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Well, where has Noticiero been for two weeks? watching the latest 'Rubi-Ka Wresting Entertainment' match at home? seducing ladies? not even close!

I've been gathering some rumors, some facts and starting once again, to tackle the issues! past and present!

I deliver the goods, where are Free Journalists of Rubi-Ka? Omni-Tek Press Corp? Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka? nowhere to be found!

If you want good interviews, just be sure to watch for 'Noticiero' Rivera! Reporter extraordinaire!

Truth seeker and Winner of the Andromeda Pie Eating contest of 29477!

Earlier Friday afternoon, I interviewed Commander Windguaerd, Leader of Mercury Dragons Elite Clan who also leads Mercury Dragons Clan. To say the least, the man is quite focused on security, and I had to go through 3 checkpoints and 2 grids into an undisclosed location with a security attachment to speak with him. He was very serious and quite direct, convinced that the way to victory against Omni-Tek was through military discipline and tactical knowledge. Amazingly he admitted the use of hired mercenaries for assassinations. He also shared with me an EXCLUSIVE bit of intelligence which he believed the clan citizens and Omni-Tek employees should know, the coming of what he called 'worse than Dust Brigade'.

This interview lasted 1 hour and 23 minutes.

03:29: Noticiero: Thank you for granting me an interview Commander Windguaerd.
03:29: Windguaerd: No problem, the interview will not be longer than an hour and a half however, I got a schedule to keep, you understand of course.
03:30: Noticiero: Sure, I understand.
03:30: Noticiero: You seem to be very ...shall I say cautious?
03:31: Windguaerd: A security protocol, the higher the rank, the higher the measures.
03:32: Noticiero: 3 checkpoints and two grids to be ...where are we?
03:33: Windguaerd: You should not be concerned Mr. Rivera, you're safe here. If I wanted to harm you, I could have done so without you knowing it was me at all. You'll be gridded back to Newland when this interview is over, shall we begin?
03:33: Noticiero: Yes, of course.
03:34: Noticiero: Is it true you hired mercenaries to kill Omni-Tek leaders and a former clanner who is now an employee of the corporation?
03:35: Windguaerd: What if I did?
03:36: Noticiero: So, you're not denying it?
03:38: Windguaerd: Listen, I run two clans with limited resources, I cannot afford to lose a loyal man, woman or atrox in an assassination attempt which could be considered suicide. Omni-Pol and Omni-AF have perma-death weapons at their disposal. So I spend some funds, if the assassination is successful, and the mercenary makes it back in one piece to collect...
03:38: Noticiero: Why would you want Mr. Kithrak and Mr. Docnecro dead?
03:40: Windguaerd: I see you're well informed. Kithrak has been a pain on my side for over a year, he's just a message to the corporation that we will never yield to them.
03:40: Noticiero: And Mr. Docnecro? he is nobody important unlike Mr. Kithrak, why kill him?
03:41: Windguaerd: He was a former member of my clan, and he turned on us, and after joining the enemy, we believe he gave up classified information to Omni-Tek.
03:41: Noticiero: Is your clan, or yourself, related to Dust Brigade?
03:42: Windguaerd frowns
03:42: Windguaerd: I suggest you do more research before asking questions which may lead to an early grave Mr. Rivera.
03:43: Noticiero: I just seek the truth, the clans always claim that they stand for truth, justice and freedom. Will you answer the question?
03:44: Windguaerd: You got balls, I like a man with courage.
03:48: Windguaerd: No, neither myself or my clans have or are related in any way to Dust Brigade. We don't like the bastards, and at ever chance we get, we try to kill them. They're scum, who killed innocent old people and children in the Omni-1 bombing a while back. I don't like OT employees, but I have honor dammit, and that was not the way to fight the enemy. You do it on the battlefield, in the arena, facing a foe who also has a weapon at hand to fight, not old people sitting in their homes or children playing in their rooms who didn't do a damn thing to deserve their deaths.
03:49: Noticiero: Would you ally with Omni-Tek, even a temporary alliance, to destroy the Dust Brigade?
03:49: Windguaerd: Yes I would.
