult.
06:30: Noticiero: How do you deal with such difficulties?
06:31: Wolfe: In a number of ways really.
06:31: Noticiero listens
06:32: Wolfe: First off by being somewhat selective in choosing those who get to join, based on personality, reputation and how they react to some trigger situations.
06:32: Noticiero nods
06:33: Wolfe: Secondly, once they join, making sure they understand that we as an organization strive to uphold certain standards, and members who cause trouble by not following these, get either kicked or told to improve their behavior depending on the offence.
06:34: Noticiero nods
06:34: Wolfe: Thirdly, and this is kind of difficult and goofy, but we try to establish our own kind of social culture
06:35: Wolfe: This culture tries to breed a certain set of attributes among the participating members, like seeking fun, seeking friends, avoiding negative feelings and other things that really don't belong in the game we want to play
06:35: Noticiero: Would that mean, that Storm members only socialize with those who they consider their equal, as rumored?
06:36: Wolfe: No.
06:36: Noticiero: So you believe the Notum Wars in which the clans are currently in, is a game?
06:37: Wolfe: This game we play here is a means to enjoy ourselves, and we can enjoy the friendship of anyone regardless of level, faction, gender or whatever attributes you can come up with
06:37: Noticiero: So you allow Storm members to socialize and interact with Omni-Tek employees?
06:38: Wolfe: The culture I mentioned benefits from diversity of playing styles and lifestyles etc, no one is better than anyone else and so on.
06:39: Wolfe: Yes, anyone may socialize and interact with whom they please at their own leisure, we don't want to have a guild that removes positive aspects of the game from those who join.
06:40: Noticiero: You continue to describe the current conflict as a game. Does that mean that you 'play' to win?
06:42: Noticiero: Do you 'play' to win, by any means necessary?
06:43: Wolfe: Hmm, I should make some differences between game world and real world as we on the organizational level have real world problems to deal with, and the organization in itself has in game situations to deal with.
06:44: Noticiero: Rubi-Ka is the real world here, and if there is a game world somewhere I'm not aware of it. Are you trying to avoid the questions Mr. Wolfe?
06:44: Wolfe: Clan Storm seeks to beat Omni-tek until they give up and decide they should just be another clan and agree upon a common constitution.
06:45: Noticiero: I see you're fond of wearing Sentinels Clan armor, do you have relations with such clan or Simon Silverstone?
06:45: Wolfe: I have to, however, add an addendum to that statement that somewhat mentions the double edged problem of actually achieving this objective.
06:46: Wolfe: The sentinels share much of the philosophy of Storm, we had our conflicts in the past but we got over it and are generally allies at this date
06:47: Noticiero: Allies with Simon Silverstone, which leads to the following question. Do you agree with the Sentinels current policy regarding neutrals?
06:47: Wolfe: However the sentinels are dormant in the conflict and we don't have much reason to care for what they say.
06:48: Wolfe: Not really, however each neutral as individual has to take responsibility for their own actions. If a neutral commits an act that benefits Omni-Tek then we won't consider them to be neutral anymore
06:49: Noticiero: There have been some accusations recently, which leads many to consider Storm Clan to be traitors to the clans overall.
06:50: Wolfe: Hmm, that really deserves a proper answer and such will be somewhat lengthy. But let me try make it short.
06:50: Noticiero: Is it true that Storm Clan or some of it's members made secret deals with omni organizations to destroy Notum Bases which was in control of other clans, to them move out and allow Storm members to take claim of such land?
06:52: Wolfe: No, that is quite false indeed.
06:52: Noticiero: And if this is true, have you taken any measures to deal with such members?
06:52: Noticiero: So it's all false, no Storm member organized omni raids against other clans, or assisted omnis during a battle to tip the balance in their favor?
06:53: Wolfe: It is not true. Although I have to add that the Clan Storm is not part of any official alliance other than part of the clan faction. We do not expect any particular guilds to always come to our rescue if we need them, nor do everyone expect us to come to their rescue. We do however do what we can to support other clans that need help, when we are capable.
06:55: Wolfe: This mutual kind of understanding that we can not always rely on all other guilds and the allowance for other guilds to not support in defense if they are inhibited without fear of retribution helps establish a healthy relationship between the existing clan organizations.
