Articles - Interview with Leader of Rubi-Ka Freedom Fighters Clan

Today I had the privilege to interview Mr. Anthony "Cogs" Mcduff, Leader of Rubi-Ka Freedom Fighters Clan. He is considered to be one of the most respected leaders among the clans. We spoke about the upcoming opening of the City of Jobe, the rumored new dimension and the implications related to it. He shared that the EndGame alliance plans for the near future related to the new dimension, his concern about unity within the clans and denying the rumors that EG and another clan alliance are in bad terms.

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated chat from patrons.

The interview lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes.

18:40: Cogs: Greetings Mr. Noticiero
18:40: Noticiero: Hello Mr. Cogs.
18:40: Noticiero: Thank you for your time.
18:41: Cogs: Not a problem, we have just finished dealing with some aggressors!
18:41: Cogs relaxes lighting a cigar
18:41: Cogs: You wanted a chat, my friend?
18:42: Noticiero: An interview Mr. Cogs, there are questions and you may have the answers. Publicity is good for any clan these days.
18:43: Cogs: Ahh..well, I will certainly do my best
18:45: Noticiero: There have been rumors that the Clans have agreed on not interfering or attacking Jobe when it opens since Omni-Tek has decided to not interfere with the independent City of Jobe.
18:46: Noticiero: Is this true?
18:48: Cogs: Personally I have heard no rumors to that effect....but, I cannot see that we of the Clans, fighting for freedom and justice would want to harm Jobe in any way. We are fighting an ideology, mr. Noticiero..not a people
18:50: Noticiero: With the rumors of Jobe having some sort of portal to a new dimension where notum flows strong, do you think the Notum Wars will expand into this so called 'shadowlands'?
18:53: Cogs: I fear that it much as I would hate for that to happen. I must add that that the so-called "Shadowlands" are still a mystery to many of us, as is Jobe, so any comments I make are purely based on assumptions. Once we can verify the existence of these "Shadowlands" we will be able to seek more knowledge. But...assuming the notum flows are as strong as rumored, I fear battles will rage for control. Unless, by some miracle, we can reach peace and understanding with the OT corporation before that
18:54: Noticiero: Is the EndGame alliance considering expanding into the new dimension?
18:58: Cogs: We would be folly to neglect what knowledge can be found there....I see us entering this new dimension with open eyes, to seek knowledge and further enhance the Clan cause. From what I understand, many answers may lie in this new dimension...should it really exist. So, yes, EG will venture to travel there.
19:00: Noticiero: Commander Windguaerd was a former ally of yours during 29475 in the now defunct Alus Alliance, he has been missing since Mercury Dragons Clan disbanded, rumors are floating in Tir that he was captured by the Omni-Tek Unicorn Company which he was trying to warn the clans about. Do you know anything about this?
19:03: Cogs: I do far as I know, he is offworld....but your implications worry me..
19:03: Cogs makes a quick note on his comms-unit
19:04: Noticiero: Are you a friend of the Commander?
19:05: Cogs: I am someone who respects I respected his departed father. A friend...I guess you could call us distant friends...
19:07: Cogs: I think his father and i were closer..
19:09: Cogs inhales on his cigar...puffing
19:10: Noticiero: In my last investigative report, I discovered Wagner senior is now registered as an Omni-Tek employee, shortly before the disband of Mercury Dragons Clan. I suspect foul play which forced the son to disband his clan. Soon after the Commander disappeared. All my sources in Omni-Tek are silent, and I have been unable to get any more information. You knew the father, would he had a change of heart and join the corporation, or could he have been brainwashed?
19:11: Cogs: What??
19:12: Cogs: No! I strongly resent that implication.....this is all hogwash, Sir......Cmndr. Windguard was a man of stature...his principles were unquestionable
19:12: Cogs fumes
19:13: Cogs: I can actually shed some light on this.
19:14: Noticiero nods
19:15: Cogs: Cmdr. Windguard as I said...was a man of strong conviction, and not easily bent. It was to the point were his guild was approaching mutiny.....
19:15: Cogs: yes...mutiny
19:16: Cogs: So.....through deliberations and discussions, it was decided that his son, Windguaerd, would resume command of the MD's, as he would uphold the high standards, but at the same time be a man with a larger understanding of the psyche....thus better suited to lead people.
19:17: Cogs: That, is the basic gist of it...........
19:18: Cogs: Cmndr. Windguard, as I understand, is no longer an operative. To imply that he should have turned on his beloved no!
