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Later Friday evening, while relaxing at the fire room in 'Reets Retreat' (which is now my favorite place to be), my COMM lighted up, with another name in my list. It was none other than Miss Marylynn "Rauri" Kozar, Leader of Clan Opposing Force, one of the oldest organizations around. She was kind enough to travel from Wine to me, with her husband Flintforge and her Advisor Moons escorting her.

She was one of the most level headed woman I arrived, kind and charming, with a special ability to answer a question, without answering it directly. She denied any affair with Commander Windguaerd before her engagement to her husband (which was not well received by him during the interview). Miss Rauri also stated the close relationship between her organization and Storm Clan, and her belief that the clans will stand united when the time comes.

The interview has been edited to remove unrelated and disruptive chat from patrons.

This interview lasted 1 hour and 24 minutes.

22:22: Noticiero: Hello Miss Rauri.
22:22: Noticiero: Miss Moons.
22:22: Rauri: Hello Noticiero I hope you do not mind I brought my second in command ..Moons and my husband Flint.
22:22: Noticiero: Mister Flintforge.
22:22: Moons smiles and nods
22:23: Flintforge: Greetings,
22:23: Noticiero: No problem.
22:23: Noticiero: Please take a seat.
22:23: Rauri smiles
22:24: Noticiero: A moment as I arrange my notes.
22:24: Rauri: Of course take your time.
22:26: Noticiero: Alright, now if my sources are right, Mr. Utildai, the founder passed leadership to you Miss Rauri?
22:26: Rauri: Aye, he did.
22:26: Rauri: He was taken ill and for his safety is in hiding.
22:27: Noticiero: Is there any truth, that the pressure was more than expected, and that you passed leadership to Miss Moons for a time, until you were ready to fulfill your obligations as leader?
22:27: Rauri smiles
22:27: Rauri: That is what the reports say yes.
22:29: Rauri: I was recently married, we felt that some "honeymoon" time was due as newlyweds.
22:30: Noticiero: During that time, in which you stepped down, there were some rumors of your clan, merging with either Clan Anarchist Syndicate or Mercury Dragons Clan, was this being considered at that time?
22:31: Rauri: No it was never considered. Op4 (Opposing Force) has always been strong.
22:31: Moons looks surprised
22:32: Noticiero: Did you have an affair with Mr. Windguaerd....the son, not the father, before you were engaged?
22:32: Flintforge: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
22:32: Rauri: I respect and even admire the Mercury Dragon's and CAS, and we have collaborated at times in the past but a merger was never a topic of discussion.
22:32: Rauri giggles
22:33: Moons giggles out laud
22:33: Rauri: No sir I did not. I admire the Commander that is all.
22:33: Flintforge looks very intently at Noticiero
22:34: Noticiero: I see, it's just that he ...spoke so well of you during the time I interviewed him, and with certain old rumors I thought to ask the question. Since asking such to the Commander, may have gotten me a bullet in the head.
22:35: Rauri: I understand, and seems at times even as advanced as we are, women often come under scrutiny.
22:36: Noticiero: Ahem.
22:37: Noticiero: What is your clan's political and military stance in the current Notum Wars?
22:38: Rauri: We hold lands. We will fight to protect the land that we hold and to aid any Clansmen in need of assistance in holding their land.. We also strive to keep the Omni-Tek coop out of our territories.
22:41: Noticiero: Is it true you are considering joining either the Endgame or Atlantean Pact Alliances?
22:42: Rauri: No not at this time... we have looked at both alliance and they are very honorable and have their purpose. However, Op4 will support all Clansmen no matter who they are allied with. We have relations and a reputation such that our word is good enough. If we say we will support you we will no need for "formal" alliances.
22:44: Rauri: Regardless how each separate guild or clan faction goes about it we all want the same thing in the end..... Freedom from Omni-Tek oppression.
22:45: Noticiero: What are you thoughts about the neutrals, and the mercenaries in Newland City?
22:47: Rauri: Neutrals... we have supported the Neutral cause... they simply wish to live their life with out getting involved in the politics of the world... and we feel that they should have that right. However, there are neutrals out there who do not behave neutrally. If they let the clans live in peace with out starting a fight then we let them live in peace as well.
22:48: Rauri: As for the Mercs. I am truly saddened by that turn of events.
22:49: Noticiero: What is the relation between Op4 and Lord Galahad?
22:51: Rauri: None to speak of.. I believe I met him once a long time ago. Again, he is a fellow clansman and wants what is best for the clans, and that deserves our respect and support... As we try to support all Clansmen regardless.
22:54: Noticiero: Op4 supported the Council of Truth and CoT Chairman Henry Radiman. Considering the CoT left Tir unguarded and made it an easy target for your enemies, what are your thoughts on the former CoT leaders?
22:54: Rauri sighs heavily
22:56: Rauri: Aye we did support Mr. Radiman and the CoT. I do not feel that Mr. Radiman had a choice and did what he felt was in the best interest at the time for all Clansmen. There are too many un answered questions and suspicions regarding the CoT and why they actually left Tir.
22:58: Rauri: I do not believe they left of their own free will as many people have been led to believe.
22:59: Noticiero: What are you feelings about the actions of Omni-Pol and Division 9 RSGE on their 'investigations' which appears to implicate CoT to be connected with the Dust Brigade?
23:02: Rauri: I do not believe that the CoT was connected to the DB... at least not all. There may have been some infiltration into the CoT, and I am sure Omni-Pol and D9 would know more about that than I do. Was the CoT involved with the DB... no I do not believe so.. was there a spy or an infiltrator now that I believe is a very good possibility.