06:56: Noticiero: Is there any truth to the recent rumors that Storm Clan has changed it's policy on raids, to ignore any agreement between parties and out right try to out damage anyone to acquire anything a Storm member may need, like Azure armor?
06:57: Noticiero: And that clans such as Apocalypse, Lost Chapter and other large clan organizations are ignoring this fact since they wish to avoid a clan civil war?
06:58: Noticiero: Are you alright Mr. Wolfe, you seem quiet. Do you need a few minutes to think your answers? I'm in no rush.
06:59: Wolfe: For some time has a noticeable number of smaller organizations been dependant on Storm for defeating the Mercenaries for said reward. However we no longer give that support because those guilds who were dependant on us create a pretence of being capable and they trick themselves into believing they are and will remain capable of accomplishing this task into the future. Guild that gets themselves established under such conditions will not last anyway.
07:00: Noticiero: I see, so the change in policy is true.
07:00: Wolfe: The proposal we have laid down that applies for everyone without exception is that anyone may kill what mobs they can kill. And no one will be doing anything to out damage their part of the raid.
07:01: Wolfe: You have to understand that the previous policy did not regard everyone as equals, some were not allowed to participate etc.
07:02: Noticiero: So, you would not allow certain clan organizations to participate in the past, now you've got no such limitation.
07:02: Noticiero: Yet it has been replaced with a policy based on power, which Storm has plenty of, without comparison. Do you truly believe this to be a fair change in policy overall?
07:03: Wolfe: I have many good reason for this course of actions, all of them related to the true health of all involved organizations. Any group of player that gets things handed to them without needing to work much for it creates undesired side-effects to their own organizational structures.
07:04: Noticiero: So you would have no problem using the power of Storm Clan to acquire anything at anytime if a member needs it, regardless of the needs of other clanners?
07:05: Wolfe: In the culture of Storm we put very little value to the technical rewards themselves. We do however put a great lot of value to the comradeship that our guild provides and beating the challenges that present themselves to us. When everyone cooperates and beats all mechanical challenges it no longer becomes interesting to beat the challenge and our members miss out on something that otherwise bring us together in the field for some teamwork and a good time.
07:06: Noticiero: Is there any relation, current or past to the Dust Brigade? and do you condone the actions of the Dust Brigade since their return to activity in 29476?
07:07: Wolfe: No, we don't use the power of Storm to go an acquire the possessions we "need" because the only real thing we need is our friendship towards peashooter and our enjoyment of each others company. However we do find it entertaining to work hard on getting items for each other together.
07:07: Wolfe: I have had no contact with the Dust Brigade for a very long time
07:08: Wolfe: They once went on a killing spree and killed a number of guild leaders, that was my last brush with them. I heard some members of my clan had a skirmish with them in Perpetual Wastelands since then.
07:08: Noticiero: So you did have previous relations to the terrorist organization. Do you believe omnis should be eradicated from Rubi-Ka?
07:11: Wolfe: Storm seeks to thru political, diplomatic or military means institute a constitution for all inhabitants or Rubi-Ka that says everyone is equal to the law. If Omni-Tek is willing to adapt into agreeing upon such a constitution then they may remain as they are. It's more complex than this but I cut it kind of short.
07:13: Noticiero: Have you heard of a fairly new formed alliance, going by the name 'Atlantean Pact'?
07:16: Wolfe: I have heard it mentioned. However other organizations and possible alliances is not anything we really put much effort into studying. All clanners outside Storm are by default allies (of sort) with Storm. However we do not associate their involvement with other clans or alliances to affect their status when dealing with us. It is good that other clans work on establishing themselves as powerful entities in the conflict against Omni-Tek, but Storm has a fully booked schedule without getting involved with their dealings.
07:18: Noticiero: One of the reasons the alliance was formed, was because one of the AP clans felt their had been set up by Storm members to lose one of their Notum Bases. Their claim is that Storm members organized and assisting omnis to take out their base, then moved out, allowing for Storm to take it over. It is not clear if it was for your organization, or your sister organization, Tempest Clan.
07:19: Noticiero: Soon after this incident became more public, didn't you Mr. Wolfe personally assist AP Clans in their battles, for no apparent reason. Were you trying to make amends?