19:19: Noticiero: I thought the father had stepped down due to some virus which poisoned his body, all part of a plan by a black ops Omni-Tek Department which was months later found by Clan Anarchist Syndicate. Commander Redruum himself is said to have executed the omni operatives.
19:19: Cogs: Wheels within wheels......Im sure those events might have played a part as well
19:20: Noticiero: The father was put into stasis until the cure was found, and Redruum and Windguaerd became friends due to CAS's actions...well...execution, of the culprits.
19:20: Cogs laughs
19:20: Noticiero: Which led to the entire CoA fiasco, but that's another story.
19:20: Noticiero: As you can see, I'm well informed about things.
19:20: Cogs: I said...wheels within wheels.
19:21: Cogs: You are indeed, Mr. Noticiero.
19:21: Cogs: Just remember there are always facets to any situation.
19:22: Noticiero: Is there any truth to the rivalry between the EndGame alliance and the dwindling Atlantean Pact alliance which appear to be falling apart?
19:22: Cogs: is no rivalry between EG and AP.
19:24: Noticiero: Do you think Jobe and their scientists will take a side in the current conflict or remain neutral?
19:28: Cogs: My hope is that the scientists of Jobe will see the Clans side of the conflict.....we are not after the exploitation of the planet.....we seek a life in harmony with nature and the people of this planet. I hope they will see this.
19:31: Noticiero: What is your personal opinion on the Notum Wars, was it an advantage for the clans, or a disadvantage?
19:32: Cogs: Notum Wars has changed the entire perspective for people.......seriously distracting folks from what is really at stake here. Sure, some advantages....but at what cost?? No, I do not like the effect Notum Wars has had on the community.
19:35: Noticiero: How do you see the future for the clans?
19:40: Cogs: I see a bright future for the clans......Im very optimistic...I think we will come out of this in a good way...but we need to start cooperating in a coherent manner. We need a guiding force to gather all the voices into one.
19:40: Cogs: There seems to be some paranoia when it comes to being led with us clanners.
19:40: Cogs grins
19:42: Noticiero: Yes, unity among the clans has never been stable, even when the clans were under the leadership of the Council of Truth.
19:42: Cogs nods
19:43: Cogs: Unfortunately this is true.
19:44: Cogs: I have been an advocate for unity....but is difficult.
19:47: Noticiero: The Omni-Tek Departments have been communicating more in the past few months, even new Departments created to strengthen the corporate military power. Do you think this will be a problem for the clans which cannot appear to unite?
19:48: Cogs ponders
19:50: Cogs: It might present problems...mainly in referral to the Notum Wars situation...but, simultaneously it is a known fact that OT departments and organizations are bickering for power amongst themselves to the point of ridicule. This of course, works to our advantage. I also think, from experience, that the more OT organizations emerge, the more internal squabble we see...
19:51: Cogs: There is so much greed and lust for power among the Omnis that I seriously doubt they have any better understanding of unity than the Clans do.
19:53: Noticiero: What is your view on ICC?
19:58: Cogs: To be honest, I do not have an opinion on ICC. They are there, controlling the leases...but do not seem to take an active interest in what goes on here...other than dispatching the odd detail of peace keepers. I would welcome some active initiative from ICC to help resolve this conflict.
19:59: Noticiero: There have been rumors in Omni-1 that some clans hired assassins to kill Department leaders, to weaken the corporation, is this true?
20:01: Cogs: Well...we are fighting a war here....and there are extremist factions on both sides. We have seen OT do this, it would not surprise me if what you suggest is true. I have no knowledge of any such actions though.
20:05: Noticiero: In closing, what would you say to a young clanner who is seeking a clan to join?
20:05: Cogs: I will repeat that we are fighting an ideology...not the OT people.
20:07: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Mr. Cogs.
20:07: Cogs: Oh..thank you...I didnt answer your last question, but alas...
20:09: Noticiero: I think you did.
20:09: Cogs: answer would involve the responsibility to the planet, and the reasons we all broke out and started the Clans....the fight for our rights as beings.
20:09: Cogs: Thank you, Mr. Noticiero!
20:09: Cogs: Be well and safe, should you need help in any way, feel free to call upon us!
20:10: Cogs throws his cigar in the fire
20:10: Noticiero: Thank you.
20:10: Cogs shakes your hand

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