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Tonight while enjoying the fire room inside 'Reet's Retreat' I noticed a name light up on my list, it was Miss Dalia "Gabela" Cratty, Leader of Rising Sun Clan. The young President was kind enough to grant me an interview, sharing her personal experience regarding the Notum Wars. We spoke about her clan's loss of all their Notum Bases, the responsible Omni-Tek department and the plan of revenge to repay their actions. She mentioned that clan leaders have been at times desperate, going as far as hiring other clan leaders to destroy enemy Notum Bases for at least 20 million credits. Another thing she shared with me was her hope to reunite the clan leaders through a grid forum or grid mailing list to form a way for them to communicate, as former clan leader Unitsi had done in previous years.

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated chat from patrons.

The interview lasted 55 minutes.

22:19: Noticiero: Thank you for coming Miss Gabela.
22:19: Gabela: neat place, I can't believe I haven't found it before.
22:20: Noticiero: Make yourself comfortable.
22:20: Gabela: I am ..
22:20: Gabela: I will have to do some exploring later though.
22:21: Gabela: Not really dressed for partying though.
22:22: Noticiero: If I'm not mistaken, Rising Sun is one of the oldest clans around, yet they have not made themselves notable since the 29476.
22:22: Noticiero: Wasn't your clan at one point a member of the EndGame alliance?
22:22: Gabela: You are right, it is one of the oldest clans around, in fact, the fellow that just left was one of the original founding members.
22:23: Gabela: That was Ashhunter.
22:24: Gabela: I believe it was, but I am relatively new to Rising Sun, less than a year, and don't know the history.
22:31: Noticiero: How have you adapted to leadership since you took over Rising Sun Clan?
22:31: Gabela: It's been just over a month, I enjoy it.
22:32: Noticiero: Have you had any experience leading a clan before?
22:33: Gabela: Not in this world, but elsewhere, about seven years.
22:33: Gabela: There's very little difference though ..
22:34: Noticiero: How long have you been on Rubi-Ka?
22:34: Gabela: Close to a year, with a three month break in there.
22:35: Noticiero: How has the Notum Wars affect you personally, and your clan?
22:35: Gabela: A lot.
22:36: Gabela: I was still a member when we got Notum Wars .. and was thrilled to be able to put up my first tower.
22:36: Gabela: Then hit training level 75 and was even more thrilled to be able to put up a second tower.
22:36: Gabela: Plus .. we did a few raids as a clan on Omni .. which was a lot of fun.
22:37: Gabela: Then .. Our clan president, Xinjin, resigned, and that same day I took over.
22:38: Noticiero: Sounds interesting, however ICC records do not show any notum mine which is property of your clan, have you lost your mines recently?
22:38: Gabela: Band of Little Brothers attacked us the very next day, and destroyed all of our towers, and set up their own. We are still planning revenge for that.
22:38: Gabela: We no longer have property ..
22:38: Gabela: Still a goal.
22:39: Noticiero: Have you considered joining an alliance to archived such goal? perhaps re-joining the EndGame alliance, as many other clans are considering?
22:40: Gabela: Not yet, I'm still green enough to not know my options .. right now our goals are short term.. build up our membership.
22:41: Noticiero: How many active members do you currently have?
22:41: Gabela: Get a strong org going, and then we'll see what we'll do.
22:41: Gabela: We have 320 members .. but many are alternates .. probably 50 to75 active.
22:42: Noticiero: Do you feel any pressure to lead a clan as old as Rising Sun?
22:42: Gabela: Heh.. not until now.
22:43: Gabela: Seriously, though .. No. I have some great Generals helping out.. two are past Presidents, so I think I'm well supported with advice.
22:44: Noticiero: What are your feelings about the possibility of the legendary Job opening it's doors?
22:46: Gabela: Well.. nothing actually .. I don't know enough about them to feel otherwise.
22:47: Noticiero: Has the Notum Wars weaken the clans overall, or strengthen them?
22:48: Gabela: That's a good question. I think overall it has probably weakened them, as it seems like there is less leader cooperation than there used to be.
22:49: Gabela: It's kind of sad when a clan leader has to offer 20 million credits to destroy an Omni base
22:50: Noticiero: Has that what's been happening? clan leaders hiring mercenaries to destroy enemy bases?
22:51: Gabela: Well, one occasion of a clan leader offering a large sum of money to any one that could destroy an Omni tower site..
22:51: Gabela: I would do the same thing, if our org had the money.
22:51: Noticiero: That offer was to anyone, including omni departments?
22:52: Gabela: No, just to clan leaders.
22:53: Gabela: Anyway .. my point .. clan leaders shouldn't need to pay each other to destroy towers on clan land.
22:53: Gabela: We need to be working together more ..
22:54: Gabela: Which brings up my announcement.
22:55: Gabela: There is a new mailing list for clan leaders , send a tell to me to find out about it.
22:56: Noticiero: Wasn't there an effort back in 29475 and 29476 by former clan leader Unitsi?
22:56: Noticiero: If I'm not mistaken a grid forum was ran during those years by her and other clan leaders, but it became inactive a few weeks before the Notum Wars, and was rarely used afterwards.
22:57: Noticiero: It was the closest way of communication among clan leaders, which was the basis for the Council of Clan Leaders back then.
22:57: Gabela: I have gone back and read through some of Unitsi's logs .. they are still there, but there has been no activity for over a year.
22:57: Noticiero: Is your intention to revive it, and get the clan leaders back together?
23:03: Gabela: Noticiero .. meet Ashhunter, one of the past presidents of RS.
23:03: Noticiero nods
23:03: Ashhunter: Hello.
23:03: Gabela: Anyway .. we've been advertising both ways for leaders to communicate.
23:04: Gabela: It would be nice if one would become popular.
23:05: Noticiero: Have you any plans for the near future of your organization?
23:05: Gabela: Yes .. of course.
23:06: Ashhunter: Well i have not told any one yet but I'm planning a party on this weekend.
23:06: Gabela: We're aiming at adding more members, probably new people, and helping them out in this confusing world.
23:07: Noticiero: Isn't there two parties this weekend already? Red Tigers Clan, and the party hosted by Gridstream Productions with ICC's Advisors of Rubi-Ka.
23:07: Ashhunter: Well its more of a guild party.
23:07: Ashhunter: I like to keep them small so the guild can get to know each other better and become closer friends
23:08: Gabela: Right .. then maybe go to the other party as a group.
23:08: Ashhunter: We have had a few in the past a.
23:08: Noticiero: Ah, a social event.
23:08: Gabela: We do those pretty often.
23:08: Noticiero: What would you say to a young clanners looking for a clan to join?
23:09: Gabela: We're dedicated to having fun and helping each other out.
23:10: Ashhunter: Well that about sums it up for me too.
23:10: Noticiero: In closing, do you think that there will be an independent government on Rubi-Ka within your lifetime?
23:12: Gabela: Of course! If the clan organizations band together .. we have been getting smacked by Omni lately, leaders need to join up and communicate with each other.
23:12: Ashhunter: If we can just put aside some of our differences we would see that we are all in the same boat as to speak.
23:13: Noticiero: Anything you wish to add in your behalf or your clan?
23:14: Gabela: Not really, just if org leaders want to join in on a mailing list, send a tell to me.
23:14: Noticiero: Very well.
23:14: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss Gabela.

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