03:50: Noticiero: Who do you believe are the political leaders within the clans?
03:50: Windguaerd: Are you kidding me?
03:50: Noticiero: Are you saying there are none?
03:51: Windguaerd: We're in the middle of constant battle, there is little room for politics out here! have you witnessed a battle over a Notum Base yet?
03:51: Noticiero: Who do you believe are the military leaders within the clans?
03:55: Windguaerd: Well, a few besides myself. Commander Redruum from Anarchist Syndicate, Wolfe from Storm Clan, Patk9 from Lost Chapter, Bigboa from Constrictor, Viision from Noble Order, Drsepsis from De Oppreso Libre, Azzazzimon from Apocalypse among others.
03:56: Noticiero: You've mentioned Storm Clan, what are your feelings about that organization?
03:56: Windguaerd: No comment.
03:56: Noticiero: No comment?
03:56: Windguaerd: Would you like this interview to end right now? or do you want to move on?
03:57: Noticiero: It is known that Clan Leader Azzazzimon dislikes you, and that you have the same feeling. Is this based on personal feelings, or political?
03:58: Windguaerd: Next question.
03:58: Noticiero: No comment I assume.
03:58: Windguaerd: Correct, next question.
03:59: Noticiero: How do you think the clans will be able to win the conflict?
04:05: Windguaerd: The only way to victory against Omni-Tek is through military discipline and tactical knowledge! train hard, get to know what weapon works for you best, what armor you can wear which can allow you to move best on the battlefield, and get to know as much as you can about your opponent, their location and their resources.
04:05: Noticiero: Is there anyone you admire?
04:10: Windguaerd: My father, as he taught me the value of military life. My mother, for her beliefs which unfortunately lead to her untimely death. Former General Voislav for teaching me how to use a rifle and tactics, and dragging me to the War Academy in my youth. Vixentrox and Rauri for their leadership and charm and Sun Tzu (not the one in the War Academy, the original one from the ancient past) for his tactical genius. Those are the ones that comes to mind right now.
04:12: Noticiero: You've said in public 'I don't like every clanner, but I will fight side by side with any clanner', is this true? and if so, why state something which appeared to be clearly a rude remark toward fellow clanners?
04:12: Windguaerd: Where the hell do you get all this?
04:12: Noticiero: I have my sources, please answer, if you can.
04:13: Windguaerd: Alright. Yes I've said it, and I stand by it.
04:13: Windguaerd: Of course, the exception is Dust Brigade, and anyone who acts like those bastards.
04:14: Noticiero: Why say it in public, why not just keep it to yourself and use common sense?
04:15: Windguaerd: Some people, who shall remain nameless, stated publicly that I would not fight along with other clanners because of political reasons, which was untrue.
04:16: Noticiero: You could have said it in a more politically correct way Commander.
04:19: Windguaerd: Tough shit, I don't have much time for politics. Survival of my people, that is what I care about. The defeat of the corporation, and the birth of a new free and independent Rubi-Ka is what is needed. THEN is when I'll worry about politically correct words and phrases. Right now, the clans are in their 4th war, you think I'm going to worry about who frowns at me and who smiles at me? as long as we're shooting at the same target, we're alright.
04:20: Noticiero: Do you think the clans will win at the end?
04:23: Windguaerd: Hell yes! Omni-Tek is a multi-trillion credit corporation with over 100 systems under their control, they got more money that they can use, yet they continue to be driven by greed and profit! our reason? a free and independent Rubi-Ka with a chosen government of our own, to be able to choose who we work for, what we do, and when we do it. We have NOWHERE else do go, this is our home, and we will fight and die to make our planet free of the Omni-Tek grasp!
04:23: Noticiero: Do you fear anything?
04:24: Windguaerd: Have you ever seen a woman scorned?
04:24: Noticiero smiles
04:24: Windguaerd: Well, I do have a fear.
04:24: Noticiero raises an eyebrow
04:24: Noticiero: Which is?
04:27: Windguaerd: I recently acquired some intelligence which I believe all clan citizens and Omni-Tek employees should know, the coming of something worse than Dust Brigade.
04:27: Noticiero: What could be worse that them?
04:29: Windguaerd: I got a message stating 'The Unicorn's Shadows are over Rubi-Ka', which was vague. However this message was routed through several different relays over the planet, with a corrupted ID code.
04:30: Noticiero: Corrupted?
04:30: Windguaerd: Yes, hacked.
04:30: Noticiero: I see.
04:31: Windguaerd: After doing some research and gaining some information from reliable sources, I found that the message was referring to an elite force within Omni-Tek, which I was not aware of.
04:31: Noticiero: Elite force?
04:31: Windguaerd: Genetically manipulated super-fighters, with all the latest weapons technology at their disposal.
04:33: Windguaerd: And from a reliable source, based on actions the Unicorn Company took in another planet, I found that they killed anything that was in their way, including children, unarmed people who had surrendered, and even OT personnel who were in their path.
04:36: Windguaerd: Dust Brigade are fanatics, but these...things...they are born to kill anything the corporation needs eliminated. Omni-Tek only needs an excuse, something to say to the ICC, and they'll be here. I fear with the current way in which the clans are gaining ground toward Omni-1, that may be the excuse they need to call the Unicorn Company here.
04:36: Noticiero: Do you think they clans will be ready for them?
04:37: Windguaerd: Ready? No, but we will prevail. I fear we will lose a lot of good people before we take them down however.
04:37: Noticiero: So the fear is not of them, but what they will do to the clans?
04:37: Windguaerd: Exactly.
04:38: Noticiero: You're known for your hatred of Cyborgs. There are plenty of other threats, Omni-Tek, the mutants, and others. Why are you obsessed with Cyborgs?
04:38: Windguaerd: God damn, you sure are new to Rubi-Ka.
04:38: Noticiero: Please, enlighten me.
04:42: Windguaerd: Alright. These atrocities have been around for a while, they have spread like a damn plague and continue to grow in numbers. Clans ignore their threat as their have grown strong enough to fight almost any cyborg, but people which were considered missing or lost, actually were assimilated by the Cyborgs. One of my men turned of those things. They kill the man, steal his body and use it for their 'evolution' to a 'higher entity' and want everyone to be a cyborg. There is no reasoning with them, they never surrender, they keep coming back no matter how many times we kill them.
04:44: Windguaerd: Their stronghold in Perpetual Wastelands has remained untouched even with continuous attacks from my clans and others. They must have more than enough bodies and perhaps even clone technology to keep their numbers up even as we kill and destroy thousands every year!
04:45: Noticiero: With so many enemies, and threats, how do you see the near future for the clans?
04:45: Windguaerd: Tough, very tough.
04:46: Windguaerd: But we've survived 3 wars, in the 4th right now, and we're still here. Kicking ass, taking names, and continuing to fight for a free independent Rubi-Ka for our children!
04:47: Noticiero: Is it true your father retired because he felt depressed?
04:47: Windguaerd: Nonsense!
04:47: Windguaerd: He retired due to his illness, you better check those sources of yours Mr. Rivera.
04:48: Windguaerd 's wrist beeps
04:48: Windguaerd: Time is up Mr. Rivera.
04:48: Noticiero: Very well, is there anything you wish to say to young clanners looking for an organization?
04:48: Windguaerd: Yeah.
04:50: Windguaerd: Mercury Dragons Clan is recruiting right now. If you want to join Mercury Dragons Elite you need to be training level 145 or above with a full membership within Mercury Dragons first, which requires you to be at least in MD for 2 weeks and pass a 'Boot Camp'. Our grid site is located at so feel free to drop by, and fill our online application to join!
04:51: Windguaerd: To join Mercury Dragons, you need to be training level 25 or above.
04:51: Windguaerd: And fight the good fight I say! Never give up! Never surrender!
04:51: Noticiero: Thank you for your time Commander.
04:52: Windguaerd: Your welcome, good day Mr. Rivera.
04:52: Windguaerd: Private, grid him out.

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Article written by Noticiero
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