23:03: Noticiero: Do you believe Commander Redruum had any relations with the Dust Brigade as he at one time claimed, and later on...actually, to this day, denies?
23:04: Rauri: No I do not believe Commander Redruum had relations with the DB... I believe his words were taken out of context and turned to fit the Omni-Tek propaganda.
23:06: Noticiero: Do you believe the clans will win the war and make Rubi-Ka an independent world from the corporation?
23:07: Rauri: Aye I do believe we will prevail and someday the people of Rubi-Ka can live in freedom and at peace.
23:07: Noticiero: In that case, what will happen to the OT employees? exile? execution?
23:08: Rauri: I would hope that they too would choose to live in peace and harmony and remain a vital part of Rubi-Ka.... it is not the people we dislike or mistrust but the corporation.
23:10: Noticiero: Are you aware Omni-Tek is planning to call in their elite to come to Rubi-ka in the coming months since they're losing a lot of land to the clans?
23:11: Rauri: No I was not aware of that, however, I am not at all surprised.. Omni-Tek Corp. stands to loose a lot of precious money as we take more and more of a stand against them.
23:13: Noticiero: I got this from Commander Windguaerd himself, who appears to be preparing for the worse, the man had me go through 3 checkpoints, and two grids into a secret location so I could interview him. Do you think he is a bit...paranoid?
23:14: Rauri: I think the Commander has every right to be a little"paranoid". He has been abducted and attempts made on his life more than once. He is outspoken and passionate in his views... he has made many enemies.
23:18: Noticiero: If Omni-Tek's Unicorn Company lands on Rubi-ka, do you think your clan will be able to handle them? it is rumored they are worse than the Dust Brigade, and make Omni-AF look like school children.
23:20: Rauri: I have found that when the clans unite as one force there is nothing that we can not "handle". Put us to the test and we will come out on top.
23:21: Rauri: We may lack the funding and official organization that Omni-Tek has, however we have our spirit and determination, and when it comes down to it that is truly what counts.
23:23: Noticiero: What are your feelings on Storm Clan? their reputation can I say...criminal, even from other clanners point of view.
23:23: Rauri smiles
23:24: Rauri: Storm.. Op4 and Storm are on very good relations. If you think about it according to Omni-Tek we, the clans, are all criminal.
23:25: Noticiero: Do you believe the clans will ever rally under one leader, and if so, who would you have in mind?
23:27: Rauri: No not under one leader per se... Do I think we will rally together? .. yes.. we have and will again ... What makes us different from Omni Tek is our freedom to have our own views and go about coming to an end result that is the same yet getting there may different for each guild. When the time comes we will unite.. we may even again have another SPOKESPERSON as Mr. Radiman was...
23:28: Moons smiles
23:28: Rauri: Mr. Radiman was our spokesperson... not a dictator or ruler. He simply took the views of the majority and voiced them.
23:28: Noticiero: Well, if there was such Spokesperson, who do you believe are qualified to be such?
23:31: Rauri: I do not have an answer for that at this time. However, I will say this... whoever he or she may be will have to have a strong character and a willingness to assume the lime light and take the heat that would come with standing out front.
23:32: Noticiero: Who in your eyes, are the political leaders currently among the clans?
23:32: Rauri smiles
23:33: Rauri: Our leaders are those who stand on a day to day basis fighting for freedom and not backing down. So in essence we are all leaders some more vocal than others.
23:35: Rauri: Each guild has a leader .... a person who stands up and is that voice for the people who believe in them.
23:37: Noticiero: Op4 is known and became famous due to their work in the de-toxication of the waters in Tir, which were a health risk to the population there. Do you have plans to do something similar for Athen City? perhaps a reconstruction as it was once planned?
23:38: Rauri: It would be nice to see Athen returned to the splendor it once was. Op4 has discussed something like that in the past, and we fully supported the last restoration attempt.
23:39: Rauri smiles
23:39: Rauri: It is not currently in the works, but who knows what wild idea we will come up with next.
23:39: Noticiero: I'm curious Miss Rauri, who lead the last attempt in such plan?
23:40: Rauri: I believe it was Commander Windguaerd, however so many were involved in promoting it it is hard to say for sure.
23:40: Noticiero: Ah, he did not mention it. I knew of the plan, just not who lead the effort.
23:42: Noticiero: I wonder...why would he not mention it in our interview...I can't figure him out yet...complex man. I hope General Gencop from Omni-Pol is easier to interview, or ask questions to.
23:42: Noticiero: In closing Miss Rauri, what would you say to those young clanners seeking an organization to join?
23:44: Rauri: Choose wisely, research each guild, get to know the members and their beliefs as well as social structure.. know where they stand politically, and then make a sound choice. Most guilds become your family the people you trust and turn to in times of need. So choose wisely.
23:44: Rauri takes her husband's hand
23:45: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Miss Rauri, Mister Flintforge and Miss Moons.
23:45: Moons: Thank you sir.
23:45: Rauri: It was a pleasure.
23:45: Noticiero: General Gencop is on his way, to avoid any...un pleasantries, I would appreciate if you moved on. I'd like to avoid any violence.
23:46: Rauri: You have a good evening sir, be safe.
23:46: Noticiero: You as well, and be well, all of you.

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