07:21: Wolfe: I heard something about that incident yes. Apparently some accident in the arena cause a few people from some guilds to kill each other and then build some kind of temporary animosity towards each other. I try to discourage anyone from letting an individual label a guild with their actions. However I believe these affected individuals didn't feel like supporting those they had come to disagreement with.
07:21: Noticiero: Also recently you've made public statements through grid forums, to clean up your organization's reputation, and your own as well, is that correct?
07:22: Wolfe: Our support of the attack they performed later on had no relationship whatsoever with either the incident where they caused their animosity to get established or with the loss of the clan base.
07:23: Noticiero nods
07:23: Wolfe: As I said we consider all clan to be allies by default, even those who make personal enemies within our own organization, we are not petty like that.
07:25: Wolfe: And I have not really been trying to do anything to affect our own reputation lately. I sometimes find reason to state some facts what I notice people claiming things that I myself hardly believe is the truth. My comments in the debates that has been going on have other motives than to improve my organizations reputation
07:27: Wolfe: If anything I should have attracted some additional negative reputation-points, that is usually what happens when I say something publicly. but I don't mind that very much, he he.
07:27: Noticiero: In a recent interview with an AP Clan Leader, I asked him if he thought Storm would have used such dishonorable tactics to gain a Notum Base, he declined to comment on it, giving the impression he rather keep quiet than risk any problem with your organization. Is fear something you accept as a way to maintain your current power?
07:29: Wolfe: No, and don't forget that Storm has been at its full potential and we have had our 5 Notum mining bases for many months. We have no need to take any new ones so even that simple fact is nothing but a lie. However I won't try to stop people from making up lies, they may do with their conscience as they please. Just as I may stretch mine to where I want it.
07:30: Noticiero: So, in your own point of view, of a clan, regardless of size asked for your help, would you render assistance, or because they are not powerful enough to achieve certain goals they are not worthy of your assistance?
07:30: Wolfe: I don't want to make people shut up by scaring them, if someone doesn't like my guild then they may go ahead and dislike us, we won't enjoy their company any less because of that.
07:32: Wolfe: Here we have to make distinctions as to what kind of help they need. If they need help with defending or attacking we will help if we can. If they need help with achieving a one-time kind of goal, like killing some particular mob to see how it is done etc we will help if we can. If they seek to equip their whole guild with "uber loot" then they will have to take care of that project without our assistance.
07:33: Noticiero: What is your reaction to the many ...comical description of your clan, like... 'There goes another Stormer Smurf' and such?
07:34: Wolfe: I find it quite amusing. We are lemmings after all, aren't we?
07:34: Noticiero: Lemmings ...aren't those little creatures which follows their leader...even to death?
07:35: Wolfe: We have a saying that goes: "If you have some 200 smurfy Stormers supporting you then you can reach the skies and see the lemming inside fly"
07:35: Wolfe: Not exactly, but people tend to believe so. Lemmings migrate when they need new land to sustain their population and that makes them move about together seeking something that is better for their society.
07:36: Wolfe: But this is all a fun little side note, is it not?
07:37: Noticiero: You've answered tough questions Mr. Wolfe, I'm impressed.
07:38: Noticiero: Do you think the animosity towards your organization will ever come to a peaceful end?
07:38: Wolfe: Thank you, I have done my best to stick to telling the honest truth about how my organization looks at this world and the people who we live with here.
07:40: Wolfe: No, any powerful organization will always be a cause for animosity from some number of people who not yet understand what we are about. It is an inherit property of humans to behave in this manner and nothing we can do will change that. However we can make sure that those who actually take the trouble to get to know us somewhat better get a good contact with us without feeding their negative feelings towards us.
07:40: Noticiero: Were you ever close to giving up the leadership of your organization?
07:41: Wolfe: Not really, there was a time when my old general had to take over leadership because I had to spend a very long time absent from the organization due to otherworldly reasons.
07:42: Wolfe: But I have had no reason to leave my position that has been generated by this organization.
07:43: Noticiero: There are many other questions and rumors abound, but then, perhaps you'll answer them at another interview.
07:43: Wolfe: That sounded kind of complex.
07:43: Noticiero: I thank you for your time Mr Wolfe.
07:43: Wolfe: Was my pleasure